Heatpump Guide: Use Heat of the Earth to Heat your Home, and its Cold to Air Condition Your Home, Cheaply

This is a work in progress where I will try to make _the_ definitive guide for heat pumps and the use of geothermal heating and cooling for your home.

Here are some of the categories and frequently asked questions that I will try to cover:

How A Heat Pump Extracts Heat From The Ground and Moves It In Your Home

How A Heat Pump Uses The Same Ground To Cool Your Home in Summer

You Can Use The Ground, or You Can Use a Body of Water, or Even the Air

Why Air-To-Air HeatPump Systems Don't Work Too Well in Cold Climates

Why You Probably Already Have a HeatPump

Just How Energy Efficient Is It?

How a Heat Pump Isn't Like Natural Gas, Oil, Propane or Electric Heat

Cost Vs. Benefit Analysis (Including How Much It Will Cost You)

Which System Is Best For Me?

What Kind of Capacity/Size System Should I Get?

Fringe Benefits of Heat Pumps?

Heat Pumps Can Also Give a Low-Cost Hot Water Supply

Electrical Service Capacity Concerns (Eg: Is 100 Amp Service Enough?)

When a HeatPump System Might Be Prohibitively Expensive

Protection Against Energy Price Increases

Regulations, Because What You Can Install In One Place, Is Illegal In Another

How to Handle Extreme/Peak Temperatures (ie: heat waves and cold snaps)

Who Should Install Such a System?

What Kind of Maintenance is Required?

Heatpump Guide: Use Heat of the Earth to Heat your Home, and

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