Whistler Stuff to do: Where to go out (NightLife) + Where and What to Eat

Whistler Nightlife 

Remember that most clubs have promo tabs so get friendly with either the bartender or manager, or get to know some locals who often go to the same bars. They're sure to have built up some amount of rapport. 

Keep in mind that much of this article is written from the point of view of someone visiting a friend in Whistler. So, I know where to go. When I say "locals", I don't mean the people that just live in Whistler, but also the people that work there seasonally, which is usually a decent crowd of people to be around. 

Sundays, like anywhere, aren't the most happening nights of the week. Fortunately in Whistler there is still a good amount to do. The top bar on a Sunday to go to would be Longhorns. It is located at the base of Whistler mountain across from the lift. Sunday nights there are local's nights. This place packs to capacity and can have a line up which would lead one to believe that waiting is neither logical nor going to get you in. 

Monday night was my first night out in Whistler. Headed down to the shore of Alta Lake and enjoyed the ambience and beauty of the moonlight breaking over the profiles of Whistler and Blackcomb mountains. Every backdrop there appears to have been painted. 

We eventually made our way into the village and went to Tommy Africa's. This place on Monday is crammed, over heated, full of people you wouldn't take home, and doesn't steer away from mainstream music very much. I still managed to have a great time. Also, almost everyone is dressed in 80's apparel. This may be due to the fact that Monday is 80's night at Tommy Africa's. If you're looking for a night out where you're sure to be in a busy club then Tommy's is a good bet, and if not, they always have an open pool table. 

Tuesday, for the locals I met, was Karaoke night at Chrystal lounge. The place isn't too big and reminds of a time when red velvet was the shit. Fortunately the physical appearance of the bar is not what brings people in. So if you like a great atmosphere and entertainment provided by intoxicated schmucks who sing off key, then Tuesdays will be one of your favourite nights. 

If you're not a fan of Karaoke, there are still a few good clubs to hit. Maxx Fish has Matt the Alien who is by far the prize of Whistlers music scene. This is for reasons you should find out on your own. The Fish is also known for its cozy dance floor including the sub synth woofers installed in the foundation. This makes for a good feel on the dance floor. There are also a couple stripper poles which never fail to attract wannabe exotic dancers. 

Tuesday is also the night of the Beagle evidently, though I never experienced it. No one seemed to want to go and never did it look busy.

Wednesday nights at Buffalo Bills are locals night or better known as pay your rent Wednesdays. Bills is known as the cougar bar, at least on this night. It's one of the larger bars but it still manages to overheat. There's a lounge area with pool tables if you're not feeling the dance floor. If you go to this bar often then you're sure to run into some local or vacationing celebs. After the bar, exit out the front and do a 180 degree turn, you'll see Fatony's Pizza. Grab a slice. 

Thursdays were supposed to be Garfinkle's nights and some locals actually did like this place but we seemed to end up at Maxx Fish on Thursdays if we went out, even if the Fish wasn't all that busy. 

Fridays of course will have an array of good bars yet Maxx Fish, Moe Joe's, and Tommy Africa's seemed to be the hot spots. Of course, when we were in doubt we fish'd out. We knew the bartender @ Maxx Fish who was always good to have a drink with. 

Saturdays were by far the best nights. Stagette parties galore. Buffalo Bills is definitely good for this and has a lot of room but Maxx Fish is definitely satisfying if you're looking for some good looking to-be bridesmaids. Pretty much any bar you go to will be a good night on a saturday.  

If you happen to be out there for a full moon, you should make it out for a full moon party. A company called solar tribe normally organizes these and disgustingly charges entrance to a random outdoor location which they do not pay a rent charge for. It may not be the exact same as the original full moon party which takes place in Thailand, but it is definitely a night of letting loose under the moonlight until as late as the next evening, which is what a full moon party is meant to be. 

Patios in Whistler

If you're looking to just relax in Whistler village, there is at least one patio I'm sure that will suite you. 

I suggest everyone goes out to catch the Hair Farmers play a show at one of the venues there. Their song list is extensive. They'll cover any great song. They have their own great music (which includes some of the perverted songs they write on the spot such as the Boobies song). The locals follow these guys every night of the week, whenever they can, to every bar they play. 

Good Patio's include Longhorn's, Cittas, Amsterdam Pub, Merlin's (which is a good place for a 5$ burger and to catch the UFC on Fight nights), and my favourite GLC (Garibaldi Lift Co.) right at the base of Whistler mountain.  

Food in Whistler   


If you're looking for Seafood elegance and a 5 star dining experience, then go to Araxi. It's in the Village circle by Citta and Amsterdam pub. This restaurant was chosen as the spot where the winner of Chef Gordon Ramsey's Hell's Kitchen will be head chef. 


Four Seasons had a great atmosphere and also had 8$ fancy apps on Friday nights including poutine with faux gras. 

For a good steak dinner Hy's is a 5 star experience that tops the Keg (in terms of quality, and price).  

Of course there is also the Keg, which you can't really go wrong with. 

My favourite steak restaurant though was 21 steps. On tuesday's they have 3 gourmet apps for 20$. This is your chilled out classy modern contemporary lounge. The steak here was phenomenal. They satisfied every request I made with precision, and the Server presented herself professionally yet casual and treated us with the utmost respect. Even though we didn't know him or request to speak to him, the GM, Gardner Betteridge, came out and had a drink with us, on him! 

Rimrock Cafe‚ was an amazing dining experience I will not forget. 


Quattro's was by far the best Italian restaurant. The owner, Antonio Corsi, was one of the most respectable guys I met in Whistler, and I should be a no one to him yet he treated me like the highest valued VIP. This was my favourite restaurant period. 

There is also Umberto's. Bahaha Umberto. Thats an intriguing name to say the least. 


There is Sushi Village which I heard was alright, but Satchi Sushi is where we went. This is what the sushi lovers love. It is owned by Mr. Kobayashi. He is also the GM and head chef. He makes sure you're getting the best everytime. I'm not a sushi fan yet this was still great and I'm glad I went. Prices weren't too bad either (for Whistler anyway). 

Discount Dinner Joints 

The Spaghetti Factory 

Mongolian Grill (if your home town doesn't have a place like this, go to it, but if it does, just get the experience there).

Teen Food Joints 

After the bar you're probably going to be hungry. Lucky for you there are two great places right in the village to get a quick bite. Zogs is a little walk up kitchen place which has any typical diner food. They also have a large wok with sauteed onions which are available for you to put on anything you feel deserves it. Poutine was a safe bet any night here and if you say you're a local you get it for 5$ as opposed to 6$. 

Fatony's was pizzeria heaven. Do yourself a favour and try the beef and blue cheese pizza at least once. They have any pizza available for slices and you will not be disappointed. They use a light dough which has a crunchy outer shell with a soft and light interior garnished with sesame seed. 

The 7/11 is of oxymoronically open 24 hours and has a variety of hot foods if you can get there before the drunks that is. Seriously, expect to wait behing drunks for a while if you go there in the middle of the night. Get your hands on some tequito's, pepperettes, and even pizza. If not, there's a domino's next door, which can probably make a fresh pizza faster than the lineup @ 7/11. 

On any regular day you have to make your way to Splitz burger. Their burgers are actually delicious, I once ate 3 for lunch. Splitz is across from the 7/11 and has at least 15 toppings for your burger even bruschetta. 

You also may want to try a shake from Cow's which is in the heart of the village. There's not much more to say about it, just try it. 

For breakfast, Wildwood was great. You can get a good egg's benedict or even a filling donair. The prices are surprisingly good for Whistler, the service isn't all that bad, and it's attached to one of Canada's best Tennis schools which makes for some good morning entertainment. 

Nicklaus North golf course clubhouse makes a good lunch stop if you're bike riding. It is on the edge of town, so it makes a decent half-way stop if you're biking through the mountains. They have a bike rack in the back, and if it's not too busy, they won't mind if you're wearing shorts and a polo shirt and just stopping for lunch. Get the Halibut Sandwich. Pints, if I recall, are under $5. 

Day activities 

Hike the chief in Squamish- it's a couple hour hike to the top and is almost always at least a 60 degree grade you're walking. A quarter of the way up I suggest you take a quick break to stop at the mini waterfall and cool down. At about the two thirds mark there is a look out point with great views that almost leave you satisfied enough to start heading down. Once you've reached the top you realize why you did the hike in the first place. 

Whistler, BlackComb, and the peak2peak- are the entire reason that there is any industry in Whistler so make an honest effort to make it to the top of one or even both. I will say you can still have a great tiem in Whistler in the summer even if you don't ski or snowboard. There are plenty of hiking/biking trails and gondolas that take you up the mountains. If you are by no means physically fit then I do not recommend you attempt to hike the entire mountain on foot; at an elevation of over 3000ft, you are sure to disappoint yourself. For 40$ a person you can ride the gondolas of both Whistler and Blackcomb mountain.

*Be sure to wait for the glass bottom gondola if you take the peak2peak. These are the black gondolas (if you ever wondered why the random one was black and not all were red, this is why) and they come by every 15 minutes. 

There are bundles you can purchase together for a discounted price so be sure to decide what activities you are doing so that you can maximize the efficiency of your dollar. 

Downhill Biking during the summer: this is the shit. They have plenty of runs for beginners and pros. And don't worry about getting your bike up, the lifts take care of that. Do worry about what kind of bike you use, they're not your average mountain bikes, if you don't automatically know this, you'll have to rent all the necessary equipment there. 

For recreational activities on the beach, head to Lost Lake or Rainbow Park on Alta Lake. There is a beach volleyball league that plays on Alta Lake at Rainbow park which has the odd celeb joining in. There are a couple of places to rent kayaks, barbeques, and many other toys at these lakes. 

Lost Lake is a glacier fed lake with a gorgeous hue to it. It's colder than the other lakes but it also has a nude dock. 

If you take the roads into the mountain from Hwy 99, you're sure to find a gorgeous lake with breathtaking views. We found one with beautiful cottages on the shores and plenty of surrounding mountains in both the distant haze and some not too distant with one dead center bearing a strong resemblance to paramount. The backdrop was perfect. The best thing to do in Canada's west is adventure. So much untouched natural beauty. Of course just be sure to stay clear of the bears and cougars or any wildlife. Also be respectable to the wildlife and land the walk on; minimize your footprint as much as possible. 

Bike paths by whistler golf course and chateau whistler golf course are a perfect day activity. 

The Chateau Whistler Golf course is the best in Whistler. Niklaus North, and the Whistler Golf Club are two great alternatives if you get sick of the chateau or if you for some reason cannot make it out there. 

Telus Festival (July) and Kokanee Crankworx (Mid August) are two festivals worth sticking around for. Telus festival has plenty of great bands playing free shows at the base of Whistler mountain in Whistler village. Bands playing in 2009 include The Stills and Metric. Kokanee Crankworx will definitely have something for you to watch everyday. They have the infamous Big Air contest which has downhill bikers going off the center jump near the base of the mountain doing back flips and what not. Crankworx also has live music except this year unlike the last years does not have free shows. The Dj's and bands play at bar venues and charge about 15$ to each bar. If you're willing to spend 35$ to see these bands on the weekend, you'd be set. This 35$ wrist band gets you access to every show and every bar without the line for the weekend. The money you save in cover charges alone is worth it. They're apparently supposed to be working on getting a program for locals because the industries that run the programs believe not only would it be respectable to the locals, but they believe they can make a profit by having them come in to buy drinks than to not come in at all.  

Whistler also has a "tradition" which is known as the Cheese Roll. Funny that they advertise it as a Whistler tradition when first off its origins come from the UK, and secondly 2009 was its second annual cheese roll. Either way it is still something fun to go watch if you're not planning on doing anything else. How boring can a large wheel of cheese be as it rolls down Whistler mountain followed by a bunch of deadbeats. Winner gets to keep the damaged cheese wheel and you can purchase cheese from the company stand that provided the large piece of cheese.

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