Directions to Burlington Go Transit Station

Taking the Go Train From Burlington to Toronto's Union Station?

Directions to get to Burlington Go Train Station

This station has two parking lots and two ticket stations, one set on each side of the tracks.

There's the Fairview Station (which is on the Lake Side). It is on the South Side of the tracks. This station is generally easier to get to, open on weekends, evenings and is where the Go Buses + Burlington Transit buses stop. The parking lot (which is smaller) also tends to fill up before 8:30AM on weekdays (especially Tuesday, Wednesdays and Thursdays) until 5 or 6PM. So, go to the other side during these times. Update: The "other side" has a multi-level parking garage now, alleviating many of the max capacity problems.

Then there's the Plains Road Station. It is on the North Side of the tracks. Technically, it is on Queenway Drive, but it is a little side-road. This is the side with the new parking garage under construction. It has Burlington Transit Connections, but NOT Go Bus Connections. The parking lot usually doesn't fill up as fast, because it is harder to get to.

If you _really_ want to be sure that you'll get a parking spot (because you'll be heading around 9 or 10AM), drive over to Appleby station, which isn't _that_ far away, and usually doesn't fill up. Also, you could park at home or a nearby mall and take Burlington Transit.

The first map just shows how there are two stations, one on each side of the tracks. The second map shows the Fairview station (and you can get directions by clicking appropriately). The third map shows the Plains Road station.


Map to Illustrate the Two Stations

Fairview Go Train Station (Burlington Station)

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Plains Road Go Train Station (Burlington Station)

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once i get off the train in burlington, i have get go bus. where will i find them and how do get to them? thank for the help

The Fairview platform (which

The Fairview platform (which is the one on the left side of the tracks if you're coming from Toronto) and they'll be to your right as you exit the station.



I think you're not supposed

I think you're not supposed to park for more than 24 or 48 hours or something. Having said that, I think you'll be okay at Burlington Station, I don't think they'll notice. It's a risk I'd take anyway.

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