Canada's Best Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Cards: Reloadable and Non-Reloadable "Credit Cards"

These prepaid stored-value cards aren't true "credit cards", even though they are Visas and Mastercards. They are, however, processed just like their credit card counterparts, and look just like them too.

Be sure to check out some of my other articles on Canadian prepaid cards, and alternatives for the typical prepaid card user:

In theory, these cards should, but don't always, work everywhere. You may have to register an address with the cards online, even if nothing is being shipped. Companies can choose to reject all prepaid cards if they want to. The BMO reloadable prepaid card, which you have to apply for, and is registered with your name/address/etc should have no problem working everywhere, but it can still be an issue, so read some comments! In this article, I'll go over which ones are best.

Necessary Background Information on Prepaid Visa/Master Cards in Canada

  • Good for Privacy, those that can't get a credit card, security (while doing online transactions)
  • Often not accepted at hotels/motels/rentals (read for more details)
  • Should not contribute to your credit rating. Some do check for identity verification, or because you could go into debt with non-instantly processed payments (Request your FREE Credit Reports at least YEARLY!)
  • Not a bad way to carry money if you don't have a credit card while travelling
  • Accepted most places where a Mastercard or Visa card are accepted
  • Many of the prepaid cards available, in a word, suck. Watch out for monthly fees&what happens to expiring balances (sometimes they're lost entirely like with the RBC Prepaid Visa)
  • The zero-liability policy that Visa and Mastercard have applies to these prepaid cards just like regular Visa and Mastercards.
  • Reloadable cards always require ID and some kind of application process
  • Non-Reloadable cards are usually more anonymous, but pricier (probably for the convenience factor).
  • Most cards on the market charge fees, usually to load up the card with money, but sometimes also to call and check your balance, inactivity fees, fees when you use it at an ATM, fees when you use it, fees when you don't use it, etc. So I'll go over which card is the best in common situations.
  • Even though some cards are non-reloadable, you can make purchases with the remaining balance, and make up the rest of the payment in cash/debit/other credit card at most retail stores.
  • Some cards, like the Vanilla card cannot be used at gas pumps, though you can pump and pay inside with them.
  • Not CDIC Insured, so watch out for unknown/unheardof financial institutions
The Zoompass system which is semi-integrated with your cell phone has now launched in Canada. It's worth a look, the fees are reasonable if you're only using it for their prepaid reloadable Mastercard.

The Best Canadian Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Cards

BMO Prepaid Mastercard is Canada's Best Reloadable "Credit Card"

The BMO Mosaik Prepaid Travel Mastercard is the best choice for most people. Check out my (very) short and readable review of the card here. The card is $6.95/year and good for three years. The card can always be reloaded for free through on-line bill payment by anyone, or in-person at BMO, even with cash, if you're a BMO account holder. Expiry date is 36 months and there are NO charges for each purchase you make, nor with checking your balance online, through an ATM, over the phone or through an agent. So, the customer service is very good, and I think you can trust BMO. There is an inactivity fee if you go more than 12 months without using it. BMO also has a rather decent nationwide presence.

BMO actually charges you if you want a paper statement, so it is a good pseudo-anonymous card, since you will need to formally apply for the card and it'll have your name on it.

Some cards are available for an initial price of $2, but their monthly fees start after the 7th month of issuance, which isn't good for most people, so I won't go into those, but they are available from Vancity credit union.

Royal Bank Visa Gift Card (Best Card for Many Situations)

I've written a summary of the Royal Bank Visa Gift Card here, take a read!

You must buy these cards at an RBC branch, no forms are even required! The cards cost just $3.95 to buy and come in amounts of $25 to $500. Watch out though, if you still have a balance after 6 months, they start charging you $1.50 per month. If the card expires and you have money on it still, they charge a "fee" of whatever you have left, ie: you lose it. I believe these card do NOT have your name attached to them at the get-go, and they are not reloadable. You do have to show 2 pieces of ID to buy one however. I'm not sure to what degree they document your info (or just look at it to verify your age and let you go). You can register the card online so that it does have a name (and address I presume) attached to it and use it for online purchases though, or claim it lost/stolen. 

RBC isn't forthcoming with what their expiry date is on their website, but rest assured, the cards do have an expiry date. 

Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard - The Privacy-filled "Gift-box" Cards

These cards do NOT require you to sign up, so they're pretty much 100% anonymous (though things like what you use to pay for it and/or which computer you used to check your balance online might be trackable). You will still have to sign the actual card and sign receipts at merchants.

For good reason, they "recommend that you write down the Card number and the customer service number on a separate piece of paper in case the Card is lost or stolen."

The Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard Customer Service Number is 1-800-652-9174.

Shoppers Drug Mart sells the "Vanilla" Prepaid Mastercard, as do tons of other retailers. This is actually the People's Trust Mastercard, so it's really a product of a financial institution, not Shoppers themselves. They're not reloadable, and they start charging a monthly fee after 6 months. The initial cost is only $3-$6, but when the monthly fee kicks in, it's $2.50 per month, and the whole card expires after 12 months. Boo-urns!

Visa Prepaid Card Options

Citizens Bank offers a Prepaid Visa Gift Card.

They don't provide too much info on there website at but their load fee is just $2, but then they nickel and dime you a bit. For an automated balance inquiry over the phone, they charge $0.50. I'm not sure of any monthly or inactivity fees, you'll have to call them at 1-800-611-8472.

Canadian Prepaid Visa Card&Prepaid Mastercard Conclusions

I think the BMO option is the cheapest and best prepaid option for those that want a cheap card for themselves with their name attached to it. Certainly, you should try applying for a real credit card if you can get one, such as the Studentawards Credit Card application here. Apply today! No annual fee beats monthly fees! For those that want a bit more anonymity and need a card now, without filling out an application and all that, the Royal Bank Visa Gift Card seems like the way to go, just make sure you spend your money quickly, or you'll start paying monthly fees. For most people, a real credit card is the best option, but it all depends on your circumstances. I'd say that dealing with your own regular credit card company will be easier to deal with than one of these prepaid cards if your card gets compromised, but for some things, these cards are a good option. I will say that internet credit card fraud is rather rare, and that you're usually also vulnerable when you shop at a regular retail store as well, since they often process transactions over the very same networks.

BMO Prepaid Card in China

The BMO Prepaid card should be your best bet for these types of purchases. It would be a good idea to call them before travelling to let them know that you will be in Asia, and ask them for advice when making such purchases. Definitely be sure to print out their overseas contact numbers as well, because cards can still get flagged/cancelled for fraud even when you tell the issuer that you'll be travelling.

Secondly, consider bringing a debit card, especially a Scotiabank one, so you can withdraw cash at an ATM if you find yourself in a bind. The reason why I suggest a Scotiabank card is because they are a part of the Global ATM aliiance along with China Construction Bank, the second biggest bank in China. This will save you ATM fees and maybe even give you a better currency exchange rate.

Finally, don't forget to report back with your experiences when you get back!!!

Is anyone getting a chip with their BMO prepaid card now?

I fear retailers will refuse non-chiped Mastercards next April because of liability.

"Once the new deadline has passed, retailers will be liable for any losses that occurred due to fraud at the point of sale."

Chipped Prepaid Cards

What's the problem with the chipped cards? They should be more secure, but I don't feel that they're the panacea that they banks like to make them out to be!

You can still use chipped cards online ya know.

Lots of retailers still don't seem to be online with them yet, so I bet that April date will get delayed.

— Canada is always late with technology —

I lived in Europe in the mid-90s and my credit/debit card had a chip. Yes, in 1995. GSM phones have had chips since they first appeared on the market in the late 80s.

The Canadian banking industry is 15 years behind.


Here are all the possible fees:
Other fees

Fees, Charges and Pricing
Card fee (valid for 3 years) $9.95**
Additional card fee per card (valid for 3 years) $9.95**

[My WIFE would need to also pay]

Telephone/WEB/ABM balance inquiry Free

Refund processing fee
By cheque $10.00
By electronic balance transfer $3.00

Inactive fees
After 12 months inactivity prior to card expiry date $2.50 per month
After card expiry date $5.00 per month
Over limit fee‡‡ $25.00
Charge for dishonoured payment from or to your account $25.00

Printed copy
Printed statement $2.00
Sales slip $2.00
Foreign currency mark-up on transactions, including refunds 2.5%

Cash Withdrawal Fees
Automated banking machine (ABM) network
BMO Bank of Montreal ABM $1.50
INTERAC®§§ network in Canada $2.75
Cirrus®* network in U.S. $3.50
Cirrus network outside Canada and U.S. $4.50

BMO Bank of Montreal branch $3.00
MasterCard Financial Institution in Canada $4.00
MasterCard Financial Institution in U.S. $5.00
MasterCard Financial Institution outside Canada and U.S. $6.00
Cash-like transactions $2.75
Wire transfers, money orders, traveller’s cheques Foreign currency, bets and purchases of lottery tickets or Casino gaming chips

** Card Fee is applied approximately 30 days after order. Please “Load” card upon receipt to avoid placing the account in debit balance position.

‡‡ If you are trying to make a purchase or cash withdrawal and there are insufficient funds available on your card, the transaction will be declined. If for some reason the transaction is approved, and your account is in a debit balance, you will be charged the over limit fee shown above and you will be required to bring your account to either a credit balance or $0 immediately.

I for one do NOT want all these fees to worry about when using a debit card. Using my bank debit card works fine in Canada the U.S. and I also used it in Israel.

I just hate having to remember all the things which may end up in a charge on my supposedly PREPAID debit card. Therefore I would not use them at all.

I am hoping that soon the banks and credit unions in Canada will change to a VISA or MASTERCARD Debit card and then I won't have to worry about being fee-d to death even if I DO NOT use my card.


This is a mastercard NOT a "prepaid debit card". I feel the fees are quite reasonable as you would not be using the card to take out cash on a regular basis if at all. It is to make purchases that require a credit card or not carry money around. The reason I got the card is so that I can use it so no inactive fees would be charged, and if you keep an eye on what you putting on it and what your spending then there would be no fees for overdrawing either. Its common sense. The only fees Im sure Ill pay using this card would be the initial 9.95 and the very occasional return charge of 3 dollars which compared to every other prepaid/gift cards is very reasonable.

Thanks, love ur site very

Thanks, love ur site very helpful. did not know that canada have per-paid cards, need to book with air canada. hope i can found a card that will let me to that , thanks again to all of u also.

Question on BMO prepaid master

On BMO website,
it says,

BMO Bank of Montreal branch $3.00
MasterCard Financial Institution in Canada $4.00
MasterCard Financial Institution in U.S. $5.00
MasterCard Financial Institution outside Canada and U.S. $6.00
Cash-like transactions $2.75

What is Over-the-counter fee?
Does that mean I have to pay $3 to make a deposit at BMO branch?

I think the fees you quoted

I think the fees you quoted are for cash advances on the card. What you posted doesn't indicate a fee to make a deposit at a BMO branch (but that doesn't mean there isn't). My guess is that there is no fee to load the card in-branch, but I'm not sure. For my US$ BMO Mastercard, there's no charge for paying it off at the branch.

Need pre-paid CC for online purchases

Hi All,
Can anyone recommend a good prepaid Credit Card to use for online purchases here in Canada and the US? Credit Card, not gift card.
I'm not interested in building credit or anything, just need to shop online. Had a Money Mart Tit. MC, and shopped happily for 2 years, without problems, then one day they told me it will no longer be available. I was immediately switched to Tit. Visa, which is not accepted anywhere I used to shop. Thanks for any recommendations.

Two Choices

CashStore (the competitor to MoneyMart) offers the Presitige Card, which is a prepaid MasterCard and reloadable. And you can open an account with DCBank, either a "traditional" bank account (providing you Interac services), or their Prepaid MasterCard. You can visit them on for more information.

Both allow you to purchase online, and has the added benefit of your name on the card (unlike many others that do not) which means you can book reservations such as car/hotel.

Good luck!

Cheap RBC Pre-paid visa gift card

If you want do online purchases this is one of the best cards
First determine the denomination as it is non reloadable (don't sweat this as you can just get another card if your balance runs out) $25, $50, $100.00 etc.

The only fee is 3.95, bring proof of identity and address with you to the RBC branch closest you. (be prepared for a long wait as not all tellers are well trained on these products yet.
the only other fee is after 6 months if you still have a balance it is 1.50 per month

IMPORTANT: Register the card at using your current address. (you can also check your balance here), this is to avoid declines in online purchases.

Purchase away! I use it to fund forex accounts.


direct bank = DC Bank mastercard is $240 a year!

these slimeballs make you get their 'bank account' which is $10 PER MONTH and the cc is another $10 PER MONTH

and they tell me on the phone - ohhhh but its only half price if you never use it??!!! WTF I obviously plan to use it, or WHY would i get it.

This DC bank seems VERY shady to me, even their websight is a wierd, incomplete joke.

$240 a year, not including your actual purchases.

DEFINATELY go with a prepaid from a REAL bank. The BMO does to a credit check, but only to see that you dont have frauds - they dont care about your credit rating at all, and the card will be as legit as a normal mastercard.

BMO Prepaid MC

I had applied online for a BMO PPMC a while back and eventually received a letter stating that they did not have enough information to approve me :( Weird too, because I've had my BMO bank account for years. Perhaps it was because I wasn't employed at that time, I don't know. well, applied again so here's hoping.

I really wish using paypal on ebay didn't require a CC for "confirmation" (had been using my linked bank account since 2004) or if amazon accepted paypal.

wish all online retailers

wish all online retailers used paypal as an additional option

I wish amazon would accept paypal too

unfortunately, a lot of vendors are turning their backs on paypal becuase they are feeling more and more ripped off.

I love paypal

I think paypal is great I wish that have more services to offer.

I have the bmo prepaid travel

I have the bmo prepaid travel card. It was the best thing that I carried with me when I went backpacking in Asia for 6 months. I highly recommend it. Transactions that were processed:
-purchased a flight from HK to Thailand
-purchased a tour package for Australia
-purchased retail items on it while in Asia
-was able to access ATMs all over asia.
The downfall is that they do charge for ATM withdrawls for each transaction, and it takes about 3 business days to clear deposits on the card. (just set it up like a credit card payment on your checking account and it should work.)

I know CAA offers something similar for visa.

Alternative: A DCBank Account and Prepaid MasterCard

DC Bank offers both a "virtual" bank account, meaning there are no branches to drive up to, and offers prepaid Mastercards and Interac cards. These are personalized with your name, so using it for purchasing through reatailers such as Ticketmaster or reserving cars/hotel rooms can all be done. DCBank also supplies CashStore (a large and convenient company) in Canada with the Freedom Prestige MasterCard, which can be used at ATM's, and roloaded through a CashStore branch.

Unlike many smaller Prepaid card programs, DCBank is CDIC insured, making sure your funds loaded are there, where many cards take your money and go bankrupt. And it can be used for secure online payments, anywhere the Cirrus or MasterCard logo is displayed, and opens doors that a gift card (where your name doesn't appear) can't.

for a mere $240 PER YEAR

what a RIP OFF

No one has mentioned DC Bank or CashStore's Prestige Card

DC Bank offers both a "virtual" bank account, meaning there are no branches to drive up to, and offers prepaid Mastercards and Interac cards. These are personalized with your name, so using it for purchasing through reatailers such as Ticketmaster or reserving cars/hotel rooms can all be done. DCBank also supplies CashStore (a large and convenient company) in Canada with the Freedom Prestige MasterCard, which can be used at ATM's, and roloaded through a CashStore branch.

Unlike many smaller Prepaid card programs, DCBank is CDIC insured, making sure your funds loaded are there, where many cards take your money and go bankrupt. And it can be used for secure online payments, anywhere the Cirrus or MasterCard logo is displayed, and opens doors that a gift card (where your name doesn't appear) can't.

BMO not so great if your previous address is outside Canada

I'm trying to apply for the BMO card as a newly landed immigrant, and because my last address is in the UK I can't even complete the online application form. I get declined for regular credit cards because I have zero credit history here, but how can I build it if I can't even get the prepaid cards?

Prepaid credit cards don't

Prepaid credit cards don't help to build a credit history anyway. Most banks offer new immigrants who sign up for a chequing account the option of a secured credit card. These usually require a deposit to be made in a GIC held at the same bank, and offer a credit card with a credit limit equal to the value of the GIC.

Alternatively, if you were an HSBC customer in the UK and open a chequing account with HSBC Canada, they will be able to check your credit history with your UK branch and use that to offer you an unsecured credit card. I took the HSBC route when I moved over in 2008 - initially the limit was only $1,000 but if you are careful and try to avoid spending more than about $350 of that in any month, then pay it all off when the bill comes, you should build a reasonable credit score pretty quickly. Within 18 months, my credit score was above average.

To get any of the credit cards available to new immigrants, you will normally need to go to the branch, as it requires some manual over-ride that only applications can't handle. Capital One to also offer a secured credit card for new immigrants - you will probably start to receive their forms through the post as soon as they find out your address! The banks often have better options available though.

Zoompass Prepaid Card Is Free

Zoompass offers a free reloadable prepaid MasterCard and also provides free money transfers. I signed up to the product a few weeks ago and use it regularly as I travel to the US alot. It is probably the best value for a prepaid card in Canada. You can check it out at:

Titanium Visa Card Problems!!!

I had a Titanium Master Card and it worked fine all the time.
Money mart told me they are no longer using Master Card and must convert to the Visa.
Since then I could not pay hosting fees, could not purchase books online.
In some purchases one can at least resort to paypal but not always.
This is so frustrating because as all large corporate entities, they simply don't care!
"Business as usual" It's the numbers game - as long as plenty register daily it's good business.
It doesn't matter that things don't work and that one can rarely get in touch with a representative to resolve the problem.
After waiting on hold for over 50minutes (yes and hour!) I gave up holding - this is in itself unacceptable.
I can't even use the card at a bank machine to withdraw funds.
I have tried to resolve things but no luck.

RJS - another pissed off working individual getting ripped off by the big-boys again!

absolutely correct this is

absolutely correct this is now the worst card on the market tell any one that is thinking of getting a titanium card not to.there is absolutely no customer service on this card and you cant even email this company or call them with the number that is on the titanium card. best card now on the market is the bmo prepaid master card. very very very good customer service.

Titanium Visa Card Problems-2

Same here. I was told the same thing. I have never ever been able to use this new Visa, except at a grogery store. I usually spend up to $500.00/month on US animal supplies (run a rescue group) when I had thier Mastercard. It seems this Visa is not accepted much of anywhere. When I called them and complained, they told me other customers were using it fine, and for me to "walk the company through????" that was unable to use the card. Tomorrow I call them and tell them off and find a new card. This is rediculous! EDP

Titanium + VISA prepaid card

There Vancouver/Victoria office is a joke, the 1-888-252-9525 charge you each time you got to call them and then hold your money to make a profit off it. I loaded my card on Sept 2/2010 of $150.00 at MoneyMart which has nothing to do with the card, and made a POS terminal transaction and was declined. So i called there so called "Support line" and i was told to fax them a "Authorization Release Request" from the merchant were i had a problem. The Merchant sent a fax and nothing, then tried 7 days later and still nothing and then was told by email that they did not recieve a fax.

In general,Titanium + visa is a SCAM, and this company should be charged with theft from the Regultory commitee that monitors cards in Canada.

PISSED OFF, still waiting 7 days later
and counting

Michael Chenard

TitaniumMastercard/ Visa is a rip-off

Titanium Master Card also sucks I loaded my card with 150$ for emergencies and didn't use it for a long time I went to use it and the balance was zero due to all of the fees they charge. 15.00$ dollars a month!!! I should have left the money in the bank at least it would have accrued interest Ridiculous!!!! I'm going with a Capitol one secured card now

Nextwave Titanium Plus Prepaid MasterCard Sucks - Peoples Trust

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Date 07/19/2010 10:57:22 AM
Subject Fees and Service Charges
Message July 19, 2010I see your company was able to charge me twice again for same monthly fees that I was charged for last month. Two months later I still have yet to receive a response for the original over charge and confirm an address update.

No existing response

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Date 05/07/2010 3:12:41 PM
Subject Fees and Service Charges
Message Why do i have another monthly fee charge two days later after the first one in the same month? Your fees are ready ridiculous and the card dose not even have the same convenience of even a secured visa. More retailers are refusing these prepaid cards

No existing response

Current balance: $0.25
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Date 05/10/2010 4:51:21 PM
Subject Card Transactions
Message More Card Problems. Gpotato transaction declined on your end "address entered is incorrect" Well it is up to date and correct. The funds are in limbo and not available to complete my promotion transaction, this card is becoming a real hassle again.

No existing response

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Date 06/01/2010 2:35:36 PM
Subject Card Transactions
Message June 1 2010 Poor Customer Support ! I still am unable to use this card as you have not made any changes or even replied to emails over a month ago "no response" Just keep adding up the fees for fail attempts to use this useless card.

No existing response

This is their customer service "NONE JUST FEES X 2 EVERY MONTH"


Hello I have been in a proposal for the past year, and I am looking to start building my credit from the ground up again.. I need a credit card that will help me to that and not cost me an arm and a leg .should I go for the BMO .. I contacted capital one they said that I have to wait till the proposal is over is that true??


If you want to get the

If you want to get the prepaid BMO card, there is no credit check anybody can get it, but it does NOT build your credit history, the card is not technically a credit card.

To build your credit history you can try asking your local bank about a "secured" credit card (they usually don't advertise it), where you deposit some money which is frozen for the card then after a year or two if your credit is good enough you can ask them to give back your money.

yes, there is a credit check with the BMO prepaid mastercard

I have talked to 3 managers at length about this and it will even show in the waver you sign. They do this check to make sure you don't have any fraudulant activity on your credit history but they dont care how low your credit score is. I have alos called transunion and talked about it.

be aware though, the credit bureau will be called and it will be kept on record. It may be a soft check, ie, not visible to many that check it but it will be there and could blow up in your face if you are trying to spend money you're not supposed to have, ie, during a bankruptcy proceeding.

the above notwithstanding, the BMO prepaid mastercard is the best one out there that has your name attached to it, the worst is the money mart titanium visa that gouges you for something like $8 pre month ie about $100 per year and they just suck in general.

TD Bank

As I read the comments about TD Bank, I can relate, since I have contacted them a few times to ask about an overdraft payment I believe was made a year ago and I get a different answer each time. I put my papers away a year ago, and now they are saying that I did not pay it, but I'm not paying it again until I can find my own receipts.Therefore, I cannot get a regular credit card since they have reported it as unpaid.

Thanks for the info on pre-paid credit cards

Hi Dan:

Thanks for the info on pre-paid credit cards. I was just about to buy the Vanilla Mastercard but opted for the BMO Travel Card instead. Just ordered it online. Applying for the card was simple.

By the way, I happened to drop into a local Western Union storefront and inquired about a prepaid Mastercard. They do sell them, but there is one whopping fee after another. Buyer beware. Ask for a print out of all fees that a cardholder has to pay.

Your web site is very useful. I appreciate your help. All the best.

Can I use this card in

Can I use this card in foreign countries? I am travelling to Japan and would like to use this card. Thanks

Assigning a name and address?

Please help! I want to book a flight with my Aeroplan miles by using a pre-paid credit card (haven't purchased one yet). I notice on the billing page, they do require that you enter the exact name and address that is assigned to the card. I understand that often with pre-paid card there is no name or address assigned to it. Does anyone know of one that will do this?? I read that the BMO Pre-paid Mastercard is a good option but I want to make sure it's possible before I purchase. Thank you to all who reply!!!!

I hope this answers your question

My husbands' friend travelled to his country on june 2010 he has a prepaid mastercard and he was able to pay his fare with i did the whole transaction for him and when it asked that you enter "the exact name and address that is assigned to the card" i enter his although the card itself did not have his name on it...but it was register to it didnt cause him any long as you have the money in the card it should be fine...and if they ask you for the card you show it to them...and thats all...i hope this helps you and have a safe and healthy trip!!

BMO prepaid

so I received the BMO pp card and it's no good for me! I bank with TD and they will not load the card and BMO is very aware of this, and BMO told me just to open a checking acct with them then I can do a transfer.. well WTH? i dont need another bank acct and have to pay monthly... hello i'm trying to save money not waste it! lol!! anyway, has anyone been able to load recently? I tried May 21, 2010...

bmo ppmc

yes i reload my bmo pp mastercard all the time the only problem is that it takes 2 days because i do it as a bill payment from my hsbc accout. i hate waiting the 2 DAYS for the money i wish they would let u go in a put money on it right away. but that is the way i load it hope that helps

BMO Prepaid

This is VERY strange. I've been very happy with the BMO prepaid card since I got it over a year ago.

DO take their suggestion to open a chequing account for the purposes of loading your card. I did, and I certainly don't regret it.

Just go with the 'pay per transaction' account rather than one with a 'banking plan' with a monthly fee.

I have actually NEVER paid any fees to load the card, just so as long as thats all I do.

As well, they don't even necessarily need to do a credit check for the account opening. Just make sure you say NO to the credit check.

Plus, loading the card this way (in the branch) gives you instant access to the funds.

BMO Account Still = Fees

I received my BMO prepaid card today and I was ready to give them cash to load it:

"No, unfortunately, to give us cash, you need to open an account."

- "Ok, do I have to pay fees for the account?"

"If you deposit the money and put money on your BMO Mastercard we charge you 65 cents."

- "Do you have any no fee transactions, even though I'm only putting the money towards the CC?"

"No, but the other way to do it would be to do a bill payment from you bank, which takes up to 2 days."

...*(thinking: ridiculous)

- "I have another regular credit card with BMO and everytime I make a payment at a bank they never charge and don't require that I open up a bank account."

"Unfortunately the BMO Prepaid card is a different case" (ie: BMO wants you to pay them fees regardless)

no credit check?

where is the no credit check option on the online application?

There is no option, BMO never

There is no option, BMO never does a credit check for a prepaid card.

You can open an account at

You can open an account at BMO that is fee free. I just did the same thing because of this. I opened a fee free account that I use only to load the card.
I don't dare use that account for anything else because it cost a lot for any transaction, but to load the Mosaik it is FREE!

bmo prepaid

I have a scotia bank account all I did was add as a payee and pay an amount on the card no problem.

Yes I had the same problem,

Yes I had the same problem, you have to call TD and they will add the card for you.

Then you will be able to load the card through easyweb online, and remember min load is $100.

Report if you experience any problems.

Its weird because the BMO

Its weird because the BMO site does say that you can load it with TD:
"Some of the financial institutions that currently allow bill payments to your BMO Prepaid Travel MasterCard include:

* BMO Bank of Montreal
* TD Canada Trust
* ScotiaBank
* PC Financial
* ATB (Alberta Treasury Board)
* TelPay
Perhaps its under Mosaik or Travel or another name.
The name used by CIBC for this card is "MASTERCARD, BMO PREPAID TRAVEL".
Same with NBC. I had to open an savings account with CIBC with a free transaction per per month because PC financial isn't available in the province of Quebec.
CIBC Bonus Savings Account
Scotiabank and RBC also offer savings account with free transactions that you can use as chequing(bill payments) without having to pay any fees.

it is in all online bill

it is in all online bill payments under "BMO prepaid matercard"

bmo prepaid mastercard

Hi, I have had the Bmo prepaid mastercard for 2 years and it has always worked just fine. I created it on my TDCanadaTrust site as a bill I can pay, and load it when I want to use it no fee, yes it takes 2 or 3 business days to transfer, but really what is that. If I want something it will still be there., If you need to be spontaneous, I mean really spontaneous, you need a real credit card.

p.s I have used this card in both Canada and the US no problem. The one time I did have a problem was paying at a Vancouver Island Resort. They were all confused thought it was out of the country. It was a large charge and they just ended up making two charges at the resort and it was fine. but that was once in two years so...,.....


How did you get it?

I applied for a BMO prepaid mastercard about a month ago and up till a couple of weeks ago I called them to ask what is going on... They couldn't tell me, but said they needed to transfer me to a loan officer?? I'm thinking WTF! Its a prepaid credit card (meaning theres no line of credit attached)... Anyways being on "hold" for this loan officer for well over 30min, I hung up!!

How did you apply for it??

BMO mastercard and paypal

I can't link the prepaid mastercard to my PAYPAL account for some reason yet I can link the vanilla mastercard... can anybody link the Bmo prepaid card to their Paypal.

bmo mastercard

yes, i have had my card linked to my paypal account for over a year now. i also opened a bmo account to transfer funds between account and card instantly online.

Does BMO do a Credit check when ....

Does BMO do a credit check to open the account to load the Prepaid MC ?

How long does it take to recieve BMO prepaid Card

I was just wondering how long it usually takes for you to receive your card in the mail?

I got my BMO card with in a

I got my BMO card with in a week of applying.

prepaid cards that can loaded

any prepaid credit cards that can be loaded with another credit card (except BMO) ?

PrePaid Cards for Gambling Sites

Which of the prepaid cards CAN be used at gambling sites (poker, bingo, etc)?

vanilla prepaid mastercard

This card also holds your funds for 7 days after the purchase has been cleared. They also have held funds that stopped the actual payment going to the retailer so that the purchase was declined. I bought a game for 14.00 and because they jumped on it and put it in pending transactions the actual purchase for 14.00 was declined. Even though the balance on the card was 27.00. When I tried to speak to someone from customer service they just kept going on about the company would still be taking the money when the funds become available someday. They will not listen to me when I told them that I have spoken to the company from where the game was purchased and the transaction was denied. They are holding the money for nothing and continue to stop payment on anything because they want to hold all transactions for 7 days as well as give the retailer the money. Every payment has to be on the card 2x for anything to go through. I cannot ever use the cards balance because of this.

vanilla prepaid mastercard

I am still waiting for the funds on the prepaid card to be released...I have never met any worse customer service reps in my life...They actually replied back to me today in Capital letters..They are treating me like I am very stupid because I wanted to know exactly when they are going to release the funds off my card. The purchases were denied a week ago because of them putting them on hold and they still will not release the funds. I do not recommend this card to anyone...Bad policies and very rude customer service reps. I will be looking else where for a prepaid card.

vanilla prepaid mastercard

I too would not recommend the vanilla prepaid mastercard. I was given a $50 gift card last November (2009), and without every using it successfully, it is worth $27.50. The customer service representative was absolutely rude. After seven months, they start charging $2.50 service charge (for what??), and a charge that was declined at the store (by Vanilla MasterCard), is now considered pending, meaning I can't access that money on the card. This is quite a SCAM!




Hotel info

I call & always use 3V VISA CANADA

BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard, Bankruptcy, & Facebook Ads

I'm considering declaring bankruptcy, but am concerned about how to continue running my small business -- especially in terms of paying online for my Facebook and Google advertising. Facebook says they will not accept prepaid cards, but that is when I tried to use a Vanilla Mastercard. Do you know if this would be the case with the BMO prepaid MC? Also, has anyone here been able to receive a BMO prepaid card while IN the 9-month bankruptcy? I'm wondering if I should apply for the prepaid card before declaring bankruptcy -- if I have no balance on the card perhaps I wouldn't be required to surrender it? Btw, I have no current dealings with BMO.


Before you file for bankruptcy incorporate your small business online. That way they cannot go after your business, and you can still get credit cards in your business of luck...

This is not true at all. When

This is not true at all. When you apply for a business credit card for a corporation, an application is done in the business name and personal name. If you personal credit is in bad shape, and the business has no assets, or history or strong performance, you are not going to get approved.







Titanium Visa

I contacted Customer Service by email earlier and they answered within 2 hours... and it's Sunday. So I guess it depends who you fall on. For now, I haven't had any major issues with them. My only complaint is the lack of Money Mart locations in Montreal (West Island area). There's just one and it's far!

my titanium card

you're right, this card sucks.
they cut all access to my online account and froze my card
because itunes reimbursed me a few bucks they overcharged.
They treated it like a fraud. Customer service is nill,

its extremely expensive.


How to load BMO Prepaid from TD canada trust?

I fraustrated right now. I just got my BMO Prepaid Mastercard and activated it and I cannot load the card through TD Canada Trust online banking.

It wouldn't allow me to add the payee, then I noticed the little message on top MOSAIK PREPAID MASTERCARD" REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.

Does ANYONE load the BMO prepaid through Td? If so I could use some help, thanks!

Btw, when I select payee and

Btw, when I select payee and precede to inter account number, on top it says "MOSAIK PREPAID MASTERCARD" REGISTRATIONS ARE NOT AVAILABLE.

Probably for fraud prevention

Probably for fraud prevention purposes. Remember that someone can get a hold of your banking info and instead of going to a bank machine where they can be tracked/photographed they can simply transfer the funds to a prepad credit card and then they are in the clear.

Refilling BMO Mastercard with TD

Here is what TD sent to me when i asked them the question about refilling the card online:

Dear Miss ****,
Thank you for contacting TD Canada Trust regarding your BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard. We're happy to assist you further.

We do accept the BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard for payment through our bill payment system, however, you need to call us or visit a branch to set up the account on your bill payment list. BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercards cannot be self registered.

For immediate assistance, we encourage you to contact EasyLine telephone banking at 1-866-222-3456 (collect from overseas at 416-983-5393). Representatives are available 24 hours a day and will be pleased to assist you. If you are not registered for EasyLine, kindly press 2.

Alternatively, please feel free to visit or contact the branch nearest you for assistance. For your convenience, branch contact information can be located on our website here.

BMO Pre Paid Load at TD Canada Trust

I am not with DT trust bank but looking at Q and A about BMO Card. It does say that TD Canada trust does have a pay bill payment with them.
Best thing to do is call your TD bank and ask them what it comes under when you want to add another bill payment to your list.
Try first to add anything with Pre Paid and see what list of Pre paid options come up.
If nothing works then call your bank.
Your bank might have it listed under some other tittle but it does say that TD Canada Trust is there for you to be able to load funds.

I hope this helps.

to add to my previous reply

to add to my previous reply mine doesnt say bmo mosaic prepaid. just BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard

My card is a bmo travel

My card is a bmo travel mastercard, i load it through TD no problem. it must be something your doing wrong. I added it as a payee and load it all the time. transfer usually goes through in 1-5 days

I select BMO master card as

I select BMO master card as payee since there's only 2 options between that or corporate.

If I try to search it, I don't see anything with BMO and prepaid.

I called them, and they said they are in the process of adding support for that card.

That doesn't make sense now if you load it using same card.

Your using the BMO Prepaid Travel that starts with 5280 - 61xxx?

Then what payee are you using???

I just logged into Easy web

I just logged into Easy web and your right it has been removed. Dont know what to advise you. I set my ppd card up a few months ago and they still allow me to pay it. weird though

TD Canada Trust tells me that

TD Canada Trust tells me that they have indeed stopped accepting bill payments for BMO Travel Mastercard.
From what I recall, this was effective at the end of March sometime.
BMO is completely unaware and insist that TD does indeed accept bill payments for this product.
TD's website indicates that they accept payment at the following... (make sure you print/screen cap it for future reference/action):

BMO's website indicates that bill payments may be made at TD... (make sure you print/screen cap it for future reference/action):

TD will tell you that they do accept payments for the card and won't acknowledge the problem until they receive an error
that the merchant is not valid. Apparently a supervisor is looking into this and should be getting back to me sometime within
two weeks (this was a week ago). They wouldn't provide me with a phone number or contact information for this supervisor because apparently
it's confidential information.

BMO won't even listen to me, they insist that TD does accept payments and when they research it with a front-line customer service agent
at TD they're assured there is no problem.

I've been talking to various agents between the two companies (about 20 different times) to no avail.
To those that still have the BMO Prepaid Travel Mastercard listed on their Easyweb account: make sure you monitor your card closely.

Thank you for the

Thank you for the update!!!

I've been checking here for any sort of update since I don't know what to do, since like you said BMO says everything is fine and TD supports and call them and TD give me a wrong answer I guess.

So at least it's good that a supervisor is looking into, I really hope he/she gets back to you and they fix this.

Ok I think TD finally fixed

Ok I think TD finally fixed this problem, I had to call in to add the card, but today I saw the prepaid travel bmo listed under the payee.

Can confirm this. Had to call

Can confirm this. Had to call TD Easy Line. Set up in a couple of minutes. Have it now as a payee on Bill List.

hey okay so if i use like $30

hey okay so if i use like $30 of the $50 i put on it, can i get the rest back off the card from the bank? if so which bank? Thanks and is there a way to sign up to followup comments on this site? if not can you email me when you reply.. ? Thanks! :)

Why would you want to do

Why would you want to do this? You can withdraw from an ATM but you will have problems if you have $20 left on the card since you can withdraw no more than the amount plus the ATM fee, which varies from card to card. For example if the ATM fee is $3 you will only be able to get $10 ouch because ATMs won't allow you to withdraw $17.

You'd be better spending the remaining $20 on groceries or something, or get a card like the BMO and top-up with $30 (plus the $9.95 fee)

Money Mart's cards?

Hi, Dan: great site, great stuff here - thanks for the article.

I have two questions.

1: What's your opinion of the Money Mart "Titanium" Visa?

2: With exception of the BMO card, what do you believe is the best one?


Titanium visa from Money Mart - Very expensive to use

The Money Mart Titanium Visa is probably one of the most expensive prepaids out there.
Plus, to get no-charge loading, free-atm, and free transaction, expect to pay a $15/month charge.
I also agree about the settling times, they are very long with this card.
I purchased one, and I'm going to let it run out and then change to a different prepaid solution.

Canadian Tire PPD No Longer!

I just received an email that CT ppd mastercard is no longer! April 15,2010 is the cutoff. They will mail you a cheque if you still have a balance.

Last week there was a news

Last week there was a news article about Canadian Tire's new CEO. He's decided to cut back on the diversity of their offerings by getting rid of financial services and products aimed at women. They're going back to their roots by sticking to hardware and sports products in an effort to appeal to their traditional market - men and boys.

It makes sense. They need to differentiate themselves from Walmart.

Canadian Tire transforming itself

Good comment.

Here's the article:

Here's the meat of it:
"The plan? He's betting more than ever on tires, wrenches, hockey sticks and vacuum cleaners. He's stepping up banking activities only when they promise to bolster retailing, having ditched mortgages because they took too much energy – and capital – from the core business."
"[...] he intends to eventually reinstate an e-commerce site, which the company closed in early 2009, and add new services tied to key products. He's mulling lawn cutting, car insurance and deferred payments."

I take it providing the cheapest prepaid card in Canada wasn't worth the effort.

I'm happy to hear that they'll be reinstating their e-commerce site. How a company could operate without one these days is beyond me. I guess the big issue with the e-commerce site is that it costs Canadian Tire a lot to ship most of the things it sells, and it's cost of retail operations is fixed, so they'd rather have people pick up in-store. I bet this will be how it works: shop on-line, pickup in store, or perhaps at depots in towns without stores.

Really frustrating because

Really frustrating because the Canadian Tire prepaid Mastercard worked really well! I wonder why they are discontinuing it, does anybody know?

They say to me that it was a

They say to me that it was a "business decision". It sounds like they aren't really talking much about it. I think the revenue model just didn't work out. They were probably hoping people would be spending $$$$ through it instead of $.

It's a big joke....I've

It's a big joke....I've singed up for the card over a month ago and it's been a big hassle since day one. First of I had to email my documents 4 times, because they kept claiming they never got them. I've been awaiting for my card to arrive for more then 2 weeks now. I guess it will never arrive....LOL

Are there any close alternatives to this card?


Yes. The BMO card. Why anyone

Yes. The BMO card. Why anyone uses anything else is beyond me.

Thanks i didnt know about

Thanks i didnt know about that.


Thanks for the info

I had had a muchmusic prepaid mastercard but the startup was expensive and loading was 1.50 per time. I have just applied for a BMO mastercard given the good review here, if I find any gotchas I'll post them but I am hoping for fiduciary bliss.

Citizen bank pre paid visa. FULL TILT POKER

i bought a pre paid visa card to load up my full tilt account and when i went to do so i found out this card is not accepted. i was wondering if the vanilla or any other cards are known to be accepted beacuse i will use this card a re pay the fee to buy a new one.

thanks, ryan

Citizens Bank prepaid visa

There is a reloadable Citizens Bank prepaid visa card available, besides the gift cards you were referring to. You may obtain it here at

Hope this helps.

How long does it take to get a permanent titanium visa preapaid?

Guys, does anyone know how long it takes to get a Permanent titanium preapaid card in hands?
got my temporary prepaid card 2 weeks ago and haven't received a permanent one...
their customer service sucks.. emailed em 2 days ago..still no answer.

any ideas?

I went and prepaid for a card

I went and prepaid for a card just last week Tuesday and had my temp card they said it wuld take 4 - 6 days to get my real one. I had it in 4 days, maybe the person that took your information at money mart is slacking off and not sending it in..?

Love the service..!

It took about a week to get

It took about a week to get mine in the mail. The woman at Money Mart told me to expect 2-3 weeks so I was surprised when mine arrived so quickly.


It will take three or four weeks that's what it took for mine .

BMO Prepaid credit card

So do they do a credit check?? And can I use it to book a hotel and or car??

anyone rent a car with the

anyone rent a car with the BMO prepaid card?

NO, they DO NOT do a credit

NO, they DO NOT do a credit check as this is NOT a credit card and I'm not sure why people are telling you that they do. I just got one myself because I don't have good credit AT ALL. Some people get refused the card because the info they supplied at the time they applied can not be verified and if that happens they will not open an account for you. What they do is send you a letter stating they can't open the account at this time and ask your assistance in clarifying the issue by calling them at their toll free number. When you call you speak to their rep who will ask you a series of questions, most of which are on the online application (there aren't many questions on it). As you answer them they may ask you to clarify a bit further and as long as you told the truth on the original app there shouldn't be any problem answering the additional questions as they will relate to them. Once they are satisfied that you are who you say you are they will tell you to disregard the rejection letter and that your card will arrive within 3-5 business days.

The only other reason I can see an application being rejected is if somebody lies about where they work. You do need a job in order to receive a card and they DO call that employer to verify that you work there. They don't necessarily have to speak to you directly at work, but they at least need to hear that you work there. If people lie about where they work or if they are even working at all, they will be refused a card.

So, the long and short of it is - tell the truth on the application and follow up any letters they send you with a phone call to clarify things and you should have no problem getting one of these reloadable cards.

BMO Prepaid Travel MasterCard

Yes, BMO does do a credit check before they will issue one of their prepaid Travel MasterCards. And while they do not require perfect credit such as a good paying job and a well established credit history, they will reject your application if your credit report shows any bad items on it such as a creditor at R9 status. Also, many hotels and car rental agencies will not accept prepaid cards.

Credit check

No they do not refuse you a card if your credit is R9, I got one , the reason some car rentals refuse it is because BMO will not let them place a hold on funds on your card for seposit and with no additional credit limit your card may not contain the necessary fund should the car not be returned on time or if there is damage.

Yes, they do a credit check.

BMO does a credit history check. my friends was refused to get a prepaid BMO.

Virtual Visa this works for online gambling, and you can get it in pretty much any corner store/gas station in Canada.

Don't know if any of these Visa's work with Liqpay, which is possibly the best money transfer system in the world (based in Ukraine/Russia). There are plenty of 'offshore' sites selling reloadable visa's and MC's for around $140 with $20k/month load limit and no ID required

Watch BMO if you have other CC with them with Issues

I had a BMO Mastercard that I could not pay because it was for a business I had that had to close. That card was in the process of getting a proposal put together, and as a result was not being paid. I got a BMO Prepaid MC to use, which was great, until BMO decided to cancel my prepaid card becuase I wasn't paying the regular credit card. So i fyou onlyhave the BMO prepaid card and no other associations with BMO you will be OK.


I also had a BMO MC, got into trouble, couldn't make the payments, was on EI at the time.
I was using direct deposit for my EI payments.
So i go to my on-line BMO account and notice that a large chunk of my EI payment has been taken as a "service charge".
I call the branch to ask WTF...
They tell me that the "service charge" was a payment to my BMO Master Card that i had missed.. WTF again..
I call up MC, and they tell me that the original contract i signed ( 15 years earlier, cause iv been a loyal customer that long) had a clause that allowed them to do this WTF a 3rd time..
So i told the MC guy that im on EI i need to pay rent with that money, and i will make the late payment.
I couldn't give a specific date .. but mentioned..
I v been a loyal customer with not a single problem on my account ( no bad cheques or over drafts,,, nothing for 15 years)... i need that money back.
His reply... sorry cant do that..
My reply... if you don't, ill close my account and you wont see another dime of it...
I closed my account 3 days later.
It's been 6 years now, and their finally tempting collection action, and havent seen another dime .. as promised.
They also lost a 15 year customer for ever.
All over one payment that was a month & half behind, and a customer service manager that wouldn't negotiate .
My recommendations, avoid BMO and deal with .

In Addition

Prospera has been great to work with..
I once was late with a payment on my 21K loan, they over drafted my account and charged me $6.50 service charge.
The thing was, i didn't even have over draft on the account, plus, this saved me a NSF @ $20 to boot... good deal, .. i say so. ( i do have a $500 over draft now).
I also was able able to get 24 hour "instant withdrawal" after deposit ( applies any day of the week too).
I asked for "instant withdrawal" ( not 24 hour wait period) but was told, they don't offer that.
NP 24 hours is fair enough.


I also had a BMO MC, got into trouble, couldn't make the payments, was on EI at the time.
I was using direct deposit for my EI payments.
So i go to my on-line BMO account and notice that a large chunk of my EI payment has been taken as a "service charge".
I call the branch to ask WTF...
They tell me that the "service charge" was a payment to my BMO Master Card that i had missed.. WTF again..
I call up MC, and they tell me that the original contract i signed ( 15 years earlier, cause iv been a loyal customer that long) had a clause that allowed them to do this WTF a 3rd time..
So i told the MC guy that im on EI i need to pay rent with that money, and i will make the late payment.
I couldn't give a specific date .. but mentioned..
I v been a loyal customer with not a single problem on my account ( no bad cheques or over drafts,,, nothing for 15 years)... i need that money back.
His reply... sorry cant do that..
My reply... if you don't, ill close my account and you wont see another dime of it...
I closed my account 3 days later.
It's been 6 years now, and their finally tempting collection action, and havent seen another dime .. as promised.
They also lost a 15 year customer for ever.
All over one payment that was a month & half behind, and a customer service manager that wouldn't negotiate .
My recommendations, avoid BMO and deal with .

B.M.O is just like a debit! but better!

I have a checking account with B.M.O, so when I applied for the mastercard they linked it to my account, the next day I had my mastercard #, 2 days later I had my pin and used it online to book a hotel for the water park in the falls without having any money on it. I could also transfer fron my checking to my mastercard online and the funds were available in seconds. I've paid bills, went shopping, and yes also did some online casinos. I love it. The best thing is that I don't have to worry about monthly fees, or interest.

about BMO Mastercard

Hi, I hope you can help us. We are trying to find a way to deposit and withdraw tthe money to play online casino.Do you know any good casino which can use Mastercard credit card for deposits and withdraw. A lot of them will take this card just for deposits and not for withdraw.

Citizens Bank Prepraid

I just bought a Citizens Prepaid 25 dollar Visa at Rexall/Pharmaplus and here are the details (They also had 50 dollar cards).

  • One time purchase fee of $3.95 charged at point of sale.
  • Monthly maintenence fee of $2.00 a month
  • Balance Inquiry via Phone/Online/Live Agent FREE
  • Lost or Stolen Replacement Fee $20.00.

    Not for use at ABMs, online gambling, or preauthorized payments. Online acceptance at all websites cannot be guaranteed due to varying security levels. Card is not reloadable.

    I registered my address which was useful since I had an online purchase shipped to my work, which is usually a hassle. is their official site to buy online or more info. is where you register your address and can check the balance/statements.

  • moneymart prepaid visa

    Visa is very inconvenient for online gaming. I cant use mine they wont release any funds to poker sites.

    canada post prepaid visa

    Its been a month and i won 2000 on an oline casino,when they put the funds onto my prepaid visa prepaid visa stamped it as fraud and wont release my card.i spoke to someone last week and they said it would released but nope.once this is all handled im done with prepaid.

    Money Mart Prepaid Visa - Extremely frustrated

    I have had my Titanium Plus Prepaid Visa from Money Mart for less than one week. I had some difficulty with an online transaction and have found their Customer Service to be extremely frustrating to deal with.

    In addition to being charged $1.50 every time I need to speak with a human, hold times are always in excess of 30 minutes.

    Just now I applied online for a BMO Prepaid Mastercard.

    Anyone else in Edmonton or Alberta have a prepaid card from a company they like?

    OMG. Once I get my money used

    OMG. Once I get my money used on this prepaid visa I will never use them again. I made a purchase over the phone ( hotel booking) the hotel charged me 176.00. It showed on my online transactions as 203.00. The hotel refunded it back..the original 176.00 but Titanium says it was just a pre auth, while the hotel says it was an actual purchase, .. then they say it will take a week for it to show on my account......NEVER AGAIN

    And thats here in Alberta.

    App Store

    Hey what kind of card should I get? I just want like 10.00 on a card to buy apps in the Itunes app store. Preferably one that doesn't have any fees cause I don't have any money or a job unless it's at that moment. Like an Itunes card, but those can't buy apps because of Cabadian law. What's my best option

    you can get itunes cards at

    you can get itunes cards at walmart and also at shoppers drug mart I beleive. they tend to come in smaller amounts. Otherwise Shoppers has prepaid visa/mastercards/american express cards in 25/50/100/200 doller amounts with activation fees of 3.95-8.95 I think.

    how long does

    how long does it take to recieve the BMO prepaid card....i filled the online application on Jan. 19th and still haven't recieved it..its now feb 10

    Ugh still waiting? me too...

    Ugh still waiting? me too... this is ridiculous. I'll be calling them again on monday

    BMO prepaid credit card

    I have been waiting for a month for a reponse and nothing. I spoke with them via telephone and was told it would take 10 days.
    I also emailed and no response.
    It is so frustrating...

    vanilla mastercard

    Hey does the vanilla mastercard allow you to register your address? I looking at buying the vanilla mastercard or the RBC visa card

    vanilla MC

    Do not buy Vanilla MC. No one takes it!

    You can go the the vanilla

    You can go the the vanilla card website and input an address/name, etc for the card.

    hi im looking to buy a pre

    hi im looking to buy a pre paid card for online poker one that is easy to fill up and one that lets you deposit more then 600 bucks on my full tilt account

    Prepaid for online casino

    I had the same issue with my credit card, I set up an online prepaid credit card with Entropay and it was quick and easy, yes there is a fee for each load but so worth it ...... check out the entropay website.


    yes entropay worked well few times then they block ur card from gambling


    Hello: Stay away from doing this. I did it where I paid $$ from my P/P mastercard to SPAEROX at pokerstars: He scammed me and now i can't get my $$ back from P/S. Be careful.

    moneymart has a prepaid

    moneymart has a prepaid nextwave titanium plus visa...its great....

    moneymart has a prepaid nextwave titanium

    If you love paying mega-fees, this one is great! LOL!!!

    Hotel Reservations - BMO Prepaid MC

    1. Has anyone had trouble making hotel reservations in the US with the BMO Card?
    2. When making the reservation do I have to have the full amount of the stay on the card when booking or just one night especially if I plan to pay cash at time of check in?


    I live in Canada and have had nor problem booking US Hotels with my BMO Travel Prepaid Mastercard. How much your card gets charged upfront depends on the Hotel. I have had some that dont charge anything and instead the card is used to hold the room. So when you arrive you can pay cash or if you dont arrive they can charge you for a cancelation. Others hotels charge the cards daily, weekly and even monthly so check with the hotel on when they charge the card.

    If you wish to pay cash at the hotel but want to book (hold the room) with a creditcard. Call the hotel, explain the situation and they'll let you know how to proceed. Most are good with this. Good Luck.

    BMO is the best.

    In response to the post below:
    If you really think the fees are worth the convenience of getting it easily then that's all very well, however I'm sticking with my BMO card.

    They had trouble verifying my address at first, had to call them a few times. I believe this was due to the fact my postal code isn't on every system yet as I live in a new building, the trick is to just call them up often and check it's going through, don't just assume it's going to come; they won't call you by themselves if something goes wrong (common for financial institutions it seems). I applied for the card at the end of November and got it on Jan 11th, so don't expect miracles in terms of speed. Worth the wait though and the card has been accepted everywhere I've tried. It's just great not to be forced to use an overpriced Interac ATM at a bar when you go to pay your tab.

    I'm also using it to buy things in 3 monthly payments online. I assume they do an authorization on the full amount of the card, which must have come back positive despite the fact I didn't have the full amount there. I read on here that they allow auths of up to $10,000 which is awesome. This makes this card perfect for people with tight budgets as well who might be able to pay the full amount over a period of time. I could of course be wrong about the auth but I think it's the only explanation.

    For reloading the card I simply use online bill payment with the card number as the account number. Usually shows up in the afternoon/evening of the following day for me, unless it's a weekend.

    In summary, this card will do whatever any other Canadian Mastercard would. For those complaining about Amazon MP3, they block ALL canadian cards, not just BMOs.

    Hotel Reservations

    1. Has anyone had trouble making hotel reservations in the US with the BMO Card?
    2. When making the reservation do I have to have the full amount of the stay on the card when booking or just one night especially if I plan to pay cash at time of check in?

    Money Mart Canada has New Titanium Pre-Pay Visa Cards

    Just go into any MONEY MART in Canada : Young as a 16 yrs old... With ID sign your name and put some money on the card good to go shopping online or to the mall up too you...

    I been with Money Mart Titanium Pre-Pay Visa card for 3yrs now in bc vancouver. I travelled to Thailand used my Card there was fine no problems just sign & go ATMS @ 7-11's

    Beware that some ATM banks in Thailand they my have no money in the ATM.

    I've applied for BMO per-paid cards needed verification of my address of some BS so 5days before my flight I call and asked why my card is 2wks late... She the teller @ the bank phoned head office BMO the lady ask about my account she said I needed to have my name & Address checked for Security. So I told her if i dont get my cards by the tuesday I not taking the cards so I said no keep the cards I going to be across the world by the time they get to my house..

    so do your research on the pre-payed cards

    Titanium at MoneyMart

    Are you not paying pretty stiff fees for the privilege of using this card?
    Figure out the per cent of fees you are paying and you are getting ripped off bigtime. BMO is much better!

    I copied this from the website.... THIS IS A TOTAL RIPOFF!

    Titanium MoneyMart Visa Card
    Visa Issuance FRee $20.00 + tax

    Monthly Maintenance* $7.50 $15.00
    Reload – In Branch FREE* FREE
    Reload – Online $2.00 FREE
    Point Of Sale (POS) Transaction (Signature, Online, Phone – includes International) $0.50 FREE
    ATM – Domestic $2.00 FREE~
    ATM – International $3.00 $3.00
    Email and Text Message Alerts FREE FREE
    IVR Transaction History, IVR Pin Change FREE† FREE†
    Foreign Currency Transaction 3.00% 3.00%
    Live Customer Service 1-888-252-9535 $1.50 $1.50
    Monthly Statement (upon request, per statement) $3.00 $3.00
    Replacement Visa Issuance $5.00 $5.00
    Cancellation $10.00 $10.00


    Maximum Visa Balance $10,000
    Maximum/Minimum Load $7,500/$10
    Maximum Daily POS Purchases $7,500
    Maximum Daily ATM Withdrawal $1,000

    I picked up a myTreat

    I picked up a myTreat prepaid Visa, to buy some stuff online... I'm supposed to register the card at but there is nowhere to register it to purchase online..... anyone know where to register?

    Mytreat can be registered at

    Mytreat can be registered at or

    BMO Prepaid Card

    I applied for the BMO Prepaid card last Tuesday and on Thursday they asked me to fax in a bank statement. Is this normal? Do they want to see how much money is in my bank account? lol

    i applied for one last week

    i applied for one last week to and when they called all they wanted was my SIN and proof of statement seems odd to me....


    Banks are not allowed to require a SIN when you apply for credit or a prepaid card.

    Bmo Card

    They never asked me for my SIN but I applied for one of their regular credit cards before, and got denied, and I might of gave it to them then. What do you mean by proof of address? I really hope I'm not denied, I have a Zoompass card but the limit is way too low.

    BMO US$ M/C & Paypal


    I opened up a BMO US$ checking account and received the BMO US$ M/Card.
    I was hoping to pay for my Ebay purchases in US Funds directly from my US account to avoid fluctuating exchange rates....
    I spoke with Paypal and it seems since I live in Canada, the accounts are in Canada, that they will always use CDN currency whether I use an Canadian $ or US$ bank account. Same answer for the credit card.

    I was hoping someone would have some input as I have a good amount of US$ bought @ 1.02 and would like to use it.

    Thanks in advance


    US$ Credit Card and Paypal Currency Exchange

    Personally, I've had no troubles adding my BMO US$ MC to my Paypal account and charging to it in US Dollars. I did have difficulty with my US-based bank issued Visa, where they charge me a 2% "international exchange" fee.

    Perhaps they've changed it? I have a very old Paypal account :)

    Pre-Paid Cards

    I will be Travelling to New Orleans in March of 2011, I don't want to use my credit card to do so I thought about getting one of these pre paid and just adding money over the next year and a bit; does anyone have any recomendations to a good card that won't cost me an arm and a leg?

    Prepaid Card for Future Vacation

    Save your money in a high-interest savings account, like those offered by ING Direct. Get the prepaid card closer to when you leave to avoid monthly fees. Either the BMO Prepaid or the Canadian Tire Prepaid Card (Ontario Only) would be goodl. Avoid the Zoompass card, since its limit is only $1000, which may not be enough for you.

    Check out the TOP 5 Canadian Prepaid Cards Article. 

    PrePaid Mastercard for my son..

    I want to purchase a prepaid mastercard for my son while he travels. Can I do that from my bank account but with his name on it?

    Not good for travelling

    Stores in most foreign countries (Europe, South America) require you to show ID (e.g. passport) to verify that you are the person who is identified on the front of the credit card. These credit cards have no personal identification on them and therefore I have found them to be difficult to use overseas.

    Regarding this same line of thought... since these cards are 'anonymous', the value of them is instantly FULLY available to ANY user who might find the card if you have lost it. Loosing one is just like loosing a pocket full of paper money! It is instantly GONE, in most cases, never to be recovered.

    BMO Is The Best Prepaid Card To Have

    The best prepaid card is BMO Master Card. I have one and it works well online shopping and store and gas purchases as well.
    Very easy to load from your bank to as bill payment.
    You can load up to $10.000 if you like.
    Most banks has the bill payment prepaid BMO offer to add to your account.
    Takes about 1 to 2 business days to show on your BMO account that you topped up.
    To view your BMO statement online will show transactions you made but show up 3 to 4 days later but your balance will show up about 2 to 3 days later. The BMO card look like a real regular credit card. I have no complaints about it.
    BMO card is offered all over Canada and can use anywhere.
    No monthly fees. One time fee of $9.95 but that is good for 3 years.
    The BMO Travel Prepaid Card is the way to go for performance.

    WTF BMO called me

    ok last wednesday i filled out a application from the BMO website for a prepaid card....they called me today wanting 1 piece of ID and my social insurance number??? WHYYYYY???

    BMO Prepaid Mastercard and Credit Checks

    I think they want to verify your identity. Maybe the address they have through some database doesn't match your name (have you moved recently or moved often?). This can also happen if you have a very common name. I believe they may run credit checks as well (since someone could mail-order a bunch of stuff and overextend themselves), though the cards DO NOT contribute to your credit rating (unless you somehow become indebted to BMO).

    these cards are a RIP OFF!

    I was given a $100 vanilla mastercard. I was unable to use my card at a gas stations and gas pumps and also at a restaurant/bar and at least one other place. The card has a $5.95 activation fee and $2.50 monthly maintenance fee! I'm sure that the gift-giver didn't intend for this to be the case! Plus, it turns out that many vendors pre-authorize higher values than the actual cost of what you are buying (e.g. in a restaurant or hotel). In these cases, the higher amount is held against your available balance on the card until the vendor clears their charges. With a normal credit card this kind of thing also happens, but with a $100 card, that severely curtails the usefulness of the card for using when you want where you want. Lastly... it can be surprisingly difficult to spend out the remaining balance on your card, right down to the last penny! If your card has a balance of $13.31 available... it can require several little purchases before you can spend it down to zero because the purchase will be refused all together if the amount is greater than the balance available. Maybe some cards are better, but IMO .... THESE CARDS SUCK!! Regular gift cards or CASH gifts are much better!

    Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard - Beware! Poor Service

    I regret getting this card! I signed-up, forwarded my voided cheque to them and requested an initial load of $50.00.
    According to their website, it takes up to 5 business days from the date the funds are withdrawn from your bank account, to appear on your card's balance. This has not been my experience. My bank account was debited for $50 on January 8th. By the 15th, there was still a $0.00 balance on my Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard, so I sent them an email for a status update - no response. Then I checked my balance again on January 11th - still $0.00. So I sent them another email enquiry - no response. After waiting a couple of more business days, I called their Customer Service Department. Guess What? There was nothing they could tell me and no advice or help for my situation. The rep said there was nothing she could do and suggested I contact their "support" department. That was not much help since it is the support department that I have been trying to contact through emails. As of today, January 21st it looks like my funds have evaporated and no one from Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard (Mint Capital) is getting back to me. This is not over!

    Re: Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard not just the only bad one

    I have a prepaid Much Music Mastercard, which also has the Mint Logo on the back of the card.
    I have had them for about 8 months and at first deposits took about 2 or 3 days from the time money was taken from the bank account...
    The last 2 months have been a disaster.
    I made a $90 deposit on January 8th, it took about 2 weeks to see it on the account January 21st. They say deposits can take up to five business days to be available, yet mine took 9 days. The same thing happened in December when I made another deposit.
    Back in December I had to call several times because their website was down for few days. I was charged for more than $1.50 for each call and nobody knew what was going on. Waste of my money for their bad service.
    I emailed them after being unable to get into the website and not getting help from the phone reps, requested a refund, I got no reply to my emails or a refund.
    And it is so nice that they get to play with our money.

    Agree about the MuchMusic card

    I was using Titanium card through Money Mart but highly annoyed that the only way to load them was to bring CASH into a Money Mart (lineups, limited hours, etc.) So I checked my TD bank website to see which could be paid as a bill from my bank account online. Enter Much Music card. I ordered 1 for the service charge of $34.95 in October and was using it hassle-free until last week when I went to load it and discover that my bank no longer supports online bill payments to this card! The only way to load it is to set up an autopay option from the muchmusic website, taking 10 days, and then wait 5 days for each load. NO THANKS. As soon as I use the remaining funds on the card, it is getting shredded. Has to be pretty bad for them to have a relationship with a financial institution and LOSE it.

    I am going through HELL

    I am going through HELL trying to cancel my Much Card. I was using it problem free (1.50 loads) for almost 3 years, then all of a sudden they ONLY take pre-auth'd payments from BMO. I call customer support to cancel the card- they want to charge me $20 (reimbursement fee HA!), I tell them to NOT cancel it and I'll use up all the money QWIK- then shred the card. Everytime I email it takes forever for them to get back to me, the 'customer service' # can do NOTHING for you- except charge $1.99 for the call, of course!

    I think I'm just going to suck it up and get a real card that has REAL customer service, y'know?

    Just a warning to ppl- DON'T get the MUCH Pre-PAID CARD!!

    online transaction

    I just want to use a prepaid card to make an online purchase in the states (i'm in quebec),I don't want a service that has delays or is hooked into my bank account info like paypal or googlecheckout .How long should it take to get a bmo prepaid or is it faster just to do the transaction with a money order? I rarely will purchase stuff online since you can get just about anything in my city .

    BMO credit check

    i had much music card til 2 days ago when they decided to take TD bank of their list..i'm flipping mad...i'm looking at the BMO terms and agreements for the prepaid card it says it does a credit check.....thought it wasn't suppose to??? and if i apply do i have to send ID to them first to show them i'm really who i say i am???

    Very Helpful Recommendations

    Very, very helpful post - THANK YOU to the author!

    is there an age limitation

    is there an age limitation to getting one? i would like to buy some games off steam with it if possible

    For many prepaid cards u

    For many prepaid cards u must be 16 or over, however there are some available in which there is no age limit though those ones may not be relodable.

    Can anyone tell me if

    Can anyone tell me if prepaid credit cards help build credit back up?

    Prepaid Credit Cards Build Credit Rating?

    No they do not.

    BMO Mosaik Prepaid card

    Have had the card for approx a year. $9.95 fee for 3 yrs. Great card. Have bought a few items online, with no problems. Easy to top up. Only problem is going over what you have on your card. Seems that by the time i got the transaction removed, there was not enough money on the card. The charged me a fee, but then again that was my fault for not having any money transferred to my card.

    Evidently they don't send the charge back to the company. Later they took the charge off when I had topped up card.

    Overall a five store company. BMO has been excellent.!!!

    Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard Purchase Online

    Can anyone verify that the CT Mastercard can be used for online purchases? This would be the only reason that I need to pick up a prepaid credit card. If the BMO doesn't work, I certainly do not want to get that one!

    I recently got the BMO

    I recently got the BMO Prepaid card and it works fine for Hotel bookings, online shopping etc. Im not with BMO but i find if i make a bill payment to load the funds early in the morning, they usally appear on the prepaid card the next day ready to use even though they say it takes 2-5 business days.

    BMO or Canadian Tire Prepaid

    Can anyone tell me if either of these cards Canadian tire or BMO prepaid can be reloaded with cash. I mean walking into the Canadian tire or to the bank with cash in hand and have it reloaded? That's the card i'm interested in, a reloadable card that can be reloaded with cash.....

    BMO Travel Prepaid Card is the way to go for performance

    The best prepaid card is BMO Master Card. I have one and it works well online shopping and store and gas purchases as well.
    Very easy to load from your bank to as bill payment.
    You can load up to $10.000 if you like.
    Most banks has the bill payment prepaid BMO offer to add to your account.
    Takes about 1 to 2 business days to show on your BMO account that you topped up.
    To view your BMO statement online will show transactions you made but show up 3 to 4 days later but your balance will show up about 2 to 3 days later. The BMO card look like a real regular credit card. I have no complaints about it.
    The Canadian Tire Prepaid card is not as good. The only bank that has bill payment to load is The Bank of Montreal.
    The Canadian Tire card does not look as real as BMO card.
    The Canadian Tire card is only offered in Ontario.
    BMO card is offered all over Canada.
    The BMO Travel Prepaid Card is the way to go for performance.

    Reloading Prepaid Cards with cash

    I know that the Canadian Tire Card cannot be reloaded inside Canadian Tire stores. I doubt this will change in the short-term.

    Yes. CT MC can be used on

    Yes. CT MC can be used on line - they are a regular MC.

    Internet purchases

    I just don't trust most sites and want a card that can not be used to trace back to me and steel my identity. If I load the card prior to a purchase then the most I can get ripped for the prepaid balance.

    visa gift card

    I bought one of these for $500 and so far have only been able to get Skype to accept fees from it, all the other people, like itunes, napster, BH camera and a few others post a message that they are unable to process the card. If you are getting one of these Visa gift cards you might not be able to use it online.

    Canadian Tire

    Canadian Tire Prepaid MasterCard
    $1.50 to recharge is the only fee

    Cool, I've written about the

    Cool, I've written about the Canadian Tire Prepaid Card here. Please feel free to add any updates, or other information about the Canadian Tire Prepaid Card.

    Tried to fill the form for

    Tried to fill the form for the CT Prepaid MC, but the province selector only allowed Ontario (I'm in NB)... I sent them a message asking why and if it was available to "all" Canadians...

    Not able to apply for canadian tire prepaid mastercard

    Dec 9 2009
    Had the same problem. contacted ctprepaid. got the following response.
    "Unfortunately, the card is currently only available to residents of Ontario.
    It is anticipated that the card will be available to other provinces in early
    2010, however, we are not certain of the exact date."

    Pre-paid online shopping

    I thought it would be a great idea to have a pre-paid credit card for security with online shopping. I got the visa but every site asks for name as it appears on card. There is no name on the card so its utterly useless to me. What a rip-off and there is NO customer service for these cards.

    Go to the website for your

    Go to the website for your prepaid card. Once you're logged in, there's almost always a spot to input your name and address, so that you can use it online.
    You're welcome :)

    Prepaid Visa/MstrC deposit on online gambling sites? Pokerstars

    I was looking to deposit money on pokerstars, however i do not want to use my Visa/Mastercard beacuse i have had my identity stolen and i do not want to go through that BS agian!!

    I was just wondering if anyone here knew if this card works on the site? please email me back at
    Thank you

    Who ships prepaid cards overseas?

    I'm on a lengthy trip and want to have a prepaid or reloadable card shipped to me in Asia. Do you know which (if any) of the card providers will accept payment by Paypal (or wire transfer) and ship a card outside of Canada? Vancity won't do it.

    re: I called Visa. They let add a secondary address.

    Not sure if this will interest anyone. I know some people are looking for alternatives to this problem:

    I came across this blog looking for an alternative. To place an order from a company that will not ship international.
    I was looking for a prepaid card solution.
    Which with a little searching bring one to the W**card.

    Sounded to good 2b true. I noticed. "All" positive comments were in rebuttal to customers claiming various shady fraudulent transactions. Resulting in their loss. From the get go. In each case a glowing endorsement, was left after the customer posted their complaint. I hesitate to say, all three replies bear names of similar origin. Hard to overlook.

    Maybe its a coincidence the W**card is owned by Cal and they are owned by the Israel Discount Bank, 1st Inter. Bank.
    What little info I found was not good. Unusual for people to claim a bad experience when its a great one.

    I called W**card. I dealt with the same guys in NYC on canal st. for years. Discounted goods dealer right down to the accent.They tell you its great or say yes before know what your going to ask...the answer for any and all Q's.

    Decided to called Visa to see if they had more info on the company. The outcome was..

    Inquired about adding American address to my g.card. They approved and added it.
    Now when purchasing non international site.

    My card should be accepted. Allowing me to have it sent to a friend to be forwarded.
    There are USA mail services that forward to Canada as well.

    (Visa was not aware or familiar with the company. Although the W**card site has verified by V. through-out)

    Makes you wonder...

    (The woman at van-city visa said you could add a second address. I believe she said as well, it was up to me and what I chose to register. By this I believe, put nay address I chose. Using either two prepaid cards they offer.)

    I noticed some people were concerned about questions or what they may be asked.
    I told them exactly what I was!

    ***The opinion of W**card is entirely mine and what I found. Since I my research produced little , I figured..I would share it"

    Using prepaid cc in Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam

    Looking to get a prepaid card so I can book hotel rooms online in these countries through an Expedia type site and also to have in case of an emergency. Will a prepaid card work for this purpose and if so, what would be best?

    Thanks in advance for any input!

    I live in Alberta and will

    I live in Alberta and will be going to Europe for a few months in the spring. I need a way to take money with me that has minimal fees for international transactions. And I wont be needing a credit card when I come back home. I'm eighteen and have never had a credit card before. I bank with TD. Any suggestions to what would work best?

    Credit Cards and Travelling in Europe

    See if TD will issue you a credit card? If you are 18 in Alberta, they shouldn't automatically reject your credit card application due to age. I'd recommend calling your branch and filling out an application in-person, as they'll be less likely to reject it than an application that gets mailed in to a drone in some mail processing centre.

    Just cancel the card when you get home if you don't need it anymore, or better yet, destroy the card, but keep the account active to build a credit usage history.

    An alternative, depending on where you're going is to get a ScotiaBank account and make cheap debit withdrawals at ATMs through the Global ATM Alliance

    Keep in mind that credit card systems and payments aren't always as pervasive as they are in Canada or USA. I recall in Ljubljana being unable to withdraw from my Mastercard at ATMs because they only supported the system that Visa used. 

    Don't forget to call your credit card company before you leave to let them know where you'll be travelling so they don't see your usage as fraud. 


    Hi, I just applied for the BMO prepaid card, and I have a few questions..

    How do I check the balance? Is there a way I can do it from my blackberry or online?
    How do I load it up? Im assuming I just pay it like a bill through my online banking..
    How much are the fees really going to be each month?

    bmo prepaid card

    all you do to load the card is to add it to your banks bill payment screen in the online bank services, some banks do not accept it however, and then, all you do is make payments to it, now, it does take about 2 or 3 days to post to the card, but that is about it, i have NEVER had a monthly or annual fee on this card, i am actually quite impressed

    if you have a bmo bank

    if you have a bmo bank account you can check your balance online with online banking if you dont you can call the 1 800 number and they will give you the balance. but like anycard they can't give you the balance if you have made purchases in the last 24 hours. as for loading if you have an account you can load it like a bill payment and it takes 24 hours for the money to be available. with bmo there are no fees except for the one time payment fee of 9.95.

    BMO prepaid travel mastercard

    applied online for a BMO prepaid travel mastercard hopefully i'll get it in 7-10 days like the website says

    i guess i only want to use it for online purchases and i have a td canada trust cheq account and a td easyweb account and a paypal account

    from what i heard it takes about 3 days for money to be added to the card which is not a problem for me because paypal in canada takes like 8~16 days.. i used to use paybycash via certapay/interac for all my online purchases and then send the money to paybycash using my td easyweb account and the whole thing takes at least 1 hour 30 mins but not every website uses paybycash so i need a BMO mastercard..

    would i be able to add money to the BMO mastercard if i added it to my td easyweb account and then added money from my cheq account? and would there be a fee for doing that? and is it true the min amount to add to the card is $100 ~ max $10,000?

    Iapplied ~ Denied

    I applied 2x now for a pre paid BMO mastercard and have been denied???/ Is this because I work from Home? Im an independant dealer for companies!

    LOL i was just denied as

    LOL i was just denied as well.....for bad credit history from 20 yrs ago...go figure..and yes it was a prepaid card application i filled out...

    I have the worst credit out

    I have the worst credit out there and I received my card yesterday! Not sure how that happened!

    Have you just moved to where

    Have you just moved to where you are living? Sometimes they won't let you have a card unless you have been living there for over a year.

    Generally and in theory, the

    Generally and in theory, the reason a car rental place wants a true credit card is so that if they need to charge you any damages to a rental in your possession. With a prepaid card they have little course of action to squeeze it out of you later if the situation arises

    Renting a car with Nextwave Titanium Plus

    I've tried renting a car with this card and IT DOESN'T WORK! They all say no. Try a secured MC, like the one from Capital one. I've just applied for that one so we'll see.

    ZOOMPASS Prepaid Card

    I have tried many prepaid cards over the years from banks such as BMO, HorizonPlus and others and have found they all screw you on fees and offer terrible customer service. I use prepaid cards regularly for small cash purchases like coffee, lunch, newspapers, magazines, as well as my online purchases. I do not like putting all these small charges on my credit card. I recently discovered an awesome prepaid product called Zoompass that I want to share with you all. The Zoompass Prepaid MasterCard is absolutely free to get and free to use. Now for the coolest part – Zoompass gives you a free application for your mobile device (I use a BlackBerry) that lets you check your balance, view your transaction history, and reload the card from a linked bank account. The coolest part was I was able to send money through the Zoompass application on the phone to a friend I owed money to!!! This really is the future of electronic cash. In reading their web site, I found the Zoompass service is run by EnStream LP, a joint venture company owned by Bell, Rogers and Telus. You have to try out the service to believe it. It really is an awesome product. Their website is:

    Zoompass Card and Mobile Payments

    I tried out Zoompass when they launched a few weeks back. I consider myself an early adopter of new technology and would agree that the product was pretty cool. I can see how their service will evolve to allowing you to pay for everything using the phone eventually. I only tried out the money transfer part of the service on my iPhone and it worked well. I did not request the prepaid MasterCard when I first signed up since I thought it wasn't free. Now that I see it is, I am going to give it a shot.

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