July 2009 Canadian Dollar to US Dollar Currency Exchange Rates

These are the Canadian Dollar to US Dollar Exchange rates (noon time), day by day for July 2009.

The source of this data is the Bank of Canada (equivalent to the US Federal Reserve Bank).

The average rate, highest rate and lowest rate for the month of July 2009 are at the bottom of the page. 

You can use these rates to compare to the rate your credit card offers or other foreign currency transactions.

These are actual market rates, so don't expect to get these yourself. Since the currency exchange markets are closed on weekends/holidays, there are no rates for these dates, but trading is usually pretty thin on these days, so using the closest day's data is usually a valid approximation. 

Helpful Articles for US$ Banking for Canadians

If you often transact in both Canadian and US Dollars, take a look at opening up a bank account in the USA, which will give you a Visa or Mastercard ChequeCard (ie: a Debit Card that works through the credit card system). Or open a US$ Account at a Canadian bank. Look at the MBNA Smart Cash Credit card to get 1% or more back on almost all of your purchases, which can cut currency exchange commissions significantly. 

Day-by-Day US Dollar to Canadian Dollar Exchange Rates

Date 1 USD -> CAD 1 CAD -> USD
July 1st 2009 Canadian Bank holiday CDN Bank holiday
July 2nd 2009 1.1604 0.8618
July 3rd 2009 1.1621 0.8605
July 6th 2009 1.1612 0.8612
July 7th 2009 1.1631 0.8598
July 8th 2009 1.1655 0.8580
July 9th 2009 1.1622 0.8604
July 10th 2009 1.1650 0.8584
July 13th 2009 1.1539 0.8666
July 14th 2009 1.1368 0.8797
July 15th 2009 1.1194 0.8933
July 16th 2009 1.1171 0.8952
July 17th 2009 1.1168 0.8954
July 20th 2009 1.1067 0.9036
July 21st 2009 1.1078 0.9027
July 22nd 2009 1.0981 0.9107
July 23rd 2009 1.0867 0.9202
July 24th 2009 1.0842 0.9223
July 27th 2009 1.0835 0.9229
July 28th 2009 1.0880 0.9191
July 29th 2009 1.0889 0.9184
July 30th 2009 1.0815 0.9246
July 31st 2009 1.0790 0.9268

Throughout the month, the US Dollar was worth more than the Canadian dollar, so be careful of your calculations to ensure your calculations are correct. In other words, everything should cost more in Canadian Dollars and less when denominated in US Dollars. 

 U.S. dollar (noon)USD
Low[ high ] 31/07/2009 1.0790 CAD[ 0.9268 USD ]
Average 02/07/2009 — 31/07/2009 1.1222 CAD[ 0.8911 USD ]
High[ low ] 08/07/2009 1.1655 CAD[ 0.8580 USD ]


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