Debit Visa / Visa Debit Problems (especially CIBC Advantage Debit Visa)

As of December 19th, things appear a lot better now, with reports of successful Paypal,, iTunes and Ebay purchases, but still lots of people ending up on this page searching for problems with this card and Paypal. Vishal helpfully reports that Canadian merchants actually have to opt-in to accept Visa Debit (even online), so that is likely the problem with rejected transactions, so give it time.

Having problems with the Debit Visa when purchasing online, or at a regular store? Please leave a comment here, so we can put pressure on the retailer and CIBC to fix their problems.

Need more info on the CIBC Advantage Debit Visa? Check out my article on the launch. It's a new product in Canada, so there are a few bumps in the road, but with time, it should get sorted out, hopefully in time for when TD, BMO, Scotia and the others launch their Debit Visas and Debit Mastercards.

This card should be accepted anywhere that a debit card or a Visa card is accepted, which should be practically everywhere.

So far, I've read about problems with the following retailers:
Paypal -> Including companies, like Dealextreme, that use Paypal to accept payments.

It's even worse than I thought it was. I'm sure Paypal, Amazon and Apple are responsible for 75%+ of online purchases in Canada.

Keep in mind, that any retailer that accepts debit should be processing these cards as a DEBIT/INTERAC transaction, even though the card has the shiny Visa logo, and the easy-to-miss Interac logo. That is often why a regular store rejects the card. But there's really no excuse for online purchase rejections other than a badly configured system at the other end.

Also, keep in mind that many online vendors don't know about this card. As soon as you mention "debit", they'll say that they only take Visa or Mastercard as a response. Boo-urns.

Please leave a comment with where you've had success, or where you've had a problem.

CIBC Visa Advantage Debit Card/Virgin Mobile Canada

I am so flabbergasted at the fact that Virgin Mobile Canada and CIBC have not got their heads straightened with regarding to topping up a pre-paid phone online.


My Visa Debit is not working on a nice dating site, I had to order a VIA BUY MasterCard, When it arrives I will try to use it and see if my card is the problem or the website itself, Thank you and keep me posted on any useful information

This was 4 years ago

This was 4 years ago that people were having this complaint about CIBC visa debit cards, and they're still not working TODAY?!? WTF!!!

Shame on you CIBC. I love your banking usually, but this is utterly unacceptable.



I was about to write

I was about to write something with the same headline! It was four years ago! It's ridiculous that so many Canadian retailers still don't accept visa debit. What's the point of the card if they don't do so?

read my posts below and it

read my posts below and it hasn't anything to do with any particular bank but the cards being too easily open to Fraud. I am guessing that the banks are not willing to pay Visa when frauds take place and for that Visa is likely not opening these up across the board and individual stores, companies, etc, are choosing to use them figuring they will lose too many customers if they don't and then just swallow whatever amounts they do lose to Fraud.

Likely for them, the better of two evils.

Bmo pre-paid travel card

Hi, I am planning a trip and would like to use the bmo prepaid MC to book online. I will most lolly use a site like expedia or sell off vacations. Has any body successfully used this card to book online for a vacation?

visa debit RBC to work with greyhound

i have noticed that greyhound doesn't accept this card. even though it's a valid way of paying for tickets. i would like them to change that.

Super8 hotel

I have used my cibc visa debit in Seattle at a four star hotel yet the super 8 which is maybe 1.5 stars in Calgary Alberta doesn't accept it. Leaving my fiancé and I stranded for a place to stay while vacationing to attend a wedding. Very pissed that it fails at such an average location. More pissed that the super 8 pretty much just says "awww too bad" even with an offer of $1000 deposit cash for our room.

Trying with Shaw

I was required to use a Visa with a new Shaw student promotion (bad marketing strategy on their part). I told them "I have a Visa Debit" and they said it would work. We'll have to see, I guess. I also realized I overpaid them before and wanted the money back. They said* they could I could go in-store and get the money returned. I went there any they said the only way they could do it would be through Visa. I said again I had a Visa debit and they said it should work. They said it would take 24-48 hours and it's been 24. So we'll see.

* First they said they could only do it through a cheque that they will mail in 5-8 weeks. Then they said I could go to the retail place. Then a guy at retail said he could only do cheque. Then I wen to another retail place where they said they could only do up to $20 (what?). Then he conceded he could do reverse it to the Visa.

Allegiant Airlines and TD Visa Debit

I just booked a ticket with Allegiant Airlines and it worked for me. I couldn't take advantage of the Visa Debit card discount, but it worked as a Visa Credit Card during the checkout process no problems.

cineplex visa debit TD

visa debit wont work on and "interact online" wont accept the visa capable cards. and i dislike paypal.

I just bought tickets at

I just bought tickets at using td visa debit. No problems working.

Visa Debit with PayPal

Hello everybody,
I represent Pool Supplies Canada and am looking to have PayPal start accepting Visa Debit
I have gone through the whole talking to them and they have an email address we can send our requests to to get this feature integrated into there system.
Please email them a request to [email protected] or [email protected]
Thank you for helping us make Canada a better place for Online sales in your assistance.

I have successfully applied

I have successfully applied my virtual visa debit card to Paypal, and have used it a few times with no issues whatsoever. I had called Paypal first and asked them if they would accept them, and they told me they did. :)

Agreed with most. My TD Visa

Agreed with most. My TD Visa debit has been rejected far more times then it's been accepted. TD customer service informed me today (March 25 2013) this card can only be used for US purchases online and that Canadian merchants will not accept it. So, what exactly is the point of this? What terrible waste of a product launch.

About TD VISA debit Card

I've been reading a lot of comment about the new Visa debit card has been rejected by many terms tranaction being use in canada, myself I have experience also, I had the old regular TD debit card such as no Visa logo , intearct only, i am very much enjpy using that regular TD depit card online for making interact purchase such as buying my airtine voucher for example, instead of going to the store and buy one from the retail store, that need time to get there, for purchase ait time through the interact section is more convience i look at it until i have the new
Visa debit card with TD Visa logo and I cannot buy any airtime for my phone through any online interact section, it bring me to the page where the TD online interact section, on the bottom, it said, any with TD Visa logo card cannot be make any tranaction online interact on any purchases with the TD Visa debit logo, that very not convience, I prefer the old TD regular debit card better, but I tried to ask the bank to change back the regular one and I was mention to them about this issues, they kept saing that " Sure u can by using the TD Visa with the Visa logo and buy your airtime, I been tried many time will not work at all, and they said they cannot issues the regular dept card anymore.

One condition I also like about the TD Visa debit card, when you plans to purchase direct online orders, example: order from Dell Canada, Amazon, almost other companies with VISA debits logo allow you to make purchase online with no problem, except on Rogers Wireless, Telus Mobility, Chat T, and other wireless company not allow to make any payment through the TD Visa debit card, or makes any direct purchase of Wireless air voucher,, I believe the TD or other banking specialist should look in to this matter and have this Visa debit work the same as the regular debit card, it will be more convience for everyone enjoy the banking direct online purchase..


This won't help anyone but I had someone at a store tell me that these cards are too open to Fraud here in Canada and for that reason, many are choosing not to use it.
What I would like to find out is why these are more open to it here than in the US but its likely something to do with a law we have here that is different than in the US and they can't get payment when fraud has been committed as easily as they can in the States.

That may not help anyone but it might give you a place in which to start asking the right questions.....

CIBC Visa Debit issues

So here is what I have learned from the banks after many complaints.

In Canada VISA transactions are processed for the majority of venodors through the Interac Network. The CIBC TD Visa debit card's do not use the Interac network for VISA Debits, they use the VISA network. But for debit purchased they use the interac network. And since the numbers are registered with the Interac network. Any time you use the card in Canada or a Canadian site. It will try the interac network, and it will reject as a VISA card.

If the Canadian vendor uses the VISA network it will work fine. For transactions in the US, it will process as a VISA Debit since the US does not have the interac network, and will work fine.

What I find odd is I have a ROGERS Internet Stick. And my CIBC VIsa Debit card works fine for it to take my montly charges. It works fine on my wifes Rogers Cell phone. On my spare prepaid cell phone it will not work.

For SHAW it works fine for payment on my Hardware I have a payment plan on it works fine.

But for Shaw I can not use it to pay bills.

So again it seams to be how the Vendor handles the card is it a VISA processed through the VISA network or through the Interac network.

cibc visa debit card useless

cannot make any online purchases what so ever.

CIBC Debit VISA and Apple

On Black Friday I used my CIBC Debit VISA to purchase 2 iPads and it went off without a hitch. I have also purchased other stuff from the online Apple store without issue.

Not working at Point of Sale

My banker suggested the CIBC Advantage card because I travel internationally. It works in the ATM, but I have not yet managed a successful POS transaction (not online, in real life, and I do specify it's debit). It keeps telling me my PIN is invalid, and I KNOW I entered it correctly. I went back to the bank after the first week and they exchanged the card, saying it might be a manufacturing defect. Looking through the comments here, I can't believe that in two years they haven't managed to resolve the issues with this card. Who has the time to mess around with crappy products like this? I still have my old debit card - planning to take it back to the bank and see if I can reactivate it instead. I had far less trouble using it in cash machines internationally than I'm having using the new one in Canada. Painful!

CIBC works on Steam IIRC

CIBC Visa works for me on Steam.

Sony PSN, Nintendo 3DS eShop,

Sony PSN, Nintendo 3DS eShop, Google Wallet: Not Accepted.
Steam: does work with TD Debit Visa, possibly others.

Does work with psn wallet its

Does work with psn wallet its how ive been buying my games. but you must do it online and it has to be exactly as it is shon on your bank account

nope, still nothing.

I just tried again today. On the console it tells me there is an error with my details, on the website it flat out says that my card number is invalid, even though it detects the number as a visa and selects it from the drop down automatically. They must be detecting the card type as a debit visa by the first four digits and automatically telling you to piss off and take your money with you, you dont even have to submit it, the php does it as soon as you finish entering the number, it doesn't even try to run it through the visa system.

And (Rant time) no, I don't want to waste time and gas running to the store all the time to get some permutation of $20 & $50 cards that will always total $10 more than I need and not quite enough for another small purchase, so I have to run to the store for another $20 or $50 card and do it all again. I hate that crap, the whole system is intentionally designed to do that so Sony earns interest on that $2.63 I have sitting there being useless.

Google wallet now works though, so that's a plus.

Doesn't for for Rogers

Doesn't for for Rogers Wireless, even to top up my phone!

cibc advantage debit doesn't work for android play store

My card wont work for the Google play store. It says "this card has been declined" a few weeks ago it said something along the lines of "we cannot accept this card". Very frustrated.

TDCanadaTrust Visa Debit Card Launch Seriously Flawed!

Just spent a frustrating, aggravating, time-consuming/wasting and costly week and a half trying to get Allegiant Airlines to accept our new TDCanadaTrust Visa Debit card. Spoke to Allegiant twice, at-length, on a long distance call that I was paying for and talked to TDCanadaTrust's EasyWeb line three times, also at-length, but it was anything but 'Easy (two 'bum steers' there)! Finally, went to my local branch and was fortunate to get a senior branch person. After his speaking to three different 'Help' lines, it was finally established that the TDCanadaTrust Visa Debit card launch was premature - although all the sales literature from both TDCanadaTrust and Visa says that this card will be accepted for international online purchases "anywhere Visa is accepted", it isn't true. Not by a long shot!!! Apparently, you can get the many U.S. websites that won't currently accept it to process it by selecting 'Visa Credit' instead of 'Visa Debit' as the payment option. Of course, if you were getting a discount for paying by Visa Debit, well you can now kiss that goodbye! You might be able to convince the online retailer to give it to you if you call them, since the payment is ultimately processed as a debit from your account, but there is no guarantee (e.g., Allegiant 'doesn't do refunds'). As a result of all of this, Allegiant just lost a slight competitive advantage with us.
Just so you know, this was about more than a $16 US discount for paying with debit (Allegiant only tells you at the very end of their booking process that they only accept 'Visa Debit' and 'Mastercard Debit' cards (and, as we now know, only a spotty selection of those) and not just any, old bank debit card. As a result of that initial, poor communication, we lost some good tickets (had no idea why our payment was being rejected and, in thrashing about, someone else scooped up the last tickets), costing us a further $36 US!
You would have thought that they would have at least done a simple, web search (which is how I found this website) when they were considering launching the Visa Debit card and learned something from the negative experience of the CIBC Advantage card TWO YEARS ago. TDCanadaTrust made some obligatory commitments to us as to how seriously they were taking this problem and are hoping to have it solved within a couple of months (just before the busy Christmas shopping season - now that might actually provide some motivation). I stressed to them how they need to fix their online literature NOW so that no more customers have to go through what we just did. If the sixth person 'we' spoke to at TDCanadaTrust was "well aware of this problem", why weren't all those other 'Customer Service' reps?!
It is finally becoming clear to me that this is a matter of the various payments processors, in the U.S. anyways, not being ready for these Canadian Debit cards. In an effort to figure this out (since no one else was being of much help), I had contacted Visa Canada and they basically 'blew me off' with a bunch of legaleze, mumbo-jumbo and not a single answer to my questions. That these payments processors need to make some changes in order to accept the cards that Visa/TDCanadaTrust were promising would be accepted "everywhere" certainly should not have been a surprise to anyone in the business.

TD Visa Debit Card

Have just tried to pay for Allegiant fares using a TD Visa debit card to take advantage of the debit discount and it will not process. This problem has still not been fixed and it has been 8 months since Vigilantz post. Come on TD, this is costing your valued customers a lot of money for promises not kept. Very frustrating at the level of inaction and ambivalence

TD Visa Debit Flawed

I made a purchase at the Apple online store in Canada and the funds were debited from my account right away. Now I got an email from the merchant saying that payment wasn't available because of insufficient funds. I called apple who said they would send an authorization request for the payment. TD basically gave me the runaround. I spoke at length to numerous representatives who said the would launch an "investigation" and that it would take 7-30 days for resolution! I asked them to provide Apple with authorization and they all just seem completely dumbfounded. I cancelled my order as I now plan to pick it up in store. But this is just seriously flawed service, information and just the overall experience sucks. This is Christmas reason you would think they would get their act together but no, just common complacency with no results. No on wants to assume responsibility or take action. As soon as this is over, I'm closing my TD accoutn. I've been with the, for 17 years and there was no one able to help, not even their "supervisor". So I'm going to close my account when this is all done. Thanks for nothing TD! REALLY GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE

I have had the same problem

I have had the same problem with Apple and a payment that was later reversed. Interestingly enough, at one point in time the same thing happened with any of those Visa cards you could buy at the store that had a set amount such as $20 or $50 on them. In fact a few years ago one night i bought about $48 worth of apps and a few weeks later i was told it was reversed and I had to pay again. I couldn't get into my account with Apple until i did.

Again, as i have explained somewhere else on this page, apparently it has to do with FRAUD being easier on these cards than regular Visa cards and they are refusing them for that reason. I have been told it isn't any one bank in particular but all of them. My guess its with Visa, and that the banks are not willing to make restitution if any frauds take place. Visa is likely pressuring them to change this or lose customer service due to unhappy clients. It might have something to do with our own laws and one that might not make the banks pay the fraud amount to Visa.

Surprised the media hasn't done a story on this yet.

Hellloooooo Toronto Star????

I bought an IPad Mini from

I bought an IPad Mini from Apple online and wanted to try the debt visa feature. Apple 'pre - authorized' the amount and a week later Apple took another payment for the item. Called Apple and td over the last month to continuously be told it was the others problem. Just found it is a problem with td and they don't have a solution.

CIBC Visa Advantage Debit Leaves Traveller Starving

The CIBC Advantage Visa debit locked me out on vacation in a far flung spot..leaving me near stavation more than 2 weeks while I waited for a replacement card....

They recently implmented the

They recently implmented the emergency card replacement program. I was in Asia in October, lost my wallet and got my new debit card courier out to me in Vietnam in 3 days!

Always a good idea to call

Always a good idea to call your credit card/debit card provider in advance when you're going on foreign holidays. My understanding is that they can put a note on your account, or even open up a "window" of acceptability for your transactions.

CIBC refuses to put a note on

CIBC refuses to put a note on my debit account about my travel plans. They also claim they do not monitor debit accounts. However, last year they locked me out of my account trying to withdraw cash in Indonesia. Totally useless.

RBC Virtual Visa Debit Card

RBC Virtual Visa Debit SUCKS! Perhaps they will get the 'kinks' worked out eventually, but if you have a dispute with them, may God help you - sadly, none of the RBC representatives will be able to do anything about it

TD VISA Debit Returned

Went back to my TD Branch and asked for an old Interac card. They had a small pile leftover. Could have burned by TD Visa Debit in effigy for all the headaches and problems and lost time it has caused me. Worst launch of a new banking product I can recall... with use my Interac card for debit and my Visa for credit card purchases, VISA Debit is an epic fail.

Good to know that you can

Good to know that you can exchange your original for an old Interac card. I could only imagine the distances that people will be driving for a new "old" card if the debit Visa continues to fail to work. Too bad they didn't learn from CIBC :(

TD Debit Visa

Doesn't work online. Even if it's on their approved merchant list. Air canada, amazon, us sites. I can't link my paypal to it. It's useless for any online payments.

This Card Sucks

I have the TD Visa Debit card and we are now 2012 lol, well so far no luck for me ordering online, Future Shop, Walmart Canada, Staples don't accept this card. Well at least I can get Toy R Us but I still have to go through paypal to make the order.

Makes a crappy debit card too

I have the td visa debit. My old debit card had a problem when i was depositing money in branch so they offered me a new visa debit card.

I have had countless problems with terminals reading the chip as a visa first. I process the trxn and then it says not accepted, use restricted by branch, declined. The retailer then swipes it and i go through the process again and it says restricted , chip card, then i go through one or two more times and it finally accepts the chip as a debit card.

Its almost like visa and interac are fighting over taking my card inside every merchant terminal.

I read up and am sure to tell the merchant that it is a debit transaction before handing them the card to minimize problems but most of the machines autodetect which i beleive is the source of the problem -- its both!

I havent had a problem with a hard decline, usually it eventually works but friggin annoying to have to process the same transaction 3-4 times before the machine gets it right. This is all over the place, mcdonalds, safeway, little shops, boston pizza. I have not ever used the visa features of the card this is all in-person at the merchant terminal.

No way to book flight on internet.
Air Transat
Air Canada
Air France
British Airways
... are all refusing my VISA debit card !
2 days ago i found a roundtrip montreal-paris for 920 CAD ... couldn't book !
today it was 1030 CAD (same flight), coudn't book !
Now i have to ask my family to book for me, how much will it cost ?

Best Flights

The Aussie banks launched Visa Debit 10 years ago without a hitch, don't know how the Canadian banks are making such a monumental mess of it. work with both my Aussie vida debit and my CIBC visa debit.

Air Transat

Impossible to book my flight tickets and if I don't have it shortly I will pay the double I aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam so angry !!!!

I have been able to use mine

I have been able to use mine online for instant payments through Paypal, book hotel rooms, Old Navy.. etc. But I have not had success with some other sites like when I tried to renew my Norton Antivirus or buy a Groupon.

hmmm old navy? they don't

hmmm old navy? they don't accept it for me, they don't have that option of payment, how did you put the order through, curious cause I wanted to buy from there.
I find everytime I try putting orders online through the Vista Credit Card option it declines my card, I only can purchase items if there is a vista debit selection or paypal. has the Vista Debit option.
Toyr R Us has i have said in a previous post so far, future shop, walmart canada, staples does not accept, i tried putting those orders through as a vista credit card as they do not have the debit option, but always gets declined.

RBC Virtual Visa Debit - anyone got one?

My Girlfriend received a Virtual Visa Debit card from RBC a few days ago, interesting, no chip, no magnetic strip, looks more like a library card. Anyway ... I was wondering if anyone has had one of these for a while, is it really "accepted everywhere visa is" or is this card subject to all the same problems with merchants who haven't opted in?

And why the f**k should the merchants have to opt-in, that's stupid, if they accept visa, it should just work!

It's completely useless. No

It's completely useless. No one accepts it. I've tried ordering products online from 3 different canadian stores and was declined every time. Perhaps RBC should have spend time marketing the card to merchants who need to sign up in order for their customers to use it instead of sending out a useless piece of crap to their customers that so far is not accepted ANYWHERE!!

I got my rbc visa debit

I got my rbc visa debit thingy today and I'm disappointed. I was under the impression it would be accepted online or over the phone wherever visa is accepted. Tried to switch my Sirius satellite radio sub over to the new dice. That's pretty much the only thing i'd use it for.

RBC CARD sucks

I had LESS problems with the cibc card. I've ordered ebooks from Amazon, but can't purchase apps through google play or Amazon app store. Useless to me.

I have one. It seems to have

I have one. It seems to have all the same problems as the CIBC card. Doesn't work for PSN, Netflix, Amazon, or YMCA Gym Membership processing online

RBC Virtual Visa Debit

I've been able to us it to order some computer parts off some random site that too visa, linked to paypal, and can pay netflix, but everything else I've tried to far encounters a problem. Can link to psn account or even use it for 1 time add of funds

Cuba Worked

Funny thing is, I have major issues with purchases within Canada, but when I went to Cuba (others could not use their CC or Debit cards there (TD CanadaTrust & First Calgary Financial))My CIBC Visa worked like a charm!

Has worked on ONE site yet..

Have tried it one Apple, Homedepot, Best Buy, HP, Lenovo.. Everywhere! It doesnt work it comes out rejected ..

It has worked ONCE though - God bless I could book a plane ticket

Not impressed, CIBC/Visa. Not impressed

That's strange

Perhaps its the card that you were issued that is faulty. When ever I want to purchase apps from I tunes it is processed through my visa debit card. Have you contacted your branch?
Try that and see how it works, best wishes.

CIBC debit-visa card does not

CIBC debit-visa card does not work at Costco gas pumps; specifically at Merivale location. It works fine in store however.
I have asked store manager why, but to date have no satisfactory reply.

Declined to authorize payment

Attempted to make a purchase on and received an email shortly after stating that my back had declined to authorize the payment. This is an american website so I didn't think that I would run into similar issues that people are having on Canadian sites.

Visa Debit

My CIBC visa debit works better in the US than what it does in Canada. It works perfectly online when I buy from UK and US websites, but is often declined through Canadian websites.
Also Canadian retailers get confused when I present the card. They completely ignore the debit sign and put it through as a Visa credit card.

Air Canada accepts Visa Debit now

Here's the link to today's press release:



visa/debit card travesty

My husband was told he had to have this card collective debit/visa, rather then the two seperate cards. This was last november 2011. He went to the bank yesterday because he misplaced it and needed a new one. The bank replaced it and when he inquired as to the account balance they advised him and also told him of recent transactions( there should have been none). To horror and shock, Visa had fraudulently taken money without his authorization over $300.00. The payment for this month is not yet due. BE WARNED PEOPLE THEY WILL JUST GO IN AND TAKE YOUR MONEY.

Visa debit

My CIBC Visa debit works part time with Godaddy. It drives me insane because nobody has any answers. Godaddy says it is CIBC and CIBC says it is Godaddy. Neither actually know why it happens. I just go to Netfirms(officially accepts the card) for when it doesnt work. Then a couple of days go by and it will work at Godaddy again. Weird. I wish they would just fix it.

visa debit

I should also mention that Windmobile does not accept it. Rogers will.

Does not appear to work with Hudson Bay Co.?

It appears that the card- cibc debit does not work on the Bay's website. says it's not a valid credit/debit card. Anyone try the Bay yet? Online, not instore I'd be interested in others comments on this situation.

NOT accepted online. I've talked to them a few times on the phone about it. Weird thing is that they will accept those damn prepaid credit cards. haha I JUST want to pay my bills. Yeeeeeesh!


not working with psn i have tried adding it on both psp and ps3 and nothing i have though sucsesfully added it on itunes and steam havent tried anything else yet

Kobo (ebooks, ereaders)

I buy a lot of books through Kobo for my ereader. They don't recognize the debit Visa card. I sent them an email trying to explain that is 'should' work....they replied they don't accept pre-paid cards....I was like 'this isn't a prepaid's a DEBIT card that should be recognized as a VISA card as well'......they had no clue what I was talking about.

KOBO is the only place I've run into this problem....can use it fine with other places I've tried (ie: netflix, Xbox, PSnetwork)

RBC virtual visa

I tried using the RBC virtual visa debit card on Kobo too, and it kept on coming back as invalid, very frustrating because I read a lot and order quite often. It also doesn't work at Greyhound online. Piece of shit useless card!

Android Market fail

I have tried for the past month to buy the BTK Twins app from the Android market for the past month or so with no luck. It will not let me purchase any apps at all with my Visa debit card. It is one I got at the bank, bt it is still a Visa. It keeps telling me my instrument is invalid when it is not. I have used it at multiple stores and So there is nothing wrong with my card.

Same Problem

I got the same problem at the Android Market... as of 30 March 2012. I have to use my wife's card for purchases. Sucks... makes me feel like I'm borrowing money from mother.

Best Buy and HP also do not

Best Buy and HP also do not accept the CIBC visa debit card. It seemed like a good idea, but if merchants can refuse to honor this legitimate form of payment, what's the point?

BTW, I have had a U.S. bank Mastercard debit card for 12 years, and used it everywhere from hotels to online retailers, and never once had it refused.

Use this website to pay with Paypal for products

If you live in Canada and want to buy from and pay through Paypal, go to and place your order through us. No need to worry because we have amazon's A-Z guarantee to protect us from the sellers and you have Paypal to protect you.

Amazon accepts the CIBC Advantage Card

There's no need to use paypal on as they accept the card. They've been accepting the card for more than a year now.

This appears legitimate, but

This appears legitimate, but I'd still be careful with it, especially with the Paypal side of things. Care to elaborate who the people are behind your product?

UPS Delivery man won't accept my CIBC Visa Debit!

I wish I wouldn't have cancelled my CC's now. UPS doesn't accept CIBC Visa Debit card. They won't take cash either. The packages had to be sent back to the retailer. Well, the commercial sold me at the time. Online, iHerb won't accept it among many others. This really limits my online shopping.

I mean't, not iHerb! Also, don't try to buy lottery tickets online, it was declined by the OLG (649 Lotto Advance) and the Heart and Stroke Lottery etc. etc.

Doesn't work

Doesn't work on PS network, doesnt work on B.C. government website. Can't call up and order pizza and put it on the card. Doesn't work on Google Wallet (Android Market). Overall Quite Useless.

Greyhound = Good / Bell = Bad

Just made a successful purchase with Greyhound's online booking service.

Bell Mobility still doesn't work


Having problems with the card being accepted by Google Wallet.

TD Visa declined by Google Wallet.

I have a TD Visa debit card brand new from my branch. I'm Canadian and I tried using my card through Google Wallet. Every time I receive a declined notice from Google. I have been to my bank several times with inquiries about needed fees and updated cards and still no luck. To top this off my card is supposedly on the list of supported cards for Google Wallet.

If there is anyway I could get help it would be much appreciated.

Google Purchase

i have no problem making direct purchase with google play store at all, if you have not change your TD Visa debit card, u should be fine unless you need to update your google walnut section,
i only have problem is makes payment on wireless network.

weight watchers online

weight watchers online wont accept it either.
and I work for CIBC .. I didnt know that lots of places wouldnt accept it.. talk about being kept in the dark and sh** on ..
I apologize for myself and will know to not brag about being the first to have this stupid card in canada if it doesnt work in most places

Mine works :)

This Card is awesome!!! I use mine for Netflix just fine
Also on the iTunes for purchasing apps and songs

Maybe this has just been updating. But thanks Cibc Thos card is
Fantastic! Great job on being the first bank to
Step up :)

cibc visa debit

worked for Netflix, won't won't for trying to book a ticket online at Porter Airlines

Doesn't work.

doesn't work on!!

after trying 10 times, i can't get my card to work on, even though i made sure i was using their canadian checkout, had enough balance on my hard and triple checked the info was correct! sephora tells me that theres something wrong with my card but after calling cibc, they told me that there was something wrong with the merchant (sephora) and that they may not accept my card. correct me if i'm wrong but i thought the whole point of this visa debit was that it was accepted ANYWHERE a VISA is accepted. sephora accepts visa but my card isn't going through

Merchants need to update their machines

I have used the cibc visa debit card for a while. I have not had any problems using it. Either online or over the phone. How long has it taken merchants to accept the chip card? There are still merchants out there that cannot process chip cards. It is the merchants that need to keep up with the technology. The online purcahses seem to work with this card because they are up to date with the technology. We should have had this card a long time ago as the U.S. has been using it for a really long time. I am sure that there will be more banks that will have the same card in the near future. There will always be problems when a new product comes out on the market. Everyone just needs to be patient, as everything is new for everyone.

CIBC, get with it!!

Opened up an account with you to use your Visa debit for purchases online with Expedia,Groupon and Cineplex far ALL of these companies have declined my CIBC Visa debit card!!

I also had my card rejected

I also had my card rejected by Groupon. I've been able to use it with Netflix though.

Groupon does not take this card!! this card specifically for groupon internet purchases..and ebay. Told by CIBC it would wourk same as a credit card...TOTALLY WRONG!!!

It works on Westjet, Via Rail, and Chapter-Indigo websites now

Here's the today's Westjet announcement:




apparently I can not make payments to purchase movie tickets online as it declines my debit visa.

Same problem

I just had the same problem. Cineplex needs to step up their game; getting tickets through the app was one of the reasons I got a Visa Debit card. At least I can get Netflix now...

No Mobilicity either.

No Mobilicity either. now accepts the card.

That's good.

It finally worked!

I tried for so long on to use my prepaid mastercard, but it always declined. I continually kept checking my balance on the card at It always said I had the same balance. However, I finally noticed there was a 'register' section next to the other sections like 'FAQS'. I clicked on the 'register' section and it said I had to put in my postal code, and once I did it, it said I was now able to use my prepaid mastercard for online, mail, and other purchases. So I tried using it again on, AND IT WORKED!!!

Android Market

Keep trying to buy a game for my Sony Ericsson Xperia PLAY, but everytime google declines it!

It seems to be a problem with

It seems to be a problem with the switch from google checkout to google wallet... I ran into the same problem today, ofcourse they would do something like that on the last day of the sale ;) The Xperia Play is wicked awesome though, been using mine like crazy since I got it...

almost in february and still

almost in february and still no luck! who can we talk to about getting this fixed?

Reputable Drug Store Pre-Paid Visa Mastercard Availabe

I don't have a visa or mastercard due to bankruptcy when married to my husband. I'm just newly seperated and am going aboard an Air Canada trip to Ontario. If I were to purchase one of these are they accepted on board for buying food or drinks.?

visa debit in canada

So retailers in Canada are waaaaayyyyyy behind the 8 ball here. I'm super pissed about signing up for VISA Debit here in Vancouver only to find out most online retailers won't accept it. Ridiculous! I have accounts in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK and all have VISA Debit cards and all are accepted either online or in store. So when will the merchants get on board with this like the rest of the world? Anyway now I am hooked into CIBC for three months at least paying for an account which I didn't need with a VISA Debit card which I can't seem to purchase things online with. Stoooooooopped. (CIBC need to make prospective customer aware of this before allowing them to sign up) BMO Prepaid Mastercard seems like a much more favourable option till VISA Debits manages to get itself into more retailers/online merchants. Big Burn. Very Gutted. I'm an trying to at all costs avoid an instrument of debt (credit card) and would prefer to use my own money anyway, but this slight snag is not making it easy. I just wanted a concert ticket man. And it can't be done. Oh well, do not go to happy land, bend over and get rogered by paying twice as much on the door. BOOOOOO merchants (and the banking system in Canada) get your acts together and make it all cohesive!! By the way Canadians, your banks are ripping you off, as are your phone companies. Makes me laugh just how much you guys take it. Just sayin' as and outsiders perspective!

Oh I know exactly what you're

Oh I know exactly what you're saying! I lived in Australia for a year, and the rates on Vodafone were AH-MA-ZING compared to Canadian cell phone companies... they ALL bend you over and roger you from behind! Seriously, it took them almost 3 years to get the Visa Debit card in Canada, after I'd had one in Australia already. Jeez, we're supposed to be one of the best countries, so why are we so sadly lacking when it comes to this sort of technology? Why are we also being charged out the bum for cell phone usage when every other country has better rates?! WHY ISN'T SOMETHING BEING DONE ABOUT THAT!?


I'm from the UK, moved to Canada 7 years ago and i had a visa debit card in the UK 7 years ago! I had the card for a good few years in the UK before moving here so they have been out in the UK probably for 7-10 years!
What has taken Canada so long to get them and why are they so limited?
I used my UK VISA DEBIT card in the states in store without an issue! I used it in store and online in the UK without an issue. This Canadian VISA DEBIT is a waste of the plastic its printed on. Why do they send you a separate card and not just convert your normal debit card to a VISA Debit card like the UK does? Why does it not work anywhere?
I have had it work with Paypal but nowhere else. I dont really want a credit card as i dont want to borrow money i want to use my own money. Its bad enough having to pay for the privilege of having a bank account here.

And i agree with you Sara the cell phone companies shaft everyone here in Canada. Everyone i know back home has unlimited text, calls and data for about $40 a month. I pay Bell over $100 a month with $15 of that going towards them not charging me for incoming calls. Charges for incoming calls! If two customers are on the same network that network is making money from both customers! Its a complete con. I was on Rogers before Bell and they were just as bad!
Thankfully Wind have managed to squeeze into the Country, although Telus, Rogers and the rest tried to keep them out! They are now having to review their prices but i will be moving to Wind as soon as my contract is over. I hope everyone else does too and puts these rip off cowboys out of business. The only reason they will now drop their prices is because they will have been forced to by the competition but i hope everyone remembers their high prices and says sod them!
I have noticed that Canadians are shafted for everything. I thought the UK was bad for that but here is worse. I used to ship goods from the UK and sometimes the customers would be based in the states. It was cheaper for me to ship from the UK to the states then it is for me to ship from Canada to the states. How can that be?

visa debit in canada

So retailers in Canada are waaaaayyyyyy behind the 8 ball here. I'm super pissed about signing up for VISA Debit here in Vancouver only to find out most online retailers won't accept it. Ridiculous! I have accounts in the US, Australia, New Zealand and the UK and all have VISA Debit cards and all are accepted either online or in store. So when will the merchants get on board with this like the rest of the world? Anyway now I am hooked into CIBC for three months at least paying for an account which I didn't need with a VISA Debit card which I can't seem to purchase things online with. Stoooooooopped. (CIBC need to make prospective customer aware of this before allowing them to sign up) BMO Prepaid Mastercard seems like a much more favourable option till VISA Debits manages to get itself into more retailers/online merchants. Big Burn. Very Gutted. I'm an trying to at all costs avoid an instrument of debt (credit card) and would prefer to use my own money anyway, but this slight snag is not making it easy. I just wanted a concert ticket man. And it can't be done. Oh well, do not go to happy land, bend over and get rogered by paying twice as much on the door. BOOOOOO merchants (and the banking system in Canada) get your acts together and make it all cohesive!! By the way Canadians, your banks are ripping you off, as are your phone companies. Makes me laugh just how much you guys take it. Just sayin' as and outsiders perspective!

HMV accepts Visa Debit online now

HMV announced today that they accept this card online now. Here's the link to their announcement:


I tried it on etsy and wolltrends and no go. Also on a japanese bento supply site ( Going to try it on amazon this weekend. Really though I am quite happy with it. I don't qualify for a credit card and it's better than what I had so I'm really not complaining. It's expanding what I can do, even if just a little so good!


Im going away to Montreal in a couple days and i booked the hotel with it online and it worked. Now I'm not sure if this still would work at the hotel to use as the deposit on a room. Does anyone know ?

Know the system

I've had the Advantage card for over a year now and have had some success with certain retailers. As many have already said, will accept this now, as will PayPal. I've used it at Old Navy successfully as well. In October 2010, I was able to pay for my pet's flights through Air Canada, though I'm not certain if it still works there.

I cannot use it at Canadian travel sites (, Expedia, etc.) however the card works through their American counterparts. Perhaps along with the action taken against CIBC, people should be writing to Canadian retailers advising them that they are losing business to the American side of their business and other competitors (e.g. I cannot shop at Chapters, and so shop at Amazon) as they do not take this card.

No luck with Future Shop and I assume Best Buy. Has anyone tried to shop at Costco online using the card? I have an order processing at the moment, but no word on whether the card is accepted there or not.

CIBC Advantage Visa/Debit does not work on line or over the phone with for booking trips. I'm transferring the funds to my BMO Pre-Paid Travel Mastercard and will let you know if it works ...

"I'm transferring the funds to my BMO Pre-Paid Travel Mastercard and will let you know if it works ..."

Well ... it worked! I'm guessing BMO Pre-Paid Travel Mastercard is accepted more universally because it's been around a lot longer. Bonus is my flight was cheaper today due to a sale :-)

android google store doesn't accept it

the card doesn't work at googlefor android market place .... and whats fun ... android market doesn't take paypal .. lol

Google Wallet

My card used to work just fine with Google Marketplace (except if the app seller was in Canada) then now it's called wallet and my card does not work anymore.

I think the issue is with CIBC not pushing this thing to Canadian retailers. I've read other comments on here about how Canadian businesses are losing money simply because they will not accept the card.

Little bit ironic that as Canadians trying to boost our own economy and spend, instead we have to shop online from American merchants - well unless they use Google Wallet of course ha ha.

Anyway - that's my late night rant after trying to buy a game on the marketplace unsuccessfully.

+1 for android market

Yep, I tried to use my CIBC Advantage Debit Card with Google Wallet/Checkout so I could purchase apps on the Android Market, and it's not working. Just says "Card declined."

+1 Android Market won't take


Android Market won't take Visa Debit even though their FAQs say they do.

This Card was a godsend while in the u.s

I'm not sure why so many people take the time to bash the card without first googling or trying to get a grasp of its limits and how far it reaches in terms of its visa-like capabilities

1, it will not work in its 'visa' role when; making an in-person-card-in-hand transaction in Canada...., purchasing items online or over the phone with Canadian merchants who have not opted in with the new visa debit initiative ( a comprehensive list of merchants who've opted in is conveniently available at )

2, where will it work?

EVERYWHERE ELSE....websites, companies, all points of transactions outside of Canada will process the card as Visa....

From my own experience the card was indispensable while I drove through the u.s...everywhere from parking lot attendants, to dingy gas stations, to hospitals to card enabled vending machines...not one hiccup nor a transaction that didn't work as advertised....

You can blame a lot of its Canadian-confined crutches to the Interac lobby....

I for one am thankful for the added perks provided from a canadian bank to a debit card that didnt need to provide us with it at all in the first place...cibc is the only bank that fought for this, and this card is the only reason I left my 15yr relationship with RBC

No I don't work for CIBC....

or Visa for that matter...

CIBC Advantage interac/visa debit card

Just rec'd this card last week of Sep 2011. Used it
successfully to make an online purchase on my iPod
App store. When they ask for a credit card, click
Visa. I don't qualify for a credit card, so I am happy
with it so far.

Ticketmaster online (US)

I tried to purchase some tickets to a show in Las Vegas through Ticketmaster. Was a no go, said to try another card, so i'm transferring funds to my BMO card instead and will post an update here if that works.

Okay, seems the problem was

Okay, seems the problem was that i was on the American Ticket Master site. When i switched to the Canadian site the purchase went through no problem. Seems a bit strange, but i got my tickets now :-)

no .com site that took this

no .com site that took this card before they added the chip to it takes it now. And the street address associated with my card is in the USA. Great. Ticketmaster is one of them indeed.

Ticketmaster online (US)

I tried to purchase some tickets to a show in Las Vegas through Ticketmaster. Was a no go, said to try another card, so i'm transferring funds to my BMO card instead and will post an update here if that works.

Isn't this breach of contract?

For those who had a traditional visa credit card that was "enhanced" with the chip - is this not breach of contract??

- Contract claims a valid, active card will be accepted anywhere visa credit is accepted. IT'S NOT. Some glitch on visa's part makes chip card numbers unrecognizable worldwide as a credit card, reducing it to a only a debit card, thereby changing the service visa provides and revoking its previous function as a credit card.

- Contract says they can close your account, but have to provide notification. Has anyone unable to use this card received notice that their credit usage was now limited to onsite, strip-based usage? Didn't think so.

By the by - having a margin of credit that one doesn't use lowers your credit score. I don't even have true-as-described access to my credit anymore. Am I wrong here?

off AND online - canada AND usa

I relocated from Canada to the USA years ago (but visit a lot and still need to pay for stuff there!). USA debit is horrible so I use my old CIBC Visa Classic from the USA as much as in Canada. Because my income is based out of Canada for now, I can't qualify for a new Canadian card to link to my still active CIBC account with anyone else either - so truly stuck with these idiots. Thanks to them migrating to the chip before perfecting it:

- Cannot use the magnetic strip ANYWHERE in Canada if the place now uses the chip (the paperwork they sent never said I wouldn't still have a choice, either, so I failed to memorize a PIN I thought I'd never opt to use upon my first trip with this stupid thing).

- Cannot make an online purchase at any USA online store mentioned here and many, many others, even after CIBC VISA's OWN VERIFICATION PROCESS!!!!! (So thanks for making me type up a bunch of info your security tips discourage from revealing online only to $crew me over anyway).

- Cannot rely on this card AT ALL when traveling. Awesome - I've always wanted to give a company 15+ years of admirable membership and timely payments only to wind up stranded without shelter in war-torn land. Visa - It's POSSIBLY anywhere you MIGHT need to be... if you're lucky.

Oh, and I don't know if that's part of this issue but thanks to the "wireless" credit card system, I keep being told to get up and go pay at the crowded-not-designed-for-patrons-to-pay-at-it-like-a-24hr-diner register at every fricking restaurant because "their signal does make it far enough". Wow. so... paying cash would be easier and much faster now? Can you say "counter-productive"?????

It works on Netflix now. My

It works on Netflix now. My advantage card used to work on Netflix via paypal before, because paypal accepted it, however it works directly now.

try bmo pre paid mastercard

try bmo pre paid mastercard

Yeah i second that MMA News

Yeah i second that
MMA News

University of Toronto - Bookstore

I tried using my CIBC Visa Debit card at the university of toronto bookstore (online). It did not work. The notification I received was "Visa Debit Not Allowed".

Abercrombie, Aldo Shoes, Hollister

I just got my CIBC Advantage card today. Apparently is is fully activated and should be running. BUT THIS STUPID PIECE OF SHIT ISN'T WORKING ANYWHERE. I TRIED ABERCROMBIE, I TRIED HOLLISTER, I TRIED ALDO SHOES, I TRIED ALOT OF RETAILERS. The CIBC card doesn't work anywhere. And we're in September, i mean its been a while since this card has been launched, it still isn't useful. I am disappointed with CIBC. And if soon they don't resolve this, i am saying good bye to CIBC.

The problem here isn't

The problem here isn't CIBC...but the retailers. Note that many retailers and places don't accept VISA Debit as a transaction. However, if you use Interac, that would be a different case.

Virgin Mobile, Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility

None of them work, this card is useless except as a regular debit card. Cant book flights with Air Canada or West Jet.... why bother trying?

CIBC has a list of vendors who do take the card, but do you see it published anywhere.... UMMMMM NO, of course not.

I recently travelled to Peru,

I recently travelled to Peru, Bolivia, Honduras, Costa Rica and the US, and I was able to use the card as credit card all over, bought airline tickets, bus tickets and much more. I can't use with Chat R and other companies here, the Canadian market is way behind! not working either

althought the order gets accepted first, they sent me an email later that the order didn't go through.
Really annoying. Same with fido.



Doesnt Work Anywhere!

I tried using this card to pay my Bell Mobility Phone bill and it did not work. It also didn't work for Sephora! I am beginning to think this card doesn't work anywhere other than in stores!

CIBC VISA/DEBIT Card Acceptance

I have recently attempted to make a couple of online purchases with this card from HP Canada. No luck so far. - Cheers, Richard


I tried purchasing money for an online game and it directed me to paypal to pay and it said my card could not be accepted. It works at other places like gamestop and walmart but it just doesn't work for paypal. I tried other sites that sell it but it doesn't work cause they all use paypal. Anybody else have this problem?


Up until today, I had attempted several times to purchase apps through the Google Market only have my card declined. Today, without really paying attention, I attempted to purchase an app and to my went through! *shock*

Works for Xbox live

I just got a CIBC advantage hoping to use it for Netflix, but no dice. It does however work fine for my Xbox live account. I haven't tried it on anything else yet


What a waste of time. Honestly!!! Total disappointment...guess they needed to have their clerks do SOMETHING to fill hours and so invented a supposedly convenient card to facilitate extra hours of paperwork... the only ADVANTAGE Cibc was that you kept me as a naiive customer for a few weeks longer. pfft. I'm outtie.

NetFlix-don't even bother!

This card will not work period on Netflix. They only take "american "debit cards with visa. Tried to pay with papal. Must have a US address or a Real "credit card" . Netflix won't take on cdn debit cards anytime soon.

Don't even bother trying it. They don't specifically say cdn debit cards on their website.


I live in Canada and I use my CIBC Visa Advantage Debit Card for Netflix Canada.

Hollister doesn`t work :(

Hollister doesn`t work :(

doesnt work anywhere I want it too

I specifically got it for online purchases for trave ie. plane tickets and after reading this that doesnt look like a go. Then today I tried to use it for the PSN and again no go. Im not understanding this at all. Very frustrating, it seems that this has been going on since day one and really no success. I guess thats why they dont advertise the card anymore too much headaches


I use my CIBC Visa Advantage Debit Card on PSN(SM), what you need to do is go to the website and enter it there.

The BMO Mosaik Travel

The BMO Mosaik Travel Mastercard is the better way to go in my opinion, they've got all of the kinks sorted out already.

Won't for work or

I tried & & both were declined using the CIBC visa/debit card. Both sites claimed " We could not obtain authorization for this credit/debit card." What a rip off.

As of May 5, 2011, the CIBC

As of May 5, 2011, the CIBC Advantage Debit Visa is not being accepted by either.

No Westjet

No luck paying for plane tickets, now I need to figure out how I'm gonna pay for my flight. I feel this is false advertising...doesn't do anything it promises. What a disappointment CIBC.

was going to try this card...

I was thinking of changing my BMO account to this one because of the Visa Debit option, but having read many of these responses I'm not so sure.

I'm not a Canadian citizen, but I have had a BMO account for over 5 years - and I use it in conjunction with a British Visa Debit card. I have never had any problems with using my British Visa Debit card for either online or pin-number transactions in stores (I use it monthly to pay Shaw Cable with no problems whatsoever and I use it virtually every day to buy petrol, groceries etc). It's my default card on all Amazon sites I use (US, UK, Germany, Canada and Japan). No problems whatsoever. It's the default card for Apple iTunes and Paypal. No problems. My Visa Debit card is treated like any Visa card - I either sign for the transaction or enter a pin number and it is debited from my UK account.

I can't for the life of me see why the CIBC card would be any different from this.

But the reason, and the only reason, I wanted to look into this card was because I need a Visa card that was issued in Canada linked to my Canadian address. I can't for example, use my UK Visa Debit card for the Canadian Apple store because my address is not linked to a Canadian one. Same with iTunes - I must use the UK store. Those problems would disappear if I had a Canadian Visa Debit card.

I have to say, it's been disappointing to read so many negative responses to the card - but at least it saves me a visit to CIBC!

It's getting better with the

It's getting better with the places you can use it and it is easier to use it in the U.S. because you can use it wherever Visa is accepted. It will probably be coming to other banks soon any way so don't bother going through the hassle of switching banks. I'm sure CIBC can't be the only bank with these cards for very long.

First things first

Its not Cibcs fault, its the merchants who choose not to opt in. The reason why VISA hasnt had a huge foothold in the Canadian market is because the interac system is so cheap for merchants. Now with the VISA network being used because of this card they do not want to pay a higher fee (1.15%). Its Canadian merchants that are holding back this card not CIBC. Ive used this abroad and over the boarder without a problem.

How much usage increase can

How much usage increase can they be getting when no one will accept the card anymore??? Especially online, where they had full ownership of the process?????

I'm a Canadian currently

I'm a Canadian currently living/working in the USA (can you say "not qualifying for a traditional card with anyone else right now"???). THIS CARD ONLY WORKS HERE IN STORES AND USING THE MAGNETIC STRIP. Declined online for ALL .ca OR .com store, even after going thru cibc visa registered verification. In Canada, places that accept the chip downright REFUSE to use the strip instead. Rude about it too. Need this card to bridge Canadian savings and current USA / Canadian finances (especially since USA debit is less than international - not at all in non-tourist cities). So, to recap:

- Cannot use chip in USA stores;
- Cannot use magnetic strip in Canada stores;
- Cannot use chip card anywhere online;
- Cannot use classic debit card outside Canada.

Keeping it reliable CIBC and VISA. AWESOME. No, really - online shopping isn't a growing need and airline/travel expenses are rarely done with a credit card... this was just for when I wanted to LOOK cool opening my wallet when stranded in a strange land.

PS - Though not yet with a

PS - Though not yet with a chip, the USA has been using double-duty credit/debit cards for over 10 years, via the simple added question "credit or debit" to all systems. D'UH. I HATE the USA's limited banking system (they charge and delay you for out of state transactions, don't have half the debit servers of its own country within itself let alone international, and update your debit transactions randomely about every 8 days so you have no clue what you're doing). So imagine how bad this debit v. credit issue is going for me to think the USA handled it better. Seriously.

I thought Interac-accepting

I thought Interac-accepting merchants process the cards through the Interac network, it only gets processed as a Visa online and at the rare places that don't take Interac, but take Visa.

I'm so switching to BMO Travel Mastercard!!

Ok, I got the card.
Then I loaded funds into my account, went home,
opened up my MacBook and tried to sign up for a free trial of Netflix, DECLINED.

Hmm, then tried some websites like everybody,

Goodbye, CIBC.

Has anybody successfully used

Has anybody successfully used the bmo pre-paid card to book a vacation online?

Vonage Canada doesn't accept CIBC Visa Debit

I moved from the US to Canada, and started my Vonage service using my American Visa Debit card.
Now that I'm living in Canada, the US card is no longer active; and I want to switch to the CIBC Visa Debit card.
However, I cannot, as Vonage requires Visa Credit instead. I've not lived back in Canada long enough to
qualify for Visa credit, so I can't pay my phone bill anymore. Vonage says "get a Visa credit card"; I said
I guess I'll get another telephone provider. I'd rather CIBC got it's act together, thank you very much.

Just find a friend that has a

Just find a friend that has a Visa credit card on either side of the border? Does Vonage require the account name and address to be the same as the billing name and address?

iTunes free apps.

I have the CIBC advantage card, and I used it for my iPhone4 app store, and it was working fine, so long as I only upgraded my apps or stuck to the free apps. I started purchasing apps (making sure that there was money in the account) and although all of the initial non-free apps downloaded, as soon as the app store tried to bill my account, it started telling me there was something wrong with my account. It now keeps asking me to update my payment info, and won't let my download free apps or even upgrade the ones I already have. I am going to attempt to get a new advantage card and see if it will accept that new info. As someone who hates credit cards this is very frustrating.

The card works perfectly.

The card works perfectly. Make sure that you have at least 1$ in the card before using it. If you do not have at least 1$ in the card , it will get rejected in every site you'll try to use it. So if you are trying to use it on PayPal as a Credit Card, make sure that you have at least 1$ in the card.


Cibc visa debit

So I got this card for netflicks and iTunes and it doesnt work ( in Canada for either, lame) it does however work
For paypal so I can use it for netflick, as for they only take actuall visa, and no pay pal so it's back to buying gift cards... So much time and money for nothing... If you don't have a visa I would advise you to get one asap.. So much easier... Most banks will give u a visa if you invest 500$ with there bank. This is only for Canadian residents. In the states you could probably front iTunes from your local drug dealer for payment. Lol.

itunes canada

I've been using it on for about a year now with no problems.



I am pissed that I go this damn card and it never effin works!!!

I am pissed that I go this damn card and it never effin works!!! So I did some more reasearch and even went to CIBC website to say PPPFFTTTT to half the crap they say about this car, however on that same page they give a link: (which apparently while trying to post this for all of you has triggered this blogs SPAM filter, sorry) to now see that I got this card for NO REASON AT ALL because NONE of the retailers I deal with on a day to day basis are on here like seriously CIBC WTF!!!!
Anyways to find this 'list' go to visa Canada, then go to Personal card options, then select Visa Debit Cards and finally search the list of merchants

Not accepted at the following

Those red label DVD rental kiosks in supermarkets and Telus/ Bell payphones, Netflix and audible .com cannot enter cvv number.The 3 digit code on the back of the card.

I just my advantage card on

I just my advantage card on and it worked fine and haven't had trouble with my card so far.
Think they got most of the problems figured out now.

Works with newegg

Works with newegg

Hi, I found this forum just

Hi, I found this forum just little while ago, you say that your purchase using your visa virtual debit card "worked" with newegg, I am currently having issues with making a purchase with my card. They have had to make a manual authorization which failed. Monday July 30th, 2012 they will try to resolve this issue with their accounting department. My question is what was your experience purchasing from newegg with your virtual visa debit card. Were there any issues/difficulties. Was this or Has anyone linked there virtual visa debit card with Paypal. If so I would be able to make purchases this way, as everyone on this forum has clearly stated, it's a major inconvenience, I feel as if the banks have lied directly to our faces. If this does not work I'll have to apply for a credit card & get a MasterCard titanium plus card. Now I feel like an ass, this is my first time dealing with this company which has a good on-line representation, and the whole time it's the banks ****ing fault. I got this card specifically for this, it's not like I'm ****ing Broke.

The piece of crap card actually worked for The Star

Paid my subscription with it.

After many failed attempts

After many failed attempts at online banking, a cow who decided to answer the phone for (a partner site for ticketmaster) explained to me that as the Advantage Card doesn't have a name on it there is no way to verify that the card is yours, and that is why they seem to be universally declined. Thanks, CIBC, for your brilliant innovation. What I really meant was thanks for wasting my time.

Paypal works great

I ordered a product on EBAY via paypal, added my cibc debit visa as a visa card via paypal and it worked great. When I paid for the ebay item it was deducted immediately from my chequing account. So if your buying thru paypal. or another store in any other country other then Canada it should work good, its an issue in canada cause of the interac market thinking visa is going to take over, thats what the canada issues are i guess so canadian retailers have to accually OPT IN to accpeting the cibc visa debit.

Mine didn't work.

I tried adding my debit/visa cibc card on paypal & it didn't work.

Forget what I just wrote, they did NOT accept it!

Just got a call from them saying my card was refused.


Just ordered from, the card worked!

Add one more to the list.

This card is crap.

Really not worth opening an account with Cibc for..

I havent been able to buy one thing yet online.
Doesnt work for the playstation network
Or Netflix
Or Ebay.
(Three of the main reasons why I got this card)

Cibc better get their shit together.

Just got the CIBC Visa Debit card

I was stoked about this because I've had one in Europe before which worked great.
So today I open up an account with CIBC primarily to get this card. I come home and was going to buy a game on the Playstation Network but it kept getting rejected, claiming the information entered is not valid.

Slightly annoying as I didn't want to sign up for a credit card and just prefer having it all come from my debit account.

Hope this gets fixed soon. might work

I recently emailed ('s canadian site) about using prepaid credit cards and specifically mentioned the cibc visa debit card. I got a reply back saying that they do accept prepaid products. I haven't tested yet. If anyone needs something from there, perhaps they could post their results here?


I have a friend who is blind. I tried to purchase something from the CNIB web-store. My card was rejected. Screw you CIBC!


Somewhat discouraged first day I tried to purchase online book for KOBO. They also do not accept pay pal as of yet.
CIBC does not mention that only a few retailers are accepting this form of payment on line, but hopefully down the road, more merchants will like the idea, as the cash comes straight from our accounts.

Oh well, concept is good., I've heard from a couple of other people they have had trouble with online purchases as well.

At their mercy

I have talked to CIBC at great length about attempting to use my card which i got specifically to use for netflix canada, was told there should be no reason it doesn't work. Finally last call to CIBC the person admitted it was a known issue they have been working on for a month and they still have no clue why it's not working and most likely won't be working for the foreseeable future. What the hell, aren't these people supposed to be experts with this stuff. Or are they just muddling through like cavemen and when something works it was purely by accident????

I have to think they don't really give a crap about fixing this issue. I'm beyond frustrated. I have poor credit due to misspent youth, so i really don't have any immediate options. I even tried the paypal option on netflix and it doesn't work. I have never gone through so much trouble for something so simple. I would even pay double just to have netflix working, curse you CIBC for getting my hopes up about getting into the world of online shopping.

I've been using this card to

I've been using this card to pay for Netflix through Paypal. I don't know why yours doesn't work...

We are being ripped off, again as Canadian consumers

I agree it should be working anywhere were visa is accepted in Canada.

I dont understand why I can use my RBC Bank USA VISA DEBIT Canada anywhere in Canada but not CIBC
I dont understand why transaction through the VISA network have a fee or detuct off your amount of transaction fees iwth your debit card on your bank package.

Else where in the world the VISA debit they can use it everywhere, in Canada its very LIMITED>

Try a Credit Union Global Payment card

There is a not too well advertised card that works exactly like a Debit Card. You can get it only from a Credit Union. It is called "Mastercard Global Payment Card". You must be a Credit Union member to get one. Here is information from a Credit Union web site:

"This is a unique product that's only available to Credit Union members. It provides a convenient way for you to pay for goods and services, and can be used wherever MasterCard is accepted. Unlike a credit card, funds are automatically taken from the member's deposit account or a pre-arranged line of credit. All the transactions will appear on your monthly statement. For more information, please visit your local xxxxxxx Credit Union."

If you do not apply for a line of credit then you might be able to get it without a credit check.

Visit your local Credit Union or Google "credit union global payment card". By the way I do not work for Mastercard or a Credit Union.

Good luck

More non-participating merchants

Future Shop
Chapters/Indigo (but their competitor, Amazon,ca, does.)


Just tried it at Webpiggy (one of those Deal of the Day sites, like Groupon) and the card was refused. Fuck CIBC.


Bell Canada accepted it at first now it comes up with an error indicating problem obtaining authorization.

Bell Canada first accepted it

Bell Canada first accepted it now it says problem authorizing

Just an update on my visa

Just an update on my visa debit refund, it went through this morning. I guess it takes a few days, but reversals do work for those wondering.

Does anyone know if you can

Does anyone know if you can receive refunds on the Advantage card? I bought something through Paypal on the card, then canceled and got a full refund. Though, Paypal refunded the charge "back to the card". Will the funds go back to my chequing account (where they came from), or into Paypal? It's been 2 days, and I haven't seen my money yet. Have the funds been lost in cyberspace?

Also, a note; I've had no problems using the card online or through Paypal. Most retailers do not distinguish between Visa and Visa Debit though.

it's a-comin'

Refunds usually take some time to credit back to your card and/or account, whether it's a credit card or a debit card/bank account, even though paypal says "back to card". Give it about 3 or 4 more business days and you should be fine ;)

I used mine to buy a ring for

I used mine to buy a ring for my girlfriend at a company called Stauer, they are an online jewelery company who apparently have an A+ from the Better Business Bureau. Anyways I had to change the ring size on my order so they gave me two authorization charges. They assured me one would drop. Well because it is an online debit card, the money for both authorization charges was taken out of my account. They may have reversed the authorization, but I did not receive the money back. Has anyone else had this problem? I have contacted them several times to no avail.

I just checked my balance online and ... (drum roll please)

Dec. 31, 2010 Branch Transaction SERVICE CHARGE DISCOUNT $0.25
Dec. 31, 2010 Branch Transaction SERVICE CHARGE $3.90

As you can see, I was charged the customary monthly fee of $3.90 for CIBC's basic chequing account and then I got a HUGE discount of TWENTY-FIVE CENTS! Of course there is no explanation attached, so I can only assume CIBC is trying to make it up to me for their DIS-ADVANTAGE card. The CEO will have to take a small pay cut this year! 25 cents multiplied by x customers is a lot of money, don't you know?

GOD BLESS YOU CIBC for your generosity. A much better move would have been to credit the full $3.90, better yet give me double my money back.

Anyone else see a tiny, puny, pathetic credit on your account?

I was actually thinking of having a sarcastic "thank you" conversation with a CIBC agent but I figure that's a waste of my time. If anyone wants to do this, please post the results!

I wonder if I'll get 25 cents back next month, and the month after that, and the month following etc!

Read em and Weep

Typical Companies. I am guessing they weighed out the pros and cons of how many customers would jump ship over this, and the initial boost in profits succeeded the marketing and roll out costs of this product. They also weighed in how many customers couldn't be bothered to move back to their old bank and will just stay with them as well as the ones who will try to get a regular visa with them. Its all calculated so they act callous and oblivious to any issues but we're the ones who are truly not seeing what is going on. They've crunched the numbers and we played their game. You don't think that with the spike of sudden income they didn't invest that money? Hypothetical for ya. I'm Joe Blow num nuts with $2 in my pocket. Lend me a Million Dollars cause I gave you a good pitch, and with the right knowledge, a 2 week buffer, can I not go turn that million into two? Oh darn I lied to you? Sorry here's your million dollars back. Bye leave me alone and don't let the card hit you in the ass on your way out. Banks are in deep waters and are in serious debt with China and they have 1.5 Billion people. Thats 1500 Million people. Where do you think they are going to live when they are tired of living in cramp conditions? Foreclosures, updated banking policies the new that just hit Canada with higher down payments and less time to pay off, I don't mind diversity, I live with people from China right now, but do they date outside their race? Do they buy outside of their trade routes? Do they diversify within their companies? Slave Labor here we come!!

Errr, what have you been

Errr, what have you been smoking?

CIBC Advantage Visa?

How is this an advantage? West jet purchases do not work either. I have only found one site that this card has worked with.

Every time I try to use this

Every time I try to use this thing at a store that has a chip card reader for processing as a debit transaction, I get a PIN error and then a decline, I can walk from the cash register to a bank machine and withdraw funds with ease. This happens at every chip reader and it is embarassing and extrememly annoying.

Get with it CIBC!

CIBC Advantage Chip Card problem

This happens to me often, as well. The clerk treats me as if I'm an idiot for not knowing my PIN. Very annoying and inconvenient.

no... the machine tells you

no... the machine tells you what it is,
i am a clerk myself, and that problem is you guessed your pin wrong twice,
and they shut it down, go back to the bank, and remember ur pin next time

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