MLS.CA Annoyances: Multiple Listing Service Real Estate Website Problems

Seriously, if a group wants to monopolize the market for something (in this case, real estate listings), the least that they could do is make a web-site that more than just barely works.

EURO:Canadian Dollar Exchange Rate

As of June 3, 2008:

1 EURO = Canadian$1.564


CAD$1 = 0.649 EURO

For more Current Exchange Rates, visit XE.NET

In other words, if you have $100 Canadian Dollars, it is worth about 64.90 Euros, and if you have 100 Euros, it's worth 156.40 Canadian Dollars. 

Canadian Student Bank Accounts: No Fees!

So, here are my requirements for what constitutes a good Student Bank Account:

1. No Annual Fee Regardless of Balance. If you can avoid going into the negatives as a student, good for you, but asking a student to keep >$1000 just sitting in their bank account doing nothing is pretty mean.

2. Has Actual Branches. Students have pretty unique banking needs since they're often moving, getting/losing jobs, and paying their own bills for the first time, etc. So having a physical branch you can go to is invaluable.  

3. That's about it

Heatpump Guide: Use Heat of the Earth to Heat your Home, and its Cold to Air Condition Your Home, Cheaply

This is a work in progress where I will try to make _the_ definitive guide for heat pumps and the use of geothermal heating and cooling for your home.

Here are some of the categories and frequently asked questions that I will try to cover:

How A Heat Pump Extracts Heat From The Ground and Moves It In Your Home

How A Heat Pump Uses The Same Ground To Cool Your Home in Summer

You Can Use The Ground, or You Can Use a Body of Water, or Even the Air

Why Air-To-Air HeatPump Systems Don't Work Too Well in Cold Climates

Bank of Canada Exchange Rates: EURO/US: For Income Tax CRA Purposes

For 2009 Average Exchange Rates, See This Page.

Have a lot of US$? Consider getting a No-Fee US$ Mastercard from BMO to save on currency exchange fees.  

Canadian Passport Application Form References: Who Can Be My Reference?

Well, someone asked a question about references here. Soooo, I decided to do a search on Google, and up came one of my sites instead of Passport Canada, haha. It's funny because I barely touch on the subject, but this will be a specific post.

Desjardins Bank Visa Credit Cards: Nothing Special, Except Free Travel Health Insurance

Just continuing with my recent exhaustive research on credit card companies in Canada.

Review: Desjardins' Visa Credit Card

Really, their cards are nothing special. If you want rewards, I'd rather recommend the Citi Enrich for hassle-free rewards, or just a regular 0.5%/1% tiered rewards cards, like the TD Cash Back Visa.

Here's the feature that sets apart the Desjardin credit cards: & Nationalcity Bank: From a Canadian Perspective

All I can say is, interesting stuff.

Most Canadians have been shut out of, but luckily, I have a US Bank account (based on a US Bank) from National City. Of course, the only things that have gone through it are: US$ checks from Google Adsense (because Google doesn't do EFT to US bank accounts for Canadians, how annoying), and buying domains through GoDaddy.

Directions to Burlington Go Transit Station

Taking the Go Train From Burlington to Toronto's Union Station?

Directions to get to Burlington Go Train Station

This station has two parking lots and two ticket stations, one set on each side of the tracks.

Lowest-Fee US$ American Currency Credit Card for Canadians

2013: Still just one $25 annual fee, and no more, since I use the card enough.

Using the Drupal Advertistising Module: Centering and other Changes

Just installed the interesting Drupal Advertising Module by Jeremy at Like Drupal, the module seems to be powerful, but configuring it is a bit of a pain since you need to visit so many different administrative sections to get it all up and running.

3Web/CIA/Cyberus/Teksavvy/ DSL Throttling: It is not them, it is a Bell Problem

Well, I was continuing my download of Debian that I started at home (I was home for Easter break), cuz I wanted to play around with the latest linux iso's, and thought, why not, lets go for the DVD version. Luckily my Knoppix downloads already finished. But I thought, why not go with the Torrent download route for this one? Coupon Code/Promo Code for .Com Registrations

Promo Code for

The "OYH3" code for will take $3 off of your new .com registration. It still works as of March 24, 2008, and seems to have worked for some time. Some say it works for renewals too, I'll let you know if that is true in about 10 or 11 months :)

Canadian Passport Epass: Trouble Printing PDF Application Form

Having Trouble Printing Out Your Application?

Well, so did I. I filled out the entire Epass form, which was surprising, because I had heard so many horror stories about filling out the form online, but it worked fine for me.

L.Google.Com??? Yes, it is caused by OpenDNS

Yes, Your seaches going to L.Google.Com instead of the regular is caused by using OpenDNS.

What's With All The Potholes in Toronto, Hamilton & Kitchener Waterloo...

... and places in between like Burlington, Mississauga, Oakville, Guelph...

Seems like the biggest threats to cities from winter won't be snow-clearing anymore, but rather the damages done by winter to the roads themselves creating potholes.

You see, when water freezes, it expands. Then it thaws again. If the temperature goes down again overnight, it expands again.

Course & Learning Management Systems: Blackboard, CSILE, WebCT and CCNet

Seriously, out of all of these, I would highly recommend CCNet.

Kill-A-Watt: Analysis of Electrical Goods @ Home

Well, looks like the Hamilton Public Library has tons of Kill-A-Watts available for borrowing. Take a look @ their website to see if they have any on hand, although I wouldn't put too much faith in it. Their site said that there were 3 on-hand @ my local library, but I took the one and only that was there.

Surrey Canadian Passport Office: Maps & Directions

Please leave comments here about your experiences at this location (getting there, lineups, times to go, times to avoid).

Canadian Passport Renewal & Keeping your documents - Receiving Agents

I've heard many complaints from people concerned about having to mail away their documents when they wanted to get a new or renewed Canadian Passport. If you go to official Passport Canada offices, they'll let you get your documents right back, but not everyone lives near an office, or is willing to wait in line.