3Web/CIA/Cyberus/Teksavvy/Golden.net DSL Throttling: It is not them, it is a Bell Problem

Well, I was continuing my download of Debian that I started at home (I was home for Easter break), cuz I wanted to play around with the latest linux iso's, and thought, why not, lets go for the DVD version. Luckily my Knoppix downloads already finished. But I thought, why not go with the Torrent download route for this one?

Well, its 8:45PM in downtown Toronto at Yonge&College, on 3Web DSL on dry-loop, and it is going at 30kb/s. I thought, well, that's weird, there's only 6000 seeders and 10000 peers, and I'm not even uploading at all, even though I can, because I'm guessing the seeders are saturating the peers. Usually I should be able to get 250+ on these conditions (looks like I'm on a 3mbit profile, and I'm okay with that).

Well, luckily, they don't seem to be limiting/throttling encrypted uTorrent connections, so by doing that, I am able to exceed the 30kb/s limit. So what happens is that I get 30kb/s from the clients that _don't_ support the packet encryption, and if a seeder does support it, I'm able to exceed the 30kb/s limit. So, I'll have like 20 connections going at 1.5kb/s, and another going at 40kb/s, how interesting.

So, basically, the solution for now is to get a BitTorrent client, such as uTorrent, that supports protocol/packet encryption, and enable it.

This does _not_ seem to be done by the ISPs themselves, but rather by Bell before the data is transmitted to the DSL provider that you use. See, the lines are still owned by Bell, and they still provide the last-mile service under a contract to the DSL providers. At some point of presence somewhere (probably at 151 Front Street for me), the data is handed off from Bell to the DSL provider, and then they transmit it to the real "internet" to the ultimate destination.

Is Bell Canada even allowed to do this??? Who knows, but anyone can easily come up with a conspiracy as to WHY they're doing it. Here's mine: Bell has been losing soooooo many customers with their recent capping and throttling, that nearly everyone has been switching over to say, Teksavvy or 3Web. I know I've switched our home connection a while ago, and recommend to friend after friend to stay away from Bell. So, now Bell is severing their knees too. And if you _really_ want to get into conspiracy theories, you can include Rogers somewhere in there too.

3web SDL slow speed

I was happy with 3web speed, had nor problem for example when watching Youtube, in the last few month this has changed, especially on weekends and evenings much slower speed. While watching Youtube, it gets interrupted, like downloading and starts again, impossible to watch the whole clip. I asked 3web what is going on and the answer was as many of you have already mentioned here: Bell!!!!! At one time I was Bell client, and wish this company would be disappear. Of course, cable companies are the same culprits. Wouldn't be great to have a wireless Internet system and not depend on Bell and their cable cronies.


You understand that the CRTC pension plan is heavily invested into BCE, Rogers, Telus and Shaw, right.

Its no wonder the CRTC is not going to do anything about this except prevent net neutrality or even a level playing field for new players. This is Canadian civil service collusion and corruption at its finest.

How else can you sell the new dial up speeds at high speed prices, lol. They will get everyone to switch to a hundred dollar service then play the same game all over again. Slow it down or upgrade sucker.


Bell throttling

I am deeply concerned about Bell Canada's recent announcement that it will make its practice of throttling official. I have felt the full effect of their throttling myself and I am not even one of their customers.

Canada does not have strict enforceable net neutrality legislation and so there is very little structure in place to prevent the big ISPs from discriminating by speeding up or slowing down Web content based on its source, ownership or destination.

I am being throttled at 10kbps, sometimes I can hit 60kbps. I am on ADSL with Radioactif, a reseller, and I used to be able to hit 405kbps in best conditions. Bell did not provide No warning, No penalties, No abuse notice. And they are throttling me. It's completely unacceptable. If it was in Europe, there would be Riots in the streets. Bell and all other major ISP are abusing their power and their customers that have no other alternative. It is an infringement of human rights.

"Human rights are "basic rights and freedoms to which all humans are entitled." "All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and RIGHTS. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood." -Article 1

They abuse their power to profit themselves and only themselves. The fact that I am not even one of their customer and I am being controlled, monitored and denied full access to what I am paying every month and am entitled to. What make it right to allow a reseller to sell me a service that the Network owner block at 10kbps. I'm paying for high speed. No download limits and pay 30$ a month for a service that is 1/3 a 9.99$ 56kbps Dial-up Connection. So I am paying 3 times the price for 30% of what I should be rightfully getting. I am literally getting robbed.

Bell is using it's monopoly over DSL infrastructure to restrict competition in the industry. They also affect the broadcasting industry and the right to share free computer software. Freeware are open to everybody without discrimination. What purpose is it to have access to a Linux distribution when you cannot download it because it would take me Months to download a Free open source distribution when it could take me days, even hours at normal pace. Bell's alliances and vertical integration with software and broadcasting interests are a direct conflict of interest.

I am outraged that Canada does not have a policy to protect my ability to communicate and access information freely on the Internet and urge everyone to take action on this matter immediately before it is too late.

crappy cia dsl service

cia server keep changing the ip in order to reduce the cpu time, all clients are affected. cia won't invest money to improve speed. they falsely advertise for high speed but can't deliver. my advice, go somewhere else, but a lot them are doing this tricks.

CIA Internet just got bought out

The Internet Service Provider, CIA, just sold off its main assets, ie: its customer list to a currently unknown party. So, the future may be smoother sailing, or anything but, it is hard to say at this moment.

FYI - encryption won't save

FYI - encryption won't save you. Word has they are simply throttling any encrypted content now. The mentality seems to be "if it's encrypted, it's probably P2P". This also has serious implications for VOIP which is normally encrypted. Turn off those torrents if you want to get calls!


This is an interesting article. I knew Bell owned all the lines, but I didn't know they were capping the speeds of other internet service providers! I guess it's the rule of the jungle at play. They own the lines, they call the shots. What can you really do.

I've Written my MPs on the Matter

I've sent emails to Bob Rae, the MP for my riding, and to Wayne Marston, the MP for my parents' riding. Let us see how long it takes for them to respond. My e-mail was quite in depth and personally written.

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