Canada's Best Credit Card For Cash Back Rewards? CitiBank's Enrich Mastercard

2009 Update that's still true in 2012: MBNA Smart Cash Blows Citi Enrich Out of the Water

Citi's Canadian Credit Card Division got bought out by CIBC. So far CIBC has transitioned most customers, but doesn't accept any new applications for this card. I guess it was that good. Your best best in 2012 is to apply for the the MBNA Smart Cash The Citi Enrich is still a good card, but now there is a better card out, with no annual fee, minimum 1% cash back, but 3-5% cash back on gas and grocery purchases, the MBNA Smart Cash. This link will open in a new window, it's still a good idea to read this article about the Citi Enrich because for some cases, the Citi Enrich is a better card, and there are many cases where you should actually have both. 

1% Cash Back From the First Dollar

The CitiBank Enrich Mastercard seems to be the only card available for Canadians that has 1% Cash Back from the first dollar you spend. It isn't "Up to 1%". It is One Percent! Most other banks (such as the TD Rebate Rewards Card) give you 0.5% for the first several thousand you spend, and only after that do you earn 1%. Lame. Unless you want to pay an annual fee... Some other cards, such as the PC Mastercard work out to 1%, but you earn "points", which could be devalued at any time, and is therefore risky and harder to redeem. 

No Annual Fees 

Yep, no annual fees for this Mastercard. It isn't waived for the first year or anything, there just isn't one to begin with. That is what makes this one of the best credit cards in Canada for rewards, 1% and no annual fees.  

Though Their Credit Limits Are Stingy

When someone that I did know got this card, their limit was only like $500, despite their pretty good credit rating (or so I think). As a result, one might have to make a couple payments per month, or just keep asking for credit rating increases every couple of months (they'll be especially good about it if you were to threaten to cancel). 

And their Approval Time Is Terrible

Seriously, I know someone that applied for 2 other credit cards at the same time (for good reasons, one was a US$ card, the other had pretty good features), and when they got the others in the mail, Citi just called them to get more info and said they might have to wait another 2 weeks. They also like to send requests for more information by mail...

So, perhaps if you have really good credit, things will be fast, but if not, prepare to wait.  

Price Protection 

They do offer a Price Protection Guarantee in the event that the price of something goes up, so that is something to consider as well as a free feature.

CitiMastercard Conclusion

Don't get this card because you plan on carrying a balance, the interest rates are not going to be low. This is for people that will pay off their bill every month and don't want to deal with the hassle of getting "points" for random goods.  

Application and Phone Numbers 

Apply Here for CitiMastercard Enrich

CitiMastercard Phone Numbers Directory (which is 24/7, very nice) 

Citibank Enrich Platinum Mastercard

I have been with Citibank Enrich Platinum Mastercard for more than 3 years. Its a cashback card. Problem started when I bought some Iphone 4 for my friends. They called me and ask why you are buying Apple Iphone more than you needs. I was surprised and I asked I never used half of my limit and always paid in full is it because I don't pay you any interest you are harrassing me? He asked me you also changed your phone number. I told that I have switched my home phone company and what is your problem and I confirmed itsbought by me. She said you account is under review. The next day my citibank enrich platinum Master Card was declined in small amout and shopkeeper said its "Not Approved". It was such an embarrassment for me as I am very honest in my all things.

I don't know may be they are going to cancel it without any specific reason and they should told me before that there is a buying limit for me. They seemd much like an Apple Store employee. But if Apple Store don't have any problem whats is their problem? Is it effect my credit card scoe if they cancelled it? I am much worried by them and where to file a complain againt them? Stay away from these Ba#$%ds


MBNA Smart Cash Card

I cannot find MBNA Smart Cash Card on MBNA website. What they have right now is MBNA PremierRewards Platinum Plus which 1% cash back. There is nothing special about this card and it is not worth getting it.

don't use's not worth it

I mistakenly made a huge payment to an expired citibank mastercard via online banking. I called my bank the next day when I caught it, who in turn contacted citibank, who said I had to contact them to reverse it. I contacted citibank immediately. They said it would be refunded within 3 - 5 business days. It has now been 49 days, numerous calls and numerous hours on the phone, and numerous promises from citibank and I have yet to receive a penny. They can't even find the entire amount!!! It is a nightmare. DO NOT USE THIS BANK OR CREDIT CARD.

My sister got herself this

My sister got herself this Enrich card last month. Unfortunately, she recently realized that she can't really keep up with the monthly bills. Damn. I wished I read this beforehand so I can advise her. I almost did get one for myself too. Anyways, thanks for the post Dan. Really appreciate it.


Got Card Fast

Hi, maybe your mileage may vary but I got an Enrich card from Citi very fast and was given a very high credit limit, higher than my existing card by a multiple of more than 3. Sometimes credit card companies will compete, and give you a higher credit limit than your existing card in order to gain your business.

The other cards to check out are the 1.25 percent cashback Ultramar as far as I know, but I think they did not send me a card when I applied or they declined. 2 percent rewards on the Drivers Edge for purchasing a car (not cash back) is tempting and you may want to check out that if you purchase cars anyway. I am not sure how the USED car purchase works, though, or what qualifies as a car purchase in the first place (just certain dealers?).

Yep, we've already looked

Yep, we've already looked into the Ultramar MasterCard here, alas Google likes this article more ;)

I knew about the DriversEdge card, but I haven't looked into it too much. I believe it can be used for USED car purchases (not sure about private sales though), it's not restricted like the GM card is. But be sure to do your research on it.

The other concern with DriversEdge is that you basically have to wait until you buy a car to get the money out, rather than every year like you get with the Enrich card. 

Awaiting my first cash back cheque this month!

This is a great card. As OP said, this is a card for someone that pays off there balance every month and wants to get paid to do it. I have my $180 cash back payment in the mail this month and I have yet to pay citi a cent! I have monthly bills being charge to the card and I also use it for every purchase I can, even if its five bucks. Highly recomend this product if you have the restraint to not carry a balance.

Canadian Credit Card Rewards Calculator

You might find this Canadian credit card rewards calculator useful. You enter your categorical spending profile and it calculates how much you'll earn in rewards with various Canadian rewards cards. It'll also calculate the best combinations of cards for your spending pattern.

Best Canadian Credit Card Rewards Calculator

It's a nice calculator, but

It's a nice calculator, but it doesn't include some very good cards, such as the Citi cards, or the NBC Ultramar cards, which may very well be the best options for many people.

I tend to despise "points" cards :)

NBC Ultramar Card

I just had a quick look at this one. It may be worth it for some, but I'd sooner get a lower interest rate, or points that I'll use with no limit.
*** Please note that the maximum annual rebate for all purchases made with your Ultramar MasterCard is $250.

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