Saskatoon Passport Renewals Office Maps, Directions & Help. New Applications Too!

Please leave comments here about your experiences at this location (getting there, lineups, times to go, times to avoid).

Saskatoon Passport Canada Office Maps, Directions, Hours, Help

This is the Passport Canada Location that you would go to in order to get Regular, Rush or Urgent service for your passport application. Mail applications forms can take up to four weeks , but dropping off your Passport Application Forms at a location like this type should take less than 2 weeks without paying extra. Mine took just 7 days without paying anything extra. Bypassing the long long long lineup can be done by filling out your application form using the EPass online method linked below. You still have personally appear, but you'll save tonnes time.

Passport Canada
Suite 405 - Federal Building
101-22nd Street East
Saskatoon, SK
Mon-Fri: 8:30AM - 4:30PM

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Click here for SK locations of Official Offices, Receiving Agents or Canada Post Offices that can accept your Canadian passport application. Receiving Agents and CanadaPost Offices can't give urgent or express service, perform requests for modifications to your passport, or accept forms without guarantors (which should be a non-issue these days). Even then, they will take about 4 weeks to process your application. However, if you request, a Receiving Agent will take photocopies of your documents and return them to you, so you don't have to be without them for 5 weeks.

Canadian Passport Articles that may be helpful:

Passport Renewal

I am traveling to Mexico in Feb into March 2012, my passport is up for renewal Sept 12, 2012. I have heard that there could be passport problems if you travel 6 months prior to the passport expiration date. Is this true & what are the renewal prededures close to the deadline.

passport renewal

Can you please tell me how much u charge to renew a passport?


my passport doesn't have my middle name is that a problem?

passport not being able to be scanned

Hi: I have been through 4 airports in the last two months and my passport is not scanning well and then they have to manually input it which takes extra time. For example on monday we waited appoximately 35 minutes for them to get to us at the NWA counter due to my passport not working on their check in machines. My passport is only two years old. We plan on travelling the world beginning September and will be through many airports and would like to avoid this problem. What do I do???


Passport not scanning in

I'm sure Passport Canada has experienced this problem before, contact them and I'm sure they can sort it out. Sounds like a defect with your passport and I'm sure they'd be interested in finding out what's wrong.

No 10 Year Canadian Passports

5 Years only.

2010 passport

Our passports will run out Dec 31. My question is , are the 2010 passports going for the 10 year instead of the current 5 year ????? Thanks ..

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