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The "OYH3" code for will take $3 off of your new .com registration. It still works as of March 24, 2008, and seems to have worked for some time. Some say it works for renewals too, I'll let you know if that is true in about 10 or 11 months :)

There's no obligation to buy any of their extra services, like hosting or blogging for this coupon. As we know, there are many better options for this (though I'm sure Godaddy is good, these services are expensive there, but probably a bit more hassle free).

Looks like the first source of these coupon codes was from


Since you are talking about

Since you are talking about go daddy, I'll also provide some recent findings for coupons. I am a Mac OS X Programmer, and these discounts come in very handy when purchasing or renewing a domain name. Use Godaddy promo code ZINE3 for $7.49 .com domains and renewals. I save about $10 every time I buy a set of domains. When I buy at least five domain names, I also get free private registration when I use ZINE3. For other Godaddy coupons, use ZINE1 for 10% off, ZINE2 for $5 off any $30+ purchase, and ZINE25 for $25 off any purchase of $100 or more, like hosting plans. These promo codes are current, working, and do not expire. Hope these promo code coupons save just as much cash for the other viewers as they have for my friends and I. Take care! -Zenia from Lake City, GA.

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