Postal Money Order Cost through Canada Post

A postal money order is a lot like a bank money order, or bank draft, except it can be cashed through both a bank and any postal outlet/office.

Some banks and banking "plans" offer free/cheap bank drafts. Sometimes you can ask nicely and they won't charge them to you either.

Be careful of the exchange rates that Canada Post offers you if you're buying in a foreign currency. Unfortunately, they no longer accept US$ Cash when purchasing a US$ Money Order. 

Canada Post Postal Money Orders cost:

$5.50 for CAD$ Money orders and US$ International Money orders (for cashing in the USA only)

$6.00 for some others.

For the most part, these money order prices are terrible. They used to be $3.50 or so, and even that was a lot.

If you're sending funds to someone in Canada, it probably makes more sense to send a regular money order. It will have to be cashed at a bank, but this shouldn't be a problem for most people. However, if the receiver will have to take the postal money order to a cheque cashing establishment which will probably charge 1% of the face value, it may be cheaper to send a postal money order, which is cashed at no charge through a post office. 

"Regular" Money orders aren't available just through banks, but sometimes convenience stores too. I recall the lottery booth in a local mall selling them for $2.xx recently. 

If you are sending funds to the USA, "regular" money orders can be problematic for the receiver to cash, since American banks treat anything from Canada as foreign, and it will take forever to clear, and even may incur substantial fees to process. US/International Postal money orders may be the way to go in these situations. If this needs to be done frequently, consider getting a US Bank account as a Canadian so that you may write true US cheques



money order getting expensive

I noticed that since 2005. Money order used to be 2.50, current 5.50, now I hear that it might go up again. Prices are ridiculous as it is.
Given with what little option I have. I sporadically use my prepaid credit card when it comes to paying the telephone bill. Most of the time its money order.

Canada Post = Rip Off on a grand scale

Canada Post has inflated prices that mock the Canadian public since we are captive customers.

I recently mailed THREE (3) sheets of paper to Europe. The cost was $4.52. RIDICULOUS.

And charging taxes on stamps? How stupid is this.

I travel a lot abroad and am pretty sure that Canada Post must be the most expensive postal service in the world.

I'm exactly in the same

I'm exactly in the same situation. Tried that 1-800-563-0444 phone number for verification, and I can't find a 9-digit security code on my receipt.

I guess the only solution is to either go to a canada post office or switch to manual validation through a human agent at that phone number.

money order

i am trying to trace a money order but got stuck because i cant find a 9 digit security code on the receipt .will you help? thanks

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