How to Send Money to a TD Bank Account / Canada Trust Bank Account

If you need to send money to a friend/relative via TD Canada Trust, there are two good ways of doing so:

1. If you both have TD Accounts, set up a Personal Payee. This is like a wire transfer between accounts, so only use it between individuals you trust (not to buy items from randoms). You have to call in to EasyLine to set it up, but once it is set up, you can just log in to EasyWeb and send payments. To set it up, you will need the other person's account numbers, but these are no secret, they're printed on the bottom of every cheque you write. This isn't well advertised, and they will try to scare you a little bit when you set it up (because the payments are irreversible), but rest assured if it's set up correctly and between people you trust, it's the way to go. These transfers are FREE and instant, so they are definitely the way to go. As far as I know, there's no $ limit either, and I don't think the receiver has to have online banking set up. 

2. Email Money Transfers: These cost $1.50 each, but can be sent from most banks, with the notable exception of National Bank of Canada, and many credit unions. In other words, the sender and receiver don't have to use the same bank.

Banks that can Send/Receive Email Money Transfers:

BMO Bank of Montreal
Community Savings Credit Union
Island Savings Credit Union
Mennonite Savings and Credit Union
Prospera Credit Union
RBC Royal Bank of Canada
TD Canada Trust
Teachers Credit Union
United Communities Credit Union
Westminster Savings Credit Union

Well, that's not entirely true. Anyone with a bank account in Canada can receive an EMT, but if their account is not at one of the banks/credit unions in the above list, there's an extra $4 charge and it can take an extra 3-5 business days to go through.


Seems pretty limited. Presidents Choice and ING let you xfer

From any other bank account for free. Possible this is just the same transfer method and they are waiving the fees.

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