Sandisk Sansa e260 - Getting it to work with Win2k

Tip: To reset your Sansa, hold down the Menu button for 10-15 seconds.

There's a very simple trick to getting your new Sandisk Sansa e260 (or other Sansas, like the e250 or the e280) to work with Windows 2000. Intially, Windows won't recognize it properly and fail to install the device, but the workaround is simple indeed.

To get it to work, on the Sansa, just scroll over to settings, then to "USB" at the bottom, and change it into "MSC" mode.

Now your Sandisk Sansa should work with Win2k and show up as a regular drive. Just drag and drop your music into the "MUSIC" folder and you'll be set.

Getting videos and photos to work is a whole other story. At present, there is no known workaround for adding videos or photos to your Sansa with windows 2000 using their Sansa Media Convertor Software. As far as I know, no one has figured out the format that Sansa uses for the purposes of dragging-and-dropping movies and photos over manually. I predict that something will come out over the next couple of months.

So... feel free to buy a Sansa e260 if you have Windows 2000, just be sure to make that one change on the Sansa itself.

Deleting MP3s

I own a Sansa e260 and I would like to know how to delete music files on the device. There was little information provide when purchased and I would like to delete music but I don't know how. Could you help?

Erasing Sansa Songs

I don't use their included software, so I would just go into the drive in Windows Explorer that your Sansa shows up as, and then find the songs I want to get rid of and manually delete them.

If your Sansa doesn't automatically show up in Windows, Change it to MSC Mode According to this. Then follow the above instructions.

As far as I know, there is no way of deleting individual songs from within the Sansa itself, only through a computer.

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