Prepaid Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards: Where to Buy them

As stated in my review of the prepaid cards available on the Canadian market, there are those that are non-reloadable and anonymous, and those that are reloadable and engraved with your name and everything.

Seriously, I'd highly recommend reading through my Canadian Prepaid Visa & Mastercard review. Seriously. 

Avoid the MuchMusic Prepaid Card, you pay too much for what you get. 

Anonymous Prepaid Mastercards/Visas

In the review, for the anonymous cards, it seemed like the Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard was the best. This card can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart, Petro-Canada and 7-11, at the minimum. If you know of other locations that sell it, leave a comment and I'll post it (Sometimes it seems like the comment didn't take, but I can assure that it was received if you hit "Submit").

I'm currently trying to contact the Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard company to get a list of retailers that officially sell them. 

Reloadable Prepaid Mastercards & Visas

As for the cards that are reloadable and have your name on them, the BMO Mosaik Mastercard seems like the best option. You can fill out an application online and probably at a BMO branch as well.  

Worst product EVER....

Please be aware that 'date of activation' is DATE OF PURCHASE of the giftcard, not the date you would actually use the card. Also VERY DIFFICULT to use - make sure you coordinate the balance on your card vs. the total of your purchase. You will have to instruct the cashier that you wish to first pay the difference in cash/debit whatever and pay the remaining balance with the balance on your card. Almost as though Vanilla is counting on you to find it too much of a hassle and let the balance be spent on service fees. $5 activation charge (for purchasing the prepaid card) and $2.50 per month....CRAZY.....NOT A GOOD EXPERIENCE.

Right side of this page lists

Right side of this page lists where Visa gift cards may be purchased

pre-paid credit cards

Can be bought at almost any 7-11 or 24/hr store for your convienience, the New "gift/pre-paid Debit cards" Seem the modest choice, others for less responable cards availible as well.....

you can also find then at

you can also find then at money marts

also you can find them at

also you can find them at money mart

These cards are extremely

These cards are extremely handy - you can use them for online purchases with great ease, and their customer service is friendly and very helpful if you have any problems with your card. I recommend purchasing one if you would like to make online purchases or if you were to give a gift card - gift cards for specific stores limit what you can buy. This? It's awesome - you can use it nearly anywhere!

Hi there, I just used a

Hi there,
I just used a Vanilla pre-paid card, and yes it was very hard to find them. Also, not ALL Shopper's Drug Mart Locations have them. (unless it was sold out)
It would be nice if they reply with a list of retailers.


Where to buy Vanilla Prepaid Mastercard

Believe it or not, when I asked them, their reply wasn't very helpful. Probably the first company I've ever emailed that made it difficult to find their products.

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