Where to Stay in Sandusky Ohio (Cedar Point), Best Western Plus Review

Just a quick review on where I stayed for a night just to sleep before going to Cedar Point in Sandusky Ohio.
This was on a Monday night in early June.

Hotels in Sandusky Ohio

Places to stay seem to fall into three categories:
  1. $50/night hotels
  2. $130/night hotels
  3. Staying on the Cedar Point hotels for a premium to the in-town option.
Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be too much between #1 and #2 for those wanting a very no-frills and cheap but clean room to crash for the night.

Be careful as some of the listed hotels on some of the hotel aggregator websites (Hotwire, Hotels.com, Travelocity, Priceline), are way out of town. I find that doing the "secret, find out which hotel it is after you pay for it" deals are only worth it in an urban area where you're guaranteed that at least one hotel won't be at capacity and therefore get a nice room at a nice price. Therefore, the hidden hotels search results are useless for a town like Sandusky.
There are pros and cons to staying at the Cedar Point hotels. Con: it's more expensive. Pro: you can usually get onto the rides an hour before official opening. I'm sure they're otherwise nice places.

Best Western Plus, Sandusky Ohio

I stayed at the BEST WESTERN PLUS in Sandusky, which I'd stay in again. Nice clean room and a nice clean comfy bed. The room had a fridge, wifi was free and worked on my phone. It has a sister hotel right next door and you're allowed to use their late night pool and cabana bar since they're under the same ownership. I suggest you do, though it could be busy on a weekend in the summer. I've walked further to get to a pool in the hotel that I was staying in. It was CAD$142 total (which is about US$140) for one night for 3 adults. I booked through travelocity.ca

Continental breakfast was free and bad if you're expecting someone to make an omelette for you, and fine if you just want a self-made fresh waffle, yoghurt and orange juice. You'll need to be patient for the waffles. Breakfast gets busy at this place (it seems under-sized for the size of the hotel).    

Check out my article here on tips for your visit to Cedar Point. I mainly wrote this article in case I go again, so I don't have to remember the details myself :)

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