Rush, Urgent & Fast Ways to Get Your Canadian Passport

Good news: As of July 1st, 2013, a 10 year passport will be available for $160 (about double the previous cost of a 5 year passport, so it evens out). 5 year passports will cost $120 (from $87, I think it was).

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This guide is written for Canadians applying for their passport in Canada and need it SOON.

The current processing times for a Canadian Passport (as of June 2013) are:

  • Counter (ie: bringing it into an official Passport Canada Office): 10 business days
  • By Mail: 20 business days
  • Via An Agent (Such as a Canada Post Accepting Agent or Service Canada Receiving Agent): 20 business days

So, if you need your passport very quickly, you have no choice but to go to the counter at a Passport Canada Location.

"Express" and "Urgent" Classifications for Rush Canadian Passport Applications

There are two options: The "Express" and the "Urgent" option.

The Express option will have your passport ready in 2-9 business days. The Urgent option will get your passport processed in 24 hours, though people have received same-day passports before. These of course are what they aim for, your mileage may vary.

In order to qualify for the Express and Urgent options, one must bring proof of travel, such as an airline, bus or train ticket, a travel itinerary with proof of payment, or a written declaration if travelling by car (accepted at Passport Canada Officer's Discretion).

The Urgent service costs an extra $70 ($110 after July 1st, 2013) per application on top of the regular Passport Canada Fees. The Express service costs an extra $30 ($50 after July 1st, 2013) per application. I am unsure as to whether they would allow your application to be processed under the "Express" service if you were to need your passport in say, 10 days.

Pickup of your passport is available at the office where you left your application forms for an extra charge of $10 ($20 as of July 1st, 2013). Regular Passports are sent Xpresspost from Gatineau Quebec, so often getting them mailed to you would be almost as fast as picking up (unless Xpresspost loses your package).

Same Day Canadian Passports

Apparently it is possible to get a Canadian passport the same day.

Here's a comment from an anonymous poster in 2013 that is worth highlighting:

"We realized it was missing at 10 the night before our flight. Because of this page we got photos, filled out the paperwork, and arranged to have the references and guarantor show up at opening. We went 30 minutes before opening and were 6th in line. We were the first urgent application of the day. We told them we needed it by 1pm. They said to check at 12:45. We checked at 11:30 and got it, 4 hours after opening. Only paid the 24 hour fee. Thanks for this page."

Interesting that this individual brought the guarantor and reference to the office itself to eliminate any problems with verification or identification. I am assuming that only certain (bigger?) offices are able to provide this rapid level of service. But that's just a guess.

Here's a comment from an anonymous poster in 2009:

"I had a friend that had to travel on short notice (death in the family, but family lived in southern states). He was able to get his passport same day by going directly to the main office in downtown Toronto. It took most of the day and he had to show everything about the trip for proof (plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc). He went down the night before and stayed in a motel overnight in T.O, then got to the offices just when they opened and had it by the time they closed. So it can be done, as long as you can be there all day and have all the info."

I'm guessing that not all locations can do this, and they'll want to see plenty of proof for why you want one the same day (and it could take you all day too).

EPass doesn't exist anymore, so ignore the following crossed-out stuff, unless you want to read it for historical purposes.

Skip the Line with Passport Canada's EPass

If you are eligible, I highly suggest that you use the online Epass passport application form. By filling out most of the form online, you still have to go to the office, get a guarantor and get photos, but once you are at the office, they will let you skip to the front for doing their work for them. A couple hours savings here might mean your Canadian Passport gets done a day quicker. It also works as a double-check to make sure that your application is complete.

Getting Childs Canadian Passport-Father is working in US

I am trying to get my sons passport so we can travel to Houston to visit my husband who is working there. I called passport number and asked if there was any way of getting it if my husband is not in the country. They said I will have to do paperwork and have him courier or mail original copy with his signature and fax isnt sufficient. We did this; I received the document on the 24th of February, he had it overnight couriered to the company he is a subcontract for here in Alberta where I picked up the envelope. I went to passport office, and asked for a rush on the passport because my husband hasnt seen his son in 4 weeks; she said that if he's not in the country when he signed the passport that it's not valid, BUT if I can give her a copy of the envelope that it was couriered in to me by fax, that she will issue it. She said a copy of the envelope is fine, but when i got back to work, i realized the waybill that was in the plastic insert was missing, im assuming the company he's working for kept it considering they paid the shipping. We tried to get a copy with no luck. The passport office called me looking for it, I explained i cant get it, and she said the only way is for him to go to Houston Consulate office and sign some document stating he signed the application. My husband goes to the Houston office, and they do not do any passport services there, only in Dallas which is about 5 hour drive to get to from where he was. It seems they are making up rules as they go; when I originally called to see what we require, there was no mention on having copies of waybill for the shipment, nor was there any requirement to go to office in Houston. I am mad they sent us on a wild goose chase in Houston. Is there a rule that a parent cannot sign a passport document if they are not located in Canada?

Damaged canadian passport

^My Canadian passport will expire soon, i live in europe. Right now i am in Switzerland visiting my family. So since i was here i decided to apply for a new passport and just the day i was sending the aplication and all the other documents required from the embassy, my nephew got hold of my passport and torn all the pages in small pieces. Only the page with picture and personal information its good. I called the embassy and told them what happened, they said its not a problem sinnce my passport was expiring anyways. After a week they asked to go to the embassy and sign some papers and the officer who is in charge of my aplication said to me that i might not get a passport at all because my old passport was damaged. I was shocked i mean these things happen passport get lost, stolen damaged. I contacted the passport office and they werent any help. What should i do if i get denied for a passport?I need to get my passport soon so i can go home to my son and my husband.

Your story doesn't make any

Your story doesn't make any sense.

Need a new Canadian Passport but no Secondary ID

So I am a Canadian citizen living in the US as a permanent resident, and my passport and Green Card were stolen over the summer. I am over 16 years old, but I haven't gotten a driver's license or learner's permit yet. I sent in an application for an Adult Canadian Citizen passport recently, and I sent in an old passport that expired about a year ago, my Canadian birth certificate, a copy of the passport that was stolen, and a copy of the green card that was stolen. I was called by Passport Canada and informed that I needed to send in secondary ID, but the problem is that I have no secondary ID.

The Passport Canada people are completely unhelpful even though it says in the instructions to call them if you don't have secondary ID. They keep telling me that I need a secondary ID, and it's like the can't understand that I do NOT HAVE any ID. When I talked to the Canadian consulate in the US, they said that the information and old ID I sent in should be fine, so what is the problem? Is there any way this can be resolved quickly, or will I have to wait 6 months to get my new green card before I can finally get my passport? Because that's just ridiculous.
I can't get my learner's permit or travel anywhere without my passport.

Issuing Authority


I need to renew my passport. I noticed that one of the criteria is that the Issuing authority must be in Canada. I renewed my passport 5 years ago while I was living in Italy. On my passport is says Issuing country: Canada and Issuing office: Milan. So which is the Issuing Authority? I'm guessing that it means that as I was not in Canada and I have to redo everything but I was a little confused by the Issuing Country part. Any idea if I can go ahead with a renewal or do i have to do it again? Thanks in advance for the help.

got the answer

So it looks like I have to redo the application and don't qualify for a renewal because it was renewed in Milan. (Called passport Canada) Thanks.

Stuck in US with NO ID AT ALL!

I need some major help and havn't heard back from the Consulate yet (even though I left them 2 messages!)
I am a Canadian citizen in the US. I have a US wife and son. Last night my wallat and passport was accidently left in a shopping cart and when we called and went back to check for it, it was never turned it. (Now PLEASE save your reprimands on how I could be so stupid to keep ALL My ID and passport on me and in the same place at all times, I know I know, it was stupid, I get that now, but it doesn't change my problem now, so please no comments on that) I am now stuck here with NO ID at all whatsoever. We were literally 2 or 3 weeks away from sending our papers to the USCIS for my greencard (waiting on the medical exam apt) and then BOOM, all my stuff is now gone. What do I need to do now? Am I going to HAVE to go back to Canada to get all my ID back so I can file? I don't want to go back to Canada yet without filing for my green card yet. I don't have the money to sustain the trip right now, and it is possible they won't let me back in and I have a family here in the US now, I NEED to be let back in. Is there ANY way I can take care of this from inside the US? I'm trying to find out any info I can while I wait for the Consulate to call me back.

The consulate should be able

The consulate should be able to hook you up with an emergency passport within a few days. This happens all the time when people are travelling out-of-Canada, and you fall into the same boat.

Surely you still have some forms of ID, anything with your name on it? Do you have a birth certificate at least? Be sure to line up respectable references now in case they want to verify your identity further.

no, I quite literally have

no, I quite literally have nothing. It was ALL in my wallet. I thought that was the safest place for it. Especially while out of the country. If I had gotten in an accident or anything, I wanted my stuff on me. Not thinking it could get lost or stolen. If they issue me a passport can I use that to file for my greencard? Or will I need my birth certificate as well? Isn't a passport a photo ID, proof of citizenship, and a travel document all in one?

oh and what's worse is my

oh and what's worse is my passport was already expired. And I got it like 9-10 years ago. I just held onto it for ID purposes until I could get another one.

child passport, only mothers name on birth certificate

I am trying to get passport for my baby to visit family in us......only mothers name is on birth certificate, father is listed as unknown, no court orders in place, can i get a passport without his signature on it or do I have to go to court first and delay my trip????

Can someone help me out here

Does a fathers name automatically go on a childs birth certificate.Do they use the information from the live birth registration and automatically put it on the birth certificate?

Did you find out about this

Did you find out about this because I am in the same situation???

How can the father be

How can the father be unknow?!

Umm... its called not all of

Umm... its called not all of us have perfect men in our lives who have chosen the responsibility of having their child in their life.... some people have men who walk out and force us to say that.


I am a Canadian living in Beijing, China. My passport will expire on Feb 2. I have been living here for 5 years and my wallet with all my id (birth certificate included) was stolen. Is there ANY way I can renew my passport from here???


Geeez, come on, are you serious?

Geeez, come on, are you serious? You have no ID at all? None? And no copies? You kept your birth certificate in your wallet??? This is most careless.

Any country will allow its nationals to renew their passport at their embassy or consulate abroad. That is, in fact, a primary function of consular services. Everyone knows this.

You don't say where you were born. Is it in China, Canada, or another country? If you were born in Canada a relative may be able to get your birth certificate and mail it to you.

I actually renewed my passport in Beijing. You have to go to the consular section which is not the same door as the embassy itself (all I recall is that it's on a street corner but just google it, you'll find where it is). You can get the form there. Talk to them and explain your problem. That's part of their job to help you.

Just thing to watch for: the photo. I had mine done at a photo shop in the Krasnapolsky Hotel and they used a red background. My pictures were rejected and I had to return. So make sure you read the photo specifications and try to explain to the photograph what you need.

But please be more careful and organized next time.

your a dick

give useful information not badgering. your a total dick. good info though.

Something else: a birth

Something else: a birth certificate is not like a passport: you can have as many as you want. I have 4.

I also lived in China for 7 years. I kept an original birth certificate, a photocopy of my passport and my SIN card in a safe at home, and another original birth certificate and another photocopy of my passport locked in my desk at my office. Some people I know also gave copies to trusted friends for safekeeping.

Keeping all your documents together is asking for trouble.

Leaving for cuba my passport

Leaving for cuba my passport expires 4 months after return im a canadian citizen but the itinary says must be valid for 6 months....will i be ok?

Good question!

This is a very good question! Thanks for brigning this issue.

I find the 6 month restriction both useless and abusive. After all it is merely the passport that expires, not your citizenship!

I don't see why they insist on one's passport being valid for 6 months AFTER you return home. Even if your travel plans change and you end up staying an extra week at your destination you still don't need an extra 6 months! One month would be plenty to care of such situations.

I have travelled twice to Europe with a passport that had less than 6 monts validity and no one said anything. I have also travelled to the US with about 2 weeks left and the customer office merely made a remark that I should be renewing my passport soon. Obviously YMMV..

More feedback on this anyone?

I recently was on a business

I recently was on a business trip in the philippines. The 6 month valid passport rule is pertaining to gaining a visa, most countries do not require visa's for less than 10 days of visiting. I returned in August 2010 and my passport expired Jan 2011. It was never brought up as an issue.


can u guys help me here buz i lost all my ids and my passport i olny have one id and i really have to go to backhome this year so is there anyway i can get my passport so fast way

Hi, I am travelling from

I am travelling from Canada to the US in 20 hours and just found that the passport of my 9 years old expired on Sep 1st , 2010. We are canadian citizens.

Don't quote me on this but I

Don't quote me on this but I think your child should be okay with a proof of citizenship, such as a health card and a birth certificate or possibly even a baptism certificate if you have such a thing.

is there anything i can do 2 rush my passport renewal from Dubai

I went into the passport office here on nov 24th which i thought was at the very least 15 or more working days
I need to travel on dec 15th
I informed the man working behind the desk and he said that was fine
after all the payments were made
they stamped a receipt saying pick up date DEC21/2010
Im in big trouble.
My school booked the flight for me from Dubai to Toronto and my mom booked a west jet flight from Toronto to Winnipeg to see her.
Now there is a big chance that I wont even be able to go after all the fuss.
The reason I even renewed it here and not in Canada is because I only had one more month of validity on the passport and
the flight itinerary said that I should have 6 months at least.

What should I do Im really scared.

Im a canadian citizen and

Im a canadian citizen and cant renew my passport cause I accidently washed it and they wont accept that as valid I.D, and my only other I.D. is my Canadian citizenship card. I need it asap my husbands sister is getting married and I need to be there.

Passport Application Documents

If they refuse to renew it, then you'll just have to do a full application. A Citizenship Card will be enough proof of citizenship, now all you need is a document to support your identity, which is:
"Documents to support your identity must be valid, must be issued by a federal, provincial/territorial/state or municipal authority, and must include the bearer's name and signature. For example:
Other federal, provincial/territorial/state or
Federal, provincial/territorial/state or
driver's licence
municipal identification card
municipal employee identification card
Provincial health care card
Valid Canadian passport or Canadian passport
Old Age Security card
expired for a period of less than one year
Certificate of Indian Status
United States (USA) permanent resident card
If you don't have any of these, look into PPTC 132 ""Statutory Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor". If you have no documents at all, you are to contact Passport Canada.

To be honest, I'm surprised they wouldn't accept your old passport, or do you mean customs and immigration rejected it?

Be sure to bring your old passport in when you go to the office.

Of course, this is all unofficial advice (I don't work for Passport Canada), contact them for official answers!

Lost all I.D in Canada need a new passport.


I had lost all of my I.D in Canada both, American and Canadian I.D.
I am American living in Ontario Canada the only I.D I was able to get was my American Drivers Lic.
I have already filed a police report with everything and reported my passport.
My question is how can I go about getting a new passport in Canada? As I need to travel back to the U.S in Dec.
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank You in Advanced!!


i am James i came to the Embassy on 20 of the last month for applying my passport and you told me to give you my parents date of births i didn't get it pl you can send the email to passport Canada and they have copy of my birth certificate pl help me to go out from here pl reply me you can verify them name my mother name is Isabel cote and my father name is Amed Shauddary pl help me if is hard to issue me a passport just verified me from passport Canada and send me a out pass from you to go back pl do something if you want to call me to ask any question pl contact me my no is 087023777 thanks

i went to the Canada Embassy they ask me this pl help me


I lost all my ID and i need to get into the US very soon.I do have my birth certificate long and short form.My long form is notarized by a lawyer and govenor general.I dont have a drivers liscense and im still waiting for my health card to arrive.Any suggestions.Iam Canadian.

The application tells you

The application tells you what kind of documents you need. Just read the form!

Living in the US; need a Canadian passport quick!

I am a Canadian with a green card in Washington State. I need a Canadian passport QUICK. However, I see that my options are to 1) apply by mail (processing time: up to 4 weeks); or, 2) apply by courier (processing time: up to 4 weeks).

Does anyone know if I am able to apply in person at a passport office in Canada?


Do I have enough id to get a passport?

I need to get a Canadian passport and only have old id. I have an old passport and BC id. I don't have a drivers license and haven't crossed the border in a while. ( at least not since we've needed a passport to go to the states ) Basically I think I have all the proper documents, the only thing is; my photo id/s are old.

Will this be enought to get my passport??? And if not, will they be able to help me in getting what I need??


ID to renew a passport

If your "old" passport has been issued in the last six years, you can just go the renewal route, where you pretty much just need to send in your old passport.
If not, you'll need to do a whole new application, which will require some kind of proof of citizenship, such as a birth certificate, or a citizenship card. You can get new ones if you lost your old ones, but they may cost you depending on where you were born.

I lost my Passport I need to travel in 7 days

I am a Canadian Citizen, I lost my passport, I filled out a form that needed to be signed by a Notary or by a Commissioner of Oath. along with the General Application form for Passport. Can I get a new Passport with in 7 days ? I dont mind paying extra money. Which Passport office in Toronto or Greater Toronto Area should I go ? How much is the fee

Thank you
B Mapa

Child Passport Renewal

How do you work around applying for childs passport while out of country AND if it is expired already. The application asks if there are any court orders re child (there are but I am sole guardian and custodial parent and only person on birth certificate). The other parent (sperm donor) is unreachable AND never followed orders anyways (no interest in visits and refuses to pay child support). I do not want to check off the box that there are no court orders, because they are by law technically valid. I am in another country living and we want to travel freely. I do not have the means to get a Canadian court order saying I am able to apply without his involvement and that all previous orders are revoked or withdrawn. The passport office told me I just have to show I made attempts to contact the (sperm donor) but that may create problems as he is violent and tries to make our lives miserable if I ever ask for anything from him.

If im turning 16 do i need a

If im turning 16 do i need a new passport?

UK passport renewal

Does anyone know where in Canada my father can get his UK passport renewed? He would need to leave in just less than 3 weeks, to go back to Manchester, Eng. The fastest possible way would be appreciated if any one knows.

Thank you in advance,

British passport renewal

My advice would be to call the British High Comission in Ottawa as they might know and be able to help. Passport applications are no longer processed here in Canada to my knowledge. When I checked last week on my own application which was sent to the new processing centre in Washington, DC in mid Febuary, they had only just started processing it although they'd received it a month ago. I am told they are experiencing delays.
There is also a call centre number which you'll find on the High Comission website. They are expensive but would probably also know just who could expidite the applicatin for you.
Good Luck!

I need a answer to my questioon asap

I am expected to go on a trip to the BAHAMAS on April 8 to the 15 but I havn't sent my application in yet I plan to do it tomorrow at our Canada Post office and my question is if I send my passport bye Monday the 8 of March will there be enough time for me to recieve it bye the day I leave or will I need to do it Urgent and pay the extra 70 dollars I don't want to unless I really have to can someone plz reply to me or email me some suggestions thank you

it will take 20 business days

it will take 20 business days if you do it that way. Now remember this is approximate and can be short or longer. and business days are only mon-fri. If you have a passport office near you i would strongly suggest going there, it brings it down to 10 business days. Also if you fill out the online application on their site you won't be waiting as long in the office. Remember even if the place is 2 hours away, it's still cheaper in gas than the 70$ fee, which you will also need an itinerary for.

canadian father living in u.s. with u.s. wife & 2 young girls

my son a canadian citizen with can. passport living in u.s. is wanting to get his 2 girls canadian passports..they have their u.s.passports ....what is the process for the girls to get their canadian passports?

Does it take the full 10 business days?

My passport should be ready on Monday but I was wondering whether they would have it ready by Friday?? Does it take the full 10 business days for it to be ready? If i go down on Friday, do you think they will have it ready or do you think it'll be a waste of my trip??

24 hour passport

Can someone please tell me where the passport office is in toronto. The passport office that will give it to you in 24 hours for that matter.


Passport Rejection

I have recently been rejected from Passport Canada for my photos. I live in the US and have been told that the rejection rate for Canadians living in the US applying for a Canadian passport is 75%!!! Is this true?! If we are living in the US, could we be stuck here without a passport because of this high rejection rate? I have used a company in Canada that helped me get my passport but is this the only way to get one with a 100% guarantee that you will get a Canadian Passport?


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passport urgent

heres my problem and im getting super worried. im living in canada going to cuba for the first time my mother cant find my birth cert so i had to ask for a new one which can take 10 business days and they say allow 7 days delivery, it very rarel takes this long but im panicking and wondering just in case. Im leaving on feb 13th if i dont get my cert till like the end of jan im gonna need my passport much faster then 2 weeks. Im going to go to a passport office 5 hours away from me to give the app but if im leaving in like say 13 days or less what can they do for me, ill pay any amount to have them, i would be extreaml mad to have had paed for this trip then not have m passport in time to go

Urgent Passports

Uhhhh, did you even read the page before commenting? According to Passport Canada, by personally appearing at the office, paying for "Urgent" service, and providing proof of departure, they may be able to get your passport within 24 hours. Of course, there's no guarantee of this!

I am a Canadian citizen

I am a Canadian citizen living in the US. I have a greencard, but want to go home next month and now need a passport. Is there any way to get an express passport without going to a canadian passport office?

If you hold a green card,

If you hold a green card, there is no need to have a passport to enter Canada (if you are a Canadian Citizen) and no need to have a passport to re-enter the U.S. Check US border office website. Note you must have your green card with you when you are coming back though.

I have a u.s. green

I have a u.s. green card..
does that mean i have to get a passport to go to Canada for a vist??

Try applying for Canadian Passport @ Consulate or Embassy

By the looks of it, express and urgent service are only available through Passport Canada offices. You could take your chances and go to Canada, apply for an "urgent" passport, and then use that to get back into the USA once you get it, but like I said, that's taking a chance.

You can apply for Canadian passports in the USA as well, try calling your local consulate or embassy and see what types of service they can provide to you, and then report back with your responses.

Can I use a Simplified Passport for to get an Express Passport?

Can I use the Simplified Form for an Express or Urgent Passport? I don't have a Birth Certificate for the Regular Form.

do I need someone to sign my childs pictures

I have got A ticket to fligh to florida and I just found out that my child can't fly without Canadian Passport- I need urgent passport, I leave on October the fifth in a week- would it be posible to get it for such a short notice. At the agency where I got my ticket said it is posible. Can someone please tell me waht do I need to apply. I got my babies pictures- I don't know if they need to be signed by gar... ? thanks

Urgent passport

My friend has given me a ticket to go to see Bruce Springsteen's last New York concert on Tuesday the 25th. If I show proof of the ticket and tell them we are driving across the border, is that enough proof to qualify for an urgent same day passport?

Same-Day Passports

I'm not sure. To be honest, I'm even less sure of urgent same-day passports. If anyone else has experience with these, please reply! You may even have luck calling the US border itself and seeing if some kind of exemption can be made if you bring other documents, it couldn't hurt to ask.

It didn't work for me, they

It didn't work for me, they wouldn't let me get an urgent passport for a concert. It has to be a death, emergency. And you need proof! Ergh!!

getting a new passport

I have never had a Canadian Passport and my British Passport is expired.

I have a medical appointment on the 5th August in Canada and one on the 10th in the States.

Will it be impossible to get a Canadian Passport rushed in time. I have all my documents and the photo's ready.

Should I apply on line and then go down to the office tomorrow with the papers filled in?

I'm assuming that you're

I'm assuming that you're already in Canada. If so, you should be able to get a Canadian passport in time for your US medical appointment, but of course, I can't guarantee anything. Be sure to bring proof of your medical appointment if at all possible. The counter people should be able to advise you if it is worth it for you to pay for rush or urgent service.

CDN citizen living in US with expired passport.

I understand that it may be possible to fly into Pearson airport (TO) to have a passport renewed same day? Are you familiar with this service? My passport is expired and I need to travel internationally a.s.a.p. Can I fly into Toronto with an expired passport for the sole purpose of renewing my passport? Or, will I be denied boarding the plane without a current passport? Any ideas? Thanks!

is it faster!

I live in Kingston,my husband and I both had our wallets stolen and had to wait for new ID to apply for our passports.We were told it was faster for us to do it here through Peter Millikens office has anyony used it and was it faster.My husbad is going to the states for surgery in aug and we are getting a little worried.

Don't bring Passport App to MP's office.

Don't bother bringing your application to an MP's office. They can't really do anything other than hold your hand, and they'll submit your application by mail, which is the longest route to getting your passport. Fill out the forms, go to the passport office personally and bring documentation showing how quickly you'll need it. Pay the extra fees for urgent/rush/etc. if the passport officer's opinion is to pay it.

Passport Renewal!!

My son lives in the U.S his passport is expired, he has an international trip coming up June 22nd. He is planning to go to Canada to renew his passport June 10th..Can he travel to Canada with his expired passport and birth certificate? Will he be able to get his passport in 1 or 2 days?

Hi, im applying for a

Hi, im applying for a passport in toronto, 15 turning 16. tomorrow i will go downtown to apply for my passport. my trip is on the 18 of july will it be done intime?

Passport Renewal

Im a Canadian living and working in the UK. Just discovered that my passport expires in 3 days and I'm going to Sardina in 8 days. I'm told that I cant get anything done here in the UK before that time. I will have to fly to Toronto and get the urgent service. Which form should I fill out prior to arriving? I started fillling out the simplified one but got stuck as Im not living in Canada or the US. I also have lost my birth certificate, is it still possible for me to get my get a passport at the Toronto office in one or two days without the birth certificate? I'm planning to leave tomorrow and get everything sorted but double checking that this is all possible.


"Simplified Passport Renewal Process"

If you're planning on being in Toronto to renew your passport, the most hassle-free form is the "Simplified Passport Renewal Process"

You must meet the eligibility criteria in order to qualify to use this process. The Simplified Passport Renewal Process allows Canadians to renew their passports without resubmitting proof of Canadian citizenship or supplementary identification and guarantor information.
-At the time they applied for their previous passport, they must have been at least 16 years of age.
-Their most recent passport:
o Must have been valid for five years;
o Must have been issued in Canada (as indicated under "Issuing Authority" on page 2 of the submitted passport);
o Must have been issued within the last six years (or after August 1, 2003 if the passport was applied for by mail from the United States);
o Must not be damaged and must never have been reported as lost or stolen; and
o Must have been issued under their current name.

You'll have to do the

You'll have to do the regular long application form. Be sure to get the guarantor stuff sorted out. There's a list of which documents (on the application itself I believe) that are acceptable pieces of proof of identity and citizenship, so you may be able to get by without your birth certificate.

I live in the states and have 5 weeks to before I travel


You think mailing the passport will get it back to me on time?

It expires on July 9th. I need it for travel on July 4th and I am planning on mailing it tomorrow. The closest office to me is in BC but I do not have two weeks to hang out there as I need to be back here in the US.


Need to apply but can't skip school

I'm a Canadian living in Toronto, Ontario and the last time I applied, I was under the age of 16. So I am unable to use the EPass and cannot mail my application. It seems like I must apply in person and it will take a long time waiting in line but I can't skip school to do this, my schedule is very tight. What should I do?

Re: Mail = OK for 1st application

I don't know if my last comment went through.
I've already tried mailing my application, it was returned stating I must apply through the general application process.

Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it.

Simplified Renewal and Child Passports

You can't do the simplified renewal method if your previous passport wasn't an adult passport. So you need to use the general application forms, which can be mailed in.

Mail=OK for 1st application

You can still apply by mail.

Urgent passport

I am leaving for LA in one week (May 15th) is it likely I can get my passport by this time if I go to the Hamilton office on Monday morning with all the required information?

Probably. You'll have to pay

Probably. You'll have to pay extra for some of the services to speed up your application though. Be sure to bring proof of travel, like flight information, hotel bookings, conference registrations, etc.

Thank you!

Hey Dan -

Just a quick note to say your blog and webpage are really great. On behalf of the (probably thousands) of people who benefit from it without posting a question, thank you!

Renewal for someone else??

I have to renew my boyfriends passport, we are leaving in 19 days and he doesn't have a chance to bring it in. Will I have any problems bringing in his renewal application if the passport is not expired yet, I have his old passport and another photo ID??

Can I change the type of service?

I already applied a passport for my child (it is a renewal) on Friday Apr 24, in person at a passport office. I was told that it will be mailed out on Friday, May 8 (2 weeks). Now, we finally know our departure date, and it is Wed, May 13. I am worried that we won't receive the passport in time. Can I change it to a pick-up service (add $10 fee) now when I already chose it to be mailed? I really doubt it, but I would like to hear your opinion. Thanks.

All I can think of is call

All I can think of is call Passport Canada and ask. I don't think you can officially do so, but it probably isn't against any rules either. They might be able to help you out if you ask nicely.

May 15 - 17

Well, my passport is expired, and I have a modeling gig in New Jersey and I have to arrive before the 16th, so I'm trying to get there on the 15th, what do I need to do, to get my passport before March 15? I'm willing to pay whatever price, do I fill out a form in the office? Do I do it online? Am I doing Express? Urgent? Do I buy my ticket only to show them? And if I do buy it, they won't screw me over and make me miss my flight right? Also, how long would it take to get it? Its April 23rd, so there's only 22 days until I have to depart.. Let me know please and thank you !

Passport needed Quickly...

Just fill out the regular interactive form and personally present it to the office. They don't use the online form anymore. 22 days should be fine, even without urgent/express, but I can't personally guarantee anything. For extra assurance, buy the ticket and then do the urgent/express will speed up things. Again, no guarantees. You could also drive across the border and fly from within the USA without a passport (though I don't know what your geographic area is).

applying for my children

i have one son who's father is unknown and another whos father lives in a different city. Do i need the second sons father to sign the forms as he does not have custody rights? Will the carded birthcertificates be enough to send away?

Canadian Passport

Any info please. I am a Canadian living and working in the US, I have a trip to Europe leaving on April 21/09. I just noticed my passport(Canadian) has expired. Do you know the quickest way to renew. THX

How close are you to Canada?

How close are you to Canada? Is it an option to come to Canada to a Passport Office?

same day passport possible

I needed to get my passport renewed on the same day because I had already bought my e ticket, for a departure in 24hrs. I registered online for an e-pass to skip the line at the office but found that that process is only available for general applications. So I decided to fill out the Simplified Renewal form as well, because it's a much quicker process that no longer requires a guarantor. note: running the epass program and downloading the electronic version of the renewal form may not be possible with older computers. I got to the Victoria Street passport office on Monday morning at 20min to 8 and there was already a line up. I showed them the e-pass application and that got me in sooner, so it may be worth getting the barcode regardless, if time is really tight. They took the renewal form (threw out the e-pass application), my pictures, looked at my e ticket and told me I could return at 3pm that afternoon. I was out of there by 8:25am. Make sure your references are ready for the call because they call them right away. No need to line up again when picking up, just follow the signs that say PASSPORT PICK UP, show them your white slip and a piece of ID. I went to get my passport just before 3pm and it was ready to go!

same day passport possible

I needed to get my passport renewed on the same day because I had already bought my e ticket, for a departure in 24hrs. I registered online for an epass to skip the line at the office but found that that process is only available for general applications. So I decided to fill out the Simplified Renewal form as well, because it's a much quicker process that no longer requires a guarantor. note: running the epass program and downloading the electronic version of the renewal form may not be possible with older computers. I got to the Victoria Street passport office on Monday morning at 20min to 8 and there was already a line up. I showed them the epass application and that got me in sooner, so it may be worth getting the barcode regardless, if time is really tight. They took the renewal form, my pictures and told me to return at 3pm that afternoon. I was out of there by 8:25am. Make sure your references are ready for the call because they call them right away. No need to line up again when picking up, just follow the signs that say PASSPORT PICK UP, show them your white slip and a piece of ID. I went to get my passport just before 3pm and it was ready to go!

need a urgent passport

I need to fly out by the end of the day opn Monday May 11 I was refused travel from the states as I was under a misunderstanding that I didn't need to have a passport to travel if I flew out of the states.....but I was terribly wrong....I travelled 8 hours to get on that flight ...therefore I am stuck here in Toronto ....luckily for me ....I have family here to stay with and to sign my passport a there any way to get a gurantor without a 5 yr passport?
thanks in advance for your help with this matter

Cheers Jane!

Are you saying that you

Are you saying that you tried to a flight from within the US to another place in the US, and you were denied because you didn't have a passport? There must be more to this story...

Applying from the US

I am currently in the US and won't be back in Canada until after my Canadian passport gets expired. Can I fill out and sign all the forms and send them to a relative in Canada and have them go to the passport office to hand in my application?? I want to do this in order to take advantage of the easy renewing process (as opposed to reapplying for new passport).

Can I do that?

I'd appreciate your feedback!


It is now acceptable to use

It is now acceptable to use the Simplified Passport Renewal if you are in the USA and sending in your application by mail.

Not my child, can I apply


I wanted to know if it's possible to go to a passport office and apply for a passport for a child that is not mine. I plan to take my daughters best friend with us to florida and flying out from halifax, n.s. I have her application both signed by her parents and just wanted to know if I could take her signed passport application to the office to submit it.

For children's passports,

For children's passports, the parent is considered the applicant, not the child, so the child themself doesn't ever really need to personally appear. 

There are rules regarding presenting an application on behalf of someone else, but it mainly applies to family members. I think it would be best to just mail it in (if you can wait), have one of her eligible family members present it on her behalf or have her parent personally appear with the application.

The government has screwed

The government has screwed up on my birth certificate processing, have been waiting since August, now will have to wait another eight weeks, my daughters wedding in Cuba is in 7, any way around this. Can other documentation be used to obtain passport?

Citizenship Card? Some old

Citizenship Card? Some old passports? Look up the list of required documentation at the Canadian Passport Office Website.


I have won a trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl and my flight leaves on Thurs. Feb 5th from Pearson. I am from Northern Ontario and Passport Canada in Mississauga said if we were there on the day before and payed the urgent fee we would have it that afternoon, have you ever heard of this?

RE: Passport

I had a friend that had to travel on short notice (death in the family, but family lived in southern states). He was able to get his passport same day by going directly to the main office in downtown Toronto. It took most of the day and he had to show everything about the trip for proof (plane tickets, hotel reservations, etc). He went down the night before and stayed in a motel overnight in T.O, then got to the offices just when they opened and had it by the time they closed. So it can be done, as long as you can be there all day and have all the info.

Never heard that, so I'd

I have never heard that, so I'd call again to confirm the details. It could very well be true, I just haven't heard of it myself. 2 or 3 days for an "urgent" passport application seems reasonable, but I'm not too sure on overnight (or did you mean same day???).

The other option is to somehow switch the flight to leave from (and return to) Buffalo if possible, as you could then drive across the border with your usual documents and board the plane without a passport. (Update: passports are required for driving across the border except with special exceptions, so this trick usually won't work)

Recently I HAVE to get a new passport...

I got married in June/08 and we recently won a trip to Hawaii. I have changed my name on everything but my passport, and I was wondering if I have to change it, or if I can take the one with my maiden name along with say, my birth certificate and new id, and if that would work when going to Hawaii? I just got my passport dec/06, and I would rather not have to spend the money to get a new one so soon, but I guess I have to if that is what needs to be done! Also I need to have this done asap, as we might be leaving end of Feb. Does Regina have a Passport office that would shorten the turn-around time? Thanks!

Passport expied

Government does not like you to apply for passport before your current has expired but you are not able to leave canada if you passport expires within 6 months of return. Why is that? So really your passport is valid for 4 1/2 year. It should expire when the date on the passport has pasted, end of story.

I got a plane ticket from

I got a plane ticket from some friends, the flight leaves in a month. I live to far away from the passport offices. Does the express/urgent work at post offices or does it have to be done at a passport office?

I believe it has to be done

I believe it has to be done at a passport office. There are some rules about having someone else present the application for you if you can get it to them, but they don't really recommend it.

Here's the rules about having someone else present your passport application:

About the "urgent" & "express"...

it says you need to have a ticket with you plus proof that it was bought... what if in my situation, someone bought you a plane ticket to leave Canada for a couple weeks and you dont have a passport.. can you still use the ticket that was bought for you to rush a passport???

Hey, not that I can

Hey, not that I can guarantee anything, but Passport Canada's website itself says that applications are taking 2 weeks if you present your application in person, and 4 weeks if you mail it in or bring it to a service centre.

So, you should be fine, even without urgent/express service, but I would recommend personally bringing your application into a full-service Passport Canada location to make sure you get it in time. Often they can give you an idea if your application would be delayed or not.


Went today with all the paper work in order but my photo's got rejected and the counter girl said that even if I went out and got new photo's I would have to start at the back of the pre screening line. I waited 1 hour and 10 minutes to be pre screened and the girl passed the photo's then I waited another hour to go to the counter. However the clerical girl rejected the photos. This is asinine and ridiculous why can they not have some one screening that can do so with some degree of reliability. This was in Fredericton NB. I was told that 50% of rejections are because of photo's. I had mine done at Jean Couteau so now I am home in Moncton after a wasted day with the federal monkeys.

I will mail it in when I get the new photo's done at Walmart because it is not worth the trip again.

Why do they not have a contract photographer there on site or at least licence people to ensure that the photos meet the requirements. Worry not, as the owner of where I had the photos done will get a good verbal lambasting from me and I expect a full refund.

I never had the problem, but

I never had the problem, but I can see why this would frustrate you. I believe in the US, you actually get your photos taken at the post office itself, or wherever you apply, which makes sense, because then someone with authority can verify that the photo is indeed you. It is also why I laugh when they say that photos must be taken by a "professional photographer", because as you found, there is no licensing requirements to be a photographer. There's no "Board of Photographers" that can take away someone's license for taking too many bad passport photos (and $15s). Of course for you, even if you get the refund, you won't recoup the cost of your time lost.


what is EPass

Well, you don't have to do

Well, you don't have to do it, but basically, you fill out half of the passport application form online, print it off, sign it and get it guarantored.

Then when you go to the office (go to one of the full-service Passport Canada offices), they'll let you skip the line after you show it to them at the pre-screen line. This will save you a couple hours, but don't pull your hair out with EPass if you're okay with doing the paper application and waiting in line.

I have a guide on this whole thing here, and a mini-guide here.

When you go to the Passport Canada office, be sure to bring proof of when you're leaving, and of course, a nice pile of money to pay extra for urgent service, and in-office passport pickup.

am i skrewed

well i filed for my passport 8 weeks ago my birth certificate was defected so i got a new one and sent that as well they sent back my application denied because of the birth certificate defect and i have a trip on the 30th of december i have 8 days does anyone have any idea what to do

Kenny, Best bet would be to


Best bet would be to do the EPass tonight if possible, show up at the office tomorrow morning, and pay extra for both the urgent service, and the in-office pickup (just to avoid Christmas mail rushes etc).

But of course, I can't guarantee anything.

I can't really think of what would be better than that, sorry.

Passport renewal

Does anyone know how long would it take if I changed my name back to my maiden name. My current and recent passport was issued 6 months ago under my married name

Thank you

To do those name changes,

To do those name changes, you'll need to apply for a new passport in full. Ie: No simplified procedure form, but should be able to use EPass still. You'll need to include supporting documents for the name change. If you legally changed your name to your married name, I'd imagine you'd have to do another legal name change to change it back to the maiden name in order to get a passport in your maiden name. I'd say, the time line would be about the same as a low-risk passport applicant, ie: The usual renewal schedules as posted on the Passport Canada website, so ~2 weeks if you present at the counter of a full-service location, or ~4 weeks otherwise as of Nov/08.

Thanks for the tip! Those

Thanks for the tip! Those bureaucrats are so frustrating, hopefully this time they are better.

i am a canadian living in

i am a canadian living in tx. and i need to get up to calgary because my sister is in a family crisis. how do i get my passport in a hurry.

If you have an American

If you have an American passport, then just use that. If you don't, then I'm a bit confused, because I thought you'd have to have a Canadian passport to get any kind of US visa other than a travel visa.

I'd call the nearest Canadian consulate for advice.

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