Toronto Ikea North York Location: Getting there by TTC and Same-Day Delivery

Ikea Toronto/North York Phone Number and more: here

IKEA North York Store: Getting There By TTC:

The directions that Ikea provides here are okay, I highly recommend printing out the PDF page. But I'll provide some more tips. I'm assuming that you'll be taking their courtesy bus in these tips. When you arrive at Leslie station, you'll need to go up-up-up stairs. The wrong exit has a sign at the booth that says "Ikea" with an arrow to go up the other set of stairs. If you're exiting through a regular entrance that has a TTC employee there, that is the wrong exit. You'll want to go out through an exit that is unmanned (ie: the kind that you can only use tokens to enter in that has lots of bars everywhere). You will have to actually exit the fare-paid area of the station (so don't wait where the TTC buses pick you up), though you can still wait in a heated area. If you're at the right place, if you look outside, you'll see a short road loop. The Ikea bus (its the size of a minibus and says Ikea on it, you can't really miss it) will go past the TTC exit and park at the far-end of the loop to pick you up. So, once you see it go by (or when you see it coming if there's a crowd), cross the street and go toward the bus. The bus usually waits a few minutes before actually leaving.

When the bus arrives, first, remember where it arrives, since that's also where it will pick you up. If you want to go through the whole store, follow the "Store Entrance" arrows on the wall of the building. But, if you already know what you're buying and it consists of just self-service furniture from their warehouse (such as a bed and mattress), go a little bit in the opposite direction the bus came and enter through the exit to save yourself time.

Getting Your Ikea Furniture Delivered from Ikea North York:

If you want your furniture delivered the same day, you will need to physically go to the store, pick up all of your goods, pay for it, and then bring it to the delivery desk, which is just past the cash registers to the right. Don't bother making a cart online. You pay for it with your regular purchases (they asked me right away if I was getting my stuff delivered). So, if they don't ask, be sure to mention that you want it delivered. I'd recommend bringing your own pen so that you can start filling out the Ikea delivery form right away. I also recommend that you just put your stuff to the side, fill out the form, and then wait in line at the delivery desk. I was there on a busy Saturday, and I didn't even wait long.

My Ikea furniture was delivered downtown about an hour after I got home by TTC. If you're getting your stuff delivered on a weekend, make sure you arrange with your Super or management office (if you're in an apartment) for keys to the loading dock (if your apartment has one), and to get an elevator booking if they would like you to get one.

Since they almost beat me home (seriously, if I had stopped for lunch, I might have missed the delivery), be sure to give the delivery company your cell phone number so that they can contact you (though that won't do you too much good if you're in the TTC Subway).

Oh, and the courtesy bus will drop you off at a full-service TTC entrance, so don't worry if you only have TTC tickets.


More informative than IKEA

Just on my way to IKEA now. This is great - especially re delivery. I don't think I will trust same day delivery given that timeline is so tight. I'm grateful to know this ahead of time.

This is very helpful. Many

This is very helpful. Many thanks!

thanks for all your help,

thanks for all your help, just wondering how much delivery was?

Thanks for posting this. I

Thanks for posting this. I just moved here and this post helped me out a ton!

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