Rogers Billing & Tech Support Phone Numbers

 In theory, when they prompt you and say "Say High Speed Internet, Portable, Dialup..." you can just press "2" for Portable instead of saying it.

All of Rogers' Phone Numbers

Rogers Cable 1-888-ROGERS1 (1-888-764-3771)

Rogers Yahoo Hi Speed Cable Internet 1-888-ROGERS1 (1-888-764-3771)

Wireless inquiries (within North America) 1-877-764-3772
Wireless inquiries (other countries) +1-416-935-5555

Pay As You Go Inquiries  1-800-575-9090

Pay As You Go Activations 1-866-594-9456

Rogers Blackberry/PDA Mobile Phone Support:  1-866-931-DATA (3282)

Rogers Better Choice Bundle  1-877-764-3771

Rogers Home Phone 1-888-ROGERS1 (1-888-764-3771)

Rogers Business Solutions  1-866-727-2141

Rogers Broadcasting  -  416-935-8200
Rogers Media  -  416-764-2000
Rogers Video  -  Find a store
Rogers Publishing  -  416-764-2000

Rogers Telecom  -  1-800-980-5464


Let us force Rogers to give better service

I recently moved from one province to another and as a result had to disconnect my services. I called Rogers and changed my address with them. Three months after moving I still maintain my magic jack number I got a voice mail from a collection agency in Montreal stating they have sent notification to my old address about bill. The collection agency which stupidly also mention that they to have sent notification to my old address even though they have my new address on file, because his system will not allow him to put my new postal code in. So now with any notification from Rogers I have been sent to an collection agency by them. FOR AS LONG AS I LIVE I WILL NO LONGER BE DOING BUSINESS WITH ROGERS. For years I got nothing but poor service from them which is why I switched to Magic Jack. I would encourage all you read this to if possible not do any business with Rogers. Once this company realize that there are alternatives to their services they will start doing this a little differently if they want to remain competitive. If they do not change they will and should loose these customers.


rocket mobile hotspot

hor to connect rocket mobile hotspot to laptop

how to get them off your back

I notice that whenI how Rogers money, they like to play around with my services..ies my internet will take just a bit longer to load, my Tv channels , gets suspended.. SO to get them off my back and form them calling form vaious numbers.. most ive memorize . I just call ( and enter on th automated system) & say that a payment has been made or will be made on such on day.. And that usually stops all the calls from coming in, as well as bye me some time till the funds to come in to pay them off

1 set of services, 2 account numbers wtf?

ok i am receiving a bill in the mail, when they feel like sending it! i don't get one every month like they say i do, well the bill i receive has 1 account number and if i call rogers and give them my name, number and address there is a totally different account number in my file, wtf?they each have a different balance! my services are froze like every other week, i'm paying once a month including a payment 2 days ago which i have the receipt for from the stupid machine at the rogers plus store which has issues all it's own and that payment isn't even posted to my account, i called and the guy on the phone said call back tomorrow, he said he really had to dig to find the payment and my account is messed up but he couldn't help me! it says i haven't made a payment since february and i made a payment of $500 3 1/2 wks ago, what is going on? plus i'm getting called 4 and 5 times aday and they are all different numbers calling starting at 8 am and calling right through till 9-9:30 saying i have an outstanding balance, what the hell is going on, half the people you talk to you can't understand, the rest don't know their ass's from a hole in the ground! I want this fixed but waiting hours to talk to someone is not an option. Oh yes and get this, Bell is calling me to saying i have an outstanding balance and my services will be disconnected and i haven't had Bell in over 5 years and my phone number isn't even a Bell number! WTF!


My husband claimed bankruptcy 2 years ago and Rogers was included, but now 2 years later Rogers still will not allow him to get a cell phone because he still apparently owes this money that Bankruptcy has already dealt with! WTF!

Just get a non-Rogers cell

Just get a non-Rogers cell phone. Depending on where you live, Wind Mobile, Public Mobile and Mobilicity might even be excellent options.

July 1 and 2 2012 - take advantage of this and screw Rogers!

If you have a home phone with Rogers you may be eligible to make unlimited Canadian long-distance calls on July 1 and 2, 2012. This will cost Rogers many millions of dollars. The more, the better, so please forward this to anyone you know that may subscribe to their landline service.​584/

Rogers and Bell --one day you will KNOW--and you will FEEL--

Hello I'm Italian born in Canada
I'm currently living in Toronto Canada

my english is not that good but I can understand and write by using google translator to contact one of the City TV Agents. I would like to explain one my issues I am having now but i can't get this I hope some one after reading this email can help us.

1) this what i'm trying to make Rogers and Bell company understand.
I was a Bell client and after two years I moved to Rogers now this is my problem, my home phone number is 905-xxx-xxxx for 13 years,
Now, if you are a Bell client and you are dialing 905-xxx-xxxx a business battery company in toronto answers the phone, if you are a rogers client by dialing 905-xxx-xxxx my phone home rings.
I have discovered this issue about 10 days ago when sick kids, my mother in law, my sister in law, and many more have tried to contact us using their Bell phone line and guess what? A Battery company answers the phone. If you are Rogers client my phone rings.
So what I did to make sure that this was a real issues, I did some testing using my Mother in laws bell phone to try to reach my home phone line and a battery company answered. I tried my cell number and a friend using a rogers phone to reach my landline and my phone rings fine.

2) My first step was to contact rogers where I spent over 90 minutes just to get one agent on the phone. They ran a test and the answer was that it was working fine and I needed to resolve this by calling Bell and that it is Bells problem, so I contacted Bell. The day after I called Bell this lady answered where i explained to her for 10 minutes my issue and she said that I needed to contact rogers. I was in front of 3 people can verify this,

so I got upset and I called Bell again thinking maybe that lady couldn't give me the answer so I got Bell online again with another one of the agents whose name is Leo I spoke with Leo for more then 45 minutes by explaining my problem and he tried very hard to find the problem and he was the only one to apoligize but he had no reason to, I only wanted to get back my phone number to make sure I would receive all of my calls for what I need and to keep my daughter and family safe, so Leo told me (on thursday) the problem should be fixed in 24hr max 48hr
and my answer was ok great can I have the REF # of this conversation? this what I got from Leo working for Bell Agent:EX88197

so when I went home I told my wife the phone should be fixed in the next 24 to 48 hr.

3) On Monday I went to work 4hr away from Toronto and was going home around 7 pm. I told my son to text his Mom to see if the phone was fixed, so she called her mother to test calling our landline and still it was not working. I told her I would try to contact Bell and rogers tomorrow.

4) Around 5 pm after work I contacted Bell and waited over 30 minute to get one of the Bell agent on line,
I was talking with one girl who was very hard to understand with her accent so after over 1 hr testing I was transferred to another agent and I got my answer: "yes the 905-xxx-xxxx is under a business company but I can't tell you more because i'm on the residential support bla bla bla so please call tomorrow during the business hr and contact our business company",
I'm starting to get very tired and I said to my self is this a joke or am I having a problem to make them understand. so I told her I will try again tomorrow,

5) My wife told me to call rogers and tell them to first fix this problem from them and bell. so I called Rogers again
a lady answered and I explained it all again and she said after 10 minutes for me to give her all the numbers that tried to call and didnt get through, and so i did. She also asked for me to please hold and that she will open a support ticket stay online i say ok.

After 8 minutes a support came online and asked me again what the issue was I told the story again so she started to ask me the numbers from Sick kids from my mother in law from my sister in law and I gave it to her, and the she put me on hold for another 20 minutes after she got back to me saying "we need 24 to 48 hr to have this fixed",
i'm starting to get very upset so i told her that she has to give us a credit she told us that she couldn't do this and she transferred us to her billing department. After 15 minutes a billing department from Rogers come online and asked me again the question I told him I just told the lady to explain to him. So for 10 minutes I repeated the same thing I repeated it over and over. The answer is always
"sorry we can't do much so you need to pay your due bill first after we will see if we can give you a credit" So I told him it's ok and that I will not pay you until this problem is resloved because your Rogers and Bell screwed up by selling the number to a business company.
With the technology we have now, this company phone still needs 24 to 48hr to fix the problem when in 20 minutes people can reach THE ORBIT.


to Rogers and Bell family I wish with all my hart one day one of your Famly have the same issues I have and to make sure to you will get trade like I was trade for all your LIFE....

NB: City TV never get back to us, we know way they have Bell and Roger free supply for life good luck wish you the same.

I can be reached at 905-xxx-xxxx if you using Rogers Company,
If you are using Bell you can contact me at my Cell 647-xxx-xxxx

More news on the way stay tune.....

It sounds like Rogers or Bell

It sounds like Rogers or Bell messed up the "porting" of phone numbers. It sounds like one of them cancelled the phone number and made it "available for use" instead of transferring it to Rogers, or Rogers forgot the renew it on the bigger phone number assignment system.

Rogers programmed their systems to route the call correctly, because it's "in-network", but if it hits one of the phone system's interconnect switches, it gets routed to the battery company. This is probably a problem for the battery company too, since Rogers customers may not be able to call them. Are you getting calls for the battery company?

You've done a good job by documenting everything you've done.

Since your problem is a complicated one, any front-line CSR rep you talk to will likely be useless and it's not worth their trouble to try to solve it. In organizations as big and disorganized as Bell and Rogers, it's likely impossible to get in touch with the people that you're supposed to get in touch with.

I'd file a complaint with the CRTC, which is the telecommunication regulator in Canada. The online complaint form is here: CRTC Complaint Form.

In your complaint, include everything you've said here (with your real phone numbers). Also be sure to mention that there could be a problem with 9-1-1 phone calls. What if you had to call 9-1-1 and they thought you were calling from the battery company and paramedics/fire/police were sent to the battery company instead of your home? What if the battery company called 9-1-1 and fire/paramedics/police showed up to your house? This will get them to investigate and fix the problem quickly. If what you said it true, you deserve to get YOUR phone number back, and it's up to Rogers or Bell to take it back from the battery company in my opinion. The battery company may or may not care about losing this number depending on how their system is set up.

Please leave a comment and put your email address in so I can contact you directly, I have someone to refer your case to.

Your English (or the English translation) is perfectly understandable.

Rogers Harrasment

I wanted to port my Rogers cell phone number to a Rogers home phone for a number of reason and was told by Rogers that this was no problem. They have an ad running a number of times each day encouraging people to do this. They hooked up the home phone in Aug and said it would take a couple of week to port the number. I have called every month since. I am kept on the phone for over an hour every time and passed from dept. to dept. Each time having to give all my information again and then being put on hold for at least 10 minutes. Finally I said if you cant provide the service then return my money and cancel the home phone. That was in Oct. when I called in Nov. because the phone wasn't being cancelled I was told that I had to port my cell phone number to another carrier for a month and then Rogers could take it back for my home phone. I said that was ridiculous and I wasn't going to do that. Just cancel the home phone and return my money. Then I stopped paying the bill. So they suspended my cell phone. Not the home phone that the dispute was about but the cell phone. So I called and said fine the cell phone is shut off and I will call another provider and have the number ported. I did this and Bell transf. the number in 4 days. I have contacted customer service by fax giving them all the details along with a detailed list of what has been paid and what will not be paid. They are calling my home every day between the hours of 9 and 5 when I am at work and not leaving any messages. If they call in the evening or on the weekend and I answer they hand up. I have cancer, a brain aneurysm and asthma. I am working two jobs to keep things together and this has me absolutely at my wits end. It is like there is someone at Rogers that I have committed some slight against and they have decided to harass me to a nervous breakdown. I don't owe anyone one red cent and they are going to ruin my credit and my health. I am sitting her crying my eyes out as I type this because I don't know what to do. The bill for the period Jan. 22 to Feb. 22 arrived and the cell phone charge is on it along with a service charge to turn the phone back on after Rogers had shut it off. PLEASE IF ANYONE HAS ANY SUGGESTIONS I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE IT.




Rogers Harassment - complain to Toronto Star

I believe the Toronto Star, and some local news stations have segments where they will take on these terrible billing practices. Be sure to send Rogers your complaints in writing, keep records of everything and document all of your contacts with them and their outcomes.

Pat your bills and stop being douches

Most of you complaints towards Rogers are due to being billed a lot of cash during your billing cycle. Pay your bill? Others talk of bad customer service, have you ever thought that at times with any industry with any employee you will revive bad customer service. Unfortunately with any company there is always an employee that really does not care for the position they hold. Just smile call back and speak directly to a supervisor. Hey life's a bitch why get pissed off?

to your comment you are a

to your comment you are a douche pay your bill have been cheques cashed never input into system calls from india office barely understand them,sent faxes of copies of checks cashed threats to suspend services for these payments that were made so you sound like one of those kind i get too deal with other side of the world to everyone else always check your bill and rogers n bell same pos's

rogers promotions scam

i signed up with rogers dec24th..huge mistake..after an hour and a half on the phone switching over from bell they tell me i qualify for he new samsung tablet at a reduced rate so with taxes 169.49..i think ok not a bad deal so i let them put it onmy visa after 3 or 4 days my phone shows up but no tablet so i figure i will wait to see i check their link to see when it was sent and the message said they were still determining if i qualified?? so i wait now its almost a week and a half aftr i call
ed them to find out whats going on to which i am told you didnt sign up 2phones so u dont qualify BUT they charged my credit card anyway..aftr 8 PAINFUL phones talking to one idiot after another they kept telling me they didnt see anywhere that they had been paid by my visa so i read them my statement and told them i would have my visa rep call them they just kept saying we will credit it back now on January 20th after it still wasnt put back i finally flipped out and stated i would be calling the BB buerau and taking them to to court and i would not be paying my first bill until i recieved my money back they finally as of today put it back on my card now my other problem i was charged 32dollars in interest on that money for something i never got so who should eat that?? as far as im concerned rogers is the worst company i have ever dealt with and i regret leaving bell for this sad excuse for a company

rogers sucks

I called rogers about a free pvr one person said no cant do anything for you
called back i was told i could have it for one year
called back to confirm they said someone made a mistake
talked to a manager she said it will not be a problem
and costumer service was bad i also told her i dont have four hours
to wait on hold she said i would be taken care of and she would email me
my contract then looking she came back on the phone said so i made a mistake
cant do anything that was it i told her have a nice day no email


I have been a client of Rogers for years and I want to congratulate the company for being not only helpful, but also pleasant each time I have contacted them, for technical support or to give me a better deal when other companies offered me another plan.
I only have praise to give to Rogers and intend to use their services for a long time.

technical service

I called Rogers today to report that my t.v. box would not work. I thought I had checked everything but I did not unplug and replug. The lady on the other end of the phone was not very friendly but guided me through. When I stated that I had a difficult time getting the correct phone number, until I looked on the net, she stated that if I had checked everything properly, I wouldn't have had to call. She was not a friendly person at all. With all the money I pay Rogers per month, you would think that you would get pleasant service. I haven't called them for a long time so it wasn't a matter of bugging them. I realize Rogers is a very big company and I am just one customer, but I expect pleasant service when I do have a problem. Just venting. I have no other complaints with Rogers and we have everything with them. Thank you for listening.

Here's an idea Rogers..a Real Live person on a phone!!

I have been with Rogers for about 3 months (not my choice), I cannot stand ths multimedia corp.!! I simply have a wireless, pay as you go account. I cannot believe how difficult it seems to be to talk to a customer suppport person on my cell!!! I am so aggravated, I will be switching back to my old wireless company! Yes yes I now have a number to reach (I hope) a real, live person. My complaint is how difficult it was/is to reach what seems to me, to be the non-existant customer support.
Praise to Rogers? Not in this category!

I am not a fan of Rogers or

I am not a fan of Rogers or their lack of customer service but one thing I can say is that I always get a person quite quickly. Just listen to the simple menu options, make your suggestion and it will automatically put you through to someone. It's really not that difficult.

Here's an idea Rogers..a Real Live person on a phone!!

I have been with Rogers for about 3 months (not my choice), I cannot stand ths multimedia corp.!! I simply have a wireless, pay as you go account. I cannot believe how difficult it seems to be to talk to a customer suppport person on my cell!!! I am so aggravated, I will be switching back to my old wireless company! Yes yes I now have a number to reach (I hope) a real, live person. My complaint is how difficult it was/is to reach what seems to me, to be the non-existant customer support.
Praise to Rogers? Not in this category!

For which services? I'd

For which services? I'd suggest not being loyal to one provider, but to always price-shop the marketplace. One way a company can do you in is by offering low teaser rates, and then jacking them up over time if you don't call in and complain.

Rogers is a disgrace

Without a doubt one of the worst run companies of all time:
1. I called today because of a speed issue.
2. After a painfully slow browsing session (for which I pay $99 /mth) the que kept bumping me to the credit department (the bill is completely up to date, I checked)
3. I wanted to speak with technical support but after 30mins I gave up on the phone idea
4. At the same time I tried their "Live Automation", installed their ridiculous software (again at agonizingly slow speeds) and waited for the next operator. There were six ahead of me. Once I hit position 1 I got bumped back to being in fifth position.
5. Being a complete sucker I tried again only to be met with the same fate.

Basically there are no alternatives. I have to put up with no support, no competition and terrible service. What's my option, go back to Ma Bell?

rogers is a fucking scam

this so called rogers is geting to be a big pain in my fucking ass they call up to 4 or 7 times a day i talk with every one of the custumer service reps and still they call i make a paymen aragement and they still call i call this herassment but thing is can i do something about it i have no clue so please if you no how much crap i went threw paying up to 500 dallers for 2 cell phones that only used for the numbers on my five plan sure does cost alot and also had internet with them and some how are net work password was reset and we had some one steeling gigs so what kind of service is this lets rip of some peaple so do every one a faver a get rogers company out of service ps fuck you rogers

rogers lies about transferring phone numbers

Peggy at Rogers told me that once I cancelled my service at roger I could not transfer the number to another provider. I told her she was a liar and asked to speak to her supervisor. SHe put me on hold for 20 minutes, then told me she had no supervisor, then said he was on vacation--when I told her i would call the VP OPS she passed me along to someone named Prince, her apologized and said that Peggy needed more training!!


Hey, today we spent two hours on the line with Rogers being bounced around from one person to the other. Finally for the last 30 minutes we were passed to "Peggy". Apparently Peggy reports to no one, cant transfer us to another number, runs Rogers, cant give us her name, cant give me a number to call back and apparently she appreciates our loyalty (this is the worst lie she said to us). We have been with Rogers for 15 years and she cant help us in any way, shape or form. Well thanks a lot Peggy your a great person, if you really exist.

20 mins id nothing... ive

20 mins id nothing... ive been on hold now for 48 mins.... what great customer service this is huh... makes me wonder why on earth i ever left wait.... same damn thing!!!!!...

i fucked them

today i fined that Rogers fucked themself. i had my account with rogers for 7 years. suddenly rogers trunsfer my account somewhere that even they don't know where.... i called to rogers they sad that now i am with Primus, i called to Primus they doesn't know who am i and say call to rogers you are still with them, i call to rogers they send me to bell, i called to bell they told me that i am still with rogers. rogers not accept me, they told "we don't have your account". when i asked them where you transfer my # they don't know.

fuck Rogers, the fucking company in Canada

fuck Rogers, the fucking company in Canada

I used Rogers high speed Internet before, and I asked them to cancel my cable internet since I need to move to other city.
they told me I need to told them one month in advance. what they really want me is to pay them any month, does not matter I use the services or not,
and I asked them why I need to told them in advance, they told me they can’t shut down my internet services because of “technical impossible” to do so,
what the f*ck they were talking about? if you are late to make the payment, then they just shut down your cable internet services right away.
Rogers is the worst company in Canada, they just f*cking rip off their customers,


Im totally agree with you this is the worst company everr they are just playing games with people
i hate every f**n people who works for them

Pay as you go. Take your money and offer no service!

Rogers Pay as you go plan is a disgrace. Rogers takes money from its customers and it offers no service to get the phones operational. On the Pay as you go program there is no one to speak with to resolve issues on the weekend or evenings. This service should not be offered to customers! It is an abomination.

What a flagrant disregard for their customers!!!!


Indeed Rogers is a slimy operation. So are most cell phone/ wireless companies. We have the governments to that for that as regulations were not significantly controlled.


Had three phones, wanted to cancel one, got put through the ringer, finally canceled it. Had to set up a new account to do that cause wanted name change too. End up getting double billed on old account AND new account. Someone got paid big money for designing the most confusing bill ever. Don't you like being told how much you have saved?.....The one canceled line I reactivated with Virgin mobile.....MUCH HAPPIER....only two and a half more excruciating years till my contract is up on the other two...can hardly wait

eat my cock rogers

so i old them i would pay at least 60 bucs of my bill by march 4rth at the latest, they said ok we can have it connected until then. 12:00am on march 3rd they cancel my phone, so thats a $25 extra i get charged, so i pay it on the 4th like i said, and yesterday the 9th i go to call my budy and its canceled. i try and call customer service, all i get is a recording of some dumb bitch telling me how i can pay mybill, every single number i call is the exact same thing. You're actually all pieces of shit rogers......

1866 313 6030 Illegal ROgers harrassment numbers

They use 1866 313 6030 to harrass home and cell numbers for not even overdue bills. Disgusting predatory practice-- they even ask for your PIN if you call that number... which could be a phishing scam. then the rogers customer service rep pretends they do not know what that number is. Sickening.

If your from canada and they

If your from canada and they call more then 3 times a day that qualifys as harrasment.. i threatened to charge them when they were calling 10+ times a day after that not 1 call =P

fuck rogers soo hard

rogers has stolen more than 80$ from me. i have pay as u go and i get unlimited texts for 10$ a month and then they charge me for every fucking text!!!!!! then i add twenty dollars to my accont after we had a previous problem with rogers stealing my fucking money!!! I put 20 hard earned fucking $ on my phone and within the hour its gone! i switched phones and went to Bell and omg it is sooooooo much better!!!!!!

Fuck rogers. fuck them up

Fuck rogers. fuck them up their stingy, money sucking assholes. worst company on earth. customer service worse than a pile of shit. they create fees overnight and charge them on everyone. i really really really really hope they go to hell

my cellular phone

FUCK YOU ROGERS ,YOU ARE ASSHOLE.Just got my iphone two days ago and never yet know much of this phone .I just download one game and played that for 23 minutes ,after half an hour i received a text message fr ROGERS that i used already the 80 percent of my data .WHAT A FUCK

Rogers for Business Lines is POOR!!

Besides their poor customer service, Rogers is really just really poor company for business customers. They have sooo many problems just pulling up my account information. We have 8 phone lines and internet with these people and the latest problem started with the migration to Primus. We use analog lines and refuse to go to an IP model. They started on a Monday by starting the migration at 1pm. They disabled all 8 lines. I called to complain and their reply was that their techs for the migration team work 9-5. 5 hours laters 3 of our lines go back online. basically it took 5 days to get all the functions back including voice mail, line hunting and call display.

Rogers is basically a consumer based company and really good for only cable tv and even with that, their prices are out the roof.

If you're a business, stay away from rogers! You can easily just put your business lines up for tender with a bunch of companies like Primus or Bell canada and still save money will enjoying a company not hidding behind their 291838 different phone numbers. Bell really is the best place to be at the end of the day for analog lines. They made the network in Ontario, they do all the service and basically take care of everything.

Rogers for Business is GARBAGE!

I am so glad I found this

I am so glad I found this site. I thought Direct TV in the United States was awfully bad, but I moved to Canada and soon realize there is a company called Rogers with the worst Customer Service in the world and a more horrible webiste. I can't even retrieve my montly statements on their website. And everytime I tell them how I can't retrieve anything from their website, they make it feel like it is my computer with the problem, even though my computer is working superbly fine. I would love to change to Bell, but I'm afraid it could be worse. But can anything be worse than rogers.



WIN! So far, Teksavvy, as

WIN! So far, Teksavvy, as resold by Rogers, has been far better than any DSL-based ISP I've used. Bell's just as bad, with even worse technology. I'd sell their shares if I owned any. People under 30 don't even have cable TV or home phones anymore, and internet competition is building.

Bill problems

Ever since I renewed my contract with Rogers (August), I've been having bill issues. Last month there was a $500 cancellation fee. I counted the different problems I've been having with them since August and I'm on the 15th error. Well, 16th, just checked my online banking and I'm being charged $51 for no reason. They can't even say it was a bill I paid cuz I just received my bill (which has an error as usual) and on the particular day I was charged I was sick, was basically bed, doctor, bed.
One of the things that piss me off is that people that work for them don't use their brain (or as a requirement to work there, you can't have a brain). One guy called me asking if I wanted to go paperless, I said "no" and he changed it anyways. Called to complain about it, as a way to apologize they offered me some stupid deals. Like 500Mb extra on my data plan for 2 months, back then (august) I already had an unlimited Data plan till December. Then he asked if I wanted a long distance call for $5, told him, I don't make long distances. He checked my account and noticed I don't make long distances and tried to push the stupid plan on me.
I'm feed up with Rogers, I'm cancelling my stuff as the contracts end. Just cancelled my home phone, TV and Internet. Now using TekSavvy with actually uses the Rogers lines, but it's way cheaper and the support is actually better (even though they have to contact Rogers if it's a cable related problem). Just wish there was more companies out there. Not a big fan of Bell as well ><

I got 4 phones at christmas

I got 4 phones at christmas time and was promised long distance. Never got it. Wanted to charge me 15.00 more on my account. A phone card is more time for less money. On one of the phones Sex lines were calling never answered them but was charge 135.00 for this. Had 1000 mins per month for texting my son who is 15 was charged 350.00 for this now my bill is 1200 dollars and nothing has been done about this matter. All they say when u call is u have to pay this. Now my phone and the 3 others are suspended. They are a joke.

Customer support

Rogers claims to have a customer support division. I thinkls they blatantly lie!!! You will find out for yourself when you try to get hold of them. They either have no one at this post or perhaps they have 1 person to satisfy some CRTC requirement. Rogers is a joke in the communications business. If they did not have the I Phone, I would not be anywhere near them. Unfortunately our government regulators are as bad or worse. Get the government involved with anything and you get a royal fuck up. So here we are with 2 dummies directing our communication lives. We would be better off with smoke signals.

Thank you!! Of course I

Thank you!! Of course I could not find the Rogers telephone number anywhere on their website!!! They have purposely put so many graphics on the website so it won't open well.

Rogers Con Artists & Tricksters

A Rogers sales person called to offer a small discount on my cable if I agree to be locked-in with them for a year. As a passing comment, I said, "of course your price will be fixed for the year, right?" Unbelievably, he said, "no, I cannot guarantee that."

These people are insane. I'm thinking of switching more services back to Bell, although they can be clueless.

cable service - no service person for day committed to!

A rogers employee made a committment to me that my cable would be reinstored Wednesday morning....well its Wednesday afternoon....still no service.....what is going on??????????? My son's wages need to be paid by Roger's for sitting around all day waiting for the service tech!!! who I found out will show up "maybe" tomorrow morning????

TV Programming

Last night they took Breakthrough off channel 4 Detroit but didn't tell us. Rogers makes record profits but never responmds to e-mails or letters. We don't get 61 and 61 any longer so get fewer channels but the rates go up anyways. They can't make any decisions as long as they make record profits. It's all a scam.



fuckin rogers

fuckin rogers

Never seen such bad customer

Never seen such bad customer service - I have been waiting on line for 1 hour being forced to listen to Rogers comercials, announcement , just no one anwser the phone.

Rogers is incompetent

Rogers is an absolute joke. I would be so embarassed to work for them. They offer the most awful services possible, not only is what they are offering bad, the people working for them is even worst! They hung up on me, i had to call 5 times in one morning and still had NOTHING done! They are a bunch of clueless people that don't give a damn about their jobs.

Rogers employees and owner are bad bitchs

I don't believe the Rogers is so bad. I can't express, but I feel so bad with them services. They charged me without any reason and tell you nothing.

I hate rogers.

I can't believe they would call me because they did not see my bill paid yet when i already did thru the bank and telling me it takes 10 days to reach them as if it is my end of i am not going to withraw and pay them 10 days prior to my billing date.
Now my cell is not working only the online part of it for 5 days...grrr and i can't find the number that is why i found this site. Am thinking and i will be doing this go MAGIC JACK goods pay cheap...i have another cell phone and my computer/ phone at work is ok to be used constantly so this landline is another hole in my pocket...DON"T NEED TO PAY PREMIUM WITH VERY BAD SERVICE>>>MY INTERNET WILL BE UNDER BELL>>OR WILL SEARCH MORE FOR THE BEST INTERNET PROVIDER..These corporations better cut their horns many better cell/internet providers are popping up with their best offers/trials and services....

Sorry, but EVERY company

Sorry, but EVERY company works like this. Due dates are when the money is supposed to be RECEIVED, not when you send the payment. Think of it this way: If your payment is due on the 1st of the month and you mail out a cheque on the 1st of the month, is that payment on time? No, because the cheque won't get there by the due date. Same thing with any other method of payment.

As for the reminder calls, the only way to stop them is to make sure payment gets in on or before the due date. If it doesn't come in on time, you'll get calls or text messages. Don't like it? Too bad, so sad.

ur a dumbass, all properly

ur a dumbass, all properly functioning companies attach with the payment a date confirming it was sent on the 1st. even if they receive it 20 billion days later, it shouldn't matter because the note confirming it was paid on the 1st should void any charges made for late payment fees or whatever. don't like how you work for a garbage company?? too bad so sad. fuckbag

"Pay as you go"

Your comments makes sense if you owe for service used but on the pay as you go plan is it "fair" that they take your money for services they haven't even provided? If you don't "top up" your account by a Rogers determined date say goodbye to any money you have "banked" in your account. So if you have 75 on your account and miss the "top up" date to shovel more cash their way - well as you say "too bad so sad" there goes your money. Just like due dates on gift cards, it's a ripoff anyway you slice it and a cash cow for the companies that have no interest but to take your money.

Rogers has lost yet another customer for outright stealing my hard earned cash, but hey when you work within a monopoly who cares abouth good business practices?

p.s. I didn't get the scoop on "topping up" when I bought my phone, nor the "reminder" text message to top up my already topped up account from Rogers before the due date- shocking!

Screw Rogers

When I was 16 I had a rogers pay as you go phone. Being an irresponible teenager i never checked how much time i had untill i ran out. One day i went to put money onto my phone and for sum reason I couldnt. I called and the operator told me that I used sumones credit card to put money on my account (which was news to me) and i was being investigated for credit card fraud. After putting my dad on the phone and having him yell at him for a lengthy period of time. The operator told my dad that I before I could do anything I had to pay them 50$ or so . The amount charged on the apparent credit card. Because even though i might not of put the money on my account I used the money. So i'm sure i currently have an outstanding debt with rogers. But ya know what F#%* Rogers. I will never pay them. I didnt ask for it. I didnt want it. I didnt know i was using it. SO F#$% em.

Rogers DSN system disfunctional

I just discovered that all those Rogers' dns error pages I have been getting for weeks are erroneous. They are not a result of sites not being available, but from some Rogers' DNS bullshit. I discovered this when Rogers' was reporting it could not find Next thing you know Rogers' tech wizardry is going have my browser telling me that Google is down.

I recommend changing your DNS settings to an open DNS server. ie:

Good luck - if it's Rogers, you need it.

Oh, and if it's just

Oh, and if it's just happening to just, it's because wikipedia screwed up their own DNS servers.

Sometimes it helps to know what is going on before you accuse your ISP of something.

I'm having problems too

I've had troubles accessing my shaw email from work which i've been told is a telus server. Is this because of the same problem?

Rogers and DNS/Website Problems

It's hard to say, but probably not.
Regarding wikipedia messing up their own DNS entries, Rogers could be partially at fault if they take forever to update their caches when there's an update in the stream.
Personally, I use and as my DNS servers, which have been stable and non-hijacking for many years.
They're setup in my router so I don't need to setup anything on my individual systems.

It's called "DNS hijacking"

It's called "DNS hijacking" and Rogers is a known offender. It's just another effort to maximize profits

It's called "DNS hijacking"

It's called "DNS hijacking" and Rogers is a known offender. It's just another effort to maximize profits

don't know where to start

for one im being billed for long distance #'s that are in my My 5 Canada, two the support here is awful. Numbers dont work, cant get through to anybody, i mean not even a ring. just ends the call, WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought this company was the bomb, now i think its the worst!! Also, why not hire Canadian's? Why must we put all of our call centres in other countries that have no clue how our country works, or the language. Web site sucks, knock knock its 2010, and u cant build an easy website. you are in huge trouble!!

Also, why not hire

Also, why not hire Canadian's? Why must we put all of our call centres in other countries that have no clue how our country works, or the language.

All of Rogers' call centres are in Canada, bigot.

hi dumbass, i asked a rogers

hi dumbass, i asked a rogers representative once where they are located and he said india. so. ya! hope that helps you understand our world better :) fuckbag

LOL i called today and got a

LOL i called today and got a durka on the other end.. he didnt understand english and could only speak broken pieces...Called return tracking and tried to read him my serial number.. 30mins later i was screaming at him he didnt understand `zero` and to put a manager on the phone.. i was told that he wouldnt speak 2 me and i just lost it on the goof i bet rogers understands that 3quaters of the people calling cant understand them so thats why they hire oriantals... 2 frustrate us so they can hide behind there 20+ numbers and endless line of retards that dont have common sense. Like come on.. its not rocket science people i read the number you type it in.. if you cant do that then may aswell hire mentally challanged people for 8 bucks an hour.. a mentally chalanged person could easily do that and it would lower the racial hate.. what pisses me off the most is that i swear they get enjoyment out of doing this 2 people.. comdey night is eating popcorn listening to playbacks from angry customers.

Being charged for numbers on my my5 list

I am being charged for numbers and texts on my my5 list and cannot get through to customer support at all. I will be switching carriers next month because of this. Not impressed Rogers.

Rogers data number

I am not sure if the Customer Service knows what is a data number or how need to be activated in order to etablish a connection with a gsm modem ,.I called 3 times today and nobody can help me.

Contacting Support

Having read this article (and comments) I quickly Googled 'Rogers customers support telephone numbers' and found this:

link in the first five results.

rogers I HATE THEM

Rogers owns FIDO, most calls centers have fido on this side of the room and rogers on the other. they are so stupid. i used to work there and it was terrible i quit. they tell you wrong information, hang up on you if they dont know the answers, Please dont' subscribe to rogers!! it is a joke!

and by the way i am very

and by the way i am very polite to even the dumbest customer who cant even find options on their phone

I work for rogers blackberry

I work for rogers blackberry support... most people on the phones think that the rogers support workers in nova scotia are the best.... what I advise is to tell the agent that you cannot understand him and to transfer you back into the que. it seems like you are getting the wrong agents for the job i do understand why they have the people who are engligh challenged to understand what some people are saying to them. I have had people ahng up on me because i dont understand them. so it really depends on who you get. but i also get my service from bell which has actual coverage in nova scotia and we cant get through to the blackberry suport there because customer service is closed on weekends and "at bell my voice is my password" fails every time.

f*ck you rogers

rogers please hire people who are polite and speak english

Join Teksavvy if you can!

Join Teksavvy if you can! They are an honest company if there's any problems the company people will resolve it. And if you can't that way you can always talk to the CEO of the company to get it done!

Rogers tried to bill me for digital phone service even though I changed to another phone provider and they also charged me for 3/4 of month charge for internet when I gave them 30 days notice.


In utter frustration because I couldn't find a phone number, I googled Rogers and one of the sites that came up had your comment on it.
Thank you for your comment about Teksavvy. Who does their installation and other technical on-site customer stuff? If it's Rogers.....we have already been given rotten installation service by one of their people so I would hesitate.
Grateful for any advice / info. Having any viable alternative is a most attractive prospect.


Teksavvy is technically a reseller for Bell services but for whatever reason manage to sell it for alot cheaper than Bell does. So I would assume that any installation would likely be done by a bell tech. However I just switched from Bell to teksavvy the other day. I have friends that work that which entitled me to a discount, and with switching I was paying almost half of what I did with bell for the same phone features and a 200GB cap. And they are one of the only ISP's in the area that offer an unlimited download cap at only 40$/month.

Definately check them out.

Rogers own Fido! I suggest

Rogers own Fido!

I suggest everyone to threaten small claims court. Even if they do decide to challenge but highly unlikely because it's a waste of time going to court over a few dollars.

Rogers F#%cking its customers in a poor economy

Doesn't seem anyone has commented on this yet, but.... recently Rogers has been sending letters to subscribers that look like standard mailing shots. The cover says "Urgent information" or something similar, but they just look like standard mailing shots, so a lot of people would likely bin them. Well, I opened one today. Seems that they are revoking the bundling discounts (if you have cable, phone, internet etc.) unless you commit to TWO YEARS SERVICE!!!!

Rogers and New Wireless Providers?

I wonder, are you in a larger urban area which might actually have some new cellular phone competition in the coming year? Rumour has it Telus is planning something big in Toronto, and Bell appears to be near launching its VDSL based TV Service. Then there's TekSavvy DSL Service

Rogers has got to be one of

Rogers has got to be one of the worst companies in the world. When one phones, that stupid Emily never understands anything, and so we the customer have to waste our time with this 3rd rate service.

Then their line always has the excuse call volume is high, and so the wait will be high. Who the f..... is this third rate company, that cannot hire enough staff? I'm sure they deliberately do that, and then blast you every few seconds with an advert for going to their website instead of waiting. All they want is that they can get rid of expensive human operators, and have all their clients work through their pathetically designed webpage.

When their service is down, which is all too often, there is no refund, but if one is late with payment, they don't hesitate for one minute to report you to a credit bureau. They couldn't care less about their customers!

Another sign of sheer incompetence, is their postal address is only on the tear-off they provide.But assuming you need to send them something, after having posted their tear-off with check. Then their address is nowhere to be found, not on their third world website or statement. If they are so incompetent, why bother putting your business their way. They dont care about you, the customer.

Here is the direct number

Here is the direct number for dial-up:
1-888-395-EASY (3279).

You can still get high speed help here as well. And no need to talk to the voice mail computer.


Rogers does have a separate

Rogers does have a separate direct number for tech support. I used to have it, and always forget to ask. It's especially handy when you are late paying your bill (sigh) and the call to tech support gets automatically rerouted to accounts as soon as you put enter your phone number (even on weekends when the accounts dept. is closed.)

I have to agree with you ,

I have to agree with you
, I've had nothing but problems with rogers so I switched to bell ! Not a whole lot better... I just think our customer service and apreciation has gone down the drain.

Rogers sucks! I am

Rogers sucks! I am currently on hold with them now for the past 1/2 hr. It is 12:58 am. They keep saying there is a high volume of many people are calling Rogers at 1:00 in the morning????????

Maybe they're closed at 1:00

Maybe they're closed at 1:00 am.



Rogers charges for unsolicited services...

I purchased TMN in 2007. Unfortunately, I did not pay enough attention to the Rogers bill since it was always in the expected range however one day I take a closer look at it hit me : Rogers does charge $2/ month for a so called Entertainment Movie magazine that I never solicited for. A garbage marketing piece of paper that I've always thrown in the garbage.
Called customer service, been transferred from agent to agent until eventually I get to talk to a so-called manager who tells me that it is my fault that I did not call them 2 yrs ago to remove the unsolicited service ...Unbelievable !!! They charge $$ for unsolicited services saying that it comes by default with TMN and IT IS NOT INCLUDED IN TMN's package price !!!!!
I asked for a refund or some sort of compensation,, the "best" they offered was a 6 month refund out of 24 which makes 12 bucks. It is not about $$ it is about being ripped off.

I asked for a phone number in Toronto at their headoffice, I was refused. Tried to file a complaint on BBB ... Rogers does not show up ... what a surprise.
For such a large company their customer service is deplorable.

Considering moving to Bell and dumping my cell phone and everything I got from Rogers.

Stay away from Rogers if you can ..


BBB- better business buro is NOT a Government run consumer complaint fourm. They are a commercial marketing enterpise which companies pay to join. Many Candians are confused about this. Most complaints are forwarded to the "advertisng" clinets ( the company you are compaining abt) and given an opperunity to respond before the compaint is even registered.

BBB is NOT a useful tool for ligit. public compaints.


I have just purchased a new vehicle and when I had the credit check done SURPISE, although I am actively using Rogers bundles, cable, internet & phone, I have an unpaid account with them?! I called no less than 4 times and was assured this was not only impossible as you cannot obtain an account if you owe them money, but that it would be taken care of immediately. I was too trusting and did not take a name or anything else I should have.

This came up on my credit bureau and a bank wouldn't look at me because of it, even with my explanation that it was incorrect and wrong and that Rogers was aware and assured me that it would be taken care of. NOTHING WAS TAKEN CARE OF. I am still on the phone trying to rectify after months and months.

Rogers Billing Dispute

Although this isn't exactly the right place for this kind of advice, you can dispute anything that is on your credit rating, and then the creditor has so many days to give evidence in support of the claim, otherwise you can file to get that mark removed.

Check out some credit repair forums out there (but you shouldn't have to pay any fees for this sort of thing if you're capable of writing and mailing letters to a credit bureau).

how it works

2 wks ago I got the rogers wireless. It did not work at all for the first week. The slowly it is starting to work. Now 2 wks later I get some pages open, but no pictures on those pages and no hotmail or any other kind of e-mail. Now I receive a bill for $50 bucks that is for nothing.

Rogers Customer Service

I hate dealing with Rogers, always have, that is why I switches to Star Choice 10 yrs ago. This week however I decided they were the easiest choice for internet provider. The installer came at the arranged time and I showed him where to come in the house with the cable suggetsing to him to stay away from the bell line and satellite feed coming into the house. He assured me this wouldn't be a problem. He finished up in about 15 minutes and I was in business. It was about 30 minutes later that I went to turn on my tv and found that I had no signal. After checking the dish and the cable I found he had drilled a hole almost on top of the satellite feed severing the cable. I called customer service immediately and got punted 3 times because it wasn't their "department". Someone finally took my complaint and said it would be their on the next call list. That was monday evening about 6:30 pm, it is now tuesday at 10 am and I still have not received any contact from Rogers. How do these people stay in business!!!!!! I will contact Star Choice next to see if they can help me out as their customer service is a real service and not just a slogan.

Buyers be ware

It's either Rogers has the worst accounting department in history or the biggest scam artists.
My friend has a cell phone plan with them. He went away for couple of months so hid his sim card in his house so it can't be used and when he came back found two bills at his door from Rogers one was for $350 and the other for $550 he called thier billing department but he couldn't get resolved and today he received a bill for $1020 and that's while his service is suspended

BTW My friend lives alone and this bill doesn't show any numbers that he called.


Thanks everybody, it's so reassuring to know that it's NOT just me who thinks that Rogers has the worst website and "customer service" of any company around!

suggestion for addition

Thank you... This list is great - the Rogers site is indeed baffling - but there is another number that might be helpful... they apparently have a number for credit operations. I never did find it and had to be endlessly re-routed when switching to their "One Bill" system caused a disastrous mess with my bill.

I misplaced my bill I called

I misplaced my bill I called 611 for my balancing owing, I don't know my pin number so the person at rogers couldn't help me because someone may fradulently pay my bill on my behalf!!! Also try finding the mailing address to send them a cheque!

They'll let you pay, they

They'll let you pay, they just won't tell you the balance unless you know the PIN. It's for your own protection so that they don't give out private information like your account balance.

Well, for now, just estimate

Well, for now, just estimate it and pay it? Maybe with a bill you could walk into a Rogers store and show ID and get it reset? Hopefully?

Also, online billing is good for keeping all bills

As above. I love online banking for keeping records of all transactions. I'm sure someone will question the security, but it is a trade-off that's worth it to me.

Thank you! This is very

Thank you!

This is very helpful.

thank you so much for this

thank you so much for this info. i just spent 10 minutes clicking and clicking and clicking options after options and i still did not find the toll free # for CS. finally i just googled it and found your info.

Let's boycott Rogers

Any one knows if there is a site that gives all the bad experiences with Rogers? I could not wait to finish my term with this shitty company and move to another provider. They are the worst! Always check your bills!!


I am not so sure that making the contact numbers on the Rogers website impossible to find was an oversight on their part. I can think of a few reasons why they would do that on purpose.


I have called 5 times to change my billing in 2 days, after 20 minutes on hold the call disconnects and I have to call back. I am back at the end of the que, after 100 minutes and counting on hold I am considering cacelling both phones. I am sending this because I have not had good experiences with Rogers.


18 minutes of waiting to get to a customer rep today... Outch!

Long Wait or what?

If you were put on hold for 18 min---I was on hold for more than an hour!? kidding. I hate Rogers. I had wanted to talk to them about my bills and tried to call them for 4 consecutive days to no avail. So I switched to Fido and still got a cancellation fee of $400 even though I've already been with them for 1 year

Rogers Phone Numbers

That's a great list but you may need to check their website under the contact us section. Some of those numbers have changed!

Thanks -- you helped fix my phone

thanks to you, and no thanks to their annoying and slow website, i was able to reach them in minutes. problem is fixed!

long wait.... please hire

long wait.... please hire some more rogers representatives

bad customer reations

Can somebody contact me with regard to your customer service? Please don't try to sell anymore of your garbage.

Thanks, this was really

Thanks, this was really useful. I hate the Rogers Website.

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