& Nationalcity Bank: From a Canadian Perspective

All I can say is, interesting stuff.

Most Canadians have been shut out of, but luckily, I have a US Bank account (based on a US Bank) from National City. Of course, the only things that have gone through it are: US$ checks from Google Adsense (because Google doesn't do EFT to US bank accounts for Canadians, how annoying), and buying domains through GoDaddy.

Though I must say, it is nice getting weekly emails of my balance, since if I go over with my Visa Debit Card, I'll get charged NSF fees, which would suck, because I think I have around 5 days to reconcile them, which would be a bit difficult being in Canada.

Somehow, I feel that I'll never be able to add my Canadian account to, or a service, which is too bad.


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