TransUnion Canada Credit Report Bureau Phone Number

Credit report bureaus are required by law to discuss your report with you if their report was used and you were denied or rejected credit when requesting a loan.    

I have absolutely no idea what kind of help they can offer over the phone, so if you're aware, please post a comment here.

The TransUnion phone number to discuss your credit report (again, this is only available if you were denied credit in the past 60 days due to something in a TU credit report), is 1-800-663-9980. If you're in Quebec, you're special for some reason and should call this number instead: 1-877-713-3393

If you're looking for a FREE Trans Union credit report, follow my guide here, it's helpful and explains how to get a free report from the other Canadian credit bureau as well.

Trans Union

I just went though promes on the phone and was told that I must submit info by mail. they asked for SIN,the digits of my address,the bank I deal with, which I gave etc. My worry now did I go to wrong web site and phone a wrong place and can they use that info to obit credit in my name and desroy me? Unfoutunately I found you after the fact.Help me please, do I have anything to orry about? Please email me and let me know

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