Time to ship package from Toronto Canada to Paris France

Just thought others would benefit from this read world experience.

I shipped a package via Canada Post Surface Mail from Toronto Ontario Canada to Paris France.

I'm sure UPS/Fedex/DHL could get it there faster, but probably at a substantially higher price.

Likely, the speeds would be similar from the the USA via USPS or other places in Canada.  The only difference would be the amount of time it takes to get onto that ship. The ship will pretty much take the same amount of time, and then when in France, it's all up to the French postal system.

As an aside, I don't think my package would've been charged any duties/taxes, so it definitely didn't get delayed there.


The package took about 6 days to get from Toronto and be loaded onto a ship in Montreal and leave Canada.

It took about 20 days to cross the Atlantic and get into France. I'm not sure where the container/bag got dropped off (could've been London and then freighted to France, who knows).

Then, it took just 2 days to get to Paris and delivered.

So, start to finish, just under a month by surface mail.

About what I expected, the postal systems seemed to be pretty efficient once it was in their hands. 

Canada Post Surface Mail

This is no longer the case 2011. My surface packages to Europe regularly take 2 months to deliver. Furthermore, I've had some packages take 8 weeks to arrive! While it is tracked, it certainly isn't speedy or suitable for e-commerce.

You may want to check TNT

TNT has a huge presence in Europe and their rates tend to be much more competitive than the usual couriers. Canadian presence is unfortunately spotty to say the least. And you may have to open an account with them. However, in my experience the savings are substantial and transit times are on par (if not better) then the big couriers.


Hello Dan,

Thanks for your useful information! Do you remember the size, weight and price for your shipment?

Thanks in advance and have a lovely day!


Hiya, it was a couple of

Hiya, it was a couple of kilos. It was in the $50 or $60 range, I don't recall specifics. The CanadaPost website does have a calculator and fee guide. Anyways, the key thing is that it was sent via Surface Parcel mail (in terms of how much time it took anyway)

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