Hamilton (Ontario) Car Insurance Rates Suck

Although I have a clean driving record (no accidents, no claims and no moving violations), 7 years of experience (and I drive a lot) and drive a crappy car with little value and probably even less impact force in the event of an accident, my car insurance rates suck.

Apparently it isn't just my supposedly high-risk personal demographics (age and gender), but where I live that's the problem.

My car insurance in Waterloo Ontario would be less than HALF my rates in Ontario, for the same person, same car, same distance driven, same insurance company, etc. Although it's the "Accident Benefit" that is the big part of the premium, all elements of the rate are dropping.

The only changing factor is the city, and it's still going from a suburban area to another suburban area.

I've heard that Hamilton car insurance rates were bad, but I didn't think they were THIS bad.

auto insurance in ontario

Same story here, in Great Toronto Area. It has no sense to own a car. Cheaper to call up a taxi or rent occasionally.
These fat cats control the premium and it is a truly organized crime type of industry in Ontario. Same with the booze.
I decided to get rid of my car. I can have 1 good vacation every year on the money I will save. Cheers.

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