MLS.CA Annoyances: Multiple Listing Service Real Estate Website Problems

Seriously, if a group wants to monopolize the market for something (in this case, real estate listings), the least that they could do is make a web-site that more than just barely works. I'd imagine that most people jumping into the buying or selling market in Canada frequent the MLS real estate website as a starting point, and they better not depend on their current site for long. 

So, in a nutshell, MLS: Lots of good stuff, but getting it out is way more difficult than it should be.

So, here are a bunch of things they could work on:

Don't make me "agree" to your stupid terms on every search that I do. I doubt a realtor would make me sign something every time I asked them to look something up for me.

Make the pictures bigger.

Do proper image down-scaling so they don't look grainy.

Have minimum standards for photos, if they look like they were taken with a 2001 cell phone, reject them. 

Provide mapping of addresses, so I can see just where these streets that didn't exist a few years ago actually are. Also, so I can see what else is available in the area. I'm tired of copying and pasting addresses into Google Maps. This is so mind-numbingly easy, I'm shocked that it hasn't been implemented yet.

IF A REALTOR WANTS TO PLACE AN AD ENTIRELY WITH CAPITALS, REJECT THEIR LISTING AND MAKE THEM DO IT OVER AGAIN. Seriously, are there any standards here? If I were a realtor, I'd be angry that the service allows other realtors to have such low standards.

Does a photograph of the realtor really matter?

Clean URLs anyone? "" is kind of ridiculous, don't you think? Why couldn't it just be ???

Some type of side-by-side, where I can select two houses and compare all of their features?

Better postal code searching. Eg, why can't I just search for L8G 1H? Maybe I want all of the results from all of L8G 1H0 through L8G 1G9?

Why can't I click a "save this listing", and then compare all of them later?

What the heck is a Schedule B in real estate? Where's the glossary? The blog about changes etc?

What's with all of the multiple entries of the same property? Why would I care about these?

If there's a bug, then fix it!

I'm sure my brother could whip something better together in short time *nudge*nudge* :)

MLS website sucks big time

I have contacted MLS techno weenies directly who are absolutely useless. They asked me details about why I could not access their NEW fandangled website...long story short...I have sent them screen shots of the error messages and the page that appears....but they are still no help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so much for looking for a new home on your site jackasses!!

I SO totally agree. MLS.CA

I SO totally agree. MLS.CA is one of the most poorly designed sites I've seen. It is difficult to navigate and the information needs serious organization. Also, I'm not sure what server is hosting their site, but it's slow as molasses and unreliable. I want to scream each time I try and use this site. C'mon people - put a little quality and effor ($$?) into your site. There's no need for the slooooow image/info downloads or general instability of the site!

MLS Canada Realtors Website Sucks

I actually wrote this article before they re-launched into their newer site that you're using.
But you're correct, still plenty of navigational issues.

Why are all of the pictures so small and grainy? Why do they let REALTORS TYPE ALL IN CAPITALS, DO THEY REALLY THINK THEY'RE THAT IMPORTANT?

And let's not get into trying to compare properties, double listings, etc.

At least in the USA their equivalent of the Competition Bureau forced realtors to open up MLS to everyone, and anyone can make a site with better navigation. 

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