Desjardins Bank Visa Credit Cards: Nothing Special, Except Free Travel Health Insurance

Just continuing with my recent exhaustive research on credit card companies in Canada.

Review: Desjardins' Visa Credit Card

Really, their cards are nothing special. If you want rewards, I'd rather recommend the Citi Enrich for hassle-free rewards, or just a regular 0.5%/1% tiered rewards cards, like the TD Cash Back Visa.

Here's the feature that sets apart the Desjardin credit cards:

3-Day Travel Health Insurance on No Annual Fee Visa

Just by having the card, you get emergency healthcare, baggage, accident and trip cancellation insurance for trips of 3 days or less outside of Canada. Even your spouse and children are covered!

This card is PERFECT for anyone that goes to the US on a weekend or trips like that. I still have trip health insurance through other means at the moment, so I have yet to apply for the card, but if I ever lose that, I just might sign up.

For no annual fee, this is a great 2nd or 3rd card to have.

Remember, you can always call your credit card company and have them LOWER your credit limits if you feel like you have too much. The number of credit cards you have is irrelevant, it's the amount of credit available that matters.

Be sure to read through their entire travel insurance policy here . Stuff might change at any time, and my info could be wrong. Don't depend on me, just use this as a guide.

Another Desjardins Game Changer: Currency Exchange Conversion Fee

Desjardins' currency conversion fee is the lowest in Canada, at 1.8%. Most other Canadian credit cards charge about 2.5%, but this difference can be more than made up with Canada's top Cash Cack credit card.

Desjardins Visa Application Information

Apply for their Classic Card Here. As well, you do NOT need to be a member of their credit union to apply, just to clarify.

Extra stress for cancer patients

I felt a few lumps in my neck while I was working out of town and had to quit my job to go home to get checked out. I did not qualify for EI (not enough hours for medical EI). It took 2 months for the diagnosis of leukaemia and another month before my chemotherapy and disability started. My wife was only working part time and no work in town for me, we sold everything we could except for the house and vehicles. We are just getting caught up with the house hold bills and paying visa as much as possible, which is nowhere near what I owe in arrears. I made a payment today, called to tell them and all I got back was questions like, much do you make a month (disability is half regular pay), how much does your wife make a month, why can't you budget to pay us more. I told him my wife just started a full time job and we don't know how much her pay is because she wasn't received any pay yet. He still wanted to know how much she makes. I got frustrated because I have had this Visa card for more than 15 years and I have never been in arrears more than 1 month that whole time, but that doesn't seem to matter when you get behind. The customer representative I spook to didn't seem to care about my situation, even though he knew about it. When I told him that the questioning was not helping me, but hurting me, he asked "how could I be hurting you". I got even more frustrated to the point that I started swearing and told him to look up stress, it can make people unhealthy and it can make unhealthy people worse. It is hard to eat and sleep because of the cancer and chemo, the added stress from visa doesn't help me. I guess I was looking for some thanks for the payment but it wasn't enough, better than nothing I think. Sorry I swore at him but if he showed some compassion or gratitude I would be having a better day.

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