Best Canadian Dollar CASH Exchange Rates

Going on a trip? Need US$ Cash or EUR before you go? Or need to pay off your US$ denominated Mastercard with US$ cash at a Canadian bank branch, as I often do with my US$ BMO Mastercard?

I typically find currency exchangers to have better rates than banks for US$. Usually you'll get a 1% better rate from a currency exchanger than you would from a bank. The banks have largely similar rates, and the currency exchangers will usually beat them by a 1% to win your business.

For small amounts of currency (in the two to three figures range), this is your best deal to save a few bucks.

Look in your yellow pages and via Google for one that's local. Don't bother with one that doesn't have a website (they obviously don't want you to compare) and don't bother with places that focus on cheque-cashing or pay-day loans, their rates are typically... predatory.

I've received reasonable rates from Currency Converters in Waterloo Ontario, and from the various walk-up places in downtown Toronto (check their rates against on your smartphone, or just before you leave, but they tend to be reasonable).

Toronto Currency Exchange

What locations in Toronto has anyone found to have the best rates? I can go anywhere in downtown and might be willing to take transit a bit if necessary for better rates.


Guardian any good?

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