Stock:RIM - Stock:Research In Motion - Stock Quote for Waterloo Wireless Email Pager Company

This page links to both the Canadian and US Listings for Waterloo-based Research in Motion 's stock price, on Toronto's TSE/TSX Stock Exchange, and New York's NASDAQ Stock Exchange. RIM, of course, being the makers/manufacturers of the Blackberry email paging device.

To get a stock quote/stock price for RIM (Canadian Price Quotes), take a gander at one of the following websites:

Google Finance

Yahoo Finance

MSN Money

To get a stock quote for RIMM (US Quotes), take a look at one of the following websites:

Google Finance

Yahoo Finance

MSN Money

What is the difference between the two listings? Well, they both are for the same stock, but the listing is on different exchanges in different currencies. In theory, their prices should only differ by the difference in the exchange rate of the underlying American and Canadian currencies. If you own one stock, your stock broker should be able to "journal" X shares from one exchange into X shares on the other exchange for a low price. Sometimes this "journalling" process actually saves money on exchange fees if you need to exchange funds between the two currencies.

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