How to speed up Vista by turning off Microsoft Vista's Aero Interface

Tip: Easily Fix Vista's Slow Speed

Speeding up Windows Vista greatly is very simple. Feel like your new "more powerful" computer with Vista is slower than your old computer? It is unfortunate that many computer makers, such as Acer, have been selling their systems (especially laptops and notebooks) with Vista, when they're really only powerful enough for WinXP.

This great tip will speed up your new Vista computer greatly. All you have to do to optimize your system is turn off their flashy (though only slightly more useful) AERO GUI/theme. The end result will look like the Microsoft Windows 2000 or WinXP system in the "classic" mode, which is very usable, and much faster.

How to Turn Off Aero (Or Just Some of Aero's Features):

Go to your desktop screen and right click on "My Computer", then click on "Properties".

Switch over to the "Advanced Tab" at the top.

On the "Performance" area, go to "Settings"

Click on "Adjust For Best Performance". On this menu, you can also select which Aero/Vista features you'd like to turn off if you don't want to go back 5 years in time. The biggest speedups should be found by turning off "transparency" and the animations that really don't make anything any easier to do.

 Side Benefit: Longer Battery Life

Because your laptop/notebook will need less power, the CPU will not have to work as hard, and this should increase the batterylife of your system. Even a regular PC will use less electricity, and have less wear and tear on its components (remember that heat is what kills computers).  

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