Passport Canada Locations in Toronto With Maps & Directions

For information on the Passport Canada Office in North York at 4900 Yonge Street, Click here

Please Comment With Your Experience at the Toronto Passport Canada Office!

Help out others by coming back to this site after you get your passport renewed and commenting on the service, wait times and advice on how to get to the Toronto Passport Canada Office. When you need your Canadian Passport Renewed in 5 years, someone's advice here may help you out greatly!

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Toronto Passport Office

This is the location that you would have to go to in order to get Rush or Express service on your passport. Mailed applications take up to 5 weeks these days, while dropping off your Canadian Passport application at an office like this one should take just 2 weeks without even paying extra. You can even skip the line by following my Epass process linked above which means pre-filling most of the form online.

My friend went to the Toronto Passport Canada Office at 3PM on January 23rd 2008 (a Tuesday), and was in line for less than 10 minutes. There were only about 30-40 people in the office itself at that time. I bet that most lineups aren't too long these days until a crunch time hits (eg: When Passports will be required for land travel or near holiday travelling times).

Passport Canada
Suite 300
74 Victoria Street
Toronto, ON
Mon-Fri: 8:00 - 16:30

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Click here for Toronto locations of Receiving Agents or Canada Post Offices that can accept Canadian passport applications. These offices cannot accept urgent or express applications, requests for modifications, or forms without a guarantor's signature. Even then, they will take about 5 weeks to process your application. It is also my understanding that these applications still require that you send away your identification (eg: birth certificates), they just don't go through the Canada Post mail system.

Swift service

28 minutes in and out on a Wednesday lunchtime.

Great place

it took just about 35 min waiting time. much better then North York's office

good service

I went to the 74 Victoria Street Passport Office to renew my passport. I was there approximately 45 minutes. Good service, Very helpful staff. Thank you!

I went there to renew my

I went there to renew my passport and the guy at the information desk,, Julian was very rud and unreasonable
They should have some one at the information desk who would be more civilized and pleasent unlike the idiot Julian

Renew my Canadian passport

If I want to renew my Canadian passport in person what I have to do?
what kind of documents I need ?
could you please send me the information

Thank you

Another money grab!

Compared to other countries that issue passports for 10 years, isn't the renewal after every 5 years is another money grab from taxpayers that are already overtaxed in Canada?

It's more like 4.5 years

It's more like 4.5 years considering that it's inadvisable to travel on a passport that has less than 6 months left on it before it expires.

Excellent Service at Victoria Street Office, (Counter 11!)

Read this site and your forms and go prepared. The rest is quick and painless. All that's left to do is pack my bags! Thank you to the gentleman at counter 11...... COUNTER 11 !!!

I was there for a total of

I was there for a total of probably 30 minutes in early December. Sweeter than a tiajuana pineapple.

Even shorter for me

I was there for a total of 0 minute. I always send mine by mail.

Passport Office 74 VICTORIA STREET

Went today on October 5, 2010 (a TUESDAY) AT 3:00 P.M. to get
a new passport
Woman told me October & November good months to process Passport !
As long as you have everything filled out, bring proper ID &
type of payment
I was in there for maybe 10 minutes !!!
Excellent Service, wish all gov't services would be like this was !!!

Name Change

Do I need a Guarantor to sign the renewal of my passport if I am changing names? If so will a lawyer be able to do so or will they need to have known me for 3yrs? Being new to the city what if I do not have someone whom has know me that long???

Excellent info. It took me

Excellent info. It took me less than 15 minutes on 74 Victoria St, and I wasn't first in the line!
It is indeed open at 8 AM, so I was able to get to work in time.

Thanks for putting in the

Thanks for putting in the effort to do this. Too bad the government can't be so simple in their instructions.

Thanks a bunch for your

Thanks a bunch for your efforts here. It saved me a lot of grief!

Thanks and Advice for others

Thanks for this info, I found it to be quite helpful. Depressing that we need a third party to make it this easy. I wonder how much we pay each year in tax dollars for the government site?

Anyway, we went there today and learned something. They will ask at the pre-screening desk when you first come in if you are traveling soon, the correct answer to this question is "YES" not "no." We said no and watched as several other people were serviced ahead of us because they were desperate. Nice if you're desperate, sucks for us more organized lot. Nevertheless our wait time was one hour. We arrived at 8:05 am on a Wednesday.

Arriving at 8:00 meant we were able to park on the street. By 8:10 that wouldn't be possible unless you're lucky.

Big Thanks.

Excellent info. How sad is the fact that you have to look up a third party to find the right info. Most government sites are, well, don't tell you much. Thanks again.

Hey thanks for the info on

Hey thanks for the info on this site ---- I wanted to pick up my passport and of course typical govt form - they didnt publish their office hours - again --- thanks

Thanks to the info on this

Thanks to the info on this site, I completed the online version of the application and was in and out of the passport office in 15 minutes at 4900 Yonge St in Toronto at noon on 3/13/08. Instead of having to wait for two hours, my number was the first one called after it was assigned. By paying close attention to the instructions the process was a breeze and I was spared a two hour wait. 

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