£ UK Pound / Great Britain Pound Bank Accounts in Canada £

There aren't that many Canadian banks that provide UK Pound / GB Pound Bank Accounts.

You may also want to take a look at my EURO Bank Accounts for Canadians page as well.

If all you need to do is exchange Pounds to Canadian dollars, most any bank should be able to do this, but you may get a better deal through currency exchangers.   

Foreign Currency bank accounts in Canada are more of a niche product, so you definitely have to shop around, as some banks may give you a good deal, and others may charge a lot, perhaps because they feel its not worth their time. The following is an attempt at doing your research for you.    

HSBC: Only Canadian GBP Chequing or Savings Provider

HSBC Canada appears to be the only Canadian bank that offers personal UK Pound Bank accounts, and they may very well be the most flexible and experienced, as their parent is the HSBC, a UK-based bank.  They also have a zero monthly fee savings account. The interest rate is piddly and debits are GBP0.60 each, but at least there's no monthly fees!   

TD Canada Trust UK Pounds Banking Options

Toronto Dominion Bank / Canada Trust offers UK Pound Term Deposits in durations between 30 days and 1 year. Other than this, they appear to offer no such UK Pound banking services (other than exchange of course).    

RBC UK Pounds Banking

The Royal Bank appears to have no such services. Even a search of their website for "Pounds" retrieves unrelated results. This is funny for a bank with such excellent US Banking options for Canadians.   

ScotiaBank GBP Banking

Scotia Bank appears to have no UK Pound chequing/savings account products based on checking out their website and website's search. They are, however, members of the Global ATM Alliance, of which Barclays is a member, so they are a local bank to look into if you frequently make trips to the UK.  Funny, if you're a client of Scotiabank Jamaica, you can get a UK Pound chequing account, but not through their Canadian operations. Nice.

CIBC Great Britain Pounds Banking Choices

CIBC appears to also have no UK Pound chequing/savings account products for individuals based on a perusal of their website and their search engine.   

Bank of Montreal UKP Banking

BMO appears to have no personal UKP chequing/savings options available for individuals based on researching their own bank's website.

It is VERY important to realize that the CDIC, the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation, does NOT insure foreign currency deposits. In other words, if your financial institution fails, you will likely lose the entirety of your UKP deposits. So be careful, do your due diligence, and investigate all available options, including offshore accounts and US bank accounts.

The Other UK Pound Banking Option

The other option is to get a foreign bank account denominated in UK Pounds. The problem is that in the UK itself, you cannot open a bank account as a non-resident. That's right, even as a UK citizen, you can't open an account unless you live there.
The other option is to open an account through one of the banks in the British Isles (or elsewhere). This can be the dark side of financial institutions. One risk of this is that your bank account is insured (if its insured at all) by that     nation's deposit insurance scheme, which may not be able to handle a large failure (just look at Iceland). Don't take my word on any of this, check the bank's own info, I'm not responsible for any bank's failure :).
Often, these isle banks are connected to a mainland British bank, but not always.

One Such Offshore Option is Lloyds TSB Offshore

They are incorporated in Jersey. On a "Premier International Account", if your balance is over £2,500, there are no monthly "subscription" fees. You can also have a GBP debit card, but they charge 2.99% for currency conversion and 1.5% for cash withdrawals (min £2, max £4.50). And of course,     fees for a whole bunch of other stuff.    

£ UK Pound / Great Britain Pound Bank Accounts in Canada £ |

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My company currently has a GBP and EUR accounts at TD. There are no fees. I call TDFX to sell or buy these currencies at usually a 1 cent spread and they settle to my CAD account. Wires come in from overseas and I can go online to check for incoming wire notifications through the TD Business Portal. One pain is they recently added a secure-key number to the Portal and charged me $50 for it.

Is there any indication of

Is there any indication of this on TD's website? I couldn't find it. Are the accounts domiciled in TD's Canadian operations?

renew a Canadian Passport

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Call the Canadian Embassy,

Call the Canadian Embassy, and ask.

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