Sandisk Sansa e200 series: e250, e260 e270 - How to reset them

Very simply in fact, just hold down the "Menu" button for about 10-15 seconds, and that will reset it. Perhaps this will work with other Sansa players as well.

And don't forget, these mp3 players can have their capacity upgraded just by putting in a microSD/Transflash memory card, which have dropped substantially in price. A 2GB Card goes for just CAD$25 these days (around USD$23).


my sansa e270 won't start, when it says REFRESHING DATABASE it's going back to SANDISK startup.. and the images are blurred and it won't turn off unless you reset it. huhuhu. does my sansa was bricked or something. before it was happen , i'm downloading music into my player then it suddenly turned off. and when i turned it on, it says refresh failed.. thanks.. hope you will help me guys

I have a sansa 1Gb. it work

I have a sansa 1Gb. it work well, but when I plus in to my computer to copy music, after that it does not work any more???? I try to replace barteries, plus again into computer, push abd hold menu button to reset...tried everything, but it does not respon???? why? can you guy hepl me....

my 2Gig sansa suddenly has only 500Meg

I have a Sansa e200 with 2 Gbytes built in. I had a mysterious 2 songs listed in Settings->Info that could not be accessed yet were taking up memory. I tried all kinds of reset methods including taking out the battery but nothing helped. Finally I USB'd it to my computer and formatted the Sansa under Windows Vista. Voila, all the memory was free again. But then I tried it again (just plain stupid obviously) and now it says it only has 500Mbytes in it and NOTHING will let me get it back to the actual 2 GBytes. Windows no longer recognizes it as even having 2 Gig to re-format. Help Help Help!!!! What can I do????? :--(

umm... help?

It didn't work for my e250. Is there someway to reset EVERYTHING? I've had a lot of problems and I just want a fresh start.


can anyone tell me which buttons to push to get to my music I have loaded on my sansa e260 mp3 player. My screen is broken so I have no idea how to get to my music. I can get it to the fm radio stations but from there I need to know which buttons to push and how many times to push them. thanks.

That was easy...thanks for

That was easy...thanks for the help man.

thx alot man it really

thx alot man it really helped

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