2009 Average Currency Exchange Rates for CRA: American US Dollars, Euros

Average Currency Exchange Rates for 2009

2008 Average Exchange Rates are available here

2010 Average Annual Exchange Rates are here.

The Canadian Revenue Agency makes it a bit hard to find the average exchange rates for income tax purposes.

This information is necessary for those earning income in US Dollars, whether it be capital gains, interest income, dividends, employment income, consulting income, estates, etc. 

So here they all are on one page.

Be sure to check out my other guides for Canadians that deal with foreign currencies.

Average 2009 Canadian Dollar to Euro/Pound/US Dollar/Yen/Everything Currency Exchange Rate

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Argentina Argentine peso 0.303700
New Zealand Nouvelle-zélande dollar 0.7193000
Australia Australie dollar 0.896900
Norway Norvège krone couronne 0.1815000
Bahamas dollar 1.142000
Pakistan rupee roupie 0.0140200
Brazil Brésil new real nouveau real 0.573800
Panama balboa 1.1420000
Burma (Myanmar) Birmanie (Myanmar) kyat 0.206500
Peru Pérou new sol nouveau sol 0.3788000
Chile Chili peso 0.002043
Philippines peso 0.0240100
China Chine renminbi 0.167200
Poland Pologne zloty 0.3667000
Colombia Colombie peso 0.000531
Romania Roumain nouveau leu 0.3741000
Croatia Croatie kuna 0.216000
Russia Russie rouble 0.0359500
Czech. Republic République tchèque koruna couronne 0.059980
Serbia Serbe dinar 0.0168700
Denmark Danemark krone couronne 0.212900
Singapore Singpour dollar 0.7842000
East Caribbean Caraïbes Orientales dollar dollar 0.429300
South Africa Afrique du Sud rand 0.1362000
European Euro Europe Euro Euro 1.585500
South Korea Corée de sud won 0.0008950
Communauté Financière Africaine franc C.F.A 0.002417
Sri_Lanka rupee roupie 0.0099320
Ghana cedi 0.799900
Sweden Suède krona couronne 0.1493000
Guatemala quetzal 0.140500
Switzerland Suisse franc 1.0505000
Honduras lempira 0.060450
Taiwan new dollar nouveau dollar 0.0345300
Hong kong dollar 0.1473210
Thailand Thaïlande baht 0.0332200
Hungary Hongrie forint 0.005657
Trindad&Tobago Trinité et Tobago dollar 0.1832000
Iceland Islande krona couronne 0.009261
Tunisia Tunisie dinar 0.8448000
India Inde rupee roupie 0.023600
Turkey Turquie new lira nouvelle livre 0.7333000
Indonesia Indonésie rupiah roupie 0.000110
United Arab Emirates Émirats arabes unis dirham 0.3109000
Israel Israël new shekel nouveau shekel 0.290300
United Kingdom Royaume-Uni pound livre 1.78035578
Jamaica Jamaïque dollar 0.013060
United States Etats-Unis dollar 1.14197729
Japan Japon yen 0.012200
Venezuela bolivar fuerte 0.5318000
Malaysia Malaisis ringgit 0.323600
Vietnam dong 0.0000640
Mexico Mexique peso 0.084480

Please be absolutely sure that you are calculating the resultant Canadian dollars the right way. For example, the Canadian dollar is worth substantially more than a Vietnamese dong, and less than a US$.  A handy place to lookup spot exchange rates is xe.net.

The Canadian Revenue Agency states:

"If you need to convert your income or deductions to Canadian dollars, you can get the exchange rates for 2009 from the Exchange Rates page of the Bank of Canada Web site" which I have done so here on an unofficial basis. Please check the Bank of Canada website for where to get official numbers. 


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