Using dd from Knoppix to Upgrade a Laptop Hard Disk

Upgrading a Laptop Hard Drive is a special case. One needs to work with a laptop and its lack of IDE/SATA channels that would normally be used to mirror a drive. Things are usually easier when you're working with a big desktop, but quite workable with a laptop if you're patient.

Now, I'll outline how I was able to upgrade my hard drive from a 4200RPM unit to a 7200RPM unit, while keeping all my data, OS and programs. My drives were the same size, but the same steps should be usable for upgrading to a larger/bigger drive with one extra step.

Telcan/Callture Toll-Free Phone Service Review

Telcan's Website Link

November 2010 Update: Still mostly happy with the service, and still using it, as is my brother.

According to Google Adsense...

According to Google Adsense Ads, people who visit my site would be expected to be interested in anything that is C-A-L-I-F-O-R-N-I-A related, such as R-E-A-L E-S-T-A-T-E and D-R-U-G R-E-H-A-B.

Knowledge Forum (a product): My Review

Knowledge Forum is a product that its makers bill as a solution for academic classes' lack of participation in online discussion and provides the tools to organize and synthesize knowledge building ideas. I found it unintuitive and hampering in such efforts.

SeLvesTr - One popular nickname! But Who or What is SeLvesTr?

What is this character doing? Building up a database on Drupal sites and/or forums that don't require CAPTCHAs in order to create accounts?

PHP Script for Drupal to only show Firefox w/ Google Toolbar Referral Ad to Relevant Users

I've managed to make a script that makes it so Drupal only shows the "Get Firefox with Google Toolbar" referral button for users that are running non-Firefox browsers on Windows Systems.

I added a button to my website to get some referral money, but with most users already using Firefox, this is often wasted ad space.

NY Times Article: Discussion from Finance Minister on Canadian Prosperity

I just searched for articles on the prosperity of Canada on Google, and found an article on Google with the following description: "CANADA PROSPEROUS AGAIN. Sir Henry T. Drayton, Minister of Finance, Discusses Condition."

TTC Should be back in service Monday April 27 2008

TTC Operational: Subways, Streetcars, Buses on Monday April 28th

The back to work legislation has been passed on Sunday. The Globe and Mail reports:

"Toronto transit back in service"

TTC Strike: Starting at 12:01am April 26, 2008

Sunday: Back to Work Legislation Passed. Everything "should" be up and running for Monday April 28, 2008.

Saturday 6:15PM: Toronto Star Reports that talks between TTC and the Union have ended without an agreement. Strike to continue until at least Sunday night for sure.