Bloomers Flowers in London Ontario Review

I just wanted to post a quick review on a good experience I had with a florist in London Ontario, Bloomers Flowers.

Bloomers Flowers (London Ontario) Review

Everyone at Bloomers Flowers was very helpful when I needed to get some flowers picked out and delivered in London, especially for someone that knows nothing about flowers. 

Their website was very well designed and made it easy to see what was being ordered, along with how everything would be dealt with when it came to delivery. It is nice of them to let you, the customer, decide on the exact price you would like to pay, so Bloomers Flowers of London gives ranges of prices for their various floral arrangements, and then let you choose how high or low-end you'd like to go. 

Bloomers Flower Delivery in London (and elsewhere?)

They also have this interesting feature where they will send you a picture of the arrangement that you order, in case you're ordering from out-of-town for someone in London, nice touch. 

They've been at this whole flower thing for a while (as in, 20+ years), so I didn't have to worry about much at all. 

It's nice to see that many of their flowers are actually grown by them themselves, apparently they have a huge "cutting garden". It's nice to see stuff grown locally being used in their arrangements, rather than flowers imported from who knows where.

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