Launching - Pricing and Trends for Consumer-Grade OLED Display Technology

Just to announce the launch of another website of mine,

High Definition OLED Pricing

With this site, I hope to compare pricing of OLED displays, versus those of standard LCD and Plasma technology. I may start covering Toshiba/Canon's SED technology as well, since it looks like Toshiba decided to put their OLED tech on hold, but the reality is that Toshiba hasn't even had any experience with even LCD production, so it's not that huge of a downer.

I'd like to focus on large-display OLED, but for the time-being, there isn't too much around, except for an 11 incher from Sony that costs about $2500. 

Topics I hope to cover include, not only pricing and pricing trends of OLED technology, but also OLED vs. SED technology, What makes OLED better than LCDs or Plasma, where we are starting to see OLED (in smaller displays, like in cell phones) and other information I can think of on this game changing technology.

Just a quick summary on what OLED might become, and why it would be better than LCDs/Plasmas:

-Cheaper, more massive-scale production

-No backlights to burn-out

-Less power usage

-Lightweight & Thin

-Sharper contrasts (a big issue with LCDs)

-Flexible Displays

-Displays everywhere and in everything

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