Canada Passport Application Form Hints & Tips for QUICK Service

Update: Passport Application Renewals:

The new "Simplified Passport Application Renewal" Procedure seems to be eligible for the same Epass short-lineups, but I think this might depend on the location. You must have a passport that is not yet expired, or has expired within the past 12 months to apply with the simplified method. You can fill in the form on your computer through Adobe Acrobat, and it will encode the data onto a barcode where you wiill probably be able to skip the Passport Office lineups (I've gotten conflicting info on this, so I guess it may vary office-to-office). Also, nearly ANY Canadian can act as a guarantor now if you have an old passport. If you just want to mail in your form, I'd say still use the simplified passport application method to make things easier for yourself.

March 2009 Passport Canada Update:

EPass has been discontinued by Passport Canada as of March 31, 2009. So far, they've yet to reply to my email asking why. From now on, you'll have to use 1 of:

  1. Interactive Simplified Passport Renewal, for those in Canada and the USA that are renewing their recently expired adult passports
  2. Interactive Adult Passport Application form (new or renewal)
  3. Interactive Child Passport Application form (new or renewal)

All three can be filled in directly on the the computer and then printed, or printed and filled in by hand. I recommend filling it out on the computer and then printing it off. Please leave a comment here (scroll all the way down) with your experiences with this form and method.

I'm not sure if you'll be able to skip any lines with these new forms if you fill them in on the computer and then print them off, but Passport Canada has been very un-busy as of late, but there might be a speed up in April and May as passports will be required to drive over the border as of June 1st, 2009. 

The miscellaneous hints and tips section below is still relevant, but everything in red is now out of date.

Canadian EPASS Passport Intro:

This is a long read, but full of tips I haven't seen written anywhere else. I got mine in just 7 days without paying anything extra, so follow everything closely. And that wasn't even for a renewal, just a new application.

Currently, there are two ways to get your new Canadian Passport (or renewal) , the slow way, and the shortcut way. I will tell you how to get it done in the absolute fastest quickest way possible. So fast, that you'll probably laugh after leaving, like I did, since I was in and out in under 15 mins, while others were told the wait was over an 2 hours. It was so quick, I wouldn't even hesitate to go during my lunch hour (if I were close by). They said that Mondays and Fridays are the days with the longest waits, and I went in on Friday 2 hours before they closed.

This guide is written for those that need their new or renewed passport somewhat quickly and plan on going to one of the Passport Canada locations to personally drop off the passport form/application. As well, only adults can do the online method. Try to go to the real deal offices, not a Service Centre if you can.

Fill the Application for the Canadian Passport Online with E-Pass

Firstly, you still have to go in to the office and all that, but by filling it all in online, they don't have to re-enter it all in and make sure you included everything, they also let you skip over the line (details on that later).

In order to get your passport quick, you absolutely MUST fill out the passport form online at their website. Well, you don't HAVE to, but it is a good idea. Don't print it out and fill it, do it online with the e-pass. You'll have to click "Yes" or "Accept" to a couple security prompts and make an e-pass. Their online software is a bit finicky, so you might even need to do parts of it at a friend's/neighbour's house.

They allow you to save your application at any time, and come back to it anytime from any computer, so don't worry about power failures or anything. I actually had to go to my neighbour's house to print it off, since it kept printing off blank forms on my home system.

When to use E-Pass

Their online e-pass system does tend to slow down under heavy use, but is quite usable and still well-worth the wait. Keep in mind that if you're in, say, Vancouver/Surrey/Victoria, if you go on the site at 8am, there will be a ton of people on it, since it is 9am in Edmonton/Calgary, 10am in Winnipeg, 11am in Toronto/Montreal and noon in Halifax. So, if you're in the west, try to go on in the evening hours. If you're in the east, try to go on in the morning hours.

The guarantor information will still have to be filled in by hand, and don't forget to sign the application in the designated places. Print out all of your stuff, make sure you have your two identical pictures (one of which is certified by your guarantor) and have all of your identification documents on you.

Why File For Your New Passports Online?

By doing it online, when you show up to the office, you get to skip the entire line and minimize waiting!!! When they ask you in the initial "triage" lineup as they're handing out queue tickets, tell them that you did it online and it has the barcode. I guess they've had people say they did it online, while what they meant was that they printed it off and filled it out by hand. So, just make sure it is clear to the first people you talk to that you did the online one and have a barcode.

People with a hand-written application get an office lineup ticket which is A### (eg: A314 or A254, etc). The system is all electronic, so waiters get to sit and wait for their number rather than stand in line. You do NOT want an A ticket. Your queue ticket should read C###. If you get an A ticket, talk to the commissionaire and mention that you have an online application. The C tickets are essentially "next in line tickets", so as soon as the Commissionaire prints one off for you, look to see if your number is on the screens (it could be at any of the booths, booths aren't "A" booths all the time). The C ticket is the government's reward to you for saving their time and energy on data entry, plus your tax money. This is how it worked in Mississauga, different cities seem to have different letter coding systems... They just scan the barcode, and the software automatically make sure everything is correct and fills in their forms, saving everyone tons of time.

Where To Get Your New Passport or Canadian Passport Renewal In Mississauga

For New Passport Applications and Renewals in Mississauga, take a look at my new website: Maps and Directions to Passport Canada Mississauga

Miscellaneous Hints&Tips

  • Use a decent web browser like Firefox to fill out the form properly the first time.
  • For the sake of speed, I recommend attaching your papers and pictures together with one paper clip. Have all of your ID in a nice stack. If paying in cash, have the $87 Adult Passport Fee ready in exact change(see this link for other child fees, rush, etc.), or your debit card or credit card ready.
  • Use Google Maps to get directions to the office. Bring coins if you might need them for parking.
  • Try to choose references that have a cellphone, so that they can be reached at any time. Don't choose references that do, say, shift work, and are unreachable for large parts of the day unless you absolutely have to.
  • Watch out on Hurontario/410 just north of the QEW, the speed limit is 50km/h, so especially avoid the rightmost lanes, or just be careful.
  • Keep your receipt, you may need it. Apparently the whole process is tracked. My passport came in an Xpressport Prepaid Envelope with no identifying return address, other than a postal code in Gatineau, Quebec. I guess Xpresspost w/ Signature Delivery is what they consider "Registered". Nice touch. So if you have a random Xpresspost delivery notice instructing you to go to your Post Office, then it is probably your new passport. I'm not sure if any passports come from other places or not.
  • You can still do the online application for mailed-in applications, which should also speed things up and reduce the chances of an error.
  • If you need to check the status of your new passport application or renewal, use Passport Canada's status check. If you need to call, leave a general Passport inquiry on their website, and let them call you back, if you don't want to wait on hold.

Final note: Feel free to ask the Passport Canada people any questions you may have, or even chit-chat for a little bit if you feel like it (you did your job by saving them tons of time on data entry). They're people just like you and me. As well, don't get overly irritated if something doesn't go your way. It is sad to see some officers actually behind a security barrier.

Other Canadian Passport Articles that may be helpful:

question about travelling

Hi there,

I will be going on a trip with my mother and my sister next month. We are travelling from canada to the USA. I have no criminal record and other than a speeding ticket, have never had any trouble with the law. My common law partner has a criminal record from a few years before he and I met. He has applied for a pardon but with the new legislation on pardons in canada, will now not be eligible for another 5 years. He will not be travelling with us, but his name is not the registration of my truck. Will i have an issues in crossing the border? Obviously, my family does not know about his conviction. It was before he and I met and he has done so much to change his life since then. I'm just worried i'm going to run into issues... do you know if this will happen? Thanks.

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Quick Question

I am now 37 years of age and would like to apply for a Canadian Passport. I was born here and have lived here in Canada all my life.

I am concerned about something I have read regarding the possible denial of a Cdn Passport due to a 'criminal record', therefore denial into many countries and the inability to travel with my Husband and young daughter.

I would first like to know if Theft (it was for about $100 I think at the time) and this was nearly 16 years ago...childish stupid they always are...haven't been in trouble since -not even a speeding ticket.

This worries that considered a Criminal Record? Will I be unable to get a passport and travel with my family?

From what I can remember, it was so long ago...I did get arrested, finger printed but was released....went to court, pled guilty and got 1-3months probation where I met with a probation officer every few weeks until it was over. Details are fuzzy.

Should I be concerned?


same thing happened to me and

same thing happened to me and have been able to travel to and from United States with no issues until February 2012 where I was detained and fingerprinted and denied entry into the USA at Port Huron. I sent all kinds of letters to the redress program and was still denied. Should I want to travel back into the United states I must apply for a waiver which is going to cost me 598 dollars. This seems like a Border Scam to me. Was never ever denied before but got this one real nasty Border Guard that would not even listen to what I had to say. Before you go please beware because you could end up in the same situation. I will not and refuse to pay the amount of money that they are asking. My days of tracel to our "neighbourly" friends to the south are done!!!!!

will I really be denied entry

will I really be denied entry to the US for something I did so very long ago?
What about travelling to other places in the world?

I am stunned at the thought of never being able to travel based on a stupid petty theft of $100 over a decade ago.

Will I even be able to get a passport?

My husband was recently in

My husband was recently in the same situation, did something fairly minor over 30 years jail or probation just a fine. We have travelled to the USA on numerous occasions without any trouble, and suddenly he's taken in for questioning...he answered all their questions honestly...fingerprinted and told he couldn't come back without a waiver. A Canadian pardon, which he has, is not recognized by them. The officer was pretty polite and decent, but warned him that if he was even on a flight that had to be rerouted to the USA..he would be arrested on arrival!!

Express passport needed in 11working days.

I need mine in 11 working days. not 10 do you think I can still get the express rate. Which is rate in the city. If not what office has the express or urgent request. need this done right away. Can someone get back to me right away. This is Sept. 4/2012. need to go tomorrow. Susan. thank-you.

Although this may be too late

Although this may be too late to help you, if you talk to the person at the desk at the office and make a good enough story, they should put it through as "express" if you're leaving in less days than the requirement. You could also mention that even though your departure from Canada is day X, you'll be leaving 1/2/3 days earlier to stay at a hotel by the airport/border, and therefore need to have your passport earlier than your proof of travel, if this is the case.

New Childs passport

My sons father left before he turned one, I have no idea how to even get a hold of him, I haven't seen him since 2000. My son needs a passport. I have a common law husband as of 2001, can he sign as the father? If not what should I do, my son needs his passport by July 10 an it's June 13! Help!!! Should I get a court order??

Can one have two Canadian passports

My Canadian passport is due for renewal. I travel a lot, for business purposes (mining industry), to odd places... often requesting entry visas that can take 3weeks to a month getting issued (eg. Angola, Russia, Middle East) while my employer is in Europe and I need to visit projects, consultants globally often on short notice. Is there any way one can apply for and be issued two Canadian passports? Some of my colleagues (UK), also frequent world travellers, have two (UK) passports, enabling to leave one for lenghty visa processing applications and having one to travel with at most times.

Business Visa

You can only have one Canadian passport but you can get a business passport which has more pages (48 pages) than the normal passport.

Getting south african wife to Canada

I plan to marry in South Africa, how quickly can my wife join me in Canada? does she have to wait for permanent residence or can she come while she awaits it.... We don't want to be apart for to long!

renewal of a child passport

A relative of mine was born in Canada. She got a Canadian passport and birth certificate . She was taken to Zimbabwe by her parents while still a child, 2 years. She is now over twenty but never renewed her passport. As an alien she failed to get a Zimbabwean passport.

She wants to renew her Canadian passport. May you assist.


Follow this:
She may have to go to the Embassy in Harare to submit her application.

How to find a guarantor who was selected in the random migration

emergency we are very poor family i was very happy when i found my name in Random emmigration to USA
my problem now , that the did request Guaratnor for the documents
i just need some one help me with the documents , i saved money for that ,
i ll never forget this favor to who ll help me
and u ll not be a guarantor in the reality just to allow me take that the resident permit

Misplaced passport ...URGENT

I leave FOR THE Bahamas IN 5 DAYS. My husband is already there and has had a heart attack.
I have discovered he may have taken my passport too, or it is misplaced during our recent move.
What should I do???

Misplaced passport ...URGENT

I leave FOR THE Bahamas IN 5 DAYS. My husband is already there and has had a heart attack.
I have discovered he may have taken my passport too, or it is misplaced during our recent move.
What should I do???

my passport had a wrong spell

my passport had a wrong spell on my name I booked the ticket and what I have to do.ASAP


If I am going into the passpot office in Surrey, B.C. to renew do I have up to 1 year to do that using my old passport or do I have to renew before my passport expires?

invalid date

When filling out the form online a pop up window tells me that the occupation date is invalid. I have typed it in exactly as it tells me? Any thoughts?

Can I renew myh Canadian Passport while living in United States.

I am currently living in the USA. I have married and have changed my last name. Can I renew my passport here in US or have to drive to Canada to have it renewed.

Cannot locate kids dad.

What do I do if I cannot locate my children's father to sign the passport applications?

Sign it for him

Sign it for him

Do you have full custody? If

Do you have full custody? If so, I don't think they need to approve it if you have the paperwork for it.

father unknown

On my newborns birth certificate the father portion reads unknown. What is the application process for a Canadia passport in this case ?


hello.. there is probably a good chance you wont recieve this message bcuz you posted your question so long ago but i have two kids and the father is not listed on their birth certificates and i was wondering if you got that figured out and what they said or what you had to do and if you still could get their passports? thanks

I had to go and obtain a long

I had to go and obtain a long form birth certificate from the birthh registry in Toronto.

application form for someone else

I was wanting to find info if I would be able to take my husbands passport application with all supporting documents with me to the passport office for him. Or does he have to be there in person?

In additional to my husband

In additional to my husband application, could I also submit my children's application without them there as well?

guarantor information

my guarantor was called and wrong information was said what will happen to our application?


I have permanent resident card in U.S. and want to travel back to Canada by car what do I need and how do I get it here in Spokane, Wa. Also have American wife and 3 American children what documentation will they need?


The epass link on this page does not work. what is epass. do you have to apply for it?

Expired Passport

Hello Dan,

I have a quick question for you. I have a 5 year old daughter who's passport expired a while ago and I completely forgot to check that beofore we booked out tickest to Disney World, Orlando, FL. How can I get a passport for her ASAP? or can she travel with an expired passort and a Gov't ID/birth cirtificate?

Entering USA, Child with Expired Passport

It depends on whether you're flying into and out of the USA, or travelling into and out of the USA by land.
See here for by air:
See here for by land:
Take a look at this if it turns out you'll need a passport: and be sure to bring proof of travel, like flight tickets and/or hotel bookings.
Don't forget about stuff like this:

Passport just renewed and in process, can we cross the border?

Thought to try my luck and see if anyone can shine some light on my question.

My father just renewed his passport and it is currently in transit/process right now. We thought to spontaneously go to Buffalo tomorrow morning, but are thinking he won't be able to cross the border given the passport he has is now void. Is there any way of crossing the border and showing other identification (ie. Canadian citizenship, license) along with the voided passport?


Baby Passport- can I put him on my passport?

Hi Dan,
I recently was told that my 7 mos old son can be "put on my passport" to travel. Is this true?
If so, how do I go about getting him on my passport and also, if I go down in person for a rush job, I think from reading your blog that I have to go to victoria street and not any other that correct? Thanks!

It used to be, but I believe

It used to be, but I believe it is no longer possible to have children inside their parent's passports.
For a rush passport, you would need to go to one of the full-service passport offices, like Downtown Toronto Passport Office, North York Passport Office, Mississauga Passport Office, etc.
You don't have to go to the one that is the most local to you if you don't want to.

Can I use my passport until the date of expiry?

My passport expires at the end of August. Can I take trips to US until the date of expiry (i.e., return date just before expiry) or would I have trouble leaving Canada if they see that the return date is too close?


Dumb question: Does "signed at" mean the province?

I would put down the

I would put down the city/municipality and the province.


My husband's uncle passed away in New York City today. His passport expired in Jan 2010. we have the form completed with new pictures.
Can he get a permit to go for the funeral tomorrow?

Expired Passport: Attending a funeral

Best to call the border he plans on crossing through and seeing if they can make a special exemption for him.

hi i have 2 questions 1. Can

hi i have 2 questions
1. Can i get a passport for my daughter even without her father's information/signature? I have the sole custody and i do not know the whereabouts of my daughters father.

2. i really want to take my daughter to a trip outside the country my problem is i do not know where her father is and it says that i need the signature/consent of the dad. i have a sole custody of my daughter is there a way to do this without the father's consent/signature?


child's passport xpiring midtrip

If 1 of our 3 children's passport xpires while in Costa Rica do u think we'd experience difficulties returning to canada (american airlines thru/ miami - in transit) ?

child's passport expiring mid trip

We r a family of 5.
All passports in order as of now.
we r booking flts 2 costa rica feb.7 w/ return apr.15.
my youngest, 4 yrs old, has a passport which xpires 3 days
before return flt.
Is this a prob. that neesds 2 b addressed prior 2 deparure
or will it be allowable as we reentering?

Try to get a new passport

Try to get a new passport ASAP. They might not let you into Costa Rica in the first place with a passport that expires so quickly.


Hi there !
I just noticed that the photographer who took my baby's photos put stamp on both pictures instead of one, is that going to be a problem ? Will I have to take pics again ?

Do you have to go down in person to get a passport?

I am a mother of 4 children over the age of 16 and all of them are away at school. If each one fills out their own application and if I have all of the supporting documents can I take all 4 applications down to the office myself without having them present?



Im orginally iraqi living in Canada, and I havent received my perment residency card yet, but I got accepted as a convention refugee, I thought I wasnt able to leave canada even with my iraqi passport but I heard I could if I apply for a travel document, so I did, and I got approved for it, and now have it. It looks exactly like a passport, it says on the front page 'this refugee travel document is valid for travel to all countries except iraq', but my question is, can I travel to the US with it without a problem with it? I dont want to get stuck there or be able to go and not come back to canada, i live here, and I am a full time university student. So is it risky or i should be fine?


Leaving Canada/Entering USA with travel document

The Canadian<->US border is the kind where you only go through entry borders.

In other words, when you leave the USA, you only have to go through the Canadian customs/immigration windows, you don't have to go through a US exit border. As long as you're re-admissible to Canada, you couldn't get "stuck" in the USA.

They'll either let you in the USA, or they won't. If they don't, they'll likely just ask you to go back to Canada. This is a lot easier if you drive versus if you fly.

To see if you're admissible to the USA, give the border that you plan to cross through a telephone call and see what they say.

None of this is legal advice, I'm not liable if you end up getting stuck anywhere :)

lol, but my question is will

lol, but my question is will they let me into the US with a travel document?

Travel Documents, Passports, USA

Call the border crossing which you intend to use and find out is what I suggested. My understanding is that the Canadian-issued travel document is accepted like a Canadian passport, but without the rights of Canadian citizenship (so behave on your trip). But, like I said, it's all up to the US to decide how they treat it, ask them.

Passport Renewal & Passort NO ?

I can't seem to find when you renew your Passport throught the Simplified process, Do you keep the same Passport No on your new one?

I am betting you do where you have to return them. But does anyone know for sure?


I have 2 questions Q1. When

I have 2 questions

Q1. When I submit my passport for renewal (in person), will my previous passport be returned right away or it will be kept and returned only with new passport. I am asking as my old passport has visa and I need it during my travel.

Q2. If I want to pick up my new passport in person, then what I have to do. There is nothing mentioned in the application when and where I can pickup my passport.

Thanks in advance

expired passport and leaving to fly soon

I have a problem. I just remembered that my passport is expired and i already booked flight and everything. Im leaving in 2 days and and my passport expired 5 days ago. How can I get a new passport a.s.a.p. or can they allow me to fly with an expired passport?

RUSH/Urgent Canadian Passport: Leaving in 2 days

You better get to your nearest full-service passport office early (ie: at least an hour beore it opens) tomorrow with proof of your flight and everything needed for an application. Take a look at the Canadian Passports Fast, Rush, Urgent guide here. I'm assuming this is an international flight, right?

windsor detroit

I commute from Windsor to Detroit every day using my passport with TN visa. If i submit my passport for renewal how i can go to work?

Submitting Old Passport When Renewing a Passport

It seems like you may be SOL:

Response from Passport Canada:

All passports that are still valid must be submitted for cancellation when an application is submitted for a new passport. The principle that Canadians hold only one valid passport at any given time is a key element in the prevention of passport abuse.


There are convenient options for applicants who travel often and cannot be without a passport for a long period of time. Therefore, we recommend that you submit your passport application in person at a Passport Canada office, in order to obtain your new passport more rapidly.


Issuance of a passport from a Passport Canada office requires 10 working days (regular service); not including the day the application is submitted and courier delay.


Passport Canada offices provide express passport issuance between 2 and 9 business days following the receipt of the application, for a fee of CAN$30 and urgent service within 24 hours following the receipt of the application, for a fee of CAN$70. These fees are in addition to the regular passport fee.


Please note both express and urgent requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. Proof of travel will be required for urgent service requests and it may be required for express service requests.


It is MANDATORY that applicants requesting express or urgent service apply in person; applications submitted by a third party will not be accepted.


how to get passport fast?

Im leaving to the US in 9 day and do not have a passport yet. What can i do to get it that fast and be good to go?

they have a next day service

they have a next day service for an additional fee

As an expat Canadian living

As an expat Canadian living abroad and renewing my Canadian passport, should the 2 references be Canadian residents or residents of the country where I live? I saw on another forum where it said they should be Canadian residents but I can’t find in the application form or instructions where it says that. Am I missing something?

How do I get a Canadian Passport in the U.S.

I have a Permanent Resident Alien Card here in the U.S., but I'm still a Canadian citizen.

Guide on who can be your

Guide on who can be your Canadian Passport Application reference. They don't have to be Canadian residents, but it can be helpful for the purposes of timezones.

Applying for Someone Else

Can I bring my parent's passport applications and all of the required documents and apply for theirs in person when I apply for mine? Or must they actually be there?

hand written filled in form

I couldn't get my computer to work to fill in the forms on there. Will it take me longer at the office if I have filled in the forms (renewals for me and 2 kids) by hand?


This service was discontinued as there were huge security issues. Several problems were discovered- - if you knew soeone elses SIN- you could look up all of their information online- there wasn't a secondary step for identification so there were privacy/PIPEDA issues. The same was true if you had previous PPT #- you could access someone elses file. Information was too easily accessed and stolen form the site. These issues were first reported over a year ago- and there was no secure resolution- and there were lots of issues related to identiity theft thru this application process; therefore, the site closed.

E-Pass Security.

Thanks for the update. I do recall the publicized security breach last year when they were using non-random session IDs, which really costs them a lot of faith in their set up. I mean, how bad do you have to be to use incremental session IDs???This does raise other questions, as E-Pass is still used for other government services, just not passports any more.

Canadian passport for child when father is not Canadian???

Hello, I hope you can help me....
My son is a year old and was born in Canada, I am Canadian as well. On the attestation of birth the father wrote his name and birth country (american). He left the address blank and they assumed he lived with me here in Canada (which I already had to straighten out with my province for tax purposes). My problem is that I applied for a Passport for my son, they said without court papers I would need the fathers signature. The father filled out the application with his name, cellphone number and Canadian address(so they assumed he lived in Ontario)(My son and I live in another province). Heres the main problem, he never provided them with proper identification, hence they declined my aplication after several attempts to reach him. He is NOT Canadian, however the passport office would not know that considering he wrote a canadian address on the application.

All I have to show who he is is the attestation of birth saying which country he is from, which is not an official court document.

Can I get my sons passport by explaining that the father is not Canadian, and cannot be reached (he has never told me his address) and dont even know if he is still in this country? Or do I have to go get court orders stating that the father is a non canadian and unable to locate. Thanks

It does not matter if he is

It does not matter if he is Canadian or American the process for this is the same. I just went through this last month with my own child. Go to passport office and ask for a guideline sheet called "Whereabouts of father unknown" This is what you use if address is unknown to you. Then type it out and have it notarized then return with your new passport applicaion.

Where did you get this form?

I went to the Passport Office here in Montreal, Quebec and they don't know anything of such guidelines and form. They gave me the information verbally but could not give me any guidelines. Where are you located?

simplified passport renewal for Citizens living out of ccountry

We are living in South Africa for a three year term, our passports expire in Oct. and we will be visiting in Canada in Aug. Although we are living out of country, we will be applying in person, in Ottawa, can we qualify for the simplified form? The form ask for permanent residence and it won't take anything other than Canadian or US addresses.

Simplified form = For Canadian and US residents only

Well, as I understand, the simplified form is only for Canadian and US residents, regardless of where you present your application. I think they might accept it through one of the Caribbean islands, but that doesn't really matter here. So, you'll have to go through the regular application form. Both should get processed just as quickly, but this regular form will take longer to fill out.

Why not just renew your passport in South Africa? It sounds like there will be plenty of time.


Hi Dan,

My dad realized a couple of months ago he couldn't find his passport. I've tried unsuccessfully to find it at his residence..just wondering if you have any insight as to what's required next. I believe he has to sign a document stating that it's lost?


Passport Renewal Application: Occupation Information

Employer Information: Is it important to complete this and contact information if not working in Can, but in US?

Passport Renewal Form Question

You should complete it regardless of where you've worked. I doubt they really look into it unless they are suspicious of something, but listing nothing at all might lead to suspicion in itself.

Online form

hi Dan,

Since the on-line application form has been shut down, do you have a better idea now if the interactive form they're advocating is a better way to apply rather than the paper forms from the post office? IE do the give preferential treatment for these forms?


Hi anonymous! It looks

Hi anonymous!

It looks like your options are the new "interactive" PDF forms which just convert some of your entered data into a barcode that they can scan in at the office. The barcode actually contains all of the information, it's never sent to them or stored on their servers.

I'd say this is still better than paper (really, just about anything is better than handwritten paper applications), but I'm still not sure if they get the preferential treatment.

My understanting is that Canadian Passport Offices are nowhere near as busy as they were when I first wrote this article. The "Second wave" of applications expected for when people will need passports to just drive across the border just hasn't materialized, and Passport Canada streamlined a good chunk of their processes, as well as hired on a bunch of new people. 

It seems like the "Passport

It seems like the "Passport On-Line" application will be closed soon.

Passport Online

Permanent closing of Passport On-line
Please note that the POL application form will be permanently closed down as of March 31, 2009, at 3 p.m. EDT.
Do you have an application in progress?
Be sure to fill out and print your application before the announced closing date. Information not printed out before this date will be permanently lost.
Do you wish to fill out a new application?
Use our new interactive forms.

Would you recommend using the "new interactive forms" or trying to finish my application by March 31st? Also note that I don't think I am eligible for the "Simplified Renewal Form" as I was 15 when I got my last passport.

Yikes, I'm really surprised

Yikes, I'm really surprised by this. I'm sure it cost them a lot of money to implement, but once it's made, it's not like they can recover the costs by shutting it all down.

Oh, and I think the link you wanted was this one to their news release. 

Now passport office visits will take a lot longer since they'll have to manually enter in all of your typed-in info once you get there, and you're at increased risk of mistakes that they might make (with the online form, you only had yourself to blame mostly if there was one). 

It says that the new forms will have a barcode, but I don't see how that would work, I'm betting they're still referring to the online passport application. 

Why the heck would they do this???

Oh, and to answer your question, try to get the Passport Online application in, as you are correct and not eligible for the Simplified Renewal if you were 15 when you got your last passport. 

supporting identification

What kind of supporting identification can i use if i only have a passport? I don't have a drivers licences, and i have an old red and white health card!
What is there that I can take to the office?

Spend 5 minutes reading the

Spend 5 minutes reading the forms and you'll get a better answer than you possibly could here, and in less time.


Using MY e-pass, can I complete the on-line applications for myself, my husband and my children (over 16)? Or are separate e-pass accounts required for each application?

Separate E-Passes are needed

Separate E-Passes are needed for each person. The E-Pass is actually used to log in to sorts of federal government stuff, not just passport applications.

where do i take it

I just filled out my application on line....I had to hand write some phone numbers and addresses on it ...does that matter?? Where do I take it....I live in New Brunswick??

If you used the EPass

If you used the EPass method, you should log back in, correct it and print it off again. Same for the Simplified Renewal Form (assuming you saved the form, which you should have). I'm really not sure whether they'll care or not.

As for where to take it... there's a list of locations on the Passport Canada website. 

Passport Expired last month – Flying to USA next week

My passport expired Jan 25, 2009, I'm flying to Los Angeles on March 7th. Do you thing they will let me through without a fuss? (that happened to me in the late 90s, they let me through even though my passport was expired; I don't know if they would still do that nowadays).

I'd get a new passport

I absolutely 100% would NOT take that risk. Get a new passport under an urgent/express basis with proof of travel date and you should be able to get one in time. You should be eligible for the simplified passport renewal, which saves you a lot of time. 

Thanks a lot for your site

Thanks to your site, I was able to go in to the 74 Victoria St. Office (Toronto) at 9am, Friday and get out of there 10 minutes later with the answer that my passport will be ready next Friday (1 week from now and 1 day before my flight to LA).

I had filled out the Simplified Passport Renewal (what a time-saving, hassle-free way to renew your passport), had my proof of travel, photos, I got a "B" number at the door, there was about 20 people on the seats, waiting for their turn, took my coat off, sat down and my number was called immediately. I paid the extra $30 for express service. I was even willing to pay for the urgent service but the lady said that if I was travelling in the next few days, she would allow me to use that service, but since it's in a week she cannot let me use it – otherwise, she said, everybody would want their passport the same day.

Thanks again Dan for what you're doing; your site was VERY useful for me getting my passport in time for my travel to the USA.

In and out in 10 minutes.

I went to the same place as ReneG - got an F number and waited approx 15 seconds - with over 100 people waiting there ahead of me. Why they would shut something like this down is beyond me.

I agree. Think of how much

I agree. Think of how much time we're saving the government. I do hope that they let people that type in their info onto the form instead of hand-writing get to skip the line, but we'll see.

typo on passport application

How picky are they, already printed out signed and ready to go. Noticed the DL number is wrong can you change and initial it? or a new application has to be done..Please if anyone has the answer on this/

If you have the application

If you have the application still saved, I'd print one off and just sign it again. I'd hope they wouldn't mind the small error and fix it while you're there, but I can't be sure of that, the only way to really find out is to try, and that may not be in your favour.

Epass Id

I am trying to create a epass identification but it keeps rejecting it. How many letters, numbers must be in the ID and password?

We have recently moved and

We have recently moved and the information on my passport on page 4 shows our old address. What will I have to do?

To be honest with you, I

To be honest with you, I wouldn't worry about it.

Asking for the C ticket made all the difference

Just wanted to say thanks for the info. Was in and out of the office on a Friday afternoon in less than 20 minutes. At the pre-screen, initially I was given an A# ticket but I asked if I was supposed to be given a C# ticket and the teller gave me a C ticket right away, I barely had time to sit down for one minute when my number was called. Thanks Dan!

Doesn't print properly

i have been trying to print my application for weeks now, i put in the measurements they provide and it doesnt want to accept them, they keep changing back. i manually moved the pages around and somewhat got the application to look good. there are little bar codes on the bottom on the 3 pages, does it matter if they are a little cut-off? do they only need to top bar code on the first page? this is getting very frustrating for me and i am following the print-layout passport canada provides. i now have the passport pages i think okay... i have the little bar codes on the bottom now and the font on the page seemed to become smaller, i hope size doesnt matter. and also i tried to edit my application on section 4 because one of the questions wasnt answered and it no longer shows up my my screen, everything else lets me edit it, so i just hand written in the answer, will that be okay?
thanks in advince, you have no idea how annoyed i am right now...

Here's what I did: I went to

Here's what I did: I went to my neighbour's and logged into my EPass from there and printed it off there. Less hassle, and I knew that it printed the way that it is supposed to. Sorry, don't know anything about Section 4, it's been a while since I had to get my own passport :)

Signature and particulars

does it matter whta colour ink i use to sign my passport and fill out the particulars with????

Stick with blue or black ink

Stick with blue or black ink and you'll be fine.

Passport of a newborn

How much time would it need to get a passport of a new born baby. Considering that that parents are both Non-Canadians and carry an Asian country's passport.
as per the Canadian law, child born in Canada can get a canadaian passport ie become Candian Citizen. How to proceed with this in an utra quick way. thx

Well, they should probably

Well, they should probably apply at the consulate/embassy of the country that they currently reside in (assuming that it is not Canada). I'd think that as long as the child has their birth certificate from when they were born in Canada, there shouldn't be any problems, but I have a feeling that you shouldn't count on the process being "ultra quick".

help please

My purse got stolen last night and my passport was stolen. What do you do?
Does this e-pass work, do i have to file a police report and than do this e-pass.
Please let me know i am leaving for a trip in like 2 weeks!
thank you.abby

See this post. I don't see

See this post. I don't see why you couldn't do EPass for your new passport, but hopefully things won't get delayed due to the loss of your old one.

passport for my child!

My common law wife and I tried applying for our little girls passport today and were denied submission of the form.
She is only eight months old , not that I think it matters? We were told that her birth certificate ,that is the short form
is not acceptable, and that we would need the long form version of her birth certificate, because we are common law.
Why is the birth certificate that my wife and I and everyone else for that matter have not accepted ?Also can I apply
on-line for her passport because she is under the age of sixteen? Perhaps someone can give me some answers to my
situation ?

Thank you.

I think the short-form birth

I think the short-form birth certificate doesn't have the full information, like who the known mother and father are and such, so I believe that's why there is that added requirement.

You CANNOT apply for her passport using the on-line method since she is under 16.

what if there is an error on a passport


It appears that there is a typo on a family member's passport. The date of birth was switched from the 31 to the 13....the family member did not notice this when reviewing the passport. Will this create any problems for them? Should they contact the passport office, and will they be responsible for paying for a new passport?


I would say that you should

I would say that you should get it fixed, especially since the date of birth is usually used as a 2nd check when there are multiple people with the same name. Yes, contact the passport office. I would hope that if it was the passport office's error, they'll waive the charge for the new passport, but if it wasn't, then who knows.

Best advise ever!

Hey Dan,

what great advise, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to outline the details in this blog. I followed the process, had no issues with the on-line service (except I couldn't use my work notebook with Vista) and I was in and out of the Mississauga location in under 10 minutes!

Got some curious stares from people:-)

Thanks again!

Do You Need a Guarenter To Go WITH you to the office?

hey i just wanted to know for a first time applicant, do I need to bring my guarentor with me to the office? or just get their signatures

Just the signatures.

Just the signatures.

Simplified Passport Renewal drop off at Passport Office

I filled out all my information on the Simplified Passport Renewal form on Adobe last night, and went to the Passport Canada located beside Scarborough Town Centre this morning. The place was quite full, 75% of the seats were occupied, but because I had faith in this guide, I knew I was going to be out of their fairly soon. I went into the intro line up, where I got my ticket number, wasn't too long, only a couple of minutes and picked up ticket E850. I looked at the board which displays all the numbers, and it was currently serving E840. Sweet! 20 minutes later, I was at a counter, and in 5 minutes, I was out of there.

Everything checked out fine, the guy at the counter had zero facial expression, just like everyone who works for the government, and said I would get my passport within 2 weeks. I'll post back when I get it.

As I was leaving, I noticed the line ups for As and Bs weren't moving, and many of the people there appeared to have been sitting for hours already.

*Update* Simplified Passport Renewal Received!

When I woke up this morning, my dad told me my passport came yesterday morning, when he signed for it. With the Simplified Passport Renewal process, this means it took just 5 days for me to get it. (Less if you count the total hours).

I only paid the $87 fee.

UPDATE regarding simplified passport renewal

Passport came in the mail today and my dad signed for it. I have to say, that was unexpected! 30 minutes at the passport office, and not even 5 days later it's in my hands.

This really helped, thanks!

Lost Passport

How do I find a form to report a lost paswsport?

Notify the local police,

Notify the local police, notify Passport Canada, and fill out this form:

passport issue

Hi there
I have a valid passport with 2 different 5 years visa on it and my passport expiring in the year 2011
Now the problem is I have only 1 page left on my passport , so please guide me what I can do to solve this issue
Do i have to get my visas again on the new passport or I can use the same visas

You'd have to contact the

You'd have to contact the embassy/consulate of the country for the visa that you hold to see what their rules are.

renewal application

Can you fill out an Epass application for a passport renewal?

Absolutely!!! The only

Absolutely!!! The only problem is that you (as far as I know) don't benefit from some of the features of the Simplified Passport Application if you were to qualify for it.

Toronto Passport Phone number

do you know the number and is there any point in calling? Do you know if you get a person? I am supposed to pick it up first thing Tuesday morning but it would be better for me today at closing and I want to make sure I can do that. Thanks

Sorry for not getting back

Sorry for not getting back to you earlier, you can send a status check online (details at, but I'm not sure of any direct numbers that are worth calling, seriously, you'll wait on hold forever.

re: renewal passport


i was wondering if you could help me, i'm renewing my passport and there is a question asking i enclosed the old passport would i want them to return it back to me?
should i say yes or no? is it necessary to keep the old passport?



I can't see why it would be

I can't see why it would be necessary to keep the old passport, but I probably would get the old one back if there was no cost of doing so. Some people like to keep the old ones because the visa, entry and exit stamps are souvenirs of where they've gone in the past 5 years.


I received my daughter's passport yesterday (she is 7). I, without reading the booklet, that came with it, signed in the signature of bearer box . Then read in the bookelt that the parents MUST NOT SIGN here..
Does anyone know what to do with it now?

Yikes, I dunno what to say.

Yikes, I dunno what to say. I'm guessing that the signature is never really looked at, but I would imagine that, in theory, you should get a new passport. Again, I'm not really sure, give Passport Canada a call?

anyone one know how i can

anyone one know how i can check the status of my canadian passport online? i tried the link above but the page is not there anymore. thanks!

ePass - 18Sep2008

Dan the Man !!!

I have to tell you, I just returned from the Passport Office, 240 Sparks St, Ottawa, and in-and-out in 15' !!! I brought attention to the ePass app with a BAR code to the 1st and 2nd tier administrators and yes, I got the "C" number and I was called next .... before many, many, others ...

I took your advice and followed your instructions ...

thx bud !

update to "ePass - 18Sep2008"

so now I have my passport .... I rec'd notice from the PO at the Pharmacy that there was an envelope waiting for me .... all done in 8 calendar days !!!

now I am told, by the ePass people, that Sep is a good time to do this ... because it is between summer travel and Thanksgiving ... so the establishment is fairly quiet and looking for work ....

cheers, and thx again Dan ...

timing of renewal?

If my passport expires Sept. 2009 and I renew now, will it need to be renewed again 5 years from NOW or 5 years from next Sept?

5 years from when it gets

5 years from when it gets approved, so probably 5 years from NOW or from next month.

EPass rocks! Thank you for

EPass rocks! Thank you for your advice on how to speed up the whole process. I had my pictures taken at Fort Erie Walmart at 10am, drove the 30km to the St. Catharines office and met my friend who is my guarantor, took my "special" number (the orange button in St. Kitts), waited less than five minutes, got my forms processed, and was on my merry way. I live in Buffalo, and was at the Lewiston bridge by 11:09 am (about 20 km from the passport office). So, total time with picture and driving over 50km, about an hour. The guy in the passport office said that the form would undergo the security check today, would be sent to the printer tomorrow, and that I should receive the thing by the 9th of Sept. So, I do not know if the Epass speeds up your time to actually get the passport, but as far as ease of the passpet office visit, it was a dream. Just be prepared for all of the nasty looks that you will get from people who have been waiting for a super long time when they see you stroll right up to a counter. :)

Helloo, My name is

Helloo, My name is Meesha........
I was planing on getting a passport this week.
I really want my passport before the second week of August. I wanted to go to Florida and I wanted to go the last week of August before school starts.
Do you think I would get my passport that Quick?

Seems very possible,

Seems very possible, especially if you bring your applicaton into the office personally, rather than mailing it.

Also, if you're flying from the US (eg: from Buffalo) and you're merely driving over the border, a passport isn't (yet) required for that.

THANKS for the tip!! Once i

THANKS for the tip!! Once i got my number i sat down for not even 25 seconds and my 'G' number popped up on the screen:) The room was PACKED, i would have otherwise been there a very long time.

In reply to "I found this just to tricky"

Using my MacBook I found the process to work flawlessly, well almost. I have the latest version of both Firefox ( which I use most of the time) and Safari. I tried using Firefox but got the msg that it was not a current valid Browser. Rubbish! So I tried Safari and it worked fine, with the exception that one of their pages would not 'paint' for me, so I scrolled over to the end of the text in the Address bar, inserted the cursor and hit Enter .. presto A-ok. I also found their web page info on Page Setup (pre-Printing) helpful and easy to follow. I did however grab a Screen Shot of the instructions, opened it and move it over to the right on my Screen. Otherwise I found Safari's Print page covered most of the instructions from pop-up screen from the Passport Site. I printed a copy (all 5 pages) noticed an error and reprinted again without any problems. My hard copies met their 'Acceptable' image they provide. Now to see what meets me with respect to the A-queue and the C-queue, when I attempt to walk this through.

passport renewal for children

Hi Dan,

Thanks for the great tips page - helped me to navigate through the maze of gov't pages. Do you know whether renewing for a child's passport can also be done through epass?

As far as I know, the EPass

As far as I know, the EPass method cannot be used for children, yet I hope.

passport renewal references

Can a married couple be used for the two references?
Example: Mr. John Smith as reference #1 and Mrs. Jane Smith as reference #2.

Another good question. I

Another good question.

I don't see why a married couple couldn't be used as two references. As long as they are not your relatives. Having said that, it could raise a few eyebrows, but I doubt it. I have a feeling they rarely call references anyway. 

References don't even have to live in Canada (though it is preferable).


I came across your website and I am impressed. I like shortcuts and definetely you showed the way. Thank you. Just one question , I have a young son who is 15 will turn 16 and it did not allow me to enter his info online. If i get the barcode for us 3 and one hand written application would that still give me the chance of getting into the c Queue

Thank you

That is actually a very good

That is actually a very good question. Technically the queue-jump is only for Epass users, but it really depends on what the pre-screeners think. You might have to convince them to give you a next-call ticket instead of a regular one. As well, it seems that at some offices the "c" ticket is the kind you want, but at other offices, they use a different letter. So ask politely to be placed in the e-pass line, since you've done everything you could, and clearly know the process, so there won't be any problems with your child's application.

How do I speed up my wife immigrations stuff?

Thanks a Million for the info on the E-pass!! I'll do exactly what you advise!

I'd like to share this info about work permits in Canada:

Due to the Olymics Immigration canada is just given away work permits!
As you may realise there are more than a few Mexican and South Americans working in vancouver. It's easy nowadays to get a work permit. Just one month in fact. All anybody has to do these days is search craigslist for a job outside of Canada and they can be sponsored for a work permit. Our friend got her workpermit in ONE MONTH.

Not sure if it applies to

Not sure if it applies to all centers, I went to the one in Surrey. Arrived around 10 am with on-line submitted application form. Lined up outside the building for 10 minutes (They said the Fire Code doesn't allow them to have more than a certain number of people in the office). After getting up to the office, lined up for an hour to the pre-screener. They don't hand out a number before going through pre-screener. With all correct information, as I did, the pre-screener took the application and gave me the receipt. That's it.


I noticed some people got a number from the pre-screener and had to sit and wait for the call. One reason I heard was to apply for the express delivery.


Hope it helps.

I've just found this too tricky!!

I tried epass with my mac laptop, running the required software, and not only was the wording of the whole form absolutely horrendously cluncky (I found it unnecessarily[sp?] complicated), but I wasn't able to get it to print in the exact centre of the paper, no matter how I rejigged it. The best I was able to come up with was my mum's maiden name over-printed and smushed onto the form just above/on top of Section 8 -- References. And I ended up with a bit of a barcode on the bottom too.

Once I'd printed it, I found I had to go back and create a whole new password/userid to change anything -- ie, page dimensions.

Now I'm trying to use my daughter's Windows pc, but I don't think I have the requisite software -- I'll have to have my daughter decode the system info.

So all I can say is faugh!

PS Can they get allthe info they need from the barcode on the top? That printed out correctly.



Finicky? broken and stupid is more like it for the epass and online application. Basically a waste of time, might as well wait in the physical line, the epass system is a piece of junk, written by an idiot, just like most of other Canada government online websites that are broken. I spent as much time on this trying to register and fill the application as I could have waited in the line and gotten it done in person.

Not quite my epass application experience...

But I will agree that there are true horror stories out there. I'm not really sure why some people have a complete hassle with epass, while others go through the online passport application quickly and easily.

I felt that it was originally just due to heavy loads on their servers and web browser incompatibility, but I guess there is more to it.

Perhaps you could elaborate a bit more on exactly what kind of problems that you had? Mac/PC? Was it with creating an EPass? The Passport Canada Online Forms? Printing? Web Browser Timeouts? Information Being Lost?

Hopefully other users that have had success or complete failures with epass could share their experiences and recommendations to help others that reach this guide (which is quite a few people).

Thanks for sharing!

simplicity or not

I am a retired IT person and must sympathize with anyone trying to serve the public and their various skills, equipment and software. And some with high speed and others on dial-up.

 E-pass and the on-line application were no problem. However there were times when I made assumptions and just kept going.  Hope all go this easily at their office.

Updated Information

Just updated to add that you can STILL use the online epass form with the new simple application form that doesn't require a guarantor etc. Just remember, there are restrictions about who can use the simplified procedure, so I feel that, unfortunately, there will still be a lot of people using the old form.

Fast Passport Part III (Germany)

Unbelievable !!
I wasn't able to get my passport application into the consulate in Berlin until October 12th, but today(!) the postlady brought my brand new passport. That's not even two weeks. Everything done "by hand" (no ePass for expats) and there were "trips" over the Atlantic for my application (all passports are printed in Canada now).
Let's hear a big cheer (Yaaaaay!!) for the consular section in the Berlin Embassy. What great service.
I'm ecstatic !

Hello, I am in Chicago and

Hello, I am in Chicago and need to do the same.  Please tel me if you filled out all the forms and gave it to them canadian embassy in Berlin?  And you got it in 2 weeks?  Please confirm as I have a lot of travel to do for work and cannot be without passport - Thanks - Sam

Can you be more specific

Can you be more specific about how we would use the online epass form for the simplified renewal process?  When I log in with my epass account, the only option I see is to Start New On-line Application which requires me to give guarantor information etc.   I called Passport Canada to check and they told me that no, we can't use epass for the simplified renewal process.  

So, I then went and filled out the interactive pdf of the simplified renewal application and printed it off but it didn't put any bar code on the form.  The barcode is only if you use epass?


Simplified Form Actually NOT Eligible for Epass

Having never had to actually use the simplified procedure myself, I went to the Passport website and filled their short checklist to see if I would be eligible. Once it said that I was, it gave me the option of printing out the form and filling it by hand, or using their "interactive form."

I didn't really click any further, but it looks like you are correct, the simplified form CANNOT be used with Epass, but there is the option of filling out a form (that would not have a barcode, and probably not be eligible for line-skipping). Odd, since they never offered a PDF that you could fill in on your computer until now.

I'll correct the info in the main article and point out the differences.

e-pass vs simplified form

Hallo, greetings from Calgary! was just wondering if you knew which method (via e-pass or simplified form) would yield the fastest result in getting passport (am renewing btw).

Thanks for any input.

Which Method is Faster?

I only have experience with the online epass method. I really don't know anyone that compared the two methods.

If you're willing to wait in line, I would imagine that the simplified offline method would result in a quicker passport, since there is less to go wrong and less things to check up on (eg: verifying your guarantor).

I'd imagine that if you are a "low-risk" applicant, whomever fits into that demographic, they'd be the same speed, but I really can't be sure.

If you really are in a rush for your passport, it would probably be best to pay extra for the "rush" service, or whatever they call it.

thanks anyway

Your information was very very helpful and informative otherwise!

FAST passport Part II

Oops! Just discovered that we "foreign" Canadians don't qualify for the fast track. Well, I thought that there'd be a hitch somewhere.
Thanks anyway.

Restrictions, restrictions, restrictions

Ya, only Canadians residing in Canada can use the online method. Also, they don't allow it for children's passports, only for adults, making the process almost as slow for families trying to get all of their passports done.

On the plus side, at least people doing it the electronic way speed up everything for those that don't :)

FAST passport

Hi Dan. I live in Germany and will be visiting Canada (in Nov.) a few weeks before my passport expires. I'm trying to decide if I should get a new one before I go, get a new one while I'm in Canada or get one in the one(!) week I'll have after I get back (not sure how the authorities here view a foreigner with an expired passport). Anyway, I'm glad you've posted this information about the "fast-track" passport. I'd love to give it a try. I certainly hope that I don't get caught up with waiting - although if I could get a new passport in Canada (even in 2 hours) I'd be jumping for joy. If I decide on the "on site" solution, I'll have to do it without guarantor, because no one knows me there might be a problem. Getting the photos done there would be in itself a god-send - you wouldn't believe the hassles you get from the photographers here because the Canadians want the "wrong things" for the photos. I could write a book.
Once again thanks. I hope to remember to let you know how things go.

Thanks so much for the advice.

We read your advice and despite already having hand filled out applications my wife redid them online. We live in Central BC and are looking to hire an immigrant to help with our business and it apparently helps immensely if we are with him during the interview at the embassy in Cuba. So we will need our passports fairly quickly, since the LMO is already sent for and plus, it's a great excuse to get away.

We drove the 4 hours to the Surrey passport office. We were prepared to wait because we were late. We stood outside, wondering why the lineup was so short ,about 10 minutes before we were stamped and being led upstairs. That's when we knew why the lineup outside was so short, we were the third or fourth wave! Tons of people were sitting or standing up there already looking bored and listless. My wife showed them our application with the barcode and they handed her a C ticket, just as you said. We were served within 5 minutes and then on our merry way. The whole process didn't take even 40 minutes, although the LOOKS we got when we went to the front of the line and left quickly! We spent the rest of the day hanging out with friends.


And after just 7 calendar

And after just 7 calendar days (well, probably less, I sent my information in the late afternoon), I've received my passport via Xpresspost this morning.

quick passport

I would like to have the web address where I can save the forms online and go to them once I recieve my citizenship. I need to get my passport ASAP as I have to travel within 2 wks of getting my canadian citizenship. Please advise.

Applied for Canadian passport (first-time)


I was wondering if it would take longer to get my passport if it is the first time I'm applying for a Canadian passport. I applied in Oct 26 (I went to the Burnhamthorpe office) and I still have not gotten it.

Your inputs are much appreciated.


The answer to almost all problems: "It Depends"

Here's my experience.

The passport that I got in just 7 days was my first real passport. I previously had one that was basically just a sticker inside my mother's passport (which I don't think they do anymore).

I'd imagine that it largely depends upon how risky your application is. If you were born in Canada, lived your whole life in Canada, don't have a criminal record etc., then I'd assume that a few weeks or less is reasonable. As well, this is probably one of the busiest times of year, with everyone in a rush to go away for winter holidays. At least summer holidays are spread out over months, winter holidayers aren't so fortunate :)

Feel free to check Passport Canada's application status page . All applications are trackable, so they can tell you where it is in the process.

although you talk

although you talk convincingly, you really have no clue what you're talking about when it comes to processing times and reasons for possible delays. i doubt you work in a passport office, so i insist that you stop giving people advice, telling them complete fallacies like that a criminal record has anything to do with acquiring a passport (it does not, at all...despite what your high school guidance counsellor or school police officer told you)

and what's with this "texa$" comment? you can't talk to or be friendly with civil servants in "texa$"? have you've even been to Texas?

when 16 year olds get websites....

whoa - who's the grumpy!

wow - who is the grump online? must be a civil serpent...from texa$

Then what are the reasons for processing times/delays?

edit: See here for information on Canadian Passports and Criminal Records 

You are correct, I do not, nor have I ever worked in a passport office. My article is completely based upon my experience and research as a customer of the passport office, and I don't think I've tried to represent myself otherwise.

If you do work in a passport office or otherwise have knowledge that I do not, perhaps you could share the reasons for the processing times and delays? Passport Canada has been very unforward with reasons for why they happen, therefore they have forced people to guess.

If a criminal record has nothing to do with getting a passport, I'm a bit scared about passport security. Someone with a criminal record of uttering forged documents wouldn't go through any extra scrutiny? How about those with probation terms limiting where they can go?

Any provable/reasonable fallacies you'd like to identify? I'd hate to be inaccurate.

I'm a bit older than 16 actually. I just managed to go several years without a passport at all.

Anyways, the Texas with a $ sign is a SNL Celebrity Jeopardy reference that I just wanted to add for no real good reason (just like they did in the show). No, I've never been to Texas.

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