Canadian Passport Epass: Trouble Printing PDF Application Form

Having Trouble Printing Out Your Application?

Well, so did I. I filled out the entire Epass form, which was surprising, because I had heard so many horror stories about filling out the form online, but it worked fine for me.

Then, when it came to printing, it would just print out a blank form. Heck, I was wondering if maybe that is what it was supposed to look like. I followed all of Passport Canada's directions on margins and all that.

Tried a second time, same result.

Now I'm panicking, I was going to see my busy guarantor in about an hour (this was back when you had to have a professional like a lawyer sign your stuff).

Passport Canada recommends you just give up and use the Simplified Form at this point. But I think it is too soon to give up.

Printing Problem Solution:

Just save your application, and go to a neighbour's house, or somewhere else with a printer. Perhaps another computer in the same house, or a different printer. All of the information you filled in will be saved (as long as you tell the Epass system to save it). No re-entering required at all.

Just login with your Epass, find your application, and print it at another computer. Hopefully you'll have better luck.

I am having the same

I am having the same problem, driving me crazy

Nope, no luck. Different

Nope, no luck. Different computer, different printer, same results. It won't save the recommended setting for margins and cuts off the bottom bar code on page 2

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