2010 Guide to the Top 5 Canadian Prepaid Credit Cards (Mastercard+Visa)

Now, starting from the fifth best card, going to the best Canadian Prepaid Credit Card/Gift Card:

5. The Vanilla Mastercard deserves respect

Although this card is known for its poor customer service, and some people seem to have extreme difficulty merely using it, plus its fees are high if you don't use it within 6 months, it is the most available privacy-filled card out there. It really started the trend too. You can walk into many shops, like 7-11 or major drug stores, and pay $104.95 cash for a $100 Vanilla prepaid Mastercard without presenting any ID or other identifying information. As far as I know, no other card offers this level of privacy at more convenient locations (ie: not only at a particular credit union only).

Just watch out, like the RBC card, if you don't use it up within 6 months, you'll be charged, but at $2.50/month!

5b. Vanilla Mastercard alternative!

The myTreat Visa (issued by a subsidiary of the awesome VanCity Credit Union) is a non-reloadable card with just a $2 load fee, but issued only at VanCity Credit Unions in Vancouver.They are also available at retailers for a $5.95 load fee, including PharmaPlus, Save-On and Safeway.

4. ZoomPass Prepaid Mastercard - Reloadable

ZoomPass is technically not a prepaid mastercard program, but rather a mobile money transfer system launched by the Canadian cell phone companies. But it does incorporate a prepaid card, and you can use it just for that if you please. It functions as a reloadable card.

There are no fees to get the Zoompass account (with card), and no fees to add money from a bank account. Their business model is reliant on SMS fees (which you may incur) and fees to send money to other Zoompass users.

So far, several months into the launch, Zoompass as a money transfer system appears to be a dud. You do require a mobile phone number to get one, and I'm not sure if WINDmobile or Mobilicty count.

3. RBC Prepaid Visa – Non-reloadable Semi-anonymous

The Royal Bank Prepaid Visa is a non-reloadable prepaid card, so it can be intended as a gift card, or for personal use. It does require Photo ID to purchase, but it is transferrable, so I'm not sure what the point of teh identification requirement is. You don't need an RBC account to purchase one, you can just walk into a branch and buy the gift card on the spot. The cost is $3.95, but watch out, a $1.50/month fee kicks in after 6 months.

2. BMO Mosaik Travel Mastercard - Reloadable

This card is $9.95 to buy, but lasts ~3 years from purchase, with no fees to load. You can add funds through your bank's (it doesn't have to be BMO!) bill payment service. Presumably you could walk into a branch and deposit cash as well. If you have a problem, I think BMO will be able to help you out.

1. Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard - ReloadableNo Longer Available!

Who do you think should be #1? Leave a comment with your opinion!

The Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard is cheap (free???), and easy to get, just fill out an online form.

The card is free to get, and has no monthly fees. I received mine within 1.5 weeks of applying, pretty sweet. The card is registered with your name on it, so it should work better online and for other purchases. The card does charge you $1.50 for each load of the card (unlike BMO), so if you're the type of person that never likes to keep a credit on your prepaid card (instead loading it up for the exact amount needed for a purchase), then it can be more expensive. As far as I know, you can't load funds at a Canadian Tire store.

Although branded as a Canadian Tire card, it's really issued by someone else, hopefully they keep the Canadian Tire name clean rather than tarnish it.

The major downside is that the CT Prepaid Mastercard is Ontario only, so for those outside of Ontario, take a look at the BMO Mosaik Travel Mastercard or the Zoompass Prepaid Mastercard.

Top 5 Prepaid Cards in Canada Conclusion

Overall, these cards are beneficial for those that do not qualify for regular credit cards and want the security of purchasing with a credit card, such as liability protection in case you make a purchase and the vendor doesn't come through. However, it is very important to register your prepaid card with the issuer, in case it gets stolen or otherwide defrauded. This can also help with online purchases, since your card will now have an address.

Another alternative to prepaid cards is a Paypal account, as many companies are now accepting Paypal directly for purchases, so you can pay with your bank account (or sell some things around the house on Ebay).

Finally, only use prepaid cards if you need them, and give cash as gifts, not prepaid cards (sending by mail? Send a cheque or a postal money order), the fees are usually more complicated than they need to be.

Please read all terms and conditions of any card you decide to purchase or not purchase for your needs and come to your own independent conclusions.

Please leave comments here with your experiences, advice and complaints!

3V Visa

3V VISA is the way to go people.... get them at an Esso and they are instantly loaded... $50.00 costs you $2.95 and a $100 costs you $4.95.... the most that you can get is $150 that cost ...you guessed it... $6.95.... there is a monthly fee of $2.50 and if you want to make a transfer to another card or you want to combine two or three 3V Visa cards, you only get charged a 1.5% fee...

I've used these and they work everywhere and are totally anonymous.


Warning on Vanilla Visa And seeking advice.

I bought a vanilla visa at shoppers drug mart to pay an arrangement I had with my cable company to pay off a balance I've been paying g down since my stuff addict ex stole my Wallet with my moving and 2 prepaid cards to pay bills. The first card when I called into cable to pay wasn't active, I pay this way all the time and found this unusual, called the number on the back and was informed by the visa agent it was not regeresting in their system, So from this conversation I thought it was Shoppers mistake
And went back to end up with an annoyed manager, but a different visa card.
Now repeat trying to pay, not, calling visa and it's not active in their system. Now I have to FAX the front and back of the card the packaging and receipt from Shoppers.
Here is where I get upset, I call cable who has noted on my account I called in and tried to pay on the arranged date the $150 Visa would have made me finally caught up. Due to the visa not activated and not being able to pay my balance, cable wouldn't extend the payment arrangements for the 7-10 business days it is supposed to take for the replacement visa. So because the payment arrangement wasn't kept,
And even though it is not my fault, I now owe $465 for cable, instead of the deal I made where $150
Would pay me to zero. So because of a faulty pre paid card I have to pay an extra $315 plus 2 weeks interest
Of $26.25, all of which I really can't afford so I am going to try to reason with Visa, since it was their error that is going to cost me $492, instead of $150.

Vanilla Prepaid visa

I just bought a Vanilla prepaid visa card and it seems to be working fine! it activated no problem and i registered it fine also was able to book a hotel no problem hopefully when I arrive at the hotel there wont be any problems though kinda worried that there might be one!

Vanilla Visa

Just a warning that this card cannot be used for recurring payments such as Netflix. I attempted to resolve the issue with customer service, but they were rude and could not do anything about it.

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Thomas Cook Prepaid USD Visa

I purchased a Thomas Cook Prepaid USD Visa (it's advertised as a travel card) for the purpose of purchasing travel in USD. The set up was relatively easy and it only cost $14.95CAD to purchase, you can load up to $5k and it doesn't expire for 18 months. Although I had to attend at a kiosk in person to obtain and load the card (further loading also requires a personal visit and $2.00CAD) it seemed like the best option. The problem only happened after I used the card to place a deposit on a trip (in USD of course). A little while later, I checked my balance on-line (they charge you for using the toll free number to check account balances), only to discover that I been subject to a Foreign Transaction Fee equal to 2.5% of the transaction. I called customer service (another $1.50 fee) to complain and try to get a reasonable explanation. According to the pamphlet I received when I purchased the card, I can make signature, on-line and telephone purchases in USD for FREE. The pamphlet states that the Foreign Currency Transaction Fee of 2.5% is applied to "Not in U.D. Dollars" transactions. I also sent the customer service department an e-mail through the on-line customer service option on their website. They did reverse the 2.5% fee "as a "one-time courtesy" but I am still waiting for an explanation as to how further transactions will be treated. It's either a glitch or blatant misrepresentation. I'll update I hear back from them.

Thomas Cook Prepaid USD Visa

The company I am purchasing travel from is located in Canada, even though they are billing in USD. Anyway, below is the answer to my on-line query. (And they also reversed the $1.50 for the telephone call!)

"Thank you for contacting Customer Service regarding our fee schedule. The information provided in your email is correct, any USD transaction is free. However, since your card is designed for international transaction (out of Canada), any transaction made in Canada will be accompanied by a foreign transaction fee (2.5% of the original amount.) We are so sorry for the confusion. As shown on your account, the fee was waived as a one-time courtesy, along with the Call Center Fee. Thank you for your business; please don¿t hesitate to contact us again."

I guess I'll bank draft or EFT them the balance of the cost of my trip. Sigh.

Vanilla Prepaid VISA - Consumer BEWARE!!!!!

It's two weeks before Christmas, and I purchased a Vanilla Visa to do my Christmas Shopping with. I got a $250 Vanilla VISA at Shopper Drug Mart. When the card did not activate I called to customer service tel # on the back. I was told by customer service that they sent out a bunch of defective cards and they're aware of it. I was told by them that I had to copy the front and back of the card, the front and back of the sleeve it came in, as well as my receipt, then I have to fax it to them. They will send me out a replacement card after an investigation and it will take about 7-10 business days before they send it out. I asked how they send them out. Customer service DOESN'T KNOW. I explained to them that it's 2 weeks before Christmas and I need my money faster than that. I was told that's their policy and that's that.
Not only are the people at Vanilla Visa (in Sault Lake City, UTAH is where their customer service is for the Canadian Cards!!) aware of the defective cards they put out, they never recalled any, they never made any consumer alert to them, and they never advised the merchants that they distributed them too. (I know because I called the store where I purchased it to advise them, and they're doing the right thing and pulling them off the shelf).
Long story short, Vanilla VISA is totally neglegent here, not willing to make things right in any reasonable time frame and basically you fell like they're giving you the finger over the phone. DO NOT MAKE THE SAME MISTAKE I DID.....STAY FAR, FAR AWAY FROM THE VANILLA PREPAID VISA CARDS!!!

I purchased a $150 card from

I purchased a $150 card from Shoppers on Christmas Day 2011, and tried to use it that night. Non-existant. Called Visa after waiting for an hour, defective, have to fax everything, blah blah BLAH. I went to Shoppers on Boxing Day and the managers were great, one of them had purchased the card herself and called their customer service to complain, and kept my number to call me after speaking with them. She didnt get through for 2 HOURS, so I'm guessing a lot of pissed off people got defective cards for a present. They gave the manager the same crap, and they decided to fax all my stuff for me so it was verified by Shoppers that I did indeed spend $150.

It's now Jan 19th 2012. No Visa. This company needs to be shut down.

i have been trying to deal

i have been trying to deal with the store that actually sold me the card - they of course are denying and responsibility on their part.
Yet - no where in the store on any signage does it say "if there is a problem, we wont refund" - its an unwritten rule from Shoppers Drug Mart.

The manager "sympathizes" with me- but never even actually offered an apology - but basically i was told bad luck deal with visa.
As anyone on here knows that is basically useless. Faxes and faxes have been sent, multiple calls have been made to ensure everything has received. yet still no answer on a new card.

Shoppers drug mart are telling me that they are "investigating" the issue - which means they are doing nothing.

If a product is defective or recalled- the store must give a refund - why not when it comes to these cards?



I received a $150 prepaid visa for Christmas and it's a dud too. The customer service is telling me that they had not received the fax I had sent out. It also takes 2 weeks for the whole process of getting the card fixed and i need the receipt. They are horrible.


VANILLA VISA IS BAD. Exact same experience with $250 card from local gas station here in Calgary Dec 12, 2011. Went online to register card, did not work, called 1-800-698-4966 from back of card, was told instantly that card was bad, and I would have to go through process for new card. Past all the dates and phone calls promised me, and as of Jan 4, 2012, nobody at Vanilla Visa knows where my new card is. The word is I can only wait some more.
Look at this site http://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/local/Gift-Card-Glitches-112087814.html
STAY AWAY FROM ANYTHING VANILLA. You have been warned. Darrell

i had the exact same issue -

i had the exact same issue - $250 card purchased on December 23rd. Activation works - purchased from Shoppers drug mart as well. I tried to use card within seconds of leaving store - didnt work. The clerk told me it can take an hour or so to load the funds - which was a total lie -as i've bought many before that never take time to load. Shoppers told me "bad luck, call the visa people"
i did that - reported the case - faxed off all the details -waited a couple of days to make sure they received it - then called back, they told me the fax was too dark and they couldnt read it. so i had to fax it all again thus delaying the process further. sadly of course they didnt call me to tell me they couldnt read the card number from the fax.
I have spoken with shoppers drug mart and tried to get them to take some actions- yet they are doing nothing - the cards are still on the shelf (at this location - danforth + broadview) and have just been told to deal with the visa people. Shouldnt Shoppers take some responsibility here selling defective items and refusing to refund them - or actually still selling them when they know there is an issue with them.

Vanilla Visa Cards

I bought one on Dec 24th @ Shoppers for $150.00 for a gift, paid cash, and cannot find my receipt. Called the 1-800 698 4966 number to ask what next. They advised that yes there was an issue with the cards, but without a receipt they couldn't help me. I've been digging through garbage and recycle bins all morning, and now they want me to go to the Shoppers Drug mart in Yorkdale to see if they can reprint the receipt. (Because I'm sure on Dec 24th they only sold a couple of these items) My questions are A) IF they KNEW the cards were duds, why didn't they pull them off the shelves? B) If Visa suddenly wants more money, is all they need to do is manufacture another bad batch? What's stopping them? C) What happens to the money from people that are in the same boat as me? D) If it's a known defect (which it seems it is, they admitted to me on the phone) isn't there something out there to protect the consumer? I realize by not having the receipt the onus could be construed as being on me to prove I paid for it. BUT IF IT'S A KNOWN PROBLEM certain exceptions should apply. NEVER AGAIN will use Visa. Period. I currently own 2 Visa cards, and I'll be switching them BOTH to Mastercard or alternate credit.

Vanilla isn't that bad

Don't get me wrong here, I had my troubles with a Vanilla VISA, but I used the Vanilla MasterCard no problem. There might be a difference, but I'm stating that my MasterCard worked fine. Then I used all of the funds on Steam.

Contact info for Vanilla Visa

I have the same problem as everyone else. I tried to activate my $250 Vanilla Visa and nothing! I tried calling the 1-800-698-4966 and I don't get an option to speak to someone. Is there another number? Can someone point in the right direction to my problem solved.

Clean Money

This a great way to clean some dirty money (money launder). Thanks to the greedy banks for creating this opportunity!


AMA {Alberta Motor Association} also offers a prepaid card that is very competitive and I have used it for almost everything! Only problem is you have to be a member.

Transfer money

I have about 15 of those vaniilla master cards and visa prepaid card i bought at money mart, and use over time, wanna get one good reload card now, is there a prepaid reloadable card that well let me transfer what left on those card


I applied for a BMO card a few years ago, for a "just incase" credit card. But I never ended up using it at all. I was then charged some ridiculous fees, and ended up owing over $100 in fee's - though it was never used. Never paid it, because I didn't even touch the thing. So eventually they cancelled it. I now need the card, but it's expired and cancelled. I tried to apply for a new one, but I never received anything in the mail. It's been a few months. Any advice on how to get a new one? or should I go with another prepaid card from somewhere else?

Cool Features

I have a Titanium Visa from Moneymart. The monthly fee is $7.50 (high) but I'm afraid to try any other cards because I enjoy the following features:
-instant loading
-instant notification via text and/or email of transactions, declines, loads, pre-auths, etc...
-reporting. I'v have had this card for several years now, I can go to their web site and view all spending activity in detail going back to the first purchase I ever made.
I think there are loading limits but if I recall they were something like 7,500

Is anyone aware of other cards with these features? & maybe a lower monthly fee?

titanium visa

Do you know if the titanium visa allows you to book flights online because that's the only reason I need a prepaid Visa at this point. Thanks.

You don't want Visa!

I encourage everyone to stay away from Visa Titanium, No one has taken my card and I have had it for 2 months, I'm bringing it back where I got it.

Visa Titanium

I like the titanium visa....................good for........ USA car rentals, booking flights, up to $10,000 load, easy to load (bank acct not necessary) safe in the fact that it can only be emptied if compromised. Just cancel then renew. Suggest keeping the load low until just prior to using. Can be compromised just as with any credit card. Mine was. However you can trace back all transactions and attempts right to the date and minute. Not yet seen another as good. Especially nice once you are recognized by merchant through past transactions. Other pre paids will not grab recognizable market share while below $10,000.00 limit. Suggest to $20,000.00 However, acceptance is up to the merchant. Shell Canada in Aldergrove, BC. does not accept. A loss to them considering I have 3 vehicles.

I am looking to book flights

I am looking to book flights online as well.....any feed back on which pre paid credit card would be great :D

Yes, I have one and the only

Yes, I have one and the only thing I use it for is booking flights and the occasional online purchase. I had no luck booking hotels with it though, even when it's had more than enough to cover the cost of the reservation plus a sizeable room deposit.

Have you been using this card

Have you been using this card online?

Are transactions often declined?

Some people are reporting problems with this card.

Prepaid Credit Cards

I have been looking for a Cheap, Reloadable Prepaid Credit Card for Customers Orders for Regal. It takes way too much time to go through my bank, etc. Which card do you suggest? I would like one that I do not have to pay too much for using the card, etc.

This sight has been VERY helpfull. "Thank You".

BMO travel mastercard loading...

you dont need to load it as a bill payment, I have one and all i do is transfer from my account to the mastercard and it's instant. I do it all the time. I opened a bmo account and as long as you just do a transfer from your account to the MC on the online banking it goes instantly...maybe this will help.

BMO Mosaik Travel Mastercard

This was a great card for a while but does have a few caveats:

  • You must have a BMO account or a relative with one (Father/mother) and an easy going bank manager.
  • You also cannot simple "deposit" money to the card. You deposit it by doing a bill payment on the card (2-3 business days)

Replacement card services overseas are appalling!!! I've been waiting over a month now for an "emergency replacement card" to no avail after many phone calls which meant no holiday shopping for friends and family back home. I call, they tell me they sent it.. wait a while, call back, "give it a few more days", call back "Sorry it wasn't mailed", then finally back to "Give it a few more days." etc.. ad nauseum... Not the end of the world for myself as simply a way to get around Western Union's highway robbery transfer and exchange fees, but if it had been a replacement for traveller's cheques as it's designed to be, I'd have been lost in a strange land and living on the street by now. Hotels won't wait 1 month to be paid and neither will your stomach when food runs out.

BMO Travel Mosiak

You can TRANSFER money directly on it IF you had an account with BMO, and now you can get one and avoid the monthly plan fees!!! open a Sobeys BMO account (link below), akin to the PC Financial accounts without the "get what you pay for" feel.. Or alternately you can visit any BMO branch and ask the front desk people to TRANSFER the funds directly onto the card... I personally would just open the account for that "do it myself" option... The fact that its a free account is a huge bonus

*TRANSFER has been capitalized as this is the operative word when processing these types of transactions, bill payments and transfers are two different actions. You can transfer into and out of BMO to BMO accounts and products, transfers are done in real time.


It was kind of hard to "Pop

It was kind of hard to "Pop down" to a branch when I was a 23 hour plane ride from one in Australia. (It's billed as a travel card) In the end I was paypaling money to a friend down there and getting it that way. It's too bad bank service fees for overseas withdrawals are so insanely high.

Titanium card?

What do you think of the Titanium prepaid card? http://www.mytitanium.ca/english/


I have been using the Titanium Card for years now (first MC, then Visa) and i'm very happy with it.

The only complaint I have is that I have to go to MoneyMart to reload it. I would like to see the option of being able to transfer funds online from my bank account to my card.

Purchasing a Visa or Mastercard gift card through PayPal...

I need to know where I can purchase a Visa or Mastercard gift card online, so I can use the money in my PayPal account to buy it? There must be a way to do this...
My PayPal account is verified, I had done so through my bank account; but I have since closed this account, and now I have no way to request funds from my PayPal account. I really need the cash though, and I figure the closest thing is to get a Visa or Mastercard gift card. Please help with how to do this!

us pre-apid cards

Loved down in Texas for a while - their pre-paid cards are awesome! Had a Walmart prepaid card and also a netspend card - they were so much better than anything available here in Canada! As usual - Canada sucks, but hopefully one day we might be lucky enough to have such cards here!

canada sucks?

Go back to tex.asss

us pre-paid cards

Maybe their cards look better, but when their whole country is going broke, thats the only thing they have, pal. They finance everything, nobody's buying anything for cash. Stop dreaming!

Using a prepaid card in Canada, but having it loaded in the US

I have a friend in the US who wants to load a prepaid card for me to use in Canada, but it seems that all of them want it to be loading via a canadian bank account. Does anyone know a way around this?

Assigning a U.S. Address and U.S. Gas Stations.

Has anyone used any of these cards in the U.S?

We've found, over the last few years, that some stations now ask for the ZIP code at the pump. RBC Visa and AMEX fail at the pump, and the stations are all becoming prepay, then pump, now. There is no way to prepay a rental car on a card (return the car with a full tank) since if you go in to pay, they must have an exact amount.

Anyway, a real pain.

Also, we have prepaid tmobile phones that we must buy refill cards for, since the website requires a U.S. address.

Do any of these cards allow you to enter a U.S. address? First, for paying at the pump, and second for 'u.s. address' purchases.


I'm sure you can add

I'm sure you can add secondary U.S. addresses, but this might not work for the gas station transactions, since your primary address will have a Canadian postal code. Stations I've gone to in the past will allow you to start pumping if you leave your driver's license with the cashier, and then come back and pay for your fill-up.

If you're in a bind (middle of the night and no attendant available), I've heard that entering the three numbers from your postal code with two zeros prefixed or suffixed to it can sometimes work as a zip code. Your RBC DEBIT card may work at many major gas stations with the PIN (the NYCE network), but RBC will probably charge you a fee for such convenience.

Some US Gas stations block all non-US credit cards as a rule, which I'm sure is a great business strategy.

As for T-Mobile, I've purchased credit in the past from discount websites without issues. So, the trick may be to just not buy from directly from T-Mobile. The last time I did this was in 2006 from cheapphonecards.com


Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard

This card is no longer available.

I am so glad I came across

I am so glad I came across this site.
I need some serious advice.

I am facing collections. Only work part-time. Don`t even have a bank account any more.
Need a new bank account. Need some sort of prepaid credit card.

I also need to figure out how to negotiate the re-payment (or settlement) of that huge debt that I am facing.

Please give me some advice as to which prepaid credit card would be the most suitable for my situation.

response to so glad I came across

I hope you got information about how to deal with your collection situation. There are lots of companies out there who can assist you with a proposal or credit councle. They will deal with the collecters for you. Best of luck.

Huge Debt

Do not pay that huge debt if it has already gone into collection. It won't do you any good. There are ways to get the monkey off your back and there are ways to repair your credit. If you need any help, let me know.

Bad Dept

I have a lot of credit card debt which have gone in to collections
I want to pay off the dept but lost my job and am now suffering from depression because of my suitation
Please let me know how to proceed with getting my credit back on track

I need help in BC for credit council

I would like to talk to someone about credit councelling. Mostly about he seize or sue laws for BC and Alberta please. Thanks

mastercard /canadaian tire

please help, my brother just got a job recenlty, did not pay is credit for the last 5 months, loss of job,how do i negociate a card that is at 25% interst rate the balance is at 7000.00 and they want payment immediateley in full,my brother needs advice, we want to pay, but the interest is killing my brother.pleae need need advice before we call them thanks for your help,


Paying off Credit Cards

To get lower interest, look into Consolidated Credit. They may be able to help. They are legite, we have been with them for a year. My credit cards will be paid off in 3.7 years. I am excieted to get out of credit card debt. Look them up online and give them a call. They are registered with the Better Business Bureau. They will get the interst lowered or no interest. There are few things you have to do. Yu can not apply for a credit card for the time yours is being paid off. Read and talk with the poeple at Canadian Consolidated Credit. It won't hurt to look into this company. I did.

Prepaid Credit Card for monthly expenditures

I have a tendency to overspend when using debit. I want a prepaid credit card monthly for the amount of $800.00. That is the amount I have decided I can afford per month for things like groceries, pet care, personal care etc. I'm hoping this will cut down on my extra spending. The object is to get to the end of the month before the prepaid credit card runs out.

I do not want to pay an arm and a leg to get a prepaid credit card. I'd need to reload it once a month only. Which one would you recommend?

Money Mart Pre Paid Mastercards

I use pre-paid cards that I usually buy at Money Mart (any locations). No name or anything required and you can buy in $25, $50 or $100 incriments, or you can get one that you can load up with a specific amount ($125, $200, etc). For me these ones always work the best.

BMO prepaid

Be warned BMO do a credit check on you for prepaid although it will not affect you getting your card it is not good if you have bad credit already or have companies looking for you because all info goes through credit bureau. I confirmed this talking to BMO today. She said it is an automated process and agreed if you have bad credit already it may not be good idea even though they will give a card regardless.

Can creditors grab funds??

I believe that very soon I will have a Canadian GOVT garnishment on my bank account.
I must assume the feds can find ANY bank account at ANY branch!
Question: I want to hide my funds in a BMO prepaid MC but I currently have a long standing personal account at BMO which will be the first account the GOVT will look to remove all my money, I presume. So if I *TRANSFER* the cash from my account onto a BMO prepaid MC, will the govt learn that and be able to seize the funds sitting in my BMO prepaid MC??
Would it work better if I merely withdrew all cash from my acct, then the next day walk into a different BMO branch and load the MC with that cash (showing no paper trail to my BMO acct) ???
Or maybe the RBC prepaid gift card is a better option for parking my fundds ??


Why are you trying to hide money anyway?

If the Canadian government is looking to start a garnishment on your bank account (presumably after trying to start one on your wages), it sounds like you owe court-ordered child support, or court-ordered alimony, or you haven't paid your taxes, or you're involved in some kind of illegal activity. All of which, I think, SHOULD result in a garnishment of your wages and/or accounts. And possibly prosecution. The government doesn't look to wage or bank account garnishments unless you've given them good reasons, or they feel you've given them good reasons, to do so. Get a lawyer; sounds like you need one.

Gov't garnishment

You can be garnisheed for something someone else did.
A friend was romantically involved with a general contractor in Alberta who was assessed for back taxes after they split up and she moved out of province.
The Feds were having a tough time getting any money out of him and all his work equipment was leased.
Then they found that she'd filed a GST rebate through her own account with his address on it 4 years previously, swooped in like starving vultures and snatched $11,000 of her money in early December of that year.
Took her nearly a year to get any of her money back and she had to borrow off friends and chop her own firewood to keep her cabin heated - she'd moved to a farm in central BC.

"Speaking from personal

"Speaking from personal experience it is possible to have a guaranshee against you when you are innocent. It comes from being foolish and overwhelmed and believing that justice will prevail when the allegations are ridiculous. I was dealing with raising special needs grandchildren and didn't keep the court date because of all that was going on. They were awarded everything they asked for because I wasn't there to defend myself.
So just because someone has a guaranshee against please don't assume they are a terrible person. They may just be foolish.

that's such horse s*it. the

that's such horse s*it. the government can seek to garnish your wages and/or available account balances for nothing more then NOT filing income tax. They simply 'assess' what they feel you should have earned/paid and that's that. NEVER trust the government.

Previous review is correct:

Previous review is correct: the government can (and does) garnish your salary simply because you have not filed for the previous year, EVEN if you do not actually owe them anything. They have all the rights and you have NONE.

That happened to me, because

That happened to me, because I didn't file a GST return (I had no business income that year so I didn't bother) they "assumed" I made the same as the previous year and they took $3000 from my account. It took 4 months to get my money back. If you want to ensure the ignorant bureaucrats can't find your money never pay the government or taxes of any kind with a personal cheque. Always use a money order. When you pay by cheque they record all your banking info from it.

money from your chequing

money from your chequing account will be taken as "cash withdrawal". It wont show anything to do with prepaid card. Good luck.

Cash is King!

Cash is King!

Which prepaid card works best for me?

I want to get a prepaid master or visa card to load up to save towards a purchase of land through auctions. First, they work by visa or mastercard at this site, second, I put the deposit down so must be able to load up to $5,000.00 and then do monthly payments up to 50 months. Can get new one down the road, yes. So, one that can let me load and save for a bit, one that is long term, one without credit checks too, and not too much on the fees either. Any suggestions for me?

Canadian Tire Card no longer available

I was informed that Cdn Tire will no longer be providing a pre-paid card and any balance on my account will be returned later in April 2010.

Boo!! It was working well for me. Now I have to start all over.

good info

I learnt alot..I didn't even know I had this many options. Thanks again for all this info.

Thank you Dan !!!

Thank you Dan !!!

Canadian Tire Prepaid Master Card

I received a CT prepaid Mastercard but have been unable to use it. I activated it by telephone but have been unable to activate it online which is the only way you can load anything on it. I email tech support as suggested and received the usual 'this will be answered in 48 hours.' However, there was no further response. I called customer service telephone number on the back of the card and they referred me to the online tech support which again said 'r8 hours'. I did this at least four times with no success. The most suspicious part of this is that the telephone support had no connection with the online part of it. One of the managers told me that their only way of contacting the online people was to email tech support the same as I was doing. Surely something with Canadian Tire name on it and Mastercard name on it would be expected to work seamlessly. Anyway, I gave up. It is too scary to put my money on to a card that operates as badly as that.

Pre PAid cards

My SOn will be travelling from Canada to Ireland, England and Wales.
What type of card do you suggest, instead of him using cash all the time.

prepaid visa

I have a reloadable prepaid visa card from Vancity and you can reload it online from your bank account. Its registered to your name and I have had no problems getting it accepted anywhere. Check out https://www.vancity.com/VISA/enviroReloadableVISA/

the best card to let him use

the best card to let him use is the BMO prepaid master card great i use it all over the world

ATM Alliance

Scotiabank Debit Card: Check out the ATM World Alliance. He can use it to withdraw cash at Barclays Woolwich branches with no fee, and rumour has it the exchange is a good rate too.

This thread is great!,

This thread has helped me out a lot. I was actually googling which bank would be a better choice to apply for a basic credit card to do mainly online shopping, and I foudn this thread and was introduced to pre-paid cards which I didn't even know existed. For me I already have an RBC Visa card that I use for my monthly payments, and various online shopping. I friend of mine recently had his credit card number copied from an online purchase and it really screwed up his bill payment since like me he uses one credit card for everything. So now I'm looking to get a second credit card just for online shopping and have a low credit limit like 500$ so if something does happen it won't cause a huge dent and also cause a head ache with me Visa. I think I'm going to go with the BMO pre-paid mastercard because I'm probably only going to load it up when I need to buy something online, and if I read correctly you don't get charged for loading it up whenever you want? and also there isn't a fee for every time you use it online or over the counter?


Mosiak Card

I went on the BMO website to read over the application for a BMO Mosiak prepaid card. I was a little put off by the disclaimer that they could disclose my information to the credit bureau. Why would this be necessary on a Pre paid card? It should not be relevant to them?

It is true they do that as I

It is true they do that as I spoke with them today it is just their procedure but definitely not good if you have issues with credit already because it will pop up like a ballon on the radar screen !

BMO Mosaik Prepaid Mastercard Credit Check

I believe it is twofold:
  1. Financial Identity Verification in Canada is often done through credit checks, as it's one of the few databases that banks can access to make sure the name, address, date of birth, etc., that you give are legitimate.
  2. Even though it is a prepaid card, there are instances where you could spend more than your available credit. For instance, many parking machines dump their transactions for the day overnight, so they're basically trusting that your credit card will cover the transaction. This is also the case with retailers that merely make a carbon-copy of your card and submit it weekly to their transaction processor to debit your credit card. If you're in debt on these, it'll get reported to a credit bureau (as it should).
I'll email BMO to get a more definite answer. Thanks for your question!

prepaids - in US funds?

My 10 year old likes to buy things on-line I bought a Vanilla card for her to do so.
Great concept; however, many items are priced in US funds. Not only does Vanilla soak you on the exchange rate but they also charge a 2.5% fee for the service. That makes the entire exercise a little expensive.
Is it possible to get a US funds pre-paid charge card in Canada?

US Dollar Prepaid Cards in Canada

Not that I am aware of, within Canada anyway. You could certainly purchase one from the US, however, you'll probably have difficulty purchasing things that will get shipped to Canada. Unless you have some other source of US$, 2.5% isn't a huge loss, since you'll have to pay ~2% or so just to convert your Canadian dollars into US dollars to pay the bill.

US Dollar Prepaid Cards in Canada

Money Mart (www.moneymart.ca) offers a US Dollar Prepaid card through their locations.

Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard - Security of Loaded Funds

I recently received my Canadian Tire PrePaid Mastercard and loaded it with $50.00 to start.

Since then, I have been doing some research and discovered that it is NOT covered by any deposit insurance such as "The Canadian Deposit Insurance Act", so people need to keep this in mind - if something goes wrong with the service provider, Mint Technology Corp. and Mint Capital Corp, our funds are not protected and could be lost. This lack of protection for consumers is mentioned in the terms and conditions of the Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard.

CDIC will not cover any

CDIC will not cover any monies remaining on a prepaid card.

i live in kitchener ontario

i live in kitchener ontario and just bought a $100 mytreat visa gift card at my local pharma plus and the fee was $5.95. i was able to register the card online and access the balance for free (always) and already made a paypal purchase with it(after linking it with my paypal account first of course). sitting at the computer and registering the card at mybalance.ca, then linking it to my paypal account and finally making the ebay purchase all took no more than 15 minutes. i'm trying the canadian tire card next. sweet!

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