An Excellent Pharmacy Resource: PharmacyFind

PharmacyFind is a database of just about every pharmacy in Ontario, as well as related companies. They have maps, addresses, phone numbers and fax numbers to all of these Pharmacy Locations, as well as other helpful links to other stores and services.

Everything can be listed by city as well, take a look at the page of Pharmacies and related companies in Toronto, or Hamilton, or Ottawa. Nice lists indeed. 

Hopefully one day they can do some proximity stuff as well, that'd be neato, but for now, Pharmacyfind looks like a well-made site.

The only thing I do notice is that they don't seem to line up cities correctly, hopefully they can fix that, but you can just hack the URL and put your city in most of the time.

Let's hope they expand their drug store database of locations to other provinces and maybe even US states, it beats using some non-pharmacy specific directory like the Yellow Pages


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