What is the Minimum Age to get a Credit Card in Canada?

It depends on the province in which you reside.
Here's a chart:
Minimum Age for Credit Card
 British Columbia
 Alberta 18
 Ontario    18   
 Quebec    18   
 Nova Scotia
 New Brunswick
 PEI    18   
 Newfoundland    19   
 Yukon/NWT/Nunavut 19

Of course, these are the ages you need to be just to apply for a credit card, you still may get rejected for one. Don't bother applying for one if you're in one of these provinces and younger than the ages above.

If you're a Canadian university/college student, and have determined that you're worthy of a credit card, I'd recommend applying for the Smart Cash MasterCard® Credit Card, which is one of the best cash back credit cards available that is aimed at the student market. With the points earned, you're looking at a 0.84%-0.87% "cash-back" in the form of gift certificates, and the points earned goes up to 1% if you use it for travel. That's really good for a student card.

If you can't get the Smart Cash MasterCard® Credit Card, I'd suggest applying for a credit card at the bank you have a chequing account with, and it's best to ask a teller at the branch what the best way to apply is.

If you just need to make small purchases with a Mastercard or Visa, or need something a little less debt-prone, check out my article on the Best Prepaid Visa cards and Mastercards in Canada 2012.

Excellent point!!! This is

Excellent point!!! This is really a vital question. But you are only mentioning age limit of Canada. It is truly good for me, if you tell me other countries such as USA. Thanks a lot for the interesting info.

Good question indeed! I'm

Good question indeed! I'm going to stay in Canada for a long since. For that cause this question discussion will be effective for me. My age is now 17. I hope after 1 year I will get my credit card in there. Thanks mate

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