Passport Canada Office in North York: Renewals and New Applications

For information on the Passport Canada Office in Downtown Toronto @ 74 Victoria Street, Click here

Please Comment With Your Personal Experience at the North York Passport Canada Location!

Help others by coming back and commenting on the service, wait times and advice on how exactly to get to the North York Passport Canada Office at 4900 Yonge Street. When you're getting your Canadian Passport Renewed in a few years, someone's comments here may help you out!

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North York Passport Office

This is the office that you would go to in order to get Express or Rush service for your passport application. Mailed applications take up to 5 weeks nowadays, but dropping off your Canadian Passport forms at an office like this kind should take under 2 weeks without paying extra money. You can even skip the big line by following my online Epass procedure linked above which pre-fills most of the form.

Passport Canada
Suite 380, 3rd Floor,
Joseph Shepard Building
4900 Yonge Street
North York, ON
Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 16:30

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Click here for Toronto locations of Receiving Agents or Canada Post Offices that can accept your Canadian passport application. These offices cannot offer urgent or express service, requests for modifications to your passport, or accept forms without a guarantor. Even then, they will take about 5 weeks to process your application. However, if you request, a Receiving Agent will take photocopies of your documents and return them to you, so you don't have to be without them for 5 weeks.

10 Day arrival guarantee?

Does the passport really arrive in 10 buisness days, cause if not then I need to do the rush. Being a high school student, you forget things :P

The security guard that gives

The security guard that gives you the number in the pointless line up for documentation verification is the RUDEST human I've ever encountered! I seen him talk down to people, roll his eyes, talk in a severe condescending manner and shake his head at people asking question! He should be demoted to janitor. I cannot believe he is allowed to get away with this kind of behavior. Who does he think he is? What a joke! A power tripping security guard that never made anything of himself and takes his miserable existence out on other people.

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this site is horrible, the

this site is horrible, the links lead you to NOTHING, there are no address this is a horribly made site, good job!

Oh what are you complaining

Oh what are you complaining about? The address is right there, with a map, and you can even click on "Directions" on the map's popup.

Horrible Horrible Service

It was a horrible experience I went to the office had to wait in one line for 40 minutes for document verification when I got to the front they didn't verify the documents and just gave me a number; then had to go into a second room where had to wait over an hour when they called me to counter the man was very rude and careless --he said I needed only one piece of information and when I asked if could offer an alternate piece he insulted me without even waiting for me to finish what I was saying - and said to wait back in line till I had that one piece. I went home came back with that piece waited again in line for over an hour and then was told by another individual needed another piece of information which the first person failed to mention to me. During this whole time I had my baby not feeling well and when my baby sneezed I asked for a kleenix and the lady at the desk refused to provide me one even while it was by her side. Overall I would not recommend going to this office they are horrible tons of people working and they take their time and don't do their jobs properly the first time making it a horrible experience -- these people are getting paid tax dollars to not do their jobs properly the first time and frustrating the public.

Better to mail it in if you plan to go there -- Horrible Horrible -- I would rather not travel then go there again if I had too.

office need in etobicoke

now etobicoke population also growing. why passport canada don't think to make one office in etobicoke, to avoid rush in downtown, toronto and north york office.

Passport photos

Why it is not possible to have the passport photo taken at the Passport Office, same as it is already done for the driver’s license?
Why the driver’s license photo cannot be shared with the Passport Office?
Countries like the Czech Republic which are poorer, and were way behind years ago, are now ahead of us in this respect.

renewal of expired passports

My husband and I let ours passports expire and have not needed them until now. The application said to write a letter on why we let them expire. Do we need to get the letters signed by our guarantor as well?

"Rush" passport

I was amazed at how quickly i was in and out...very well organized. After getting a #, I sat down, and gentleman who was helping people upon entering the waiting area, was very helpful, entertaining, and warm and friendly...kept everyone up and watching for their number...I dont think it took more than 40 min and I was at the booth with my papers for the renewal that I wanted "rush". Make sure you write a letter outlining, the dates and mode of transportation and reason for the rush for the passport. It was a pleasant and surprisingly quick experience and my passport will be ready in 2-3 business days.

passport renewal

i have a passport already and it's not expiring anytime soon. however, i want to cancel the one i have and get a new one in its place. is that possibe, and if yes how do i go about doing that??

renewing passport when current is still valid for a long time

I'm no expert on renewals but I saw on their website that the current passport should expire within the next 12 months if you want to renew OR you can provided an explanation about why you want to renew so early.

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