Canada's Best Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Cards: Reloadable and Non-Reloadable "Credit Cards"

These prepaid stored-value cards aren't true "credit cards", even though they are Visas and Mastercards. They are, however, processed just like their credit card counterparts, and look just like them too.

Be sure to check out some of my other articles on Canadian prepaid cards, and alternatives for the typical prepaid card user:

In theory, these cards should, but don't always, work everywhere. You may have to register an address with the cards online, even if nothing is being shipped. Companies can choose to reject all prepaid cards if they want to. The BMO reloadable prepaid card, which you have to apply for, and is registered with your name/address/etc should have no problem working everywhere, but it can still be an issue, so read some comments! In this article, I'll go over which ones are best.

Necessary Background Information on Prepaid Visa/Master Cards in Canada

  • Good for Privacy, those that can't get a credit card, security (while doing online transactions)
  • Often not accepted at hotels/motels/rentals (read for more details)
  • Should not contribute to your credit rating. Some do check for identity verification, or because you could go into debt with non-instantly processed payments (Request your FREE Credit Reports at least YEARLY!)
  • Not a bad way to carry money if you don't have a credit card while travelling
  • Accepted most places where a Mastercard or Visa card are accepted
  • Many of the prepaid cards available, in a word, suck. Watch out for monthly fees&what happens to expiring balances (sometimes they're lost entirely like with the RBC Prepaid Visa)
  • The zero-liability policy that Visa and Mastercard have applies to these prepaid cards just like regular Visa and Mastercards.
  • Reloadable cards always require ID and some kind of application process
  • Non-Reloadable cards are usually more anonymous, but pricier (probably for the convenience factor).
  • Most cards on the market charge fees, usually to load up the card with money, but sometimes also to call and check your balance, inactivity fees, fees when you use it at an ATM, fees when you use it, fees when you don't use it, etc. So I'll go over which card is the best in common situations.
  • Even though some cards are non-reloadable, you can make purchases with the remaining balance, and make up the rest of the payment in cash/debit/other credit card at most retail stores.
  • Some cards, like the Vanilla card cannot be used at gas pumps, though you can pump and pay inside with them.
  • Not CDIC Insured, so watch out for unknown/unheardof financial institutions
The Zoompass system which is semi-integrated with your cell phone has now launched in Canada. It's worth a look, the fees are reasonable if you're only using it for their prepaid reloadable Mastercard.

The Best Canadian Prepaid Mastercard and Visa Cards

BMO Prepaid Mastercard is Canada's Best Reloadable "Credit Card"

The BMO Mosaik Prepaid Travel Mastercard is the best choice for most people. Check out my (very) short and readable review of the card here. The card is $6.95/year and good for three years. The card can always be reloaded for free through on-line bill payment by anyone, or in-person at BMO, even with cash, if you're a BMO account holder. Expiry date is 36 months and there are NO charges for each purchase you make, nor with checking your balance online, through an ATM, over the phone or through an agent. So, the customer service is very good, and I think you can trust BMO. There is an inactivity fee if you go more than 12 months without using it. BMO also has a rather decent nationwide presence.

BMO actually charges you if you want a paper statement, so it is a good pseudo-anonymous card, since you will need to formally apply for the card and it'll have your name on it.

Some cards are available for an initial price of $2, but their monthly fees start after the 7th month of issuance, which isn't good for most people, so I won't go into those, but they are available from Vancity credit union.

Royal Bank Visa Gift Card (Best Card for Many Situations)

I've written a summary of the Royal Bank Visa Gift Card here, take a read!

You must buy these cards at an RBC branch, no forms are even required! The cards cost just $3.95 to buy and come in amounts of $25 to $500. Watch out though, if you still have a balance after 6 months, they start charging you $1.50 per month. If the card expires and you have money on it still, they charge a "fee" of whatever you have left, ie: you lose it. I believe these card do NOT have your name attached to them at the get-go, and they are not reloadable. You do have to show 2 pieces of ID to buy one however. I'm not sure to what degree they document your info (or just look at it to verify your age and let you go). You can register the card online so that it does have a name (and address I presume) attached to it and use it for online purchases though, or claim it lost/stolen. 

RBC isn't forthcoming with what their expiry date is on their website, but rest assured, the cards do have an expiry date. 

Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard - The Privacy-filled "Gift-box" Cards

These cards do NOT require you to sign up, so they're pretty much 100% anonymous (though things like what you use to pay for it and/or which computer you used to check your balance online might be trackable). You will still have to sign the actual card and sign receipts at merchants.

For good reason, they "recommend that you write down the Card number and the customer service number on a separate piece of paper in case the Card is lost or stolen."

The Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard Customer Service Number is 1-800-652-9174.

Shoppers Drug Mart sells the "Vanilla" Prepaid Mastercard, as do tons of other retailers. This is actually the People's Trust Mastercard, so it's really a product of a financial institution, not Shoppers themselves. They're not reloadable, and they start charging a monthly fee after 6 months. The initial cost is only $3-$6, but when the monthly fee kicks in, it's $2.50 per month, and the whole card expires after 12 months. Boo-urns!

Visa Prepaid Card Options

Citizens Bank offers a Prepaid Visa Gift Card.

They don't provide too much info on there website at but their load fee is just $2, but then they nickel and dime you a bit. For an automated balance inquiry over the phone, they charge $0.50. I'm not sure of any monthly or inactivity fees, you'll have to call them at 1-800-611-8472.

Canadian Prepaid Visa Card&Prepaid Mastercard Conclusions

I think the BMO option is the cheapest and best prepaid option for those that want a cheap card for themselves with their name attached to it. Certainly, you should try applying for a real credit card if you can get one, such as the Studentawards Credit Card application here. Apply today! No annual fee beats monthly fees! For those that want a bit more anonymity and need a card now, without filling out an application and all that, the Royal Bank Visa Gift Card seems like the way to go, just make sure you spend your money quickly, or you'll start paying monthly fees. For most people, a real credit card is the best option, but it all depends on your circumstances. I'd say that dealing with your own regular credit card company will be easier to deal with than one of these prepaid cards if your card gets compromised, but for some things, these cards are a good option. I will say that internet credit card fraud is rather rare, and that you're usually also vulnerable when you shop at a regular retail store as well, since they often process transactions over the very same networks.

Zoompass Spam?

Thanks for the overwhelmingly spam-like comment. Of course, other companies will get into the PayPass cards that are less functional than a regular card (ie: a small module that goes into the battery compartment of your cell phone).

From their website:
Send Money
- From Zoompass Account $0.50
- From Credit Card - 3.5% (ouch!)
Receive Money - Free

These fees can add up to quite a high percentage when you're talking about your supposed small purchases. Usually when I owe a friend money, I just give them cash, the odds of them _also_ having this service is surprisingly low. I wonder what the odds are of anyone having their own Zoompass AND their friend having it AND owing them money.
I recall Paypal would pay people to get new accounts back in the day, perhaps you should do the same to help get critical mass.

Pre Paid Credit Cards

Im in the process of getting a prepaid. I have done my research and the two best to get are Scotia Bank and BMO. Scotia is up to the branch itself but you can possibly get any of the cards they have available. Min to load is 500 though as all their limits begin at 500. Its worth talking to your branch about. I bank with Scotia so I would prefer a card with them.
Hope this helps

Scotia Bank Prepaid Card

What kind of Prepaid Card does Scotia offer? It seems to me that they only do them for corporations that want to do things like payroll or prizes with them.

is their any conversion

is their any conversion interest on the bmo travel? from cdn dollars to an american made purchase?

Foreign Currency Transactions

You would pay the standard Mastercard Foreign currency fee. Since the card's currency is in Canadian, you would pay the Mastercard conversion rate (which may vary from the Bank of Canada rate) and a small percentage. Last time I checked, Mastercard' s foreign transaction fee was 2.5% - and this would be in addition to any foreign exchange rates. I hope this helps.

American prepaid cards

Does anyone know of any U.S.-based prepaid or secured cards that the issuers will grant to Canadian residents? This seems to be a big problem but apparently there are ways to get around it. They cite the Patriot Act but that is a red herring because all it says is they have to get proper ID. So, any tips on which of the American cards are available to Canadians?

Thanks So Much

My credit is shot as well, actually on its way there but inevitably it will be. (never have business partners with good legal advise and documents)
Because once your credit score drops, they can demand payment immediately on any outstanding balance, I am going the debit card route to avoid future problems.

Thanks for all the great tips.

Car Rental: can someone share their experiences?

Can someone share their experiences with renting a car in the US or Canada using a prepaid credit card?
I read the informative post from the author in this regard, so I gather an anonymous prepaid CC for renting is not going to happen... but what about the prepaid cards with your name on it? Any experience with a particular rental company?

re: rentals

(One of) The big reason(s) that prepaid credit cards are not accepted for rentals, and such, is that when you go to rent a car, they will check to make sure you have a certain amount of money available on the card. I have seen this as high as $1000 for a car rental. So to rent a car for a single day, (a purchase of $50) they will charge $1050 to your card, and refund the $1000 on return of the car. In theory, this is to cover any deductible should something happen to the vehicle, and any other fees involved in that.
As for specific car companies, I believe Budget was the company I had dealt with, but this was also quite some time ago. They may also accept a cash deposit if you don't want to put that much on a reloadable card, if you provide enough identification.

It can be much the same with hotels, with lower amounts of money, used as a security deposit for damages to the room.

Maximum Purchase Limit

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your review. I just applied for a Mosaik Prepaid MC and was wondering what the maximum price of a purchase can be? Most other cards mention in their limits a maximum of $500, which is rather small when I need to buy flight tickets or electronics

BMO Mosaik Max Purchase Amount Limit?

I can't say I've read through their policies or anything, but I don't see why the maximum wouldn't be your available balance. If there is a lower maximum (published or not), I would imagine you can get it adjusted to better fit your needs permanently or temporarily.

Just Checked

Never mind. Just called BMO and they said the limit is the amount loaded onto the card, which you rightly stated. That's good because I can spend up to $10,000 on a single purchase (not that I'm going to or ever will).

BMO Prepaid Travel Mosiak MasterCard

So my credit is shot! (Please no lectures or judgments as there were extenuating circumstances)

Anyhoo, I just called the toll free number and inquired about the application. I was curios how they charge me the fee and if they did a credit check.

Well to answer the the first question, once your accepted and you load your card they deduct the fee, just in-case anyone else was wondering.

But I was informed that although it is indeed a prepaid card they do do a credit check. WTH? So my question is, has anyone with messed up credit applied and was accepted for the card? Frustrating to say the least and this is the cheapest option for a prepaid. A decent one anyway...

If this posts more than once, I apoligize but everytime I go to post comment it goes to a blank screen.

Credit Check

I just called BMO and the reason they do a credit check is to verify identity and residence.

credit check

i suppose two pieces of photo id with address wont work to verify residence and identity???? if you believe that i have some ocean view property in saskatchewan i want to sell you cheap great dea

I've been through bankruptcy

I've been through bankruptcy and was issued a BMO Prepaid Mastercard without any problems. It's really convenient and the terms are reasonable, so I'd recommend it to anyone with credit issues.

Next Wave Titanium Plus Mastercard

Like many people I got caught in the Google Treasure Chest fraud. I called Next and they stated that, although they know about this fraud, they have no way to cancel or block an individual vendor, which is BS, because all they need to do is pull their vendor account. They told me to report my card as lost of stolen, which it wasn't, and then go to my local Money Mart and request a new card, which I did. At MM they had no clue what I was talking about and they had to phone in while I stood waiting for almost an hour. Eventually they spoke to someone who explained what to do. I told the clerk it was most important that I got my new number so I could advise those people who were charging my card correctly, such as my cellphone. No problem. I loaded funds on my "new" account, but then she promptly told me they had no way to give me my new number and that I would have to wait until I received and activated the new card. It has now been over two weeks and I still have no new card. There are ample funds on deposit but all the legitimate charges are being refused, like my cell phone, which I now can't use because there is no money on it.

To top it all off, when I review my statement online today, I have charges to call customer service ($1.50 each time), a charge for my replacement card ($5.00), and a charge to load my card, a total of $10 when I did nothing wrong. These charges are insane! I hate this card!

I agree!

I have used this Next Wave Titanium Plus Mastercard also, at first it was okay. They gave me a preferred Customer card (just a card to use while waiting for my actual card to arrive). Well I never did receive my "actual card". I have phoned they sent me to money mart. Money mart said they couldn't help and to try phone Next Wave again. I went back and forth, very frustrating. Then finally Next Wave said they will send another card out. Guess what still waiting and has been months now! Not cool at all.

Don't get that card

I put $30.00 on my card. Got dinged the usual $2.00. Then realized my card was expired. I called ($1.50). Then the magic date comes by and I get charged the usual $7.00. It's been three months, the $30.00 is gone in charge and still no card.

Looking to get those gift master cards if I can find a place that sells them.

Thumbs down on MoneyMart's Nextwave Titanium Plus

$15/month? No thanks!

NEXTWAVE Titanium Plus

I have one of these cards and trust me, it's not worth it...that's why I'm exploring my options on this site! This is great!

I have a Nextwave Titanium

I have a Nextwave Titanium prepaid credit card through Money Mart... it has been the biggest pain! I hate it. They screw you and make everything difficult. When you contact them for help, they charge you. Dont get one... there are better options out there. Dont be a fool like I was, it was a mistake and I regret it.

Money mart

What about Money mart Pree paid MC?

reloadable credit cards

I am currently in the process of investing approx. $2000.00 for vending machines and product online. The companies name is Action-Matic ltd., and I was wondering if you could suggest a card that would be appropriate. I read some of the comments and it seams as though BMO offers the most convienient in a sense. However the time frame of waiting a few days to activate poses a problem. I need the funds within two days so that my purchase can be settled as of friday of this week..It is of the utmost importance to acquire a card by then...Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Buy a bank draft and

Buy a bank draft and overnight it (though you are taking some risk with that), or get several RBC Prepaid Visas, which you can get at any RBC branch.

Prepaid Canadian MC or Visa

I am going to Costa Rica in about a week and wanted to take a prepaid card over for the purpose of renting a car. I would prefer the card in US funds but I guess it can be converted. I was turned down for a regular visa. Would this work and if so what would be a good card?

The BMO online transactions

The BMO that I own is worthless online. You can't do any transaction with online processor: CCbill, Epoch, Paycom, Verotel and more.... On top of that many other processor doesn't accept that card. Example: unable to buy at a basic site like or any legitimate mp3 buying sites. So, their speech about online acceptance is a real joke, because it is widely blocked on the net.

Another Pre-paid MC not mentioned here

About 3 years ago I got a PrePayEdge Mastercard. Just before we went on summer holidays we got word that they were "switching their platforms" and the card would not be valid after - whatever date they said - but they would be sending a replacement card. Turns out they stopped doing prepaid altogether (if they even exist anymore) BUT they did hook us up with a HorizonPlus prepaid mastercard. So far we have been pleased with this, as far as prepaid cards go. Mine expired this month and it took only one call and they sent me my replacement. We had a moneymart here in my town (for a whole 6 months) and they provided HorizonPlus as well.

The only problem I've had with it so far seems to be one that is happening with most/all prepaid cards - the hotel thing. Just after I got the previous HP card I used it at a hotel in Edmonton no problem. That was in 2007. This past March I went to the same hotel, had a reservations with my card number and all (handled through multiple emails directly with the manager of the hotel) and yet when I went to check in they told me they couldn't accept it. I started to cry (because what else do I do with a sick 5 y/o who Ive travelled 7 hours with and now have to sleep in the car because NO HOTELS are accepting my ONLY large form of currency) and the guy eventually gave in, but I won't make THAT mistake again.

I don't think you can actually apply for one on their site though - I think you have to go to a 'vendor' of sorts - like money mart. If you want to check it out it's

Horizon Plus card

Yes, one can apply on their site. There is a form to print and send with the mail.
Do Horizonplus card build resp. change your credit history in some way or is the same buls... as the store cards?

pre paid visas

Hi I was just wondering if pre-paid visas from places like 7-11 will work to book and pay for a hotel room.

Prepaid Visa and Mastercards & Hotel Bookings

Likely not. It seems like prepaid cards are blocked at a lot of hotels. The best thing to try is to call the hotel and see what they say, chances are they'll know. Perhaps you may be able to pay with them, but you may need to use some other method of payment as a deposit if required.

In getting a pre paid credit

In getting a pre paid credit card can it rebuild you credit? if no, is there any bank that offers a prepaid card that rebuilds your credit?

No. You want a "secured

No. You want a "secured credit card" for that purpose. Search that term and you will find at least 3 offerings of this type of card in Canada.

The BMO Travel Mosaik, and

The BMO Travel Mosaik, and other prepaid gift cards do not rebuild your credit rating. However, search "secured credit card" and there are at least 2 good sites that come up. Capital One, Home Trust, and Horizon Plus are the three cards I can name. These do help rebuild your credit rating because they are true credit cards. The BMO Travel Mosaik BMO refers to as a Debit Credit Card. At least the rep I spoke to referred to it as such. I hope this helps you out.

BTW, thanks to the author of this article. For my purposes the BMO Travel Mosaik is perfect for my needs, and is the best deal going. PLUS it offers the purchase security protection a Master Card Credit Card normally offers. The gift cards don't.

Here's the skinny

My daughter will be going to Austin TX for 7 weeks and I've been looking at options for her as she is only 15. It is very frustrating as we live in Canada and in BC which seems our options are limited.

Here is what I've researched and hopefully it'll save y'all days of being on the phone.

1. You can open a US$ RBC account and open an US$ RBC Centura (their US affiliate) and access both accounts online and transfer monies between the two. You will get charged the local bank charges when you use the ATMs but Debit transactions are not charged. They only have ATMs in very limited # of states in the US primarily Florida, NC and SC. You also have to pay monthly charges on the account of $12.00 USD

2. Visa Buxx is only available in the states, Visa Travel Money is offered by CAA locations from Ontario to Alberta

3. BMO Mosaic Travel Prepaid is only available in Cdn funds and you will get charged the daily exchange rate plus an extra 2.5%. If you access ATMs then it'll be the daily exchange rates, plus 2.5% plus the bank fee.

4. Scotiabank does have affiliate banks but your account must be in Cdn dollars and you will be charge the daily exchange rate to withdraw money from their US affiliate bank without bank charges. If you want to open a US $ account, it cannot be accessed through a bank card and ATMs

Hope that helps y'all. If anyone discovers a US$ option available with access to ATMs and debit transactions for minimal service charges, I'd love to hear them. Also it needs to be available in BC!

Nextwave mastercard

I have had my nextwave titanium plus mastercard for 2 years now and I have been nothing short of pleased.

1 I have a 5000.00 limit
2 Min deposit is 10.00
3 Monthly fee is 15.00
4 no transactions fee accept for paper statements and if you put it in a negative.
5 I get free daily emails about my account status and I can check my balance online for free
6 There is a 2.00 load fee but that's at money mart. It's free from my bank account(cash avail. 24hrs)
7 Load at moneymart is instant.
8 If you let your card expire they just suspend it for 120 days then they'll close it. Not sure if you can get another one after that.

I use mine to put my grocery budget and savings on there and because there are not extra fees the funds remain untouched.

I bank with scotiabank and everytime I turn around I am missing money. Just recently I was charged a 5.00 fee for overdrawn balance when that has never been the case.

So now I just use my prepaid and I know where all my money is. I still need my bank but when you add the money I would have to lose for transactions from my back compared to my prepaid, my prepaid wins hands down.

Nextwave Titanium Mastercard

Just hope you never hace a dispute with them they hold your money for 90 days and if a second presentation is done they take that to I have over 2000.00 being held for 90 days on a 1300.00 dispute plus fees because a trip was booked on the internet.I don't object to the dispute money being held but being charged fees for doing it and adding another 700.00 because of a second presentation is nuts.A complete ripoff 100.00 for international fees that are fraud but they take anyway.

Just a note, You must not

Just a note, You must not use a cell phone number on the application because they will not verify the information on a cell phone. The application process will be held up and you will receive a letter that they can't process your app. If you receive this letter just call them to verify the info but it adds about 2 weeks to the process.

This may not actually be a

This may not actually be a BMO problem, but actually a Rogers/Fido problem. You see, when you call a toll-free number from a Rogers/Fido phone, it doesn't properly send your callerid number, so they can't verify things. But it could also be that they reject cell phone numbers too. VoIP will make this kind of authentication pointless anyway :)

I live in Canada, but I will

I live in Canada, but I will be leaving for Florida in 5 days...and I'm kicking myself for not getting on the whole credit card situation..I just turned 19 so I've never had one. So now I'm looking into getting a pre-paid credit card..just basically for my trip. But I'm short on time and if I have to fill out an application online, the card won't come in the mail in time, etc. So is there a bank where you can go in, buy a pre-paid credit card and walk out with it right away? And also, will it be okay to use in the U.S ? Thanks!

RBC Prepaid Visa Should Work

You can go into Royal Bank branches and buy their prepaid Visa cards on the spot. However, I still don't see why you need a prepaid card. Why not just bring cash? Or do cash withdrawals on your debit card (though that will be subject to various fees).

travel in Thailand

Has anyone used the BMO prepaid mastercard for travel in Thailand recently? I'd like to get the card for my daughter for when she travels there this summer but first I want to be sure she will actually be able to use it there for purchases and/or withdrawing cash. Thanks!

BMO prepaid Mastercard.

It works nice. Especially if you have a BMO account. They can load it over the phone from your BMO account in less than 10 minutes. Recommend it to everyone.

Can I get a prepaid credit card from Canada to use

ONLY to shop online or in a U.S. store,I work in the states and live in Canada and only want to pay strickly in American Funds.

BMO Prepaid Travel Card

I'd like to get a prepaid card to send to my sister in the UK (I'm in Canada). Will the card have my name on? Could it have her name on? Does it matter if the PIN function in used (as it is in the UK). Will she be able to use it with ease in the UK?

Online Purchases

WHich one would you suggest the BEST one for online purchases? I cannot get a credit card and i like to buy things online. But i always have to ask someone to do it for me n i pay them in cash. WHich one is MORE eccepted at purshasing online?

Probably BMO's Mosaik card,

Probably BMO's Mosaik card, because it has an actual name and address linked to it.

Son going to New York city next week

He's 16 years old and I don't want him to carry oodles of cash on him. We're a little strapped for time so what would be the best option? I've looked at Visa gift cards and Vanilla Master card but worry that they won't be accepted in the US. Any suggestions?


Don't get a Prepaid Card.

I would still suggest carrying US$ cash and just carry it securely. Be sure to exchange money in Canada since he might have a hard time converting Canadian cash in the USA.

Another option is for him to bring his debit card and do cash withdrawals in US$. If he has an account through Scotiabank, he should be able to use Bank of America ATMs without any extra charges, but he should call Scotiabank regarding the Global ATM Alliance for more details.

I really wouldn't recommend a prepaid card in this situation, since it would be so much depending on one card with an unknown record. If I had to recommend one, I'd go with the RBC prepaid Visa, they have a good name behind them and seem to be easily available. 

Rentring a car witha pre paid Visa, etc


I am going on a trip (within Canada) and need to rent a vehicle. My credit is shot. Can I use a prepaid to rent a vehicle and which pre-paid will allow the highest amount to be loaded on it- I see some that let you have $500 - is there any that will let you have $5000 for example



$5,000.00 limit

Titanium Plus MasterCard has a $5,000.00 limit.
Available at any MoneyMart for $21.00 initial fee.

Haven't been able to rent with a prepaid...

Car rental companies in Canada tend not to like prepaid cards in my experience. They are large corporations and they have to follow the rules. As one counter person told me, "If we hand over a $20,000 car we need some financial security." :-| It's frustrating as I can do anything else with the prepaid except a car rental. As to your second question the BMO card lets you put a minimum of $100 and a maximum of $10,000 on the card.

visa rbc card.

im trying to order something from turtle beach, but i live in canada and the only way i can get it shipped to canada is if i fax them a credit card and sign it.

now i need the card fast, so id like to pick up the card right at the bank, and not have to wait for it.

could this card be used as a real credit card, will it work if i fax it to the states and they can use it as a real credit card?

i was looking at the opus card, but its 29.50$ just to use it once because of the activation and the first months payment! this is my last resort.

is the visa rbc card good for what i need it for? can i load it with american currency? will they be able to just take the money off as they would with a real credit card?


Uh, thats the oldest trick

Uh, thats the oldest trick in the book, ya sure send away your credit card information, oh and dont forget to sign it so they have your signature and a credit card number 'They' can rack up just for you.

Personally, I don't sign things I cant see or know where they're going, specially a credit card.

But hey if you want to take the chance on faxing a photocopy of yours or anyone elses credit card and then sign whatever documents they requested, giver ...

RBC Prepaid Visa

Call RBC and get more detailed info from them is what I'd recommend. You won't be able to load it with US$, but the retailer can charge US$ to it and then you'll just pay a currency exchange commission. I do find it odd that they want you to fax them a copy of the credit card, rather than just the numbers on it.

I used a Vanilla Mastercard

I used a Vanilla Mastercard on the Playatation 3 online store, it worked fine.

reloadable visa card

CAA has one too. $7.95 to purchase $4.95 to reload...a bit more if you're not a member.

Canada/US Prepaid Visa Gift Card

Hey guys,
My boyfriend is in the Army and will be on leave in April in Washington.
I live in Canada, so he wants to pay for my gas to get down to Seattle.

We're trying to figure out the best way to do this -- Visa Gift card? Are there fees? Can you give a Gift card from the States to Canada? Should he keep it in American funds because I'll only be using it in the States? Does it have to be transferred to Canadian currency from American when he first sends it to me, and then back to American currency when I cross the boarder?
I've never used one before so I'm completely unsure! If anyone has any information that would help, please definitely let me know!
Or if there's another, better way to do this?

Thanks so much,

One problem to watch out

One problem to watch out for with prepaid credit cards is to NOT pay at the pump for gas, and avoid prepaying, because the cards can put a pre-authorization through that may take a while to "fall off".

There probably will be fees, and they will vary by the card. I'm not sure what the fees will be like for US Cards. Chances are only US$ cards can be purchased anyway in the US. 

The Visa gift cards etc. that one can buy in the USA should work in Canada, and will automatically exchange currencies, though you'll lose a couple percent as a commission on each conversion.


Went to BMO today to get this card, was easy enough exept for have to making an appointment to apply for it. You have to open up a checkings account which will cost 4 dollars a month service fees, unless you have a minumum deposit of 1500. Took about 45 minutes and will receive the card in the next week of 2 max, looks good from here.

BMO pre-paid card

I have a pre-paid BMO card.The only reason you would need a BMO bank account is if you want funds on your card in 2 hours.I set mine up as a bill paying option with my bank online.It takes 48 hours to show up on the card.I was not a member of BMO,and I had no problem getting my card.I have used it on my game site to fund and have used it in stores.I just finished buying my train tickets online and no problems.You can also check your balances online when you register..I have had no problems with mine at all.

BMO Pre - Paid visa card

Do the BMO prep-paid visa cards have a 4 digit security code. I am trying to make a purchase from USA online and they are asking for the 3-4 digit security code on the card?


My daughter went overseas

My daughter went overseas with a prepaid mosaik and didn't have to get a BMO account. She just loads it as a bill payment from her PC account. The only disadvantage is you have to wait about 3 business days for it to load where it supposedly is quicker with a BMO account. She just tracks her expenses online and makes sure the card is well loaded. She some times has problems getting cash from cirrhus ATMs though.

iTunes store and Gift Cards

If you want an American iTunes account just log out of the Canadian iTunes go to the bottom of the page and change to the US store ( you can click on the Canadian flag to open all the iTunes Stores in the world, then click on the US flag ), once you're in the US iTunes click on the App Store, then pick a free app to download in the App Store, click download at which point a pop up will ask you to log in. Click on open new account and enter your email ( this must be different than your Canadian iTunes log in email address ), name and a valid US address. The address can belong to anyone ie: a company, a friend ect. it just has to have a street, town and zip code that match or the program will flag it as not valid. Also make sure to get a phone number with the right area code for the address you use. Now enter the Gift Card number. I recommend using the Vanilla Gift Card you can pick up almost anywhere, like Shoppers Drug Mart, Money Mart and 7-11. They don't nickel and dime you for the foreign transaction or have a transaction fee. Very important if you're just buying a song for 99 cents. They charged me just $1.29 Canadian. When the card has no money left you just need to log in and change the Credit Card info... simple enough. Now for the best part... you can get all the TV shows and Movies they have in the American iTunes store which we don't have in the Canadian iTunes. Happy shopping : )

Oooh and if you want to have an account in other iTunes from around the world you can do the same. Not sure if the Gift Cards will work but you can always give it a try and if it doesn't work you can always set up the account with no credit card. There is an option button for no credit card, just click this and set up all the rest as described above with whatever address for that country. For example, just Google ( address Paris France ) and use what you like. They often even have phone numbers too. Many iTunes stores have free songs every week. Some have free weekly song offers from Starbucks and so on like in the Canadian store. I get free Starbucks cards here in Canada for my friends who live in the UK and elsewhere and then have them set up iTunes Canada accounts. Anyhooo... hope you enjoy.

Can Prepaid MC/Visa card work in Europe

I am planning to visit a few European countries this summer. All the blogs I read recommend using ATMs or prepaid credit cards instead of taking either Cash, Travellers Checks or US currency.

Had anyone used a prepaid Canadian MC/VISA card at ATMs in European countries?

Hey just a heads up on using

Hey just a heads up on using cards overseas, I went to the UK and had no problems with my 5 digit PIN (Visa), but when I landed in Spain their ATM's only accept 4 digit pins, pos purchases were fine. I had problems everywhere except France with HSBC, there were places like Switzerland that I could take money out of, the primary big bank there, but its random. I just used Western Union all the time. Its a pain in the neck, but the trip was last minute and a great deal. I would suggest if you plan on travelling to take several cards with you, debit, visa, mastercard etc just for backup reasons. I was stuck in the stupid town of Girona Spain at the stupid Ryan Air airport because the Barcelona Bus only accepts cash. I had to go to a bank....and most dont speak english.....the 6th bank I found spoke "british" had the british flag for "english" anyway got a cash advance of 500 euros straight outta the bank.

Used my prepaid mastercard

Used my prepaid mastercard all over France and spain a few months back. Had no problems at all!

Europe: Prepaid Credit Cards

Which brand/type of prepaid was it? Who issued it?

As for withdrawing funds

As for withdrawing funds from an ATM, you have to be careful, as some prepaid cards don't let you do this (purchases only). The BMO Prepaid Travel card _does_ provide a PIN which allows you to withdraw at ATMs. If you feel secure, I honestly don't think converting some EUROs here and bringing them over for cash use is a bad idea if you can get a good rate, but it depends on where you're visiting and how safe your stuff will be.

It might be cheaper to use your Interac card through the Plus system for withdrawals than buying a prepaid card and worrying about having enough funds. But I don't think you'll be able to actually buy things through your Interac card there, just withdraw. I suggest you call your bank to find out how viable this is.

5 or more digit pins

I know for a fact Spain's ATM system only accepts 4 digit pins.

In their "fine print" that accompanies every card they send out, they warn you about changing your pin to a 4 digit pin when travelling overseas. I could not use my debit card cuz cra seized all my accounts, which in turn is why I never cashed my couple 10g's in checks. Just used my credit card which cra never touched.

Western Union is all over europe, normally close to the train station. I am sure they are all over the world, I just dont know the frequency of store locations.

I ran across the occasional HSBC, CitiBank and ING bank.

Prepaid Credit Card

Hi my usual card is to the limit and I am travelling this weekend with my children and need to check into a hotel. What is available in Montreal? I seen some cards at Pharmaprix but the card came in denominations of $100, I more for my hotel. Any suggestions?


If you've maxed out your usual card(s), the last thing you need is another card...

He never said anyone about

He never said anything about maxing out his usual cards. I'm not sure where you're coming from on this one.

he said "My usual card is to

he said "My usual card is to the limit" - to me, that means maxing it out

I'm not sure why I wrote

I'm not sure why I wrote what I wrote before, but he/she does say that it's his usual card, and not his cards that are at the limit.
So, he should be able to use his other cards then, right?

Take a look at the Royal

Take a look at the Royal Bank cards, they're available through branches and come in denominations up to $500.

Does anyone know if you can

Does anyone know if you can use a prepaid credit card to reserve hotel and check in? Specifically, the much music card?

I have a Much MasterCard and

I have a Much MasterCard and I work in a hotel, and I can tell you that

1. The Much MC only works online, and 2
2. Most hotels can't accept that specific prepaid card due to a block MC has put on it.

It might, the problem is if

It might, the problem is if the hotel puts a temporary hold on a certain amount of money. The amount may be more than the prepaid card's balance. I suggest calling the hotel in question and asking.

Bank of Montreal does a

Bank of Montreal does a SECURITY CHECK this is to check if basically you say who you really are. I called them to inquire about my card and they asked me (Where do you work?) I had not written the answer to this in the application process but they knew. Please do not confuse SECURITY CHECK with CREDIT CHECK they are two different things.

ARRIVAL TIME= About 7 days from application day


I have had this card for over three months now, what sucks is when i load from my ScotiaBank account it takes 3 days to appear :(

applying for bmo prepaid mastercard

I just finished the online application for the bmo prepaid mosaik mastercard. It was really easy. almost to easy. they don't ask for identification. I was wondering has anyone done it online and got their card within the 7 to 10 days they say? It just feels like it might not work or something

They will call you and ask

They will call you and ask for you to fax in copy of your ID and then once they receive that they will send your card .. I just went into a BMO branch and showed them my ID and it worked for me ..

I was wondering do you to

I was wondering do you to have a account at BMO to get the prepaid mastercard? because I have an account at RBC. It says you can load money from other canadian banks. The website said nothing about having an account there?

You do not need to have an

You do not need to have an account with BMO to get their prepaid credit card. Generally, in Canada, you don't need to be a client of a particular bank to get their credit/prepaid Visa/Mastercards.

Just a word about ordering the BMO Prepaid MC on-line

Hi, and thanks for this great forum!

My husband and I ordered a BMO prepaid Mastercard through BMO's online site on February 5. The transaction seemed to be complete - I wrote down the transaction # that was provided just in case. Then on my next click I was offered the option of printing out our order, so I did that as well. The information on the site said the card would arrive in 7-10 business days.

Today, on the 12th business day, the card had not arrived so we phoned customer service. Didn't have to wait long to talk to a rep., but she told us the system had no record or our order. She thinks we didn't click the "Submit" button or something. She says the system assigns a reference number as soon as you begin entering your information, so it doesn't prove the order has gone through. Weird. We order stuff online all the time and we're not newbies.

Anyway, she was very nice and took our order over the phone, and in 7-10 business days I guess we'll have our card. Probably ordering by phone is best, but if you use BMO's site, be very careful and perhaps phone later to confirm that they have received your order.

Peace out,

Ordering the BMO Prepaid MC on-line

I had the same problem! I filled out the on-line application, and never got the card. I figured maybe it hadn't gone through, so I tried again, to no avail. After trying 5 times (and every time it seemed fine, but then nothing would happen), I started thinking my application was being refused for some reason... I'll take your advice and call!


I am an international student. Firstly I wanted to know if the BMO card is available to me. Anyway I applied for one and I was not asked for photo I'd. Is this normal?

Thanks a lot Bri

Well after I've read what Bri said I'm definitely gonna go to BMO tomorrow to get one of those Mosaik Prepaid Travel Mastercard.

Do you guys know how will the conversion will be made if I'm gonna buy something from a US online store ???

I'm planing on buying a RC electric boat but the one that I want it's only available on US

This is(will be) my first online shopping experience......hope it doesn't sound too n00bish...that's why I'm asking !!!

Thanks a lot guys.


Ya I think I am going to go

Ya I think I am going to go with either RBC or BMO......dont like what I hear about Money Marts MC on here. But I was sold from the beginning when I saw their stupid little video on their website. I just think a big bank like RBC or BMO are better anyway.

On another note........

Conversions are made by the bank for the days rate. On my european trip the bank probably took a percentage and converted but it wasnt much, this was on a real credit card with a major bank.

Vancity/Citizens Bank Visa Gift Card

The Max value is $500 but the one time fee is $2.00

Credit History


Can anyone give me any information whether the BMO Mosaik Prepaid Travel Mastercard helps to build credit history

The Prepaid Mosaik card does

The Prepaid Mosaik card does not contribute to your credit history as it is not a true credit card.

BMO prepaid

Hey I have tried like twice now to get the BMO prepaid and I keep getting a refusal notice, saying they hate my credit. Got any ideas of why they would care when it is a prepaid card?

Give them a call. It is very

Give them a call. It is very interesting that your credit rating actually does have an impact on your application. I guess it is possible for you to spend more than the prepaid card's balance/credit if retailers don't process transactions instantly/online.

Order for Clients

Do they offer a program for business's to order cards for clients?

I'd imagine that some of the

I'd imagine that some of the companies do, give them a call. I don't think the BMO type cards are though, since they require an application from the person that wants the card (and the card comes imprinted with their name on it and all).

Prepaid Credit Cards

My current project requires much spending online so I was surfing about trying to find info on prepaid credit cards. I have already proven to myself that I just CANNOT handle credit, so prepaid was the only way to go.

I deal with Scotia Bank and they do not have a prepaid card. That got me looking at the Money Mart Titanium card. Now I think the BMO is the best place to get one.

Thanks for posting all of this great information.


(many gaming companies do not accept credit cards because there are too many chargebacks on stolen cards. Real World Item Traders (RWIT's) are the biggest contributors to this. If your gaming site takes InstantDebit or is it IntsaDebit, I find this to be a very easy payment method)

BMO Card is King

The BMO Card is actually by far the best.

I used to use the Money Mart Titanium Plus card (, but buy did they nickel and dime you like crazy. $20 to get the card, $7.50/month, $2 for every reload, and $0.50 for every transaction among others. Look at at this way - If you do 3 reloads per month, and 15 transactions per month, you're looking at $272 per year in fees (incl. the original $20 fee). The other option is $15/mo and no transaction/reload fees, which will cost $200 in your first year and $180 after. The advantages to this card is that there are many 24-hour moneymart locations, so loading it and using instantly can be done. It also has your name printed on it.

Before getting the BMO Card I also tried the CAA TravelMoney card. It was I think $15 to buy, but had a high reload fee ($4.50, but I think recently reduced to $2), and requires a minimum reload of $250 each time. It has a high Foreign Exchange markup (5% vs 2.75% on Titanium Card), and CAA almost always closes by 6pm and there aren't locations everywhere. This card however carries no monthly fees or transaction fees.

The BMO is by far the best. $10 to buy the card and that's it. No monthly fees. No transaction fees. At first reloading was annoying, 2-4 hours and would usually take longer, and I think there was a $100 minimum. I used to ask them to "rush" the transaction and it would always take 4 hours on the dot. BMO has recently (in December 2008) updated their system. Now reloads are instant. This card is great if you have a BMO Bank Account. You can reload from your Bank Account over telephone banking and it's literally instant. I've tried it out - Use the card with 0.00 balance and gets declined. Call Telephone Banking (all automated, no need to talk to anyone) from my cell phone, make a transfer to the card, wait for the confirmation number (instant) and then swipe again and it works. Can be reloaded any time of day from anywhere this way. The card also has your name embossed on it (not just printed on) like a real credit card. It had a rocky start, but it's a solid product now. I'm surprised more banks don't offer these. The one downside is that it took about 3 weeks to get the card in the mail, unlike the Titanium and TravelMoney that you can buy and start using instantly. But once you have it it's the only one you need. Cut up my TravelMoney and TitaniumPlus as soon as I got the BMO. Yay for no fees!

BMO Pre-Paid CC

I am getting ready to start saving up for some travelling, I was just wondering if you are able to slowly build an amount on this card or if you have to load, spend re-load??? In other words am I able to use this card as a travel saving card and book my trips online?

Why not just save the money

Why not just save the money in an actual account that can earn you interest as well? If you have the money accumulating in a prepaid CC "account", it would be easier for you to spend the money than a savings account with no debit card or cheques attached to it.

iTunes gift cards don't work quite the you think they would...

they can buy Canadian songs in Canadian dollars, but anything else (upgrades, applictions, etc.) needs a credit card...

I'm not willing to give my kids my card, and they're too young to apply on their own. The BMO folks said I could get the travel card with them as an additional card. If it looks and acts like a 'real' card, then it might do the trick...

I am a little worried about the time it takes for payments to get through, especially as my bank normally offers Visa...

Ahh, the good old days again when my US bank asked if I wanted either a Visa or a Mastercard...

Another alternative is if I travel to the US and buy an American iTunes gift card...

I wouldn't worry too much

I wouldn't worry too much about payment processing differences with Visas, Mastercards, and payments between them.

I think I'll end up doing a followup article on itunes payments, seems complicated enough for someone that hasn't done it before.

does the BMO card have a name on it and a security code??

my kids love iTunes, but trying to use it in Canada before you are 18 is a pain... The Vanilla cards don't work because if you put 'gift card' in as the name iTunes rejects it...

Does the BMO look like a 'real' credit card?

Why can't we do things like the states where your bank card is just another type of credit card???

I believe it does, as it is

I believe it does, as it is more of a "real" credit card than the Vanilla's etc. are.

On the other hand, I thought one could buy iTunes gift cards at a lot of retailers, and pay with debit/cash (though can I guess that you need a credit card to prove you're >18?)

And hey, you don't have to be an American to get one of those ATM Debit Mastercards/Visa cards, just get a US Bank account, I did.

Vanilla MasterCard

I am in the US so I don't know if anything is different but we received 2 Vanilla Mastercards for Xmas. I think they are a royal rip off. I heard that there was some jive at restaurants where if the total bill is one amount, the card automatically requires the balance to have 20% more than that available to clear, even if you wish to tip in cash. Once you pay for your meal, the amount that is held up for the tip, that you opted to pay in cash, is released a week later to your balance. Then even when I tried to use it again at a completely non-restaurant place, it still required the balance to exceed the purchase price of the item by some factor I cannot yet figure out. So basically the gift giver paid a fee to buy it, I paid an activation fee to use it, and I will never be able to fully use the amount on there because of this and due to it being so annoying I will probably just give up. So guess how much of the the, say $112 spent on these will actually come back to benefit me? So far, $62. That is a 50% interest rate, if you will, and that is highway robbery.

I am taking a vacation to

I am taking a vacation to Mexico and my regular Visa has a credit limit I am not comfortable in taking to Mexico just in case gets stolen.
Any use these cards in Mexico, I am in Canada.

Call your credit card

Call your credit card company, tell them you'll be in Mexico, and that you want to temporarily lower your limit just in case.

pre paid cards

I tried my pre paid card on wow, but without an account backing you cant, and the BMO mosaik card you have to goto a local brance, where im to you cant cause no local, its 2 provinces over for me

I'm pretty sure BMO has a

I'm pretty sure BMO has a presence in every province, but I _could_ be wrong.

I guess your best option is to find a friend/parent/relative with a credit card and get them to take care of it for you.

I'm surprised WoW and other companies don't have cards that you can buy at stores, like the cell phone recharge cards and gift cards, at least some place somewhere.

I tried to use a Vanilla

I tried to use a Vanilla Mastercard at 3 locations today....all said they could not take it. It is frustrating as this was a gift and I can't seem to use it. I will try Shoppers Drug Mart if they are the ones that sell it. Anyone have any other suggestions?

I find that really unusual.

I find that really unusual. I have a feeling they just weren't aware of what it was, rather than their system being unable to accept it.
Perhaps you'd have more luck at the larger retailers that might have better training?

I'm going to try it.

I want low fees. And I also want good service,
I want to funds to be available right away.
If I'm away from home I may not have the time to wait for monies to become available to me some other time.
They will only have 1 shot to get it right.

Vanilla PrePaid MasterCard

The 800 phone number you list in your article requires you to HAVE a credit card number to speak to an operator.

In Winnipeg, MB I can not find a business that sells these gift cards over the counter, nor can I contact visa/mc to find out where they are sold in Canada.

I give up.

In Winnipeg, Shopper's, 7v,

In Winnipeg, Shopper's, 7v, and Macs all carry vanilla over the counter cards.

Petro Canada Gas station has them

Pretty much the most reliable place to find that card anywhere in Canada. It did work great with the Sony PSN. Since Sony cannot get their act together and start selling psn card in Canada that pretty much the way to go for now.

Muchmusic Prepaid Mastercard

You might want to post a review of the Muchmusic Prepaid Mastercard, just based on its popularity and how much it is advertised.

I find it to be a very expensive option, $34.95 for sign-up plus monthly and transaction fees, but I'm sure visitors to the site might be wondering about it as an option.

Already done

Already done ;)

But certainly good advice and something for people to avoid bothering with.

Getting Prepaid cards for family...

My sister and her family are going to the US for holiday from Africa and they don't want to carry cash with them. No banks in Nigeria offer Visa or Master card services. They get embarrassed each time they travel and have to pay for items with cash with some cashiers checking the currency to make sure they are genuine. Also, when they travel to Europe, they can't extend their stay in some hotels because they don't take cash payments.

After I heard their ordeal, I feel for them and I really want to help them out without breaking the law. I live in Canada and I am wondering what the best way is to get them debit credit card(s) that they can use when they travel to the US this December. They are looking forward to spending about US$5000 for the entire trip.

Please, help. Thanks

Cash is probably the best

Cash is probably the best way to go about things. Also, I'm not sure about what the prepaid card situation is in the USA, but if you get them Canadian ones, they'll pay exchange fees left and right. As for each hotel, well, I guess you'd have to check their policies. Perhaps the hotels would be willing to let you use your credit card as a deposit for when they pay cash? I'm not sure what's embarassing about paying with cash, or having large amounts of cash getting checked, it's not particularly unusual. Traveller's Cheques would seem to be a pretty good idea, and are likely cashable at any hotel.

BMO Mosaik Prepaid Travel Mastercard

is there a certain age you have to be to get it.. or can any one use it?

I can't say I checked all

I can't say I checked all provinces, but when trying out their online application form, it looks like you must be at least 18 years of age.

I agree, you have to be

I agree, you have to be atleast 18 years old to apply for the BMO Prepaid Credit card. However, there are other prepaid credit cards that can be issued for anyone who is 16 years old. I recently got one for my son so that he can renew his online membership without having to use my credit card.

Hmm, that Vanilla Mastercard

Hmm, that Vanilla Mastercard would be awesome for those "referral websites" for free stuff, since your name is not provided. Definately going to try this. Anybody else given this a try yet? Because if this works, it's entirely possible to get a Nintendo Wii for $10, or an Xbox 360 for about $15.

I didn't even know those

I didn't even know those referral websites still existed! I guess it is worthy of an attempt. I'm sure some sites out there would accept these prepaid cards, but keep in mind, these kinds of prepaid cards have been around for a lot longer in the US, so these kinds of holes might have been plugged already.

Vanilla Mastercard

Hey, I was just wondering...would it be possible for me to have more than one Vanilla Card at a time?

Since I'm not legal for credit cards, I want to have something like this to use online or just as handy backup money.

I realized that the maximum value per card is $100...and it's not reloadable...

So, can I have multiple cards at a time? Or do I need to finish one...and then I don't know...sign up again or something for another?

I don't see why you couldn't

I don't see why you couldn't have multiple cards. They'd have no way of knowing who has which ones anyway. There might be a minimum age to use one in the contract, but again, they have no way of knowing what your age is. As for using them as backup money, be careful, as there are often monthly/inactivity fees, and you may lose the remaining balance upon expiration. Read the contract of whichever card you decide to buy!

It's a Great Idea!

I love the idea of having a prepaid Mastercard/Visa. Especially for persons who are trying to stay within their budget, and for those that do not want anything to do with Credit Cards.

So what if the BMO Prepaid Travel Card doesn't load your cash right away. Might be that you need to think about your purchases for another day or two to decide whether it's really worth the money. Patience is a good virtue.

I was the person who wrote

I was the person who wrote that I cannot recommend the BMO Prepaid MasterCard ... and the reason for me owning the card was so I could make online purchases for my son's sports team. I agree with your point of view, but when it comes down to ordering sports equipment and uniforms, I really need a reliable credit card to use for my online purchases. I only used the prepaid credit card for online purchases because I'm very nervous about giving out my real credit card numbers to online retailers.


for the BMO card it says that you have to load a minimum on $100. does that mean that I have to keep at least a $100 on there or is it that every time I put more money on it I have to put at least $100 on it each time?

You called it "Visa"

The link in your story called it the "BMO Mosaik Prepaid Travel Visa Card" I don't think BMO has any Visa cards, only MC.

Whoops, fixed that!

Whoops, fixed that!

BMO Visa

The comment that the BMO Prepaid Mastercard is not recommended, does the same apply to the Visa card?

I'm not aware of BMO having

I'm not aware of BMO having any Visa cards at all, just Mastercards.


[Edited by admin for readability, nothing added/removed]
I used the BMO Mosaik Prepaid MasterCard for the last 1.5 years and want to share with everyone that this card is nothing but a MAJOR HASSLE!

I DO NOT RECOMMEND THE BMO MOSAIK PREPAID MASTERCARD if you want accessibility and fast money transfers. I owned this card for the last year and a half, and each time I loaded the card (either by personally going to the teller at BMO branches, transferring money over the phone or making an online bill payment to load funds into the credit card), it always took several days before the funds became available.

According to the literature published by Bank of Montreal to market this product, loading funds into the prepaid credit card is easy: in person (at the teller) the funds should be available immediately, over the phone the funds should be available between 2-4 hours, and online money transfer should take about 24 hours. In my experience, this has not been the case.

Each time I loaded funds into the card, I had to phone MasterCard's 1-800 number (printed on the back of the card) to complain about the funds not being available. Calling into the 1-800 number is another MAJOR HASSLE ... you will be placed on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes before your call is answered by a person (no matter what day of the week you call, or what time of day you place your call ... you will be on hold for a minimum of 20 minutes). When speaking to customer service representatives at the 1-800 number, the CSRs are usually not very helpful and will tell you that there is nothing they can do about the money that was transferred into the card (but is not yet available) since they cannot see the transaction on their system.

CSRs at the 1-800 number will place the blame on the person (either tellers at the branches or CSRs over the tele-banking system) that processed the transaction. Follow up phone calls to the tele-banking person or tellers at the branch did not give any positive results, as they will tell you that they had processed the transaction correctly and that it is up to MasterCard to release the funds into the prepaid credit card.

I have spoken to the general manager at the Toronto processing location on several occasions to complain about the service. He has apologized and stated that since the product is new, full knowledge and training of staff is still limited and lacking. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE WITH THIS STATEMENT but I cannot agree with the statement that this product is new. It has been out in the market for the last 2 years, and lack of knowledge or proper training is no longer an excuse I am willing to accept.  

In summary, I cannot recommend this prepaid card to anyone. In the 1.5 years I owned this card, I have not had one transaction (loading funds into the card) that went smoothly, as per the printed material on Bank of Montreal's website or the booklet they have available regarding this product.

I have finally given up on this card (cut it up and thrown it away) and have opened another prepaid card with another institution. The new card I have carries a monthly fee and has a charge fee per transaction ... but in my personal opinion, it is worth every penny. The funds I load into the new prepaid card I own is available immediately and I have not had any problems with transferring funds into the card.

Yes, the Mosaik Prepaid MasterCard offered by Bank of Montreal is cheaper ... one-time application fee of $9.95, no montly fees, no transaction fees .... but you get what you pay for ... poor service and unrealiable prepaid credit card.

I hope this will help someone out there who is looking for a PrePaid Credit Card to make the right decision.

Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard - NOT RECOMMENDED

I regret getting this card! I signed-up, forwarded my voided cheque to them and requested an initial load of $50.00.
According to their website, it takes up to 5 business days from the date the funds are withdrawn from your bank account, to appear on your card's balance. This has not been my experience. My bank account was debited for $50 on January 8th. By the 15th, there was still a $0.00 balance on my Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard, so I sent them an email for a status update - no response. Then I checked my balance again on January 11th - still $0.00. So I sent them another email enquiry - no response. After waiting a couple of more business days, I called their Customer Service Department. Guess What? There was nothing they could tell me and no advice or help for my situation. The rep said there was nothing she could do and suggested I contact their "support" department. That was not much help since it is the support department that I have been trying to contact through emails. As of today, January 21st it looks like my funds have evaporated and no one from Canadian Tire Prepaid Mastercard (Mint Capital) is getting back to me. This is not over!

name of new card

hell,i was wondering which card you got..which card would you not want the problems you had ..thanks

Hi i'm very interested in

Hi i'm very interested in the bmo card.
I have a few questions.
Can i top up any amount at anytime?
Will i be able to use it to pay things in the uk such as my credit card(i moved here in April)?
And will it establish credit?
Do i need an account with them?

You should have no problems

You should have no problems topping it up any time through online bill payment, or maybe even with cash at a BMO Branch. There should be no problems using it to buy things in the UK, but there probably will be currency exchange and international transaction fees. It will NOT establish credit of any kind. You do not need an account with them to get it. Hope I could be of assistance!


Your statement "Accepted ANYWHERE that a Mastercard or Visa card are accepted" is incorrect, Citibank/Vancity cards are NOT usable at any online gaming site.

Re: Correction

"Your statement "Accepted ANYWHERE that a Mastercard or Visa card are accepted" is incorrect, Citibank/Vancity cards are NOT usable at any online gaming site."

Perhaps not, but that goes for most VISA, M/C and Amex Cards. Most of them are no longer acceptable at gaming sites.

Thanks for the comment, I'm

Thanks for the comment,

I'm not much of an online "game" player, but I do know that any card issued by a US bank cannot be used to "game" online under new US anti-terrorism legislation (ha!).

From what friends have told me, some cards issued by Canadian banks do work, but even they have been cracking down on that (either due to increased pressure, or perhaps because they're expanding their US operations, not sure).

Thanks for the update. I

Thanks for the update.

The problem isn't that it is a prepaid card, but rather that cards issued (prepaid or not) by a US bank are not allowed to be used for online gambling.

I wasn't aware that Vancity had its cards issued by a US bank, which is why the problem happens. So, for online gaming, one would have to get a credit card issued by an actual Canadian bank, like TD. But even then, I have heard that some of them are cutting down on such transactions.

I do recall in the past once getting a notice when the credit union moved everything over the MBNA that I'd no longer be able to use my Mastercard in places like Cuba or North Korea (do credit cards even work in NK?).

Fake Id fro prepaid card

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