Everything To Know About Bank of Montreal's Mosaic Mastercard

On this page I am going to cover all of the major offerings of the BMO/Bank of Montreal Mosaic Line of Mastercards

Mosaic Mastercards With No Annual Fee

Your choice of Cash Back or Airmiles.

You can choose either 1 Air Mile per $40 Spent or 0.5% Cash Back

Mosaic Cards with Annual Fees

For CAD$49 per year, you can get 3% Cashback at Shell Gas Stations and 1% Cash Back on all other purchases. For CAD$35/year you can get their silver card which gets you 1 Air Mile per $20 Spent.

Finally, for $90 per year, you can get BMO's Gold Card, which gets you 1 Air Mile per $15 Spent. One would have to spend quite a bit on this card in order to make it more worthwhile than the Silver Card.

The same card designs are available regardless of whether you choose the no annual fee card, or the more premium cards.

US$ Bank of Montreal Cards

The US$ Cards actually have the same sort of options as the Canadian Dollar cards, except no choice of card design, just the crummy gold design, even if you go with the premium cards.

Any annual fees for the American Currency BMO Mosaic Cards are charged in US Currency.

There are several options for US$ Cards. There is the no fee US$ Mosaic Mastercard that gives 0.5% Cash Back or 1 Air Mile / US$40 spent.

For an annual fee of US$49, you can get 1% Cashback from the First Dollar. For an Annual Fee of $35 you can get 1 Air Mile / US$20 Spent with 100 miles for signing up, and for US$90/year, you can get 1 Air Mile per US$15 spent and 150 miles for signing up.

Travel Options for the BMO Mosaik Mastercard

For $59/year you receive concierge service, which gets you "24-hour travel, entertainment and business services while at home or on the road."

There is also medical coverage and travel coverage, including things like car rental coverage and such.

Better Cards

For very short term medical coverage through your credit card, consider the Desjardins Mastercard, which includes 3 days of out-of-country medical coverage, but be sure to read through the entire policy for more exact details.

For 1% Cash Back from the first dollar on a Visa or Mastercard with No Annual Fee, consider the CitiMastercard Enrich Card.

what are the main features

what are the main features and benefits of the mosaic mastercard?

Mosaic charges?

When I tried to use my Mosaic card at the Wester canada Lotter Corporation I was told that I might be charged a fee for a cash advance plus interest on my purchase from the date of the purchase. Is this correct? Ron

I believe this is true, but

I believe this is true, but it is not specific to the Mosaik Mastercards, but the same for any credit card. I guess they just don't want to pay the commissions.

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