LG Chocolate Repair: Phone Turns on for a few seconds, then turns off

Well, after my friend dropped his LG Chocolate into salt water, we took it apart based on this excellent guide and cleaned the insides with 30% H20/70% Isopropyl Alcohol.

So far, it has been a partial success, but here's the thing. When we _partially_ put it back together (ie: all but the last 4 screws), the thing kept turning on for a few seconds, say "charging", and then just turn off. Obviously, when you're testing something to see if you've been successful, putting it entirely back together every time is a pain. It would be like working on your car and closing the hood every time you wanted to test something out, seemingly unnecessary, but required here it seems.

Once we put on those last 4 screws, it was back to normal.

So, for those that have this problem where it turns on, and then turns off after a few seconds, I would think it is something loose inside rather than actually broken, so that's a clue if you or you know someone that can do that take apart.

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