TD Toronto Dominion Canada Trust Bank FREE Automatic Coin Counting Machine

Get Rid of that Spare Change!

2013 Update: Rob reports that now >300 locations with coin machines, so do a search on

2013 Update: Steve-O reports the following as of March 4th, 2013:

Personal TD Accounts - FREE (and you can set up a free savings account at TD)
Small business - 3% cut
Non-TD users - 8% cut

Looks like non-TD account holders may have better luck at BMO. See below.

2011 Update: BMO now has FREE (now only free up to $250 for non-customers) coin counting machines too. The current list is here, and they have some outside of Ontario too!

Here's the original 2007 article:

Like many US banks have been doing for the past decade, TD Canada Trust is running a pilot project that puts automatic coin counting machines into branches. I'm not sure of any other banks in Canada that have the same system.

Now, since this is a pilot project of TD/Canada Trust Bank, it could be expanded, changed or ended at any time. I'm not sure if they're doing anything outside of Ontario.

These automatic coin sorter/counting machines let you bring in your unwrapped mixed coins, dump them in a machine, and then (I presume) you can deposit it into your TD account. I'd guess you must be an account-holder to do this (actually, read below for more details). At the moment, their service is fee-free.

Many grocery stores, like Dominion, and I think even the Canadian Tire in downtown Toronto on Bay street have these machines, but their fees can be pretty hefty (like 7-10%, ouch!).

Anyways, I managed to email TD and get a list of locations in which they are piloting these things, which can save you a ton of time. Too bad they don't have one in downtown Toronto (which I can't quite figure out why, it's where TD bank's headquarters are located).

TD Canada Trust With Automatic Coin Sorter/Counters:

  • 10908 Hurontario Street (at Wanless)  Brampton, ON. L7A 3R9
  • 1440 Royal York Road (at Eglington)  Etobicoke, ON M9P 3B1
  • 808 York Mills Road (at Leslie)  Toronto, ON. M3B 1X8
  • 5000 New Street (at Appleby Line)  Burlington, ON. L7L 1V1
  • 5887 Main Street (at West Lawn Cr)   Stoufville, ON. L4A 1N2
  • 1684 Danforth Ave (at Woodington)  Toronto, ON. M4C 1H6
  • 1119 Fennell Ave E. (at Upper Ottawa)  Hamilton, ON. L8T 1S2
  • 1260 Commissioners Rd W (at Boler)  London, ON. N6K 1C7
  • 1005 Ottawa Street N (at River Road)   Kitchener, ON. N2A 1H2
  • 1365 Fanshawe Pk Rd W (at Hyde Park)  London, ON. N6G 0E3   

So there it is. Feel free to use Mapquest or some such to get more precise directions. This list is accurate as of the email I received in Sept 2008.

Check out my review/followup of my experience when I brought in over $300 in coins (which took about 17 minutes to count)

Also note that these sorter/counters won't differentiate between Canadian and US currency, though that doesn't make much of a difference these days. Mang has actually used their service and found that they will reject (and presumably return) foreign coins and rusty/damaged ones. He also found that you don't even need to be a TD customer, just present your receipt to a teller on that same day. However, I'd definitely call and ask first if I weren't a customer, just in case. 

coin machine

how come all the coins machine are in toronto, burlington, london,hamilton,etobicoke but not in mississauga were they is so many tdcanada banks but not one coin machine in our areas

where r they in ottawa

can't find a coin counter from TD or BK Montreal

BMO coin machines in Calgary

BMO coin machines in Calgary are free up to $250. You don't need an account. But be careful if you go even 5 cents over $250 you will be charged 8% on the entire amount.

Hey Dan, just thought I'd

Hey Dan,

just thought I'd share an update about my experience at the TD coin counter in Burlington at the corner of New & Appleby.

Today is March 8th, and they had a sign posted saying that as of March 4th the TD coin counters will now be charging for small business accounts and non TD users. The breakdown was as follows:

Personal TD Accounts - FREE
Small business - 3% cut
Non-TD users - 8% cut

TD Bank Fees

Help me understand this. The CEO takes home $11M a year. TD is now the most profitable bank in Canada. They charge me $30 in fees a month in exchange for me giving them MY money, so they can invest it and make money off of my money. And then they charge me for it. I struggle. I am putting myself through school. I manage a mortgage on my own. I work full time while I pursue higher education. I put $5 items on Craigslist because every penny counts for me and I am desperately trying to save. And, every month, I get $30 knocked off because I fell below $5,000 limit for a few days out of the entire month (despite my balance being on average higher than $5,000 by end of the month). How is this fair? How is this right? And doesn't that make the CEO's words empty about his moral dilemma making so much money. So, why does he raise bank fees? Sigh.... the poor get poorer. The rich get richer. I vow never to give my next mortgage to TD and I will look for a better bank.

Ing direct,

Ing direct,

I hope you are looking into

I hope you are looking into another bank, or atleast another account!

Welcome to westernized

Welcome to westernized society. Get used to it. Chartered banks are all the same. If you have a problemwith it, use a credit union.

Coast Capital. No fees.

Coast Capital. No fees.

Are there any TD Canadatrust

Are there any TD Canadatrust locations in Winnipeg that will sort my cions?
I am not a TD customer

Nope, and no Manitoba

Nope, and no Manitoba locations either, not yet anyway. I suspect BMO will roll one out for geographic diversity somewhere in the 'Peg within the next 12 months. If they're renovating or building a new branch there somewhere, you're likely in good luck.

People are lazy M-ORONS

$21-$33 to count out $300 in change? Why not just give all your money to the bank and save time?

1966 Yonge St

Just used the coin sorting machine here. Worked quickly and was completely accurate the three times I tested it by counting a handful of change before processing it.

Coin sorter

I checked out the coin sorter machine at the Deer Park Coop, Red Deer Alberta, and it charges 14.9% for pennies and 9.9% on everything else! Beware.

Hi, I'll add my 2 cents since

Hi, I'll add my 2 cents since no one has posted here in years.

Just went to the machine at the TD on Royal York just north of Eglinton.

I dumped in all my change and it came out to about $75. I then grabbed the little bit of extra that was in the coin return and counted it up.
$1.44 I put it back in the machine and it came up as $1.19.

The machine may be "free" but it's inaccurate. It's a coinstar machine, so I probably would have lost the same amount at the grocery store, plus another 12% on top of that.


coin star at Loblaws

The Loblaws on christie and dupont is down and I think that three days is a long time for it to be down. The charge of using this coin star is 9%.

Reply to Loblaws coin machines

The rate at Loblaws is now 11.9% (as of yesterday). Pretty hefty service charge!

TD Coin Machines

Hi Dan,

Is there any reason you are flogging the TD coin machines but not the other banks??

I thought only TD had free

I thought only TD had free ones to use. If any other banks do, let me know!!!


Was just about to head to Metro...

when I remembered seeing one of these coin counting machines at TD about 3 months ago. The machine in metro charges I believe 11% -- I have at least $200 in change I'm guessing so if I can save myself more than $20, its worth the 2 minute drive. :)

TD Leslie/Toronto

Went to the Leslie location in Toronto. Was quick and easy. No charge, totally free. Don't have to be a customer. Redeem in cash or deposit.

I used one of these at my

I used one of these at my local branch in New York City. I loved it. I swiped my ATM card, put my pin in, and deposited my coins. The funds were immediately deposited into my account. I was so amazed I thought that I did something wrong because it seemed way too easy! I love TD.

Change Counters in USA

That same bank - i believe - has had those in at least a few branches in New York since about 2004.

TD Banknorth + Commerce Bank Penny Arcades

The difference, of course, is that it wasn't owned by TD when they did introduce the "Penny Arcades". It was Banknorth then (or was it CommerceBank that introduced it? meh).

IT was Commerce who had the

IT was Commerce who had the counters in every branch. TD has included them in their Banknorth branches and now most are TD Bank in the U.S.. Full transition to have occurred by this fall. By the way, TD has "owned" Banknorth for several years now.

Alberta Needs those Machines

If the Government was smart and wanted to save taxpayers some money they would make those machines available in all banks, and not charge a fee.

Think of how much the govt would save on not having to produce all those coins. I know tons of people that have piles and piles of coins in jars for years.

The damn govt continues to want to convert more and more of the paper dollars to coins, the least they could do is provide coin sorters to get them back into circulation.

When is Alberta going to get them????

locations of coin exchages

there are many locationsin central alberta
Co-op Stores:
West park Foods and Bakery in Red Deer
Deer Park Co-op - Red Deer
Plaza Co-op Mall - Red Deer
Parkland Mall - Red Deer (Gift certificate fpr Mall only)
Hope you used one off these locations soon

Real Canadian Superstores

It looks like all the Superstores have them now in the Calgary area at least not sure baout the rest of Alberta. They were right at the front of the stores and easy to use. They charge 12% again, but it seems to be the only option.

coin machines

There are 7 locations in Safeway in Calgary. The locations are 813 11th ave SW Calgary, 1818 Center Street N Calgary, 3636 Morley Trail NW Calgary, 1200 37th Street SW Calgary, 200 Stewart Green SW Calgary, 55 Castleridge Blvd NE Calgary,399 36th Street NE Calgary> Hope this helps please use them and tell your friends!!

coin sorters

2 types. sorters/counters. counters use an off-sort largest first etc. counters do it all.

Royal *.* is rubbish go brand names Cummins is good. All you get for $200 is plastic machine that jams, wrong counts. You have to use a weigh machine to weigh coins if you use cheap sorters cos they are allays wrong.

TD Bank

Do you know if any coin counters are going ot make it to other branches in canada??

Right now, it's just a

Right now, it's just a trial, we'll see if it gets rolled out elsewhere.


Can anyone tell me who manufactures the coin machine? Thanks in advance.

Is this the machine in

Is this the machine in question?

"In 2004, a Wall Street Journal reporter tested coin-counting machines at a couple of local banks. The reporter began with equal piles of $87.26 worth of pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters. After inserting the coins the reporter witnessed some astonishing results. The machines at both Commerce Bank and Coinstar calculated less than the amounts the reporter had provided. Commerce Bank's Penny Arcade missed by $7.02, and Coinstar by $0.57. Go figure!"

I guess there are pros and cons for both. I think the Coinstar machines here only give you credit to use at the store you made the transaction at. That and they charge you about 10% to use their machines.
Do the TD Penny Arcade ones give you cash back?

I do believe the TD ones let

I do believe the TD ones let you get cash in turn for your funds.

I believe they're only called "Penny Arcades" at their US branches, not the Canadian ones, so just call them "coin counters" or "change counters" so you don't confuse anyone.

As for that WSJ study, it sounds like they just tested each machine once, which I'd say isn't a sufficient number of tests to make a valid complaint. Does it always under-count? Is it just imprecise, so on average, you're no better or worse off?

td coin service

$1900 worth of coins later i'm 200 lbs lighter. Maxed out the machine in brampton so moved on to the one on royal york. A few jams here and there but worked out well overall. Staff was mucho helpful except for one who grumbled just a little bit. Thanks for the info dan.

Hi, Just curious what was


Just curious what was your charge for the $1900 you processed?

Heavy workout ...

Dan, our group put one of the machines through a much heavier test. Counting cans of change from Apple Day!


It worked well. And I have some interesting rejects in my collection. BTW.

Unless I'm mistaken, a decision on expanding the program or limiting it to the pilot machines should have been made this week.

US coins

Dan, I've tried these and they do reject US coins. Good work getting the list of sites!

Coin Sorter

Do you know where someone could purchase a good but affordable coin sorter for at home?

I used the TD Canadatrust

I used the TD Canadatrust coin machines today and it works great. There is no charge for it, even if you're not a TD Canadatrust customer.

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