TD Canada Trust US$ ATMs: Bank Machines in Canada that Dispense American Money

TD does have 4 ATMs in Southern Ontario that do dispense US$ cash. These can be convenient after-hours if you need cash late at night or during a holiday, or want to avoid bank lineups. I assume you can withdraw from your Canadian dollar TD account with their usual commissions. I would also think that non-TD customers could use them, at TD's regular commissions and ATM fees.

TD ATMs that give out US$ Cash:

Click the link to open up a map in a new window

3930 Montrose Rd., Niagara Falls    
3281 Dougal Ave., Windsor
2110 Wyandotte St., Windsor
55 King St. W., Downtown Toronto

Too bad they don't have more locations with them, but at least they're located in border areas. Note that the downtown Toronto one is actually in TD centre in the concourse I believe, I'm not exactly sure, so you might have to do some searching.

I'm not sure if it is possible to withdraw from one's US$ account at these ATMs, I'd imagine it's possible if you have a TD US$ account, but not sure about other bank's US$ accounts.

Other Canadian Banks with US$ ATMs

Some other banks do have these US$ dispensing ATMs in Canada too, and I'm trying to get a listing of them, but I haven't received any responses yet.

Also, Scotiabank is a member of the Global ATM Alliance, so they can actually use Bank of America ATMs at some reduced (or even zero) fee. Best to talk to your banker about that one.  No other Canadian or US Bank is a part of this alliance. 


Where are CIBC U.S. currency bank machines located in the U.S.

Where are CIBC U.S. currency bank machines located in the U.S?

The Personal Acct. Service Fees brochure manual says you can
-Withdraw U.S. funds from any CIBC U.S. currency bank machine.
I have spent considerable time checking on the internet with no
results. Wish to find one of these bank machines in Mesa, AZ..
Thanks for your help!

CIBC ATMs that give US$ Cash

They only have ATMs in Canada that dispense US$ cash. You won't find them in Arizona. The best you could do is open an account with Bank of Nova Scotia, and take advantage of their ATM agreement with Bank of America (among others)

Transit No.

I am a legal practitioner, living in Munich, Germany. For over two weeeks I have been trying to make a transfer through a particular branch of your bank, specifically the branch located at 2110 Wyandotte St W, Windsor, Essex County, Ontario, Canada. However, I have been hindered by being unable to obtain a 'transit number' for the bank.
Please Please, this is an act of desperation: If there is anyone out there reading this mail, could I please obtain the transit number of the said branch? That would save me a lot of hours of wasted going to and fro from the bank.
Thanks a lot for your anticipated help,

TD Bank Branch Transit Number

Just call them and ask? Seems like you can find the branch on their website and it will list the branch transit number too


CIBC also has US dollar bank machines:
Select Withdrawal $USD

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