TD Rebate Rewards Credit Card: Not Worth It

TD Rebate Rewards Visa Card

The Toronto Dominion Rebate Rewards Visa is a fairly run-of-the-mill no fee credit card. It has one main benefit over TD's basic "Green" Visa card, and that is its 0.5% cash back on your first $3000 in purchases, and then 1% cash back, up to some maximum.

This is a high-interest rate credit card, so don't bother with it if you're going to be carrying a balance.

The card's 0.5% cash back on the first $3000 in annual purchases is pretty poor. The CitiMastercard Enrich Mastercard has no annual fee, and it is 1% cash back from the first dollar you spend, up to $250 in rewards per year. The Citi card is a far better deal. 

The only thing is, if you're getting your very first credit card, and you bank at TD, it might be a lot easier to get the TD Visa Rebate Rewards credit card over other cards that require a more established credit cards. 

Also, the service with TD is generally very good, but I've had no issues with Citi either. 

Why Stick with your own bank?

Simple, no reason! If you're looking into the TD Rebate Reward card as a no-fee cashback credit card, I'd recommend other cards that have greater returns for the same cost to you. Always shop around!

You can always pay the bill for other credit cards (like Citi's) through your TD/Canada Trust bank account, so there's no reason why one would have to get a credit card from their usual bank, get the credit card that gives you the best rewards. 

Having said all that, there's nothing overly wrong with this credit card, I still keep it as my backup credit card. Having a million nearby branches to talk to someone in person if you have a problem can have its value.

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