Flat-tire fix in Burlington Ontario: Good To Go Tire

Good to Go Tire.

It almost sounds like DTF tire.

I had not one, but two, flats repaired at this place (and I suspect no conspiracy on this one :) )

They're a friendly tire shop that also seems to be a half-decent place to get cheap non-new tires, if you're into that kind of thing, though I'm really not.

The price is right (~$25 with tax), no appointment required, and it seems like you're rarely the only person to bring your car there are at the same time to get a flat fixed.

They warranty the patch for a lifetime and ask that you come back to get your tires torqued up if you get any work done.

The Burlington location I went to is at 3485 Harvester Road, at the northwest (far left end) of the plaza.

Here's the Google Maps page:

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