L.Google.Com??? Yes, it is caused by OpenDNS

Yes, Your seaches going to L.Google.Com instead of the regular Google.com is caused by using OpenDNS. I'm not sure exactly why, there have been reports of OpenDNS doing weird stuff to your google searches before, but this one is really odd.

Anyways, it broke my GooglePreview extension as well, since it doesn't really recognize l.google.com

And let us not forget OpenDNS' wildcard DNS...

And finally, it breaks Google's automagic redirect to Google.ca since I'm in Canada. I can live with that. But this other iffyness has sent me back to my ISP's (3Web/Cybersurf) DNS Server. Which is awful... Gotta switch to another ISP soon, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to tolerate the service interruption.

I know 3Web does offer an alternative to their wildcard DNS system, but I'd really like to have more than just a primary DNS server, that sort of thing requires redundancy!

Anyone know any other DNS servers I can try? In theory I could just use my home's Teksavvy DSL login (which is somehow running PPPoPPPoE), but I probably shouldn't.

Dan, First off, thanks for

Dan, First off, thanks for taking the time to look into this. We messed up - did something that creates a bad user experience - and I'm sorry. There are a couple issues you address in your post and all are related to one change we made - the Google redirect to l.google.com. I explained in detail why and how this happened over on TechBlorge. http://tech.blorge.com/Structure:%20/2008/03/13/opendns-responsible-for-recent-google-redirects/ In short the redirect was put in place to make both OpenDNS and Google work nicely together. We have a feature called Shortcuts that allows people to navigate the Internet from the address bar. Shortcuts break Google address bar search so we set up the redirect. Google knew about it. Though the redirect fixed the problem in that it made both Google and Shortcuts work, it showed you a different URL than what you're used to seeing at Google. We screwed up when we failed to communicate what we were doing. We learned our lesson and will not do that again. I hope you'll give OpenDNS another shot. In the future if you have questions or comments about the service you should feel free to email me at david at opendns dot com.

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