Canadian Passport Application Status & Tracking

Tracking Your Passport Application

All Canadian Passport Applications are trackable. Your receipt should have a file number, but even if this has been lost, you can still fill in your other relevant information.

The site to check is here: "Passport Canada Internet Request: Request Status of Your Application".

Passport Canada has also put the following notice on their page:

"Important: We highly recommend that you use this service only when the normal processing time has been exceeded. Requesting information about the status of your application during the normal processing time could result in a delay."

Another note, you must use the online status check linked above to check the status, presumably they won't like it if you call them, since they'll probably just have to enter in the same info on the online web-form and then one would have to wait just as long.

Passport renewal

Applied for passport renewal Aug 1st. To date I have not received any notification as to the status of application.

passport receipt

Is there any way I can be reissued a receipt of payment for my passport renewal?

Inquiring information about status of my passport

I am inquiring about the status of my passport. I sent it through express post middle of December and haven't received it yet. Thanks if anyone could let me know about it that would be great. Thank you.

Late Passport Delivery

Passport Application
Paperwork completed 28 June 2013. Visa transaction for $87.00 posted 28 June 2013. Still do not have passport. Please keep us informed

Unexpected travel

I am supposed to receive my passport by mail on Dec 14th, due to an emergency back in my country I need to travel as soon as possible. Do you know if there is a way I could get it earlier? I was thinking to go to the Passport Canada office, but I am worried that by doing so I could delay the ongoing process. And if I just wait, I am worried it might not arrive on Dec 14th.

Any advice will be appreciated.

Renewal - Express Passport - 2 Days

I took my old passport to the passport office in Mississauga located at the Central Parkway Mall, 377 Burnhamthorpe Rd E and I am traveling on Friday (today is Tuesday). I only had to pay $30 extra and they told me to come and pick it up on Thursday!! So, I just wanted to let people out there know this can be done. It was terrible trying to find out without going to their office this morning whether this could be done or not.

Help with putting a rush on a renewal passport

Hi there: I found your post very interesting. I never knew about a rush option. I sent my renewal application about 13 days ago and when i checked it today, (April 25th ) the reply said it should be sent out on the week of April 14 ?? My travel day is scheduled for April 1st . Is there any way I could still put a rush on it. My closest Passport Office is Kelowna, BC . I'd be more than willing to travel there if a rush is an option for me. Thank you very much for your time and advice.

new 2012 Mastercard Cashpassport vs old VISA Cashpassport

CAA sold me the old VISA Cashpassport, and I could use it anywhere
on the net, as it was not a Debit card.

Now CAA sold me a new 2012 Mastercard Cashpassport, and I've
NOT been able to use it on ANY website, as it is a Debit card.

So what gives with the new VISA and Mastercard Cashpassport cards..
why did they replace something so convenient with something that's

criminal record/passport

yes you can get a passport,no problem apply you'll have it in a month.

I renewed my passport but haven't received it yet

I just renewed my passport on iune 8 and the teller said I would receive it in two weeks, now on my receipt it says mail out date june 22 so does that mean I wont receive it until the end of the month or later?? I woule have just said I would pick it up if I had of known that was possible.

My husband and I renewed are

My husband and I renewed are passports he received his but I didn't receive mine.can you please let me know the status of mine.....thank you!

passport number

I have a passport number for a family memeber i am trying to locate.
Is there any way to track or search for the number

I am applying for a passport

I am applying for a passport renewal and I put it in for a rush as I need it in one week. One of my referrals is travelling out of the country right now and my second referral got called. If they can't get a hold of the first person, will my passport be delayed?

My passport has been processed and i requested it be sent to Hfx

I asked to have my passport sent to Hfx. office and I wonder if it has arrived there or where it is, If it is in Hfx. I will be down to pick it up.

Read the article. It gives

Read the article. It gives the link to find out about the status of your passport. This isn't a Passport Canada website, we can't help you here.

normal processing time

What is normal processing time for passport renewal abroad?


normal processing time for a renewal

I sent my renewal in the mail on August 12/13 and have not received any news on the passport or a new one. I'm wondering how long it usually takes for a renewal?

CANADIAN passport question

can you get a passport if you have criminal charges or pending criminal charges??????????

Check the Canadian Passport site

Check the Canadian Passport website for rules/regulations. Dan Matan had also included such information in this forum.

For those who enjoy insulting, preaching people who made mistakes....get off this forum. Have a closer look at yourself, you're not Perfect either. Get a life

nnnoooooooooooo U r a

nnnoooooooooooo U r a criminal!!!!

passport criminal record

The answer is yes .You can get a passport with a criminal record,no problem ,just apply,you'll get it.

i have a ques...i am going to

i have a ques...i am going to apply for canadian passport this august...nd my pr card is also going to expire in august... and i want to leave canada for 3 months.... can i do so?? if so, wats the process that i need to do before i leave nd come bak to canada?? plz help

check status of paasport

i send my passport to renewal on 2010/12/13 but i didn't get my passport back so what i have to do

Nothing. Just wait some more.

Nothing. Just wait some more. It's only been 17 days, this is within the normal limits.

passport to arrive by Jan 4

i applied for passport on november 19 there was information missing gave info about it,and i am supposed to leave for Jamaica on january 4,my passport not here yet will it come before i leave january 4,if not have to rebook flight and pay cancellation fees,my mom is very sick that is why i am going with her to help her look after herself when she is away if i am needed by her.

I apply for passport Oct 14,

I apply for passport Oct 14, but still don't received, I have ticket for Nov28 and visa office need 10 business day, I don't have phone # for surrey office . I am frustrate, what can i do?

information about passprot lost

dear i,m lost my passport in india and i i,m forget the number of my passport so kindly tell me what can i do now .i.m a citizan of canada but i,m lost my citizen card also

passport and citizenship card lost

So look like only thing not lost is yourself. Get lost man. Thats the only thing you can do

Passport Receipt Missing

I am supposed to pick up my passport tomorrow at the office in Toronto. However, I have lost the white receipt that they gave me. Am I still able to pick it up???? Anyone know???

I think you only need to

I think you only need to show your identification for passport pickup. If you are sending someone else only then do you need that white slip.

Has anybody found out yet?

Has anybody found out yet? I'm getting the same thing, too. Thx.

I really have no idea... I'd

I really have no idea... I'd say send them an email (or call if you're willing to brave being on hold). Please report back with the details, I'll bet you're not the only one with this issue.

What does Status 4 mean with the on-line application?

Hi,  I submitted my application at the passport office and have arranged to pick it up.  I logged onto epass and looked at the status.  The received check-box is checked and there is a "status 4" listed as well.  What is status 4? 


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